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You Nignogs Played Chrono Trigger Yet!?

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****ing hell!! What are you waiting for?

It's the best game!

hell of a thread title

It's endearing.

Sort of like this game. Unsure if you're into JRPGs or not. But man oh man is it a good one. It solved a lot of the issues people had with random encounters and brought a solid and compelling storyline to the fore. Lots of details and setups and payoffs that allowed for multiple endings and lots of neat moments between characters. And I mean the soundtrack and visuals are exceptional. There's a lot going on with the soundtrack in particular, with themes and motifs that are shared between certain tracks that are associated with specific regions, families and events. It is one of those games that is well worth your time if you are into the genre or curious about it. The game is a little tricky to find nowadays and the cellphone remakes are somehow not so great despite the game being over 25 years old.

The DS version is solid and has some extra content to tie things into the sequel (Chrono Cross) but that is more expensive than the PS1 anniversary edition. And I mean, if you can find and afford a copy on the SNES, do that because that's the best way to play. But that's a tall order for a single game. Oh and the development team! It's the veritable dream team: you had the creator of Final Fantasy, the creator of Dragon Quest, the composer for the Final Fantasy series and you also have the creator of Dragon Ball doing the art. It's pretty amazing.

Grab a ROM if you can't find it elsewhere. Very worthwhile.

Pat, filling the forum with racist bilge to be edgy isn't some bold stance against "political correctness" or "people offended by words."
It's god-awful and mean to people who've done nothing to you.

It's also a guarantee Steve will nuke this place the next time he so much as glances at it...
which may well be your goal.

Or to get somebody upset in this exact way,
so they respond to your posts,
because you feel like they're not paying enough attention to you.

I honestly can't tell anymore.

You don't have to act like this.

Great Distance:
I guess sgore doesn't find it endearing.

If you want people to pay more attention to you, just join us on Discord. The forum is very dead by now. The discord has daily activity.


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