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Tell me more about your pickled eggs. Usually I don't nitpick, but I like you and with cooking I am an ******* (maybe more but **** you lol let's talk food :3) Your pickled eggs don't look purple enough. Maybe it is a regional thing. I learned from Mennonites which happen to live where I live. We do our pickled eggs with a significant number of beets such that that entire egg white becomes purple. It is a aesthetically pleasing result and the flavor is also very good.

How many beets are you using? Last season I used (per a dozen eggs) two cans of whole beets to even out the mixture, plus a cup of sugar and several cups of vinegar (depends how you want the taste). I notice yours are all-white? Do you use no beets at all? Which is cool, I am just unfamiliar with that. Again. Region. Ah **** it I'll make this a public post in case others want to learn. Here we gooooooo! :)

But yeah. How is your flavor? I can certainly see how the flavor is the same without the beets. But I am simply used to the deep purple coloring, which is ultimately aesthetic. I'd love to learn more!

As an aside, this season I have my own home-grown beets. And let me tell you they were a real hassle to can. Not as hard as Corn (just done) and slightly easier but less tedious than green beans. But dude. The worst of them all was peaches. **** PEACHES. They are so annoying, squishy and messy. They are an absolute hassle. I'll can anything else, even if the corn kills me. **** peaches.

(**** the pain away **** youtube age restriction fascism faggots)

<3 Peaches

Oh nah, I just took the picture you saw on the other thread immediately after putting everything in. They're more purple now, and they still have to sit for another weekish. Probably two midsized beets, two carrots, a quarter of a large white onion for a half gallon/16-17 eggs? Quarter gallon of liquid, maybe, which is just half water half apple cider vinegar. Handful of sugar and a generous three-finger pinch of salt. Two heaping teaspoons mixed peppercorns, tablespoon or so each brown and yellow mustard seeds, 5-6 cloves of garlic. I haven't tried any yet, and won't for another couple days until they're a week old at least.


I also started a smaller pickle of just beets and carrots, the veggies I had left over from those.


I've been thinking of doing other colors... a mustard-turmeric-ginger yellow-orange one and a sort of vaguely-asian brown egg with rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and green onion. Maybe green, if I can find something that will sit in vinegar and leech out clorophyll... spinach perhaps? I'd have to test stuff before I was confident in making green pickling liquid.

Beets?  In pickled eggs?  A wild notion.

Personally, I just load the eggs up into the leftover brine after finishing up a pickle jar, and leave it sitting in my fridge until I forget about it.

That's chill, but I like customizing things... like these vaguely Asian eggs.

Ginger, carrots, green onions. Garlic, peppercorns, white and black sesame seeds. Soy sauce instead of salt, no sugar for these.


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