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Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
-An Experiment in Galactic Travel-

Voyage of the Sidereal Hour - Information Station
Here we are, the first test of the unified RP community. Let's start off with some general info! First and foremost, you can read our guidelines here. For the time being things are going to be in a bit of disarray but it'll be fine during this testing period. Should this RP prove successful, we'll continue it! Right now though, all we have to worry about is getting some character bios up! Just fill out the following form and you'll be ready to play once things start! We will need a...

Species: (Also include a short description of your character's appearance - pictures welcome!)

As far as your species is concerned, feel free to bring over one of your old creatures or start a whole new one if that's your idea. The thing with preexisting creatures is that they're starting off with a blank slate. As well, it isn't required that you write up an entire history of the species up front. In fact, it might be better if you didn't. Play the character first and develop some insights... keep the rest of us in suspense as to why your creature is the way it is. Finally, on the topic of humans... there are humans! They're just another species out there to play as, if you feel inclined to do so. The one thing I was advised to make clear though was that we don't mention Earth. It's been lost for years or something, I dunno. Just avoid it.

We'll do character bios for the next couple days and I'll throw a basic outline of the story up for everyone to familiarize themselves with. A person to play the antagonist's role will be selected in the coming days. If there are any questions feel free to ask them in this topic. Otherwise, remember that we're all working together on this so keep it respectful and keep it clean! Move out!

Voyage of the Sidereal Hour - Information Station

The Story
Arc I - Of Orbs and Octane - Summary
Arc II - Resurgence - Summary

Sidereal Hour Lore

Voyage of the Perihelion - Information Station
Voyage of the Sidereal Hour - Information Station

The Primary Characters
art_is_a_mathform: Obfuscated Beneficence
Darth Grievi: Inya Olus*
Dr.Octagonapus: Irkkuf*
Flisch: Kean Fost*
Gec: Keel
Inkling: Yas Colvero*
Kitkat: Khalendin Veriames Laokkhal*
Krakow Sam: ADVISOR*, Dapplings of Heliotrope
Lush City: Dubhglas Hay*
Martyk: Terik Dern*
MetallicDragon: Isaak Turend
PatMan33: Zori*, Asglot
SimplyNecro: R5*

The Secondary Characters

Inactive Characters

* Asterisks denote characters that were created when the RP started, be warned, they may have a lot of back story.
Crosses denote a character that is currently not playing a major role in the story; this can include, but is not limited to: user inactivity, that character's death, or the character's creator turning that character into an NPC.
x The 'x' denotes a character that has not had an impact on the story due to a player dropping out or being inactive.
M An 'M' denotes a character that has minions, and if you click on the 'M' you will be taken to a description of those minions.

Other Things...
Villain Slots
Arc I - PatMan33
Arc II - Darth Grievi

Vote Results

News and Updates
Got the RP topic up and running. The game will start in a few days!

Vote Results
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Vote I - 6/2/10 - Who do you want for a villain?
Darth Grievi - 5 (31.3%)
PatMan33 - 11 (68.8%)

Total Voters: 16

Vote II - 6/25/10 -  YES or NO - Should Lush City be removed from the Voyage of the Sidereal Hour RP?
      YES or NO - Should Lush City be removed from the Voyage of the Sidereal Hour RP?
YES    - 6 (75%)
NO    - 2 (25%)

Total Voters: 8

VOTE PUT ON HOLD - Offender given a second chance to show improvement.

Well this one starts with three people anyway, so it needs four or five more people.

Darth Grievi:
Name: Inya Olus
Role: Token shapeshifter / diplomat
Age: 219 (approximately 30 in "human years")
Species: Angalesh

Angalesh are a near-extinct race of shapeshifters, capable of mimicking any organic lifeform, as well as creating new forms for themselves based on efficiency and personal taste. They are able to preform this feat by altering their genetic code and rapidly growing new cells with the modified genes while equally rapidly decomposing the old cells. Due to this, they tend to have very energetic metabolisms, and endurance is always something of an issue for them, though they can at least partially overcome this with age and training. Because they are shapeshifters, they have no set appearance, and even a single individual may not look the same from one day to the next.

They were a fairly large figure in galactic politics until relatively recently. A stray ship on a scouting mission happened to stumble across the Angalesh homeworld. Since the race was not in any database, the Angalesh took it upon themselves to welcome the newcomers to the galactic community. Unfortunately, the moment the scouts learned that the diplomats were shapeshifters, they immediately opened fire and killed the diplomats on board, before promptly calling in the rest of the fleet, waiting just outside the system, to begin orbitally bombarding the planet with anti-matter charges. Evacuations began immediately, but only about 3,000 Angalesh escaped both the planet and the attacks of the alien fleet. Who the species was that committed the genocide remains a mystery, as they have not been heard from since, nor has any existing government stepped up and taken responsibility.

Bio: Inya, even before the genocide that nearly wiped out her people, had been a renowned diplomat, utilizing her skills and abilities to successfully pull off countless first contacts. She was assigned to the Sidereal Hour for the obvious reason that, should any new species be encountered, she would take over negotiations, or at least act as a representative. She tends to be quiet and reserved, but can show almost frightening passion when called upon. If she deems it necessary, she will be as brutal as any warrior-race in order to ensure that whoever she's representing doesn't get blown out of the sky. Unusually for an Angalesh, she will sometimes take this into the realm of "aggressive negotiations," which usually involves the other diplomat getting his ass handed to him.

In what she considers her "default form," Inya is a vaguely mammalian, quadrupedal centauroid. She typically has four arms, though this number may change at any given moment. Her face is framed by three eyestalks and a pair of large, bat-like ears, and her mouth possesses a small, usually useless trunk. In all cases, however, no matter her appearance, she is always wearing a set of ash-grey robes, which seem to be able to adapt to her many changes in form.

((Its not totally accurate, but it was the only thing I had on hand at the moment.))


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