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Everything Else / The Gun Topic
« on: January 07, 2007, 05:32:18 am »
Since the Saddam hanging topic was getting a bit crowded, I figured it was time to branch out into a gun control debate topic! I'll start by responding to a post Bastardman made.

So, if not at flamethrowers, where would you draw the line, exactly? Anti-tank guns? Land mines? Weapons grade plutonium?
Few people would actually purchase anti-tank guns, landmines or plutonium even if they were legal to own, because they would be ridiculously impractical. A good example of this is the S&W Model 500, a revolver which fires .500 caliber rounds and is the most powerful production revolver in the world. When it was released there were many who argued that it ought to be outright banned because of how enormously powerful it is. (The muzzle power is almost 3 times that of the the Model 29 used by Dirty Harry.) Despite this, there has never been a Model 500 used in a crime in the US. Why? It's impractical on a number of levels, such as the prohibitive price, which is the main thing that would keep people from buying, say, anti-tank guns or plutonium. (You can't exactly hide it that well, either.)

I think that gun ownership should be legal for whatever purpose the owner wants to use it for aside from murder. Certainly there are correlations between gun ownership and murder, because murderers probably buy guns. There are correlations between violent crimes and video games as well. Cigarettes cost far less than firearms and cause quite a few deaths, and are much more indiscriminate about their victims. Alcohol and drunk driving also kill a lot of people.

Everything Else / Cell Phone Tracker
« on: December 03, 2006, 11:05:44 pm »
*feels stupid*

Everything Else / North Korea and Nukes
« on: October 14, 2006, 12:30:57 pm »
The other topic is locked for some reason, otherwise I'd have posted this there.

Anyhow, I for one am not that concerned about North Korea having nukes. They are hardly as unstable as people make them out to be; the same goes for Iran. Both countries, though having forms of government that some of us may not be used to, are quite stable. I haven't heard about any riots there, unlike some other countries. (*cough* France *cough* USA *cough*) Heck, if you go to Tehran, it looks a lot like other modern cities. The only reason these nations have nuclear weapons is so that they can get other countrires to listen to them. For example, if Iran ran out of oil and had no nuclear weapons, they'd lose their place on the world stage and end up like Nigeria or something. Thus, building nukes is, in a way, insurance for their future. Same goes for North Korea to some extent. This is the reason that nations like the US don't want these countries having nukes; they're "dictatorships" (instead of "democracies") that are securing their place in the world. It has nothing to do with their "right" to have nuclear weapons, or even whether they would use them. (They wouldn't; it would go against the reason they're building the nukes.)



Yes, the sizes change. I didn't like how small the panels in the first one were. The first few aren't supposed to be funny, just a demonstration of the benefits of learning a better graphics program.

Everything Else / I'll be in NY for 5 days
« on: July 20, 2006, 09:56:15 pm »
If I find an AP then you will be able to contact me if for some reason you need to, but that's unlikely.

And no, not NYC.

Books / I am writing a book
« on: July 01, 2006, 09:53:09 pm »
The current working title is: "The Day I Found a Jew in My Attic"

I won't even try to explain it, I'll just post the first chapter for your reading pleasure. Remember that when this book comes out, what you are about to read will be worth millions of dollars in gold bullion and traveller's checks. Note: there is probably offensive language and stuff in here. Don't read if you're under 18 or something I guess.

Chapter 1

   I woke up one morning to the sound of screeching tires. I jumped to my feet and looked out the window to see a red pickup speeding away.
   "I guess he's late for work," I muttered as I went to take a shower.
   It was a fine morning. The dew on the grass caused the lawns around the neighborhood to shimmer in the morning sun. Slowly, the dew evaporated as the heat of the morning set in, which (for the time being) is totally irrelevant. The forecast was rain, unfortunately, but that was nothing my umbrella wasn't prepared for. I did wonder how the Spring Parade on Main Street would handle the rain, though.
   Halfway through my shower I remembered that I was the proud owner of a red pickup.
   Well... *$#%. I rushed out of the shower and immediately slipped. For three hours, I sat unconscious on the bathroom floor. The storm gathered overhead and cast a threatening (metaphorical) gaze on the Spring Parade.
   Meanwhile, my bathroom was filling with water from the shower, which I had neglected to turn off as I fell unconscious. I woke up with a terrible headache and some water in my lungs, but luckily I was alive. I even had the presence of mind to shut off the shower and get some towels on the floor to soak up the mess.
   "Well, at least there's no permanent damage," I thought as the toilet settled down into a comfortable spot on the floor.
   Moments later, my bathroom had been relocated to the kitchen downstairs. "This Old House" would be envious.
   That morning on the city bus, I thought about my many bus rides to school in my earlier years. I thought about how I never managed to stay awake on those long, boring rides. The city bus was no exception, and when I woke up, my briefcase was gone.
   "My briefcase! Where is it?" I shouted as I looked around the bus.
   The only offering of aid came from an old woman who smugly told me that somebody had stolen my briefcase.
   I suppose I should elaborate. My briefcase is an extremely important item. I work at a large indiscernable company in a somewhat important indiscernable job, which basically means that I play video games on my computer all day and then give presentations based on the work of my subordinates, then get congratulated by my superiors and play a few rounds of golf with them in hopes of getting another pointless promotion. Most people would find this unfulfilling, boring or pointless. I, on the other hand, prefer to view it as free video game time.
   My briefcase ties into all of this in that the damn thing holds all my video games that I play at work. Without it, I'd have to resort to work, the likes of which should never be seen by human eyes. (Or at least, not mine.)
   I continued my search around the bus in hopes of finding some evidence of the thief or stolen games. Then, I saw her.
   Her iridescent locks cascaded around her shoulders like a cataract in a long-forgotten grove populated by coquettish nymphs and lecherous satyrs. Her eyes eminated a radiance unparalleled by most main sequence stars. Her form seemed forged from the pure fire of Vulcan and tempered, melded and perfected by the infinite abilities of afforementioned blacksmith.
   "Damn that bitch fine," a gentleman behind me remarked. Yes, she was indeed one fine bitch.

Everything Else / Syphonbyte's Fireside Chats
« on: June 27, 2006, 10:09:44 pm »
This isn't going to be updated too often, however I hope everybody finds my quotes taken totally out of context to be hilarious. These are chats I've had with people through AIM. The usernames may or may not have been changed. (This one hasn't.)

[06/28/2006 01:02:25] Vivec: w00t
[06/28/2006 01:02:30] Vivec: Sister is taking a shower

Also, if you want to partake in some fireside chats, come to the GamingSteve chat room at:

Everything Else / So it seems that I finally made it to 1000 posts
« on: June 23, 2006, 09:40:21 pm »
I bet nobody ever thought I would have made it this far. Let's look back at some great moments in syphonbyte history, shall we?

Try out E.V.O., it's a really neat game for the SNES. I don't know where you could actually BUY it, but you can always get the, ahem, ROM. It doesn't exactly offer as many choices as Spore, but it's really good for its time.

Ah, my very first post.

There, silly plastic ninja is gone. This is the one I usually use.

This was when I changed from the silly plastic ninja avatar that I had for a few weeks when I first registered to the Sean Connery one I had for about a year.

I'm holding out for SSB:DS. Holding out for a long time probably, but holding out nonetheless.


I don't want to shove my hands into a hole where other things have been.

Out of context that has the exact same meaning as it did in context.

Oh, you must be getting the "no eyes" glitch, you have to update your video card drivers for Steve's eyes to render properly.

In the crazy topic about Steve's avatar's eyes.

Peter Monlerexue

I don't really like to use wacky formatting, but...


Hehehe you can get up to point size 99 with this board.

Hehehe you still can, too.

Maybe I'm Will Wright... maybe we're all Will Wright...

*is mindblown by the metaphysical truths*

Something is just funny about that post.

13132 Posts...

Hehe, that's a funny number. This would be 13133, then.

Those were the days...

Take the quiz: Which Celebrity It Girl are You?

You are Lindsay Lohan. Woah girl! Slow up on the booze already! Arn't you underage? You think you have some mystery left, but the paparazzi won't ever let you sleep! Stop trying to avoid the hype and realize you created the hype!

Anorexia is hot!

Steve was Hillary Duff.

Alright that's enough of the syphonbyte history for now.

Everything Else / Jack Thompson really crossed the line
« on: January 25, 2006, 06:42:09 pm »

That's just crazy, I can't imagine that anybody can take anything he says seriously any more.

Console Games / Sony is absolutely insane
« on: November 11, 2005, 07:10:29 pm »

I have doubts about that actually happening, but if it did... well, let's just say the PS3 would be Sony's last console for quite a while...

Everything Else / So homicides are at a 40 year low...
« on: October 18, 2005, 03:30:51 pm »

And the overall violent crime rate is at a 30 year low, despite those darned mind-warping videogaming devices. </crotchety sarcasm>

This is a rather old poll, but I recently noticed it and also the fact that it shows that GTA actually causes less violence in teenagers. It's also in a similar vein as the current attacks on violence and sex in games, so I thought I'd post it.

(The following is a repost from

You can read in that article that a 'recent' poll found that 71% of teenage males have played a GTA game. This isn't surprising.

Now, 31% of those who engaged in violent activities played GTA. 17% hadn't. This would logically mean that GTA causes violence, right? WRONG.

Almost three times as many kids played GTA, and only twice as many were violent as those that didn't. That means that GTA actually DECREASES violence in teenagers.


I found it interesting that no news orginizations chose to pick up on this.

Forum Games / The Signature Above Me
« on: June 20, 2005, 10:41:35 pm »
Yes, I'm stealing this from

What do you think about a Signature Above me Game?

But It's 1:40am and I'm not playing Guild Wars, so... well, no sig for me to rate, I'll just rate the GamingSteve logo. Let's see... 9.5, I love the retro look.

Everything Else / Favorite Video Game Weapon?
« on: June 13, 2005, 02:05:42 pm »
Mine is probably the N-Bomb from Perfect Dark. The thing is just so EVIL! Make you dizzy AND steal your weapons? Oh, and you get so disoriented you run in circles and DIE too? Goodie!

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