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For movies about superheroes that have already been done far better in cartoon form.

I saw Suicide Squad this afternoon.  With expectations set really low, it was at least entertaining.  It wasn't good, but it was entertaining.  Waller was always the biggest badass in the room, Will Smith was the same as he is in any action movie, and the fire guy was cool.  The movie did feel edited to hell.  There was no reason for Harley to have been put on the team.  This was probably a better version of Joker than the version of Lex Luthor we got in Batman v Superman, but that's not saying much.

**** DC's **** movies. They're a cheap imitation of Marvel's success and until they release a single worthy movie in this ****hole of a series that is all they will ever be.

Stick to the animated shows, DC.

They're an incredibly misguided attempt to be different from Marvel's movies by being EDGY.

Wonder woman is going to be different,right?


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