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A Brief history of the Galaxy: Timeline

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Krakow Sam:
assigning specific dates to things can cause problems later and tends to limit people. I happen to like the explanation that time is slightly out of whack in this region of space due to failed time-travel experiments so its impossible for anyone to know exactlky when things happened or will happen.

As for slightly more broad events I think the three oldest civilisations are the Nauceans the Torpal and the ViS in that order (within the fanfic, not when they were created)

At the same time, Setting it up like that makes it somewhat harder for people just coming in to get the hang of what's going on.

Not that the space time experiments are a bad explination or interesting topic, but a timeline would at least be somewhat of a base that people could make sence of as a refrence. I'm not saying it has to be completely specific but dates on some things would help.


GW1 is galactic war 1, duh

Mr. Consideration:
Nice Watching!

I think a basic order is cool, but dating things will make the need for an Earth-Spore time differnce and will quickly become immensley complicated.

There was another, similar thread that included when races became sapient.

Just ask if you want something else included to the timeline  ;)


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