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What should I watch on Netflix?

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You know what we need.
This thread.
Right here.
Because half the time I have no idea what to watch on Netflix.

(While this may be in the TV section, movies suggestions are also acceptable.)

I recently finished Samurai Flamenco, which was good.
I'm in the middle of Freaks and Geeks, which is fantastic.

I also just watched the Mel Brooks version of To Be or Not To Be. You should please do the same.

Daredevil's pretty good, or at least I enjoyed it. Notably, it has great casting for Kingpin.

Better call Saul is good, but for some reason season 2 isnt on american netflix.
House of cards is ok, at least season 1 and 2 are.
Spartacus is fun if you like campy stuff.
Daredevil is a good reccomendation.
Jessica Jones is also good.
Orange is the new black is ok, first few episodes are terrible though.

And it will never have the movie you want to watch on it.
It might have had at some point, but not when you feel like watching it.

Bobs burgers

Penny dreadful is interesting

Trailer Park Boys is honestly pretty enjoyable


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