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Every good forum (and even some bad ones) has a thread giving a little (or a lot) of info about those that post in it so I figured i'd start one here.

Feel free to post as little or as much as you want and maybe even include a picture if you are brave enough (and Steve doesn't mind). Obviously don't start posting your phone number (unless you are female and single) or personal details like that.

My name is Jason and I am not very imagineative when it comes to creating forum handles. I live in London (England) with my wife and 3 kids and like most people my age (34) I have been playing games since I was a teenager. About 7 years ago I started playing my first online game (Ultima Online) and still play today. I am currently playing EQ II and have spent a year in Star Wars Galaxies and have dabbled in Dark Age Of Camelot, Everquest and Asherons Call 2. I don't really play many single player games but have played many of the classics at some point or other.

As my family is starting to take up more of my time I am looking for something that I can hopefully spend more time casually playing and I think Spore might just do the trick (though I am sure others fear it will take over their life).

This pic is a few years old but I haven't really changed much, I am seen here enjoying another favourite past time, food.

My name is Cody. I live in Boise, Idaho with my family. I'm 19 and have been playing games since that system where you slid plastic sleeves in the control to play the games. I'm a fan of MMO's with PlanetSide and SWG being my favorites. There's a reason Spore has hit me so hard. When I was in 6th grade, just moved here on X-mas day my new neighbor friend and I would spend whole bus rides dreaming up games exactly like Spore where you essential played God. It's really a dream come true for me.

Scipion del Ferro is a French mathmatician, I found the name in my 10th grade math book. It looked cool so I claimed it as my own, now I use it for all my tags. Other Aliases being Kronvet, and Norkvet. Even though it's not phenotypically correct I like to pronounce it Skip-E-on, not Sip-E-on. So feel free to use Skipy if you are lazy, or don't have a "C" key.

My name is also Jason (though most people shorten it to Jay eventually). I'm also 34. I also have three kids. I hail from the somewhat less exotic locale of Pittsburgh PA. It would seem as if Jayce is my evil twin in life... or maybe I'm the evil twin and he's the good twin. When in doubt, check for the goatee, much like Evil Spock or Garth Knight. (And yet K.A.R.R. did not have a goatee-shaped auto bra... but I digress...)

My gaming is mostly restricted to the PC platform, but I have been a PC gamer many years -- my dad was a lifer for IBM, so I had a youth of trying to get my games to run on freakin' OS/2. My main tendencies run towards MMORPGs and sports games, though I'm a sucker for a good game of any genre -- the Civilization series, KOTOR, or Starcraft, fer instance. Currently, World of Warcraft is my big timesink, though I also keep my City of Heroes active so that I can preserve my spot in the City of Villians beta queue. I inevitably get to the consoles but I seem to get them after the fact -- i.e. I seem to finally get around to buying one right when the next generation goes live. (So I'm trying to avoid that this time and waiting on the next few months until the new consoles come out).

Looking forward to hearing about Spore, but I'm more of a gaming generalist... I look forward to good gaming info regardless of genre.

My name is Levi and I'm a freshman in High School. I'm 13 and I have no children. Yes, as you probably guessed, I was born and I do live in a family of four (including myself). I've moved around a lot, from the grazing fields of Harrisonville, Missouri to the uniquie climate of Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico and from the mountainous land of Denver, Colorado to the wintry bliss that is Lakeville, Minnesota. It is an odd life I lead.

My digital gaming is and always has been on the classic personal computer. I'm an avid Mac user, but I do have a special place in my heart for PCs. I love a little bit of everything when it comes to games. The first game I ever played was BattleChess on the DOS computer. On the physical side of gaming I play Warhammer 40k, take thrill in Axis and Allies, and go skiing every now and then. That's just about as short as a can summarize a short life.

My name's Robert and I'm somewhere between a sophmore and junior at college. I'm 21, and live in Los Gatos, California (right inbetween San Fran. and Santa Cruz ;)) I am an only child and have been a gamer for as long as I can remember, when my dad bought me an NES. I'm a pretty avid PC gamer, and only really dabble in consoles as a social investment: something my friends and I can play together. I tend to like games that emphasize actual teamwork & tactics, but on a smaller scale, or ones that have a social aspect, so I usually like (multiplayer) shooters that require a bit o' brains as opposed to run-'n'-gun gameplay, such as Natural Selection, Battlezone 2, Planetside, and occasionally AA. I also like MMOs because they fit the same criteria, but don't require as much twitch-gameplay. My favorite game-to-date is the under-appreciated Freedom Fighters (not Freedom Force) and I really wish more games took this direction. Some games I'm looking forward to are Spore, Black & White 2, The Movies, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Battlefield 2.

I first discovered this site, like everyone else, by searching for Spore coverage/images. I heard about the game from a Gamespy GDC article (http://www.gamespy.com/articles/595/595975p1.html) and was really blown away by the concepts and execution more than anything else. In the article Wright uses Spore to counter the fears that next-gen game developers would need armies of artists/coders and such. As someone training to enter the game/film industry this article really piqued my interest, and led me here. This is a doubly-good thing, as I've also been looking for a forum that covers multiple topics, but isn't so big that I get overwhelmed trying to stay current. Oh yeah, the podcasts rock too... I guess I'll stay a while. ;D


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