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Spore: General / What do you think Spore will 'teach' YOU?
« on: June 08, 2008, 06:17:41 am »
In the 'Science Behind Spore' video Will says "when you walk away from the game, we want people to think about the World they live in a little bit differently as a result of having played the game."

As someone who is making a late career change and going back to school for Biology, hearing Will say this made me think, 'will Spore cause me to think about the World differently?'

I can't say if it would be because of Spore or because of my studies, but I am already starting to look at Life in new ways. I would like to believe that Spore will be an ambassador of sorts for the world of Science, causing people to have a newfound respect for the Life around them.

I'm curious how others may perceive Spore. Is it an educational tool, a life simulator or just a game? What do YOU think it might teach you about the World you live in? 

Let's pose some interesting questions about what a race may do in the face of 'difficult' circumstances.

1. If they defeat a more powerful invader with their more primitive technology, do they become more advanced by learning from that technology? Does it change their outlook on life (e.g. peaceful to warlike)?

2. If you place 2 peaceful (social) and 1 agressive (warlike) races on a planet together, would the 2 peaceful ones team-up in order to fend off the invader if neither one could do it alone?

3. Would a peaceful race capable of space travel abandon their planet if more powerful invaders arrived to conquer them?

4. If a race expanded to multiple systems and one was attacked, would they come to their 'brothers' aid? Would they seek revenge on the attacker if the planet was wiped out?

Well let's start with this and see what others come up with and can we actually answer any of these questions matter-of-factly?

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