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TV / Marvels of the Science
« on: November 05, 2013, 02:31:58 pm »
Our world is full of many beings in many worlds...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

... and dang, my sides hurt so much!

Movies / The LEGO Movie
« on: November 01, 2013, 10:38:35 pm »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Wha- whu- bu- aghagagahagagh...

My childhood.  :'(

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Magical Family Adventure!
« on: October 11, 2013, 04:15:06 pm »
You are awake.

You feel your entire body completely relaxed, as if your entire body was completely drained with energy only to be magically rejuvenated. You decide to open your eyes, but not before instinctively rubbing them, only to realize something.

The end of your arms appears to be rather... blunt. In fact, the same could be said of your legs. Your slightly drowsy condition prevents you from processing this information properly, which would have caused you to open your eyes wide, if not panic and bolt out of bed.

Speaking of beds, you feel as if this bed is surprisingly soft to be your bed. Oddly, you distinctly remember that you slept on your bed last night. More importantly, you remember sleeping alone. Yet, somehow, you feel something heavy right beside you.

The smell of perfume also fills your sense of smell. It is a beautiful smell, one you would subconsciously associate with a lady of good taste. Probably an expensive one too.

You focus your mind and try to put yourself together. Gaining complete wakefulness, you decide to finally open your eyes, allowing the morning sun to fill your eyes. Additionally, you see this...

"Good morning, darling.~", she says to you in a casual yet passionate manner.

What do you do?

Everything Else / What Do You Want To Know More About Yuu?
« on: August 04, 2013, 12:52:59 pm »
I thought now's as good a time as any other.

I know there's been some ambiguity about my precise position on certain things since, like, forever. And my personal problems certainly didn't help the issue. Anyways, yeah, just going out here to clarify that I am, in fact, what one would call a conservative Christian, especially by the standards of today. Specifically, I'm a member of the Church of Christ.

Which specific things do I hold a conservative view on in particular (as well as which seemingly conservative policies that I disagree with), feel free to ask. And I know it's kind of obscure to folks outside of Asia, at least for now, so, uh, feel free to ask me any questions about it too as well as how I fit into it. I'll be more than happy to help you out.

Do note that I'm by no means an official minister, so I may not be able to answer everything instantly, and might sometimes defer to an actual minister. But if you want to check the source directly, feel free to ask our dedicated inquiry team, or even drop by, physically or via phone call, at one of our places. Possessing a sizable diasporic population in 6 continents and 112 nations and territories, there's bound to be at least one place that's just a car drive, or at least a domestic call, away.  :)

Did I mention we have cookies? No, really, we do! ... well, sometimes at least. Other times it's something else, like sandwiches, or pizza, or baked mac; it depends on if some kind of public study event is being held or not, though, since the ministry's available basically 24/7, you're bound to stumble into one, especially in the afternoon or weekends. If not, we'll always be glad to get you some snacks.  ;)

Mmm, snacks.

Wait, wait, where was I again?

Oh, right.

Well, there you go.

I'd love to keep this civil, though I am aware that some questions are hard to phrase into a non-accusatory way. Still, it would be much appreciated.

So, yeah.

Anything you'd like to know or get some clarification about Yuu?


Made the RG 10,000 ly to make the numbers even at save me hours calculating the coordinates system.

The Galactic Core.

The line is a height indicator for a star system.

Close up of the star system with galactic disk at background.

The system.

Space is... big.

Will explain more tomorrow.

Gotta slee

Spore: Creation Corner / Current Concensus on Space Combat in the RG
« on: October 17, 2011, 04:13:53 am »
So, what is it?  ???

Does it even exist?  :P

How do we treat stuff like combat range and formations, asteroid belts and MAD?

Personally, I'm not sure about combat ranges and formations since it seems to vary from RP to RP. Though, yeah, I still think we should make up our minds about this one to make things more consistent and adjust any stats on our ships that might need some tweaking, like weapon ranges and movement speeds.

Asteroid belts and planetary rings couldn't be used for cover at all, let alone as obstacles for fighters and ships to maneuver or plow through. They're just too diffused to be of any value, since asteroid thickets are, naturally speaking, impossible unless built on purpose.   :(

MAD, on the other hand, I really, really think we should formulate some kind of canon reason for why nobody is paranoid about MAD despite diplomatic tensions and widespread use of FTL drives by pirates and civilians alike. An extremely secure planet-wide point defense system perhaps? However, that might be a problem for less developed worlds, unless the governments are willing to cover each and every planet completely, which might end up being prohibitively expensive.   :-\

So, what do you guys think?   ???

If we settle it now, it would make things much easier for people who write the battles, not to mention avoid inconsistencies.

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Institution
« on: October 12, 2011, 09:15:17 pm »
"The mind is a truly wondrous thing.

The flesh, on the other hand..."

- Anonymous Institution Node.

Greetings, corporeal one.

You have wondered into the Institution's libraries, yes?


Interested in discarding your vulnerable dying flesh in lieu of a pristine eternal form?

I see.

Regardless, the Institution has yet to secure a stable line to the "Internet".

It appears almost all Isi networks are suffering from the same condition.

Further diagnostics are needed to confirm the exact source of technical difficulty.

Until then, we advise seeking other threads for further information on the Isi, preferably the Liedan Union's.

My name?

Names are irrelevant to those who have transcended flesh.

However, if you insist, simply call me "Node."

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The United Provinces of Soiresa
« on: October 12, 2011, 07:40:43 pm »
"Hey... Why is this ship, like, totally shaped like a dude?

Far out man..."

- Tersade de Pontes, High Sair or Romein, while touring the Vara Orealyianis.

Oh wow, dig my new pad, the colors are like, heavy, man.

They're like common in this site...

Zz Zz Zz

Zz Zz Zz

Uh, wha-?!


Sorry for bustin' you're groove bro, exhibits' still closed.

Peeps still whacked from last night...

We're just like, totally spaced out right no-


That ain't good...

See ya later, man, gotta catch some Z's.

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Liedan Union
« on: October 12, 2011, 07:05:46 pm »
"I don't get it..."

- Union President Dalan Loris' reaction after watching a Clorvalliet military recruitment video.

Greeting and welcome to the Internet-branch of the Liedan Cultural-Historical Foundation.

I am Professor Varin Dolet, Secondary Curator of the overall site and Chief Custodian of the Military section.

While the Chief Curator's absence might tempt one to think that our current services will leave much to be desired, we assure you that our exhibitions will always remain Galaxy-Class.

Now, where would you like to focus on your initial tour?

Simply present a topic which you are interested in the most, and I will be more than glad to lead.

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Mandate of Lin
« on: October 12, 2011, 07:50:04 am »
"Uh... But I... WHAT?!"  [O  O]

- LNN-888 "Lanina", Central Archivist AI of the Royal Capital Library after seeing more than a hundred alien species breathing the same atmosphere

Ah, so this is what the "Internet" looks like...  [─  ─]


What's this?  [-   -]

It appears we have a visitor!  [o  o]

Pardon for intruding on your little tour, however I sorely regret to inform you that the Mandate's connections to the "Internet" seems to be suffering from the same, difficulties, as our bydwellers.  [─  ─]

I highly advise that you return to this area at another time. We will do all in our power to bring it up to speed.

Until then, feel free to meet and chat with the other archivists.

Oh, but before you depart from this area, I am greatly inclined to introduce myself: I am LNN-888, Central Archivist AI of the Royal Capital Library. My colleagues affectionately refer to me as "Lanina", after the initial portion of my serial number, a common trend amongst us AIs.  [^ ^]

Once everything's online, feel free to return to this area and ask me anything you wish to know about the Mandate. While I may not guarantee an answer to all of your inquiries, do be aware that every question brought forth assists the management on deciding which topics to focus on during our subsequent exhibits.

That is all.  [^  ^]

For now.  [─  ─]

TV / The Looney Tunes Show
« on: October 07, 2011, 04:30:16 pm »
So yeah.

What's your take on this new show?

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Isi Main Thread
« on: October 05, 2011, 10:28:22 am »
Why, hello there!  [^ ^]

Welcome to the United Polities' Central Databa-

Oh...  [0  0]

Haven't seen you before.  [ₒ   ₒ]

Are you new here?


Umm...  [ₒ   ₒ]


Huh?  [0  0]

Wait wait wait, don't tell me... You're from the Internet?!  [O  O]

Gosh, I dunno what to say!   [^ ^]

I've never meet someone from the Internet before...  [>  <]





Oh, I know!  [O  O]

Here! Yeah, take it!   [^ ^]

It's not much.

Just something I quickly scrounged up.

I hope it helps.

That is, if that's what you came here for...  [ₒ   ₒ]

Basic Species Sheet:  [ Isi ]


Type           : Terrestrial / Space-Dwelling
Appearance : Humanoid / Insectoid

Gravity preference         : 0.2 - 0.9 g
Temperature preference : 16 - 30 C
Atmosphere breathed     : Nitrogen / Oxygen

Body cover : Soft
Body color  : Varies Individually

Plating       : Chitinous
Plate color : Varies Individually

Eyes           : 1 Pair, Large, Round Pupil
Sclera color : Black
Iris color     : Varies Individually
Pupil color   : Black

Body characteristics : Horn, Wings, Hooves

Diet : Plant, Animal

Sexual reproduction   : Sexual
Reproduction method : Viviparous / Non-Menstrual

Limbs pair n 1 : Arms / Hands
Limbs pair n 2 : Wings / Membranous
Limbs pair n 3 : Wings / Membranous
Limbs pair n 4 : Legs / Hooves

Mass : 70 - 90 kg Male / 60 - 80 kg Female
Size  : 180 - 200 cm Male / 160 - 180 cm Female


Militancy            : 5 TLS / 4 MLN / 10 LDU / 17 SRS / 4 INS
Determination    : 19 TLS / 20 MLN / 13 LDU / 20 SRS / 10 INS
Racial tolerance  : 19 TLS / 18 MLN / 16 LDU / 9 SRS / 5 INS
Progressiveness  : 19 TLS / 16 MLN / 17 LDU / 10 SRS / 10 INS
Loyalty              : 16 TLS / 20 MLN / 14 LDU / 14 SRS / 20 INS
Social cohesion  : 20 TLS / 10 MLN / 15 LDU / 12 SRS / 20 INS
Art                    : 20 TLS / 18 MLN / 16 LDU / 19 SRS / 20 INS
Individualism      : 10 TLS / 20 MLN / 18 LDU / 12 SRS / 2 INS

Strength            : 6 Natural / 140 TLS / 60 MLN / 50 LDU / 50 SRS / Unquantifiable INS
Stamina             : 15 Natural / 100 TLS / 40 MLN / 37 LDU / 37 SRS / Unquantifiable INS
Resilience           : 7 Natural / 50 TLS / 15 MLN / 14 LDU / 14 SRS / Unquantifiable INS
Mind                  : 12 Natural / 100 TLS / 40 MLN / 35 LDU / 35 SRS / 45 000 INS
Walking Speed    : 13 Natural / 14 TLS / 14 MLN / 14 LDU / 14 SRS / Unquantifiable INS
Running Speed    : 13 Natural / 50 TLS / 23 MLN / 20 LDU / 20 SRS / Unquantifiable INS
Gliding Speed      : 9 Natural / 10 TLS / 10 MLN / 10 LDU / 10 SRS / Unquantifiable INS
Diving Speed       : 12 Natural / 20 TLS / 16 MLN / 15 LDU / 15 SRS / Unquantifiable INS
Swimming Speed  : 11 Natural / 50 TLS / 22 MLN / 20 LDU / 20 SRS / Unquantifiable INS

Lifespan : 200 yr Natural / 400 yr TLS / 370 yr MLN / 360 yr LDU / 330 yr SRS / Indefinite INS


Compression ratio : 20% c TLS / 21% c MLN /

Tunnel tension : 1 264 822 to 1 AU TLS / 1 328 063 to 1 AU MLN /

Military : 7.8 TLS / 7.6 MLN / 7.5 LDU / 7.5 SRS / 8 INS / 7.2

Civilian : 7.6 TLS / 7.5 MLN / 7.4 LDU / 7.4 SRS / 8 INS / 7.1


Blanket government  : United Polities
Type                     : Federation
Obedience              : Fair TLS / High MLN / High LDU / Fair SRS / Poor INS

Government n 1  : Society of Talas
Type                  : Community
Obedience           : High

Government n 2  : Mandate of Lin
Type                  : Meritocratic Monarchy
Obedience           : Extreme

Government n 3  : Liedan Union
Type                  : Federation
Obedience           : Fair

Government n 4  : United Provinces of Soiresa
Type                  : Representative Democracy
Obedience           : Fair

Government n 5  : The Institution
Type                  : Artificial Monarchy
Obedience           : Extreme

Government n 6  : Stellar Union
Type                  : Extremely Loose Confederation
Obedience           : Poor

Oh dear...

I seem to have misplaced all the data.  [ₒ   ₒ]

This is going to take a while.  [>  <]

It looks like you'll have to come back some other time.  [-  -]



Oh, I almost forgot!  [ₒ   ₒ]

I'm LRZPM-846-49-1. "Lora" for short.   [^  ^]

I'm employed here by the United Polities as an Archivist AI.

If you need any help about the United Polities in general, just post a message and I'll answer it as soon as I can.   [^  ^]

For specific things about the different polities, you might want to check with their own archivists, though...  [ₒ   ₒ]

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Society of Talas
« on: October 05, 2011, 10:11:00 am »
"Who in their correct, non-racist, mind would make a primarily galapolitical database, yet name it after a species?  [ ]

Galapolitics is complicated [REDACTED] you know."

- SAL-190112 "Salitas", Central Archivist AI of the Societal Historical Institute

A visitor from the "Internet?"

Interesting...  [─  ─]

It appears you've wondered into this thread at the wrong time, though.  [ ]

Sorry, but the Society's Database still hasn't finished setting up shop, so you might want to come back at a later time.

Oh, but before you leave.

I'm SAL-190112, commonly known as "Salitas", the Central Archivist AI of the Societal Historical Archive of Nilas, Tahan.

Once everything's in order, you're free to come back. But for now, try and bother some other AI, like "Lora".  [ ]

I'm certain you'll bump into him soon enough.

Until then.  [─  ─]

Storytelling and Roleplaying / S.P.A.C.E.
« on: July 03, 2011, 12:18:10 am »
The Eve of the Twenty Second Century.

Knowledge has increased and a new Era of Peace has been established under a potent United Nations.

The people are celebrating the dawn of yet another year of continued prosperity.

Little do they know of the myriad hidden evils lurking in the deepest shadows, planning, biding, until the one Day of Chaos where they will completely consume the world...

But that's where we come in.

S.P.A.C.E., a clandestine international agency devoted to safeguarding the world from the forces of discord and prevent the Day of Chaos from ever reaching fruition.

Led by the benevolent yet enigmatic Diastima, and aided by his right hand man and financial backer Jack Knight, the organization employs a vast array of mundane, as well as not-so-mundane assets, to battle the forces of evil!

S.P.A.C.E. is not the only one, however. There are other rival agencies also at play, some friendly, some not so much. A select few might even be out to destroy S.P.A.C.E. itself.

Can S.P.A.C.E. survive and save the world from destruction?

Only time will tell...

The object of the game is to dispatch your roster of special agents, called Numbers, into a variety of Missions spread across the globe.

Each Number is unique and has their own individual abilities and quirks which could either work for, or against, their enemies, allies, as well as the objective at hand.

As time passes, your Numbers will grow organically, both in Skill as well as Traits. You may even encounter potential new agents as Numbers carry out their missions.

Skills are the list of proficiencies and powers which an agent possesses. This can range from something as mundane as being an extremely good shot to being capable of making things explode with a mere thought. Take note that agents of S.P.A.C.E. are primarily oriented towards, as the name implies, space-based abilities.

Traits are what makes each agent a unique person, as well as establish the level of synergy that can be produced by a certain combination of agents. Traits can also help an agent achieve certain mission objectives. A detective will be better suited to investigation than a fighter.

Be aware, however, that your agents can be injured, or even taken out, during missions. The former would render them unusable for a period of time while the latter would remove them from play permanently.

Each Mission is also one of a kind, and will present a variety of challenges and potential benefits to your agency, so judicious allocation of your Numbers is a must.

Most missions can be categorized either as Combat, Investigation, or Recruitment.

Combat generally involves fighting a known target or adversary. This can range from local warlords to cosmic-level threats.

Investigation deals with uncovering mysterious events or circumstances and handling each one appropriately.

Recruitment follows an individual with the potential to become a new special agent as well as what it takes to convince him to join your cause.

That's about all you need to know, for now...

Spore: Creation Corner / [KSM] Furen Tze
« on: June 19, 2011, 11:17:11 am »
The Furen Tze

Cue theme song~

The Furen Tze are an ancient civilization primarily residing on the esoteric world of Furen.

They are commonly known for the highly eccentric and divergent technological path which their kind chose to take long before venturing into space. They are, in the usual sense, technologically primitive. However, it is their extensive knowledge of this "road not taken" which truly represent their achievements.


Biologically, the people of the Furen Tze can be described as a terrestrial, and in some instances, arboreal species with an overall appearance akin to a cross between a quasi-trisymmetrical echinoderm and an insect.

The Furen Tze are 125 to 150 cm in height and have thick hairless airtight skin with rigid plates positioned on top of the head, limbs and torso. Body color ranges from grey to varying shades of blue, purple or violet, depending on ethnicity.

Their complex eyes are arranged in parallel pairs, with each pair covered in a thick transparent shell that protects it from the elements. Each pair, of which there is one in the front of the head as well as on the upper distal end of each forearm, is capable of producing crisp stereoscopic vision.

All limbs are anatomically identical, with each one containing, in proximodistal order, three limb segments and a highly dexterious hand made up of five radially arranged fingers which also function as opposable thumbs. The only difference in the limbs are their sizes, with the six lower limbs arranged in radial pattern that alternates between small and large limbs, with the hindmost always being a large one. The three upper limbs are positioned in a front-facing horizontal row and are generally thinner and longer.

The mouth, and by extension the head, is anatomically similar to the limbs. However, the head only has a single jointed segment and the fingers act as a form of pseudo-mandibles. They are omnivores with a powerful sense of taste and smell, chemically sensing their environment using their pseudo-mandibles.

Verbal communication is primarily produced by muscular rings in the upper respiratory tract which vibrate at certain frequencies to create grinding, metallic and somewhat guttural sounds.

The Furen Tze have two sexes, male and female, with the male inseminating the female internally, who in turn undergoes a year or so of gestation before giving birth to live offspring. There is practically no external sexual dimorphism other than those directly related to reproduction.

Biochemically, the Furen Tze have a carbon-based physiology which uses water as the primary solvent. While capable of surviving for short periods of time in vacuum, they ultimately still require an atmosphere containing Oxygen. They are most at ease between 16 to 40 C, though they are more than capable of operating at more extreme temperatures for brief bursts.

Gravitationally, a level of 1 to 1.15 g is recommended for long-term health, though they can survive for brief stints in environments of up to 1.75 g.


While not the strongest of beings, the average Furen Tze is shown to be capable of physical feats slightly above that of a baseline Human. The same can be said for speed, as well as agility.

It is in the mind that a Furen Tze is truly set apart, having a computational capacity at least ten times that of humans, allowing a typical Furen Tze to perform extensive calculations on the fly. They have also exhibited a vast amount of memory, whose retention borders on the eidetic.

An average Furen Tze usually lives for about 200 years.


The current era of Furen Tze culture, which has lasted for countless millennia, is primarily peaceful, however exceedingly stagnant. The long era of stability has shaped the civilization into one which has long lost its familiarity with large-scale conflict, focusing more on the management of domestic affairs using tried and tested knowledge passed on through countless generations.

While theoretically capable of fielding a considerable army, their actual ability is hampered by their non-aggressive stance and general dislike for imperialism. The only military to speak of is used for policing, exploration, self-defense, as well as the stringent isolation of Furen from unauthorized foreign presence.

Despite their peaceful nature, the Furen Tze are by no means lacking in determination. The greater the scope of an endeavor, the more dedicated the people usually become.

Aside from peace, contemporary Furen Tze culture is also big on tolerance, allowing aliens to live amongst them in the colonies. An exception to this air of tolerance is Furen, which is strictly off-limits to foreigners, for security reasons.

While progressiveness is not a completely alien concept, it is seldom practiced due to the populace's general content with the current setup. Only high-ranking Furen Tze scholars are known for innovation, and even then, only a select few within their ranks.

Furen Tze are fiercely loyal to Furen's ruling body, and by extension, to its individual subjects.

The only thing that can surpass a Furen Tze's loyalty is his drive to aid a fellow in need, may it be Furen Tze or otherwise. This leads to a society which is, by principle, as uniform as possible through the employment of mutual assistance.

What the Furen Tze lack in progress, they more than make up for in the arts. This specific aspect of culture is a central theme in trade, industry, education and government.

Individual success is also considered highly in Furen Tze society. One's individual progress is a major, though by no means the only, marker of one's dedication to his chosen field.


Furen Tze technology would seem highly anachronistic to a foreign observer.

Swords and spears alongside kinetic barriers and artificial gravity.

This is primarily due to the divergent technological path which the Furon Tze adopted, allowing them to achieve particularly advanced feats while retaining an otherwise medieval tech-base.

The main downside of this is that they have become completely dependent on this new path, unable change course without descending into a more primitive, and most likely chaotic, state once again.


The Furen Tze is governed by a large circle of democratically elected councilpersons based on the capital city of Vi Tze on Furen. Each individual is chosen for their competence, as well as adherence to the Furen Tze's code of proper moral conduct.

As said beforehand, Furen Tze are fiercely loyal to Furen's ruling body, and by extension, to its individual subjects.


The Furen Tze ideology is centered around interpersonal harmony symbolized, and actively enforced by, the Ho or "[Great] Fire", a massive seemingly ethereal flame of unknown origin, said to have already been burning long before the dawn of civilization itself. While not completely understood, whatever portions of it that have been deciphered has served as the wellspring of all contemporary Furen Tze technology, the origin and very essence of the "road not taken".

The Ho also acts as a form of mental filter, distinguishing those who follow the Furen Tze code of proper moral conduct from those who do not. It is as of yet unknown how it does this. Regardless, it is thus used by the Furen Tze to eliminate the corrupt and otherwise immoral members of the government.

For countless millennia, the torch which carries the Ho has safely resided in the capitol building of Vi Tze, at the very heart of Furen Tze civilization. With no known method to replicate the Ho, Furen Tze civilization is completely dependent upon the Fire's survival for its continued existence as a technological civilization. It only takes for the Ho to be extinguished once in order to permanently destroy the very foundations of Furen Tze civilization, and inadvertently send its people back to the dark ages, forever. This is the reason why a seemingly unusual level of isolationism is imposed upon Furen.

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