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HOLY CATS!! E3 2021 is a complete mess.


This is shaping up to be a banner year of disappointment and not-video-games. How much more pixel art indie poetry smash garbage does the hobby need? Apparently more. Much more! It's been a sad showing so far, which is a bummer. But it's not all bad. As usual, Nintendo is here to save the day. I'm sure their show in a couple days at least won't be a complete disappointment. And we got an announcement from Ubisoft that this is a thing:
The first game was great. Excited to see how they expand upon the idea with a sequel. There's some light alpha footage that looked nice. Definitely seems more action-y though. Keep an eye on it.

And what else? Uh. Sonic is... well, you know. We all know how that's gonna go. And hopefully we get a good character added to Smash. Can't forget that Mario Kart DLC. This is the year I feel it. Forget I was wrong about that every year for the last six years. Practice guesses. This is the year for real. Maybe some Advance Wars? And also ARMS 2. So we'll probably just get more Fire Emblem waifu junk. oh wellllllll

So far today we got... indies at E3. The irony there is palpable. But the real secret in the sauce was the Mario World asset flip, the LTGPBBQ+ cover shooter, the brown and beige cover shooter, and the Super Paper Mario asset flip. Yay indies!! Bask in that megacorp exposure.

On and Square went last night. Missed it? Good on you, you saved yourself some time. And don't forget the Razer experience!! Who doesn't love peripherals?

This year has some positives. It is so awful that all non-crazy sides of gaming are coming together to kick the corpse of this pandering joke of a show and laugh with one another. And then tomorrow we'll all hype as Nintendo saves E3 once again.

Together. :3

Well they did it. Nintendo did it. They saved E3.

Advance Wars and WarioWare.

That is all.




Can't unsee.

It looks great. Seems like MercurySteam are continuing the development of their Samus Returns engine, which was a blast. I'm also mildly hyped for the HyWar2 DLC. That game wasn't as good as the first one though. But it is still very good.


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