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High scores:
1. 98 Comics (June 5, 2018 - Sept 9th, 2018)
2. 30 Comics (Dec 24, 2017 - Jan 19, 2018)
3. 9 Comics (Feb 1, 2018 - Feb 8, 2018)

The premise of this thread is this:

Every day, at least one person posts a comic here.
Someone. Anyone. Maybe it is the same person. Maybe it is different people. Maybe the comics are connected. Maybe they aren't.
Maybe multiple people post in the same day.
They can be amazing high-effort comics or nonsense scribble comics of any genre.

We just try to go as long as we can without having a day where no one posts a comic.
And if we miss a day, we mark the high score and start again.

Not doing this is also an option, but I thought it might be fun!
Comments are also welcome!

Iím excited to participate once I get back to my computer.


"What if" questions are the recurring foundation of storytelling.

Also, I don't know what Dutch looks like so maybe.

Celdur and Didero confirmed as aliens.

Nah, me confirmed as a doofus who should learn languages.

But I appreciate your X-Files sensibilities.


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