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The Spectacular Adventures of Gec!

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Get 'em here folks. Marvels and Perils await. Humor and tragedy beckon. Well maybe I'm just being too advocative. Choose from the following tales.

Beyon City Episode 1

Embark on a quest full of talking vending machines, burritos, and a guy in search of a bathroom. People will simply be annoyed by your presence. But as you fulfill your trivial mission, another tale unfolds.

Shivaruu Canyon Run

Many centuries before the Halcyon Wars, many centuries before the Sombrerons even reached the stars. Civil war and corruption were rampant. Relive history set in the feudal past of the Frontier Era. Cowboys and bandits, good guys vs bad guys. A Sombreron faces a formidable pack of bandits. Where has this hero appeared? Why does he have such strong integrity to face a world already oppressed by it's own greed. Not much is known, but his legend starts here.

Beyon City Episode 2
In last weeks episode, a rather inconsiderate captain left Beyon City after aiding a rather constipated civilian. Leaving the ill-prepared law enforcement to handle a rather big problem downtown. Assume the role of a recently sobered Komodile to perform some "community service" for being drunk in public. Don't mind you're panicking comrades, they're just... a little concerned about wetting themselves. This is a preview only and is an unfinished adventure.

The Stupid Kingdom
A reinterpretation of a classic tale. A valiant knight, trying too hard to speak in Ye Olde English, seeks to vanquish a disgruntled dragon to win the heart of a damsel. Though the strangely fashioned beast does seem to have a strange attraction for a rather portly damsel in distress. But who cares? She seeks (slightly) true love. Witness the outcome yourself. It's based off a classic I made up, I swear!

Tales of Jolai
Discover the world of the Eliathan. Where Random Giant Beach Ball Attacks are a danger to be on the look out for. Unravel an intricate series of events that lead up to the catastrophe. Then you'll know. It all makes sense. Well, not really.

The T-rex fight was kinda difficult :P

EDIT: and I am spawning in the floor for Beyon part 1.

Well it's just a preview, you're not meant to beat it just yet.

And Maxis really needs to fix building collision issues. NPCs are to stupid to walk on them.

No, I am spawning in the floor :P

Yeah, that's involved too. I was just talking about collision in general with buildings.


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