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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 29, 2016, 10:14:34 am »
I have no idea what's going on.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 25, 2016, 11:32:03 am »
We... we haven't actually settled on a setting yet that's what we're doing. The game itself is fleshing out the setting, the idea is to pick a  rough concept and then spend the game fleshing it out and world building it through the game-play. The Napoleon thing is fine but you seem to be the only one who voted for it, well you and Brandon. Pat is proposing his sitcom idea, and I like your core concept but would prefer a different nation. So yeah we kinda have to come to a consensus because otherwise we would all basically just be playing by ourselves. I've tossed out a dozen or so ideas, do any of them speak to anyone?

Anyone wanna do Krakows sitcom idea?

My count is

Krakow: Sitcom
Brandonazz: Napoleonic Timetravel
Pat: Napoleonic timetravel
Jim: Almost literally any other national with the time travel plot or the sitcom

Or you know we could pick entirely a round up of setting ideas here's a round up of some

*Sword and Candles
*Bronze Age epic
*Space Opera
*Kung Fu Legend
*High Fantasy
*Ninja warfare
*Zeerust raygun Gothic space adventure
*Time Traveler alternates history in_
**Alexander the Greats empire
**Napoleons Empire
**The Great Khanate
**Ancient Egypt/Mesopotamia
**Charles 's Spanish Empire
** Precolumbian America
**The Pacific Islands
** The Mali Empire
**Khmer empire

Krakow is right we should try to back off frontloading, keep it high concept so we can flesh it out in the actual game.

basically a logline, a sentence a pitch if you will less so than doing "pre-rping"

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 25, 2016, 10:51:25 am »
Seems like you're frontloading the setting rather a lot. Surely the whole point of microscope is you get to start fairly blank slate? Or that's the impression I get from it.

With that in mind my new nomination is that the game follows the life of a small family-owned paper goods factory from its opening in the early 90s to its closing in the mid 90s. Pat will back me up on this.

The basic point at this stage is to pick  a focus. A period of time that our rping will stretch from begging to end on. For example on game of Scope I used as a template for this one started with Humanity leaving earth due to pollution and disaster and ending with the species diffused and isolated among the stars.   From the way you and Pat spoke its seemed out focus would be the timeline of a nation starting from when a time traveler arrived and reshaped history. For example I would  love to chart through the Polynesian and pacific Islander cultures. A lot of how they were set up reminds me a lot of a space opera but with islands and oceans instead of planets and space and seeing all the little cultures merging and unmerging and remegring with the tech disruption would be fun.
Or we could shift totally and do a sitcom riff. That sounds fun.

Pat still seems stuck on his Napoleonic Empire though. I mean I'll go with that if teh group does but frankly i find it not that compelling if we were doing middle modern Europe I would go with the Spanish Empire , pre hapsburg split.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 25, 2016, 09:24:37 am »
I wasn't going for wacky, more like The Difference Engine but set in medieval times, less about time travel itself but more along the premise of how the medieval world would -lay out with modern technology. But if you guys would want to lock down on a single empire we could go for that.

So votes? Pat want to go for the French Napoleonic Empire but I personally want to vote for the Great Khan Empires. Its got more diverse factions and cultures to play with, the variety of backgrounds and fractionlzation gives us an opportunity for roleplaying , you have a massive empire split into four different Khanates each with countless tribes, religions faiths and cultures to play with. Just more toys in the box. And its inherent unstability would provide fun story opportunities. For the same reason I can also see us having fun with the Macedon Empire especially given what a culturally significant area that one covered. Perhaps even more ancient, imagine a grand Ancient Empire linking Egypt Mesopotamia and the Indus, or we could go to the western hemisphere, building up a grand nexus of civilizations on the continents on a scale  that didnt exist in our reality, imagine a Naorth and south America full of countless nation states based on unique tribal  developments and future tech?

Krakow, which nation would you suggest?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 24, 2016, 11:08:09 am »
Ah... history buff though I am I would prefer to develop an original setting though if we are going all Gintama what if instead of basing it off a future time travelers rule over one kingdom we flash forward a few years so our setting is the medevil world but with weird ass modern/future/past technolgoy.

Like Laser Mongols fighting the Saracen Moonbase empire over internet rights because the Stream Mines of Cathay are the primary economic funder of the United Hapsburg Federal Empire's cold war with with the Aztec Dodecallaince.

Like basically roleplaying an au medival history with"xpunk" stylings.

Possible starting points for a time traveler in this era would be to Yuan China to stop the break up of the Mongol Empire or to midevil spain to keep Charles V's personal Unions intact.

It'd be like a game of Civilization.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 23, 2016, 11:03:55 am »
The game or that specific One Line?

How is that a super scientist?

PAX River is basically Alan Moore's Top Ten in real life. Imagine an entire cit dedicated to cutting edge science. Entire departments dedicated to designing fir problems decades from now. machines that exist no where else on earth, emp devices the size of skyscrapers.

And thats just the stuff we can talk about.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 23, 2016, 06:41:14 am »
Well then it seems we are ripe.

Microscope actually feels like it was made for a forum thats one reason i am stoked i found it, feels like a more streamlined version of the stuff we were already doing here were the world building and character dipping is structured but still wide open

So yeah seriously what should the One Line be? My personal vote is a riff on One Million years later, that rp set in the far future of the gs setting. One because its its 10th anniversary and two because I like the meta aspect of playing with a story where all that stuff is ancient history.

But seriously I am down for whatever.

Navy Air Command, tis goot shiz

Embarrassingly enough I've always flitted in and out, its just my focus kinda drifted elsewhere creatively. I even just tarted my patreon! Oh and I'm also a literal government super scientist, which is cool as well.

Its actually kinda sad to see the old spore rps die out for good though. Used to be whenever they faded out they would grow back up like a tree from winter.

It's the tenth anniversary of the universe, I kinda want to do something special.

TheMist aka LushCity aka Mr. President aka SporeGames aka... well I've forgotten quite a lot of them, I was banned over eleven times. Yeah  I was quite wild as a teenager  ::) . had some good times her though and learned a lot, The hard way.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 22, 2016, 12:01:32 pm »
Right on KS? what should our one line be? I am trending towards a riff on the old gs spore or superhero universes but that's just my nostalgia talking

Storytelling and Roleplaying / GS Microscope Thread
« on: July 22, 2016, 11:13:51 am »
What is microscope? Its a community rp game that may as well have been custom made for gs. Rather than mechanics or rolling, its a ga me built on collaborative world-building where every player is equal and you can do anything. Pulling a direct quote:

All of us participating in this game have equal creative power. At times we'll have different roles and authority, but we're all equal participants and authors.

To start a new game, we will follow the four steps outlined below to set some initial parameters:
Determine the big picture - a brief, one sentence overview of the history that we will create and experience.
Establish the bookends of history - the absolute start and absolute end of where we intend to explore
Define the palette of narrative ingredients: what should be in the game? What should be BANNED from the game?
Begin the first pass of Microscope!

With regards to SA for these rules

Explanation of Play

One we have finished the first four steps of setup, we'll be ready to start a proper session of play. Arriving at this point, we should already know more about our history than we did when we determined the big picture, and as we play we'll find out more and more.

The basic structure of the game is that we will keep going around in player order adding to the tableau of history, making either a Period, an Event, or a Scene. For each rotation, there will be one player called the LENS, and that player will pick the FOCUS that everything following players create must relate to.

Example: If the FOCUS is a city, each player (including the LENS) is going to get to add something that somehow relates to that specific city. It's a topic to keep us all on the same page.

If you make a Period or Event, just describe what happens as though we're seeing it from a bird's eye view. When it's your turn, you're in charge, and the rest of the players (and spectators!) will be eagerly waiting to see what you have to say.

Example: It is my turn, and the FOCUS is a specific city. I create a Period where the city is flourishing in an age of prosperity. However, the next player creates an Event within the new period I just made, which levels the city in a terrible calamity.

If you make a Scene, we all pick characters and play to find out what really happened during that moment of history. Scenes are special; they invite other players to come participate directly with you to answer a Question.

Example: On a player's turn, they raise a Scene that takes place during the aforementioned calamity. They pose a question to the group: "Was the calamity caused by people?" They then set the scene, and players act using characters to find out the answer to the Question.

Getting into the Microscope Mindset

History does not turn out the way a single person intended in Microscope; there will be things that people create that go nowhere, or events that nobody else likes. However, what other players add to the tableau of history may surprise you; likewise, your own additions will probably surprise them as well.

You may find that you do not have any ideas that seem particularly appealing, or end up fairly dry when it's your turn. This is fine; even though you may play something that you personally don't feel happy with, there is a good chance other players may see something in the idea and refine it through play that will ultimately validate your 'boring' idea.

Caveats about Microscope

You may find as a new player you have a lot of really great ideas and you can't wait to tell people about them. However, it's strongly encouraged to treat Microscope like poker - you want to keep your cool ideas close to your chest until you're ready to use them in actual play. If everybody else knows what you intend ahead of time, it takes out some of the mystique and maybe some of what makes the idea interesting in the first place.

Unlimited Power in Limited Context

Remember that when it's your turn, if you are playing an Event or Period, that is something you have complete control over. Nobody else can change that point of history, but they can ask for clarification. You also cannot ask for feedback from other players in any way - this is purely your creation. It may be shaped and informed from other player's work, or it may go in a new direction. Understanding your restrictions and working with maximum effect in that area is something new players will want to address and subsequently embrace.

Guidelines About Events and Periods

Try to avoid being vague. The gallery is allowed to ask for clarification when a player is describing something. This is not considered a veto; nobody is allowed to veto a creation unless it breaks the rules. However, it is important that everybody is able to clearly visualize what happens in the history, so people can build off of it later. If you're stuck, describe what someone would see from a bird's eye view of the action, like in a long panning shot or montage in a movie.
If you describe the start of a situation but not its conclusion, remember that this ties into the above - clearly define the conclusion.
Do not collaborate or make polls.
Do not allow other players to give you suggestions. Do not give other players suggestions.
When it is your turn, it's your turn, nobody else's. You make what you want to make with absolute authority.

Guidelines About Scenes

The primary purpose of a scene is to answer the Question posed when the scene has begun. As soon as the Question has been answered, play stops even if it is in the middle of action. If desired, the next person can use their turn to come up with a new Scene with a new Question that immediately follows the one that just ended.
In a five player environment sometimes it is more appropriate to have people pass on being in a scene, or to represent something in the background rather than a principal character. Someone can also choose to represent Time in the scene.
Limit things to your character's perspective, but reveal new details about the world through their eyes. Example: a guard may feel a tremor in the ground and think nothing of it, though this could be a moleman invasion preparing to attack. In this example, the player who represents the guard should only reveal the tremors and the guard's emotions surrounding it - they are unaware of a moleman attack.

To start a new game, we will follow the four steps outlined below to set some initial parameters:
>Determine the big picture - a brief, one sentence overview of the history that we will create and experience.
>Establish the bookends of history - the absolute start and absolute end of where we intend to explore
>Define the palette of narrative ingredients: what should be in the game? What should be BANNED from the game?
Begin the first pass of Microscope!

0.1 - The Big Picture

In any order, people can throw out ideas here that is one line. It should be a single sentence that summarizes what happens but leaves out all the details. It is okay to collaborate and find an idea that everybody is happy with. This will help to make sure you're on the same page about the kind of game everybody wants to play. Note, however, that this is one of the only times that it is okay to collaborate. Once we've settled on a big picture we can move on to the next step.

Some ideas I am throwing out

>The history of a world full of magic and many races and there factions and clashes

Something like Avatar, Tarkir, Westeros, Middle Earth, Narnia, Doom's Battleworld or the like with a bunch of different civilizations all bouncing off each others back , with Vampire barons in the North clashing with Goblin Khans

Or we could do an epic space opera tons of different alien races and cultures with a massive history

Perhaps zoom closer? The life and times of one nation or civilization as it shifts and turns through society?

Maybe a superhero universe, either original or based on other properties?

Or an epic myth tinged opera showing the trials and conflicts of the heroes and gods?

What about following the rise and fall of a legendary family? Or a reincarnating hero rising again and again to defend his realm?

A secret order running society from, behind the scenes? An epic cold war of spies and subterfuge? Humans endless conflict against monsters come to eliminate them? A realm were peopel collect monsters and robots and use them for competitions?

Really the possibilties are endless

Hope to have some fun with my long over due return to Gs roleplaying!


Man this takes me back. I really cut my teeth on the GS rps back in the day, and now look at me a semi-semi-semi-semi pro writer. God I was so insufferable back then. GS was legit the cloest thing i had to a social life back then, it got a bit grimy but I am glad i cam through the other side okay.

man its so stoked seeing all you old classics still here. I still have all those timelines shuffled in word and g docs around my computers, there was some real solid stuff there, every now and then I just browse through those old threads for some fun fictional history buffing.

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