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Title: Super Furry Animals
Post by: Brutus on December 08, 2008, 02:54:51 pm
I posted the video of my personal favourite of their songs in the youtube bonanza thread but i think it warrents a proper thread here too.

The Super Furry Animals are an alternative Rock band that like to make alot of experimental stuff and they even make brilliant psychedelic rock.
They have their roots in Techno music which gives their songs a nice little feeling to them as their are moments when their electric side shows through.

Golden Retriever

They're quite old considering they've been around since 1990 so they've made alot of music. Something like 9 albums and that song up their is from like the 7th album they've made so they don't seem to be losing any steam as they go.

Give em a look in. They aren't very well known so spread em round if you like em and get people listening to them!

What you think?
Title: Re: Super Furry Animals
Post by: Mae on December 17, 2008, 05:55:50 pm
Wow I hate how empty this forum is.

I love them, seriously. Though Golden Retriever is definately their best.