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There are many, but just the major ones:

Zork I - This isn't my favorite text adventure but it was my first, so it has a special place.

Ms. Pac-Man - This is my "perfect game" to Steve's Tetris.

Pitfall - I don't think I ever finished the darn thing on the Atari 2600 (hey I was young) but I played the hell out of it, I can tell you that.

Elite - Space sim/trading game that was like nothing I'd ever seen before.

Doom - I was introduced to Doom and the 'net more or less at the same time in the college library. Yowza.

Civilization II - Didn't fail out of college for it, but my social life took quite a hit that semester.

Marathon - A FPS with a story. Sweeeeeet.

Turok - The game that got me back into consoles since the Atari 2600.

Halo - The game that got be back into consoles again since the N64.

Jade Empire - When I hit that classic BioWare story twist I could not think of anything else but finishing this game.

Half-Life 2 - Short of having destructible environments (Black, here I come) this is pretty much everything I've ever wanted to see in an FPS. I enjoyed the fantastical world of Halo, but the real-world setting in HL2 was like crack to my inner dystopian addict. I fire this game up just to soak up that vibe again.

...The Longest Journey (And I don't think too many people know about the sequel coming out either)...

I never was really into RPGs before until I played Jade Empire, which I loved, and then KOTOR of course. I heard about Dreamfall coming out and I think it'll be something to look forward to based on some videos I've seen so far. It'll probably bomb in the U.S. though because it doesn't look particularly violent.  ;)

Indigo Prophecy is another one. Something about that game is just so... ominous. The interface was unique and complimented the game (when the PC was doing something exhausting the game made you do some intense button mashing, the conversation choices were on a timer, etc.), but what I really enjoyed was the mood in that one.

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