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Music / Otomata - Make Music Easily
« on: April 18, 2011, 05:45:06 pm »

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Sburbian Jungle
« on: January 16, 2011, 05:41:41 pm »
Act 1: The Beginning

Your name is ALICIA KREMLIN. There are a few remarkable things you notice about today. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining. What more does a fine lass like you want? Of course, you hate outdoors activities so you decide to turn on the computer. With a soft whirring it springs to life and soon you're browsing the web on your magnificent Fenrir browser. Man, whoever uses anything but Fenrir is a lame-o. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a small brown package. As swift as the wind you run over and your hands make quick work of the packaging. Out of the box you retrieve two DISCS. A SERVER DISC and a CLIENT DISC. You are excited as ever and decide to ask your bestest e-friend if he has received his SBURB DISCS as well. You sure hope so, he promised he'd play it with you. And hopefully you can add your other friends to the fun! You start pestering marineCopilot!

-- tranquilGrammarian [TG] began pestering marineCopilot [MC] at 02:28 --

TG: Hey!
MC: Hey.
TG: How are you man :DD
MC: I'm fine.
MC: Too windy outside.
MC: So I can't test out my new model. :T

TG: Hey so, did you check out your mail today?
TG: Aww, that sucks : ((

MC: Guess I'm stuck at home all day...
MC: Yeah.
MC: Haven't sifted through it though. >_>

TG: Aaaaaand?
TG: Oh

MC: My mother usually do that.
MC: does*

TG: I see.
TG: I'd go look through it
TG: I'll wait up :DD

MC: Mmh, ok.
MC: brb

-- marineCopilot [MC] ceased pestering tranquilGrammarian [TG] at 02:31 --

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Sburbian Jungle - OOC
« on: January 14, 2011, 11:22:42 am »
Oh my god look at that! Looks like your disk has finally arrived! It seems like you and your friends will soon embark on a magical journey full of fun and pleasure and stuff. How will you develop? How will you act? Will you even survive? It's time to be ALPHA bro, it's time to step up your game. You are so EXCITED, you don't even know what to do. I'll help you out here!

Let's start with you introducing yourself?

Sign-up sheet:
Chumhandle (include colour):
Gender: F/M

Browser list:

Basically you just fill in the form. Description is only about your personality. An equal number of males and females are needed.

Everything Else / Kidzworld - Where kids can do EEEVVEERRYYYTHHIINGGGG
« on: October 03, 2010, 07:05:04 am »
So, I found this site that periodically amuses me and at other times fills me with intense rage.

An example of a thread that fills me with rage:

I'll start with the person above me.

Is an attentionwhore

Everything Else / Proton Decay
« on: April 17, 2010, 07:53:55 pm »
Hey let's have a discussion

This is one of science's current enigmas, do protons decay, yes or no?

According to most generally accepted theories, the answer to this is no. Protons, being a type of baryon, should theoretically be stable, because they have the lowest baryon number, meaning that they are the least energetic of all baryons and thus stable. Their baryon number cannot change and protons can therefor not break down into lighter subatomic particles.

However, some grand unified field theories, like the Georgi-Glashow (which clumps all the standard model gauge groups together in one gauge group and predicts that interactions that do not preserve the baryon number are indeed possible) break this baryonic number symmetry, and state that its possible for even a proton to decay via X and Y bosons, which are bosons analogous to the W and Z bosons (these are the force carriers of the weak force). However, this is pure theory and has not yet been observed experimentally. In the Georgi-Glashow model, the theoretical half-life of a proton is 10^36 years. If a proton decays, it would decay in a positron, which is basically an anti-electron, an electron with a positive charge, and a pion, a subatomic particle composed out of one up and one down quark. This pion would however immediately break down into two gamma ray photons, which are high-energetic, ionizing photons.

The reason this is possible is because it does not break the B-L number (baryon number minus lepton number). Reason for this is because a positron is an antilepton. The reason for this again is that the X and Y bosons couple quarks and leptons together

Copypasted from wikipedia:
An X boson would have the following decay modes:

    X → u + u
    X → e+ + d

A Y boson would have the following decay modes:

    Y → e+ + u
    Y → d + u
    Y → νe + d

As you can see, because of this, they allowed the violation of the aforementioned conservation of baryon number.

So my question to you, is proton decay possible, or are those that believe it is true crackpots?

Art / Sculptris
« on: March 12, 2010, 04:16:24 pm »

This application is pretty neat. It's basically ZBrush Lite, but free.

Example of work (NOT MINE):

It's also 1.7mb it's incredibly small.

Console Games / Dante's Inferno
« on: December 11, 2009, 08:43:05 am »

Dante's Inferno is based on the first part of Dante's Divine Comedy. The player controls Dante, a veteran of the Crusades, who chases his beloved Beatrice and attempts to free her soul from Lucifer, who needs to wed a heaven-bound soul to break free of Hell and make another attempt to take over the Throne of God. As his pursuit takes him through the monstrous entities within the nine Circles of Hell to save Beatrice, Dante must face his own sins, his family's past and war crimes.

* Prologue
o Dante returns to his home to find his lover, Beatrice Portinari, has been murdered, and witnesses Death drag her into Hell. Giving chase, Dante steals Death's scythe and begins his journey to save Beatrice.
* The First Circle of Hell - Limbo
o Meeting the soul of the poet Virgil, Dante begins his descent into Hell, fighting demons, unbaptized babies and other tormented souls. He rides on the back of Charon, the ferryman, to reach the serpentine King Minos, the Judge of the Damned, whom he must defeat to continue his journey.
o Confirmed Bosses: Charon, King Minos.
* The Second Circle of Hell - Lust
o Reaching the second circle of Hell, Dante discovers Lucifer is personally holding Beatrice's soul, even dressing her as his hellish bride and deceiving her into thinking Dante broke his vow to her. Dante must journey to the phallic tower in the center of this circle's endless hurricane to defeat Queen Cleopatra, who rules as one of Lucifer's regents.
o Confirmed Boss: Cleopatra
* The Third Circle of Hell - Gluttony
o Having defeated both King Minos and Cleopatra, Dante journeys to the next circle, one populated by gluttonous demons, great landscapes made of living organs, storms of human waste and giant gorger worms with insatiable appetites. There he must face the "great worm", Cerberus, a mass of worm-like stomach protruding from a open maw.
o Confirmed Boss: Cerberus
* The Fourth Circle of Hell - Greed
o Defeating Cerberus, Dante enters the circle of Greed, which is mechanical in nature compared to the previous circles. Within the circle are occupants who are boiled alive in molten gold below, condemned for spending their life hoarding and or wasting riches. In this "factory of torture," Dante will be faced with the horrendous puzzles of the Wheel of Fortune which is used to deliver punishment, and come face to face against the fallen god Plutus, a living golden statue.
o Confirmed Boss: Plutus
* The Fifth Circle of Hell - Anger
o Dante continues to search for Beatrice and confronts Phlegyas, a giant, flaming demon who Dante unknowingly rode across the River Styx. Escaping the behemoth's fury, he witnesses the beast entering the City of Dis, and he must follow if he is to save Beatrice.
o Confirmed Boss: Phlegyas
* The Sixth Circle of Hell - Heresy
o Upon entrance into Hell's capital, the burning City of Dis, Dante descends into the lair of the Heretics who are trapped in flaming tombs and nailed to inverted burning crosses. The Dark Priests, necromancers and conjurers are free to worship the "Fallen One" and guard this circle. The souls of the ancient followers (Ex. Abraham) are trapped here as well, waiting the arrival of "The One" and their redemption. Dante also encounters a former Crusader friend who died because of him.
o Confirmed Boss: Unknown At This Time
* The Seventh Circle of Hell - Violence
o Dante enters the seventh circle of Hell and must traverse a river of boiling blood, the Wood of Suicides and a desert of buring sand.
* The Eighth Circle of Hell - Fraud
* The Ninth Circle of Hell - Treachery
o Having journeyed through all of Hell, confronted his past and atoned for his sins, Dante must now face Lucifer in his true form: a giant, three-headed demon. Only by defeating the Prince of Darkness himself can Dante save Beatrice, and his own soul.
o Confirmed Boss: Lucifer

You basically fight your way through the nine circles of hell to get to Beatrice. Dante the character you are playing is not in any way like the one in the book though, The devs says that if they would've used the Dante from the book, the game would suck.


Deaths Scythe: Dante's primary weapon is a scythe, which he steals from Death itself. So far it has been confirmed that the scythe can be in 3 sorts of modes. Normal, Spear and then a sword version. The scythe can be upgraded.

Holy Cross: The holy cross which is given to him by Beatrice before her death. It fires a burst of light that push away anything in its path. I don't know how effective the cross is. But I've heard that it is meant to push back enemies.

[No image yet]
Magic: Not much information has been said about this. All i know is that it is different from the cross. I will update when i know more.

Punish or Absolve
This is basically how you upgrade you equipment. Throughout hell are several "Shades" which you can interact with. Shades are the people who go to hell for making poor choices in life. They are bound for eternal pain and suffering. So with theese Shades you can either Punish them or Absolve them. If you punish them you kill them with your scythe, and so the scythe grows stronger. But if you absolve them you send them to Purgatory (or heaven i don't really know). And thus your cross becomes more powerful.


E3 Trailer

Nine Circles Trailer
Nine Circles

Gameplay Trailer

Story Trailer *NEW*

Gameplay Video *OLD*
Old Gameplay

Pictures and Concept Art


King Minos (Limbo)

Cleopatra (Lust)

Cerberus (Gluttony)

Limbo Concept art 1

Limbo Concept art 2

Heresy Concept art

Phlegyas (Anger)

Some of the Shades you can find in the game


Xbox 360

Release Date

NA February 9, 2010
EU February 12, 2010

Late December.

This thread is mostly not made by me, I liked the lay-out and I'm a lazy bastard. I take no credit for this thread.

So, any thoughts? It kind of looks like a GoW clone more or less, although I'm fairly interested in the story.

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