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Left 2 Die
« on: February 10, 2009, 07:31:45 pm »
This is the first part of my friend Ross's zombie story. The original posted on Deviant Art.

All I could hear was the tapping of my feet as I ran. The road was slick from the rain. It had been pouring down only a few hours before. The sun had gone down around the time that it stopped. Every few steps I would land in a puddle, splashing water in all directions. It was dark. There was no sound, no crickets, no wind, and no life. The world was dead. And all I could listen to was the noise that my feet made.
My breathing was becoming heavier. I had to stop soon or I would collapse, but I couldn't stop. If I did, something could happen. My gun bounced up and down as I sprinted down the street. The bag I carried shifted. I adjusted quickly as I moved. I kept a close watch on each of the streets I passed. I had to stay aware. No matter how tired I became I couldn't fall asleep. I had to keep moving. Where to? I didn't know. I just had to keep going.

I pulled my gun from my back. I slipped out the rifle's clip and checked the bullets. I only had a few more shots left. If I didn't find a weapon's outlet soon I'd be done for. A drug store also wasn't a bad idea. If I found some anti-drowsiness pills I would last longer. I had to stop sometime. It would be better if I took a break in a gun shop rather than out in the open.

    Quickly I stopped running. I ripped my pack off of my back and got out two items, a map and flashlight. I put my hands around the light to cover it up form the sides. I then opened up the map. I scanned over the area of Denver. There had to be a store somewhere... I spotted one! I glanced at my surroundings quickly to make sure I was alone then back at the map. The drug and ammunition stores were almost side by side. Silently I shut of the flashlight and folded up the map. Putting them both away again I headed east to my destination.

      After another solid hour of running I made it to the heart of Denver. As much as I hated heading to the heart of things, it was the only shop close enough. The place was a mess. All of the shops' windows were broken. Car littered the streets. I might have checked the cars, but it would have attracted things I did not want to attract. Even though no one was around I didn't want to test that fact. I was grateful for my loneliness. Up to this point I had been very lucky to not find many people. Though that fact also scared me. Where was everyone? With a population the size of Denver I should have been swarmed a long time ago. Were they hiding and waiting to strike? At this point I was hoping that my enemy wasn't smart enough to formulate such a plan. At any rate getting into the shop and getting out of town would be the best course of action.   

     I climbed in through the door's broken glass. My shoes crackled as I walked across the broken glass. Cautiously I checked every inch of the shop. I looked in every nook and cranny. Hell, I even checked the ceiling! There was nothing in the drug store. All I found has some knocked over shelves and drugs scattered across the floor. In my explorations I also found a phone, but I was saddened to find that the line was dead. I tried looking through the bottles stroon across the floor. The only bottle I found that actually still had pills in it was pain medicine. I grabbed it anyways. Even if I didn't want to stop any pain I could use it to commit suicide by overdosing. I just hoped that it didn't come to that.

     I then went back out of the shop. Making sure there was no one around I crossed the street to my next stop. The gun shop was about the same. If I had any luck left there would at least still be some rifle ammo left over. I was pretty sure that the place would have been cleaned out by locals already. Once again I made my way inside. I sulked my way to the back of the store. As I went along I looked around with my flashlight. As I had suspected the place was bare. There was only a box of shells on the counter next to a computer. I walked around the back of the counter. My mouth almost fell open as I found that it was not only shells, but a shotgun too. My luck had definitely increased.

     As I was loading up the gun I noticed something to my left. The monitor’s power light was blinking. There was no way in hell a computer could still be running! It had been at least eight or nine months since the last power generators had shut down. But as I thought about it the light blinked on. So instead of reasoning with logic I pushed it. The monitor immediately clicked on. My eyes widened as I saw what was on the screen. "Evacuation in 56:42"

     It couldn't be true. Everyone else was dead. There was no one left. I had accepted that there wasn't going to be any rescue. Each minute I stared at the clock it decreased by one. This could not be happening. Not only had there been a new gun on the counter but now that was some mysterious computer claiming to be an evacuation! There was absolutely no way I was going to be fooled by some stupid computer. I decided to ignore the message and search on. As soon as I had cleaned the store out I was leaving. And that was final!

     I found a door leading to a basement behind the counter. I quickly forgot out the computer and searched some more. As fast as possible I went through each item in the basement. I could be attacked at any moment and in the basement I'd be pinned down. But as I went deeper into the basement I heard a sound. It was a sound I hadn't heard in quite some time. I moved closer to it. It didn't sound like anything harmful. It was more of an electric noise. Almost as though there was something running. Maybe it was a generator. If it was it would explain that whole computer incident upstairs. As I moved closer it became more apparent that it was a generator. It sounded very old, but at least it was working.
As I rounded the last corner my flashlight met with it. An old dusty one sitting up against a wall. As I observed the machine I noticed a panel on the wall. It seemed to have many switches on it. Above the panel was a large sign stating "DO NOT TOUCH". I realized that it would be foolish to disobey the sign, but I just wanted to turn on the basement lights. If I shut the door to the basement the light wouldn't attract anyone. Then I could peruse the downstairs with ease. It would make my job go so much faster.
I put my bag and rifle down next to the generator. I then made a dash for the door with my shotgun and flashlight. As soon as I got to the door I checked outside the shop for any people. After that I looked in the shop for roof access. If I was attacked that would be the best spot to go for. I found a ladder leading to a trap door for the roof. I made sure to remember the spot and then headed back down. Once next to the panel again I started to read of the labels above the switches. There were eight switches. Six had labels that clearly stated areas of the building that didn't deal with the basement. The other two switches labels were scratched. Damn! One had to turn on the basement lights. I sat thinking for a moment on the consequences.

     "No, the upstairs light switch isn't listed either! Do I really want to risk being spotted for connivance?" I asked myself as I stood there thinking. If I turned on the wrong switch it would all be over. But then again, there was a small chance that the upstairs lights were broken by whoever put the generator and computer there. It did seem plausible that they would do that for stupid people like me. Though if they did, why not just simply right the labels back in. It was all too confusing and there were too many things that could go wrong. I couldn't do it. I had to be smart and not get caught.
I lifted my pack and through it on my back. I also slung my rifle over my back and headed back to the basement door. As I walked away I felt a resistance, as though my pack had caught on something. I turned around just in time to see the switch click into its downward position. I whipped out my flashlight and shined it one the switch. One of my bags straps had caught on the switch when I was throwing it on. I looked at which switch it had caught on.

     "****!" I yelled. As my light hit the label it plainly read. "Rooftop Lights"
With amazing speed I flipped the breaker back off. Hoping that no harm was done I dashed for the upstairs. I got outside the shop just in time to see a large mass of people in the distance. From the looks of it they were moving pretty slow. I kept my cool and pulled out a grenade from my pack. I was just about to pull the pin when I realized something. Grenades produce light, which would only bring more of them. I would have to hold off on the explosions. I ran back into the shop and up the ladder. I pushed on the trap door, but it wouldn't budge. What the hell?! Why hadn't I tried the door before I made it was escape route?

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Re: Left 2 Die
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2009, 08:32:36 pm »
Should go in the Art board or something. Wrong place man.

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Re: Left 2 Die
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2009, 09:23:18 pm »
Actually, given that it is the storytelling and roleplaying board, I would have thought it was fine where it was.
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Re: Left 2 Die
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2009, 06:23:29 am »
Eesh, that story needs some formatting! Stat!
Sam is basically right, he's just cranky.

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Re: Left 2 Die
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2009, 07:00:15 am »
Agreed, I can't read big blocks of text. Ever.
No way dude, you're trolling me.

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Re: Left 2 Die
« Reply #5 on: February 11, 2009, 12:30:49 pm »
I broke it up some. I also added some spaces in. This post is just part of the first post.   

  I quickly became frustrated and bashed on the door. I had to get up stairs before the younger people came. If couldn't get cornered. I had to do something. I ran outside again to find that they were getting closer. None of the faster people had showed up yet, but it was only a matter of time. I broke a car window. I climbed inside frantically searching for the keys. They weren't in the ignition and they didn't seem to be anywhere else. I jumped back out of the car. I searched for side streets and alley ways to escape by. When I ran over to them I only found more people coming at me. There was no way I could fight my way through them. All of the people were going the same slow pace. There was nowhere to go! Every escape route was covered by over fifty people.

     At this point my mental state declined. I began lightly sobbing and talking to myself. There was nothing I could do. I had no way out. All exits had been sealed.
I ran into each shop, searching for some way to leave, but there was nothing. I checked two more cars. One had a dead battery and the other was rusted out. Meanwhile the people grew closer and closer to me. I tried jumping for the roof from the tops of cars, but it didn't work. There was no higher ground to get to. I tried getting the ladder to the trap door, but it was bolted to the wall.
One last time I came out of the shop. My one last hope was to make an opening. I pulled out five grenades and threw one down an alley. It killed all of the people, but the walls collapse and made escape impossible. I then threw the remaining four at the on coming crowds. As the grenade exploded I saw that there was more than just a line of people. There had to be at least a hundred others coming up right behind them.

     For my last hope I climbed on top of a car and started picking off people with my rifle. Sadly, my aim had not much improved in the last year and I missed most of my shots. I soon ran out of ammo. The people came into shotgun range soon after. I laughed and cried as I started to blow their bodies to bits until; I had to reload the gun.

     There came a horrible screaming as I began to shove shells into my shotgun. And at that moment I knew it was all over. The younger, much faster, enemies had arrived. I could see the large crowds part as a group of five came at me. Their speed was much greater than the rests. I had only loaded two shells with my hysterical state before they came before the car. Each leaped as it came to a point only a few feet in front of the car. I shot the first two right on as they came at me. The third one I managed to hit aside with the butt of my gun, but the last two landed right on top of me. Both howled with anticipation as they were about to take their bites. I let out a large cry as their mouths came close to my neck. I could feel their terrible breath on me as they moved inch by inch closer.
In those last few seconds of my life I saw a light. It was bright and blinded me. I had one of those things were your life flashes before your eyes. And I remembered how this all started...   

14 months, 6 days, and 5 hours ago....

"**** you! **** you, you guys are ****ing cheating up there aren't you!"
"Shut the **** up Jake!"
"No you shut up John!"
"God Dammit! Would you all just ****ing shut up and play the damn game!"
"Yeah, please do."
"Forget it, I'm done!"
It was in the middle of the summer. It was July 24th. It was another one of John's parties where we all just sat down and played some Halo. As usual the atmosphere was tense. We had just finished off with a game of Halo. Everyone just wanted to take a break. I went out onto the porch while everyone else either eat some pizza or sat around and watched TV. I don't really remember why, but for some reason John felt compelled to watch the news. While everyone talked John slowly grew more and more worried. There was a very disturbing story on that night.

     "Guys, turn on channel 23!" he yelled down the stairs to everyone.
"**** you, I'm not going to watch your pornos!" Jake yelled up to John.
"Yeah, with your black Brazilian she males!" Ronnie added.
"No, I'm serious. This story is really spooking me out," he stated in a very panicked voice.
They eventually changed it to the channel and immediately quieted down.
"I repeat, do not drink your tap water! There have been some malfunctions at the water plants and the water is contaminated! At this point the government is saying it is not a fault on their part but rather that it may be a terrorist act!" the new announcer said.
"Holy ****, turn it to channel 5!" yelled from upstairs again.

     On channel five it was a news team out on the scene. "As you can see the entire power plant is empty. For some reason that isn't a single worker in the entire facility." The camera man panned around the room. Showing that there was no one to be found. Out of the TV then came a horrific scream. As the camera man turned back to the reporter she was surrounded by, what seemed to be, zombies.
"Oh my god! What the ****, get off of her!" the camera man screamed as he began to beat the zombies with his camera. Not soon after he was also taken down and all that could be seen were the undead faces swarming the camera. Just a second later the line went dead. The camera then switched to two surprised news men in the studio. Both had terrified looks on their faces.

     At this time I opened the door and walked in. "Hey guys, you know how you can always see these lights of the cities off in the distance on the horizon? Well anyways, they aren't there for some reason.... Uh guys?" I said to them.
All of them just stared at me. I looked at the TV as they announced once again that the water was contaminated. 

     For the next few hours we sat in John's living room watching every new station. One by one each station on the TV went of the air. It became is connected. In that amount of time the phone lines quite working too. Not too long after, the power also quite on us.  Everybody started calling their friends and family. The ones that could reach had heard and wanted them to come home immediately. At the end of it all only Chris, Ronnie, John, Dylan, and I were left. None of us could get a hold of our families and John's family had yet to return home.
"So what are we going to do?" Ronnie asked.
"This is really weird. How in the hell could something like this happen?" I asked in a scared voice.
"I say the first thing we do is try to find our families," Chris suggested. "I brought my car. How about we all pile into that and go into town? After that we'll head out towards Ross's and my house?"
"I'll stay here."
"I know this is going to sound dumb, but do you have any guns?" I asked him.
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Re: Left 2 Die
« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2009, 12:28:47 pm »
Wow, excellent story, but where's part 2? Btw, is your friend a writer of profession or something, he's really a great writer. He just needs to learn how to make everything clearer by having some more space in between his lines and stuff.