Author Topic: It is 2021. It is April Fools Day. I am too stubborn to not make this thread.  (Read 1325 times)

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A tradition returns.
We've have reached my 10th April Fools Day thread.
My 10th inquiry into what is happening around the internet for April Fools Day.


Congratulations to all of us on this journey.
Anyway, what is happening around the internet for April Fools Day?

Edit: Wikipedia appears to be having some fun with its featured article section.
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What meme is relevant right now? Look, just imagine I'm riffing on that. Updating signatures is exhausting.

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God bless.

Well it seems that Google wimped out and decided not to do April Fools again because COVID or some nonsense. On the other hand, over on another forum I go to all our avatars got turned into anime garbage. So that's a thing. It was pretty good not gonna lie.

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I worked that day... so I really only saw Youtube April Fools. Mythical Kitchen and Babish had good April Fools vids up I remember.