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PC Games / A Little Game I Made
« on: July 30, 2007, 08:27:58 pm »
So I made a nice little arcade game from scratch in Java and I felt like showing it to the forum. It's nothing very big and definitely buggy, but it's a game I made in my free time to hone my skills, so to speak.


So feel free to criticize/praise me/it, for it will never be fully finished and I guess you could say I'm done with it. Like I said, I didn't focus on playability.

Books / Asimov
« on: September 26, 2006, 05:03:34 pm »
Imagine my surprise when a search for "Asimov" only turned up four topics, none to do with the man himself (and his books, of course).

Back on topic, what were your favorite books by him, or just the most thought provoking? Feel free to discuss.

To start off with, my favorite little book was a story called "The End of Eternity" It has the best last line of a book ever. **Spoilers**And such was the end of eternity, and the beginning of infinity.**End** I don't know why I like it so much, but it makes much more sense if you read the book.

Of course, I read I, Robot, and Nemesis, which was particularly interesting. Probably the more far-out of his stories, where a [spoilers]rogue space colony goes to a hidden solar system and a special girl communictes through telepathically linked cellular organisms that originally resided on the sole planet.

Console Games / Speculative Wii Game Ideas
« on: September 06, 2006, 04:57:06 pm »
Now, these are by no means actual games to be released. Just spout random ideas that would take advantage of the controller and stuff. But I would like to start off.

Star Wars: Full Force

Complete with corny and punny title!

Anyways, what better idea is there than using your Wiimote as a lightsaber?? None! Complete with wookie bowcasters and cool force powers. Also a one-on-one duel mode.

Cool force powers:

When the lightsaber is off, aim the Wiimote at an object, press a button, and then the object is tethered via force to your 'mote. You can reel it in to make it closer or farther, and use it to smack people! Also, if you aim your force cursor at an opponent's neck, you can choke them.

and thte Lightning from hands force power, of course.

Spore: General / Underwater Creature's Petition!
« on: August 09, 2006, 04:01:28 pm »
Show your support for inclusion of underwater creature's in the main game. This way we can show EA that underwater is very important to us and its exclusion, if they do decide against it, will not go unnoticed. With luck, we can influence their decision to include underwater.

Think of the creatures!

Spore: Creation Corner / Vehicle Editor Version 1
« on: July 17, 2006, 06:53:22 pm »
Yes, it has been a while, but it is finally here.
A full list of features is on the web site.

The help file is in the game.

The reason it is at .9 is because there aren't enough parts. I have released it early so I can get some feedback into what kinds of parts are missing.

I know some people can't download from freewebs, so if someone else would like to host it...
Also, you may notice the GamingSteve logo and my name. That is because of the one no-credit incident we had a while back.. :-\

Anyways, get it here.

It's under the link that says "get it here!".

Please, feedback is important and give it a try. Remember, don't panic.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I'd liketo thank all the people  who drew vehicles for inspiration. :)

PC Games / Next-Gen RTS
« on: June 26, 2006, 10:51:05 am »
With all this talk of the degredation of gaming, I've decided to put up a poll. What new innovative features would you like to see in the next-gen RTS to break away from the mold? These are just some of my ideas, but feel free to add more.

1) More diverse/playable factions. For example, Starcraft has 3 diverse factions, do you want more (4 or 5)? Or maybe just more slightly different races (a la AoE)?

2) New resource system. Tired of having peons go around and chop wood? Suggest a different way of gatherin resources. (Perhaps one time events like "Sir, there has been a new forest discovered shall we harvest it for ten gold?"

3) Advaned tactics. Rise of Nations touched on this, but imagine taking it further. For example, trenches, stationary artillery, flanking, retreating, morale. Suggest more.

4) Units different from eachother. Like chess, individual units are drastically different from eachother bringing a whole new dimension to the strategy.

5) RPG characteristis for each character. For example, you can only build foot soldiers. You make some work at a blacksmith to supply your people with swords. In essence, your characters are built with a general specialization (builder, infantry) and are further specialized depending on what you have built. (foot soldier -> horseman -> horse archer -> heavy horse archer)

Post suggestions.

Spore: Creation Corner / Quick Planet Maker!
« on: June 09, 2006, 03:18:44 pm »
I am currently making a terraforming simulation under Game Maker. However, when I say Hugg's planet generator, I saw that I only needed to change The basic program a bit to create a planet generator with visuals. So, here is my website with the Planet generator in it. You need to download the file, but it is .exe, so you don't have to do much. try experimenting with the statistics. I know that I need to make water more easy to put on your planet, bu that will be in the next version, along with any (plausible  ;) ) suggestions you post. Tell me what you think, and before saying it sucks or whatever, remember that this is a mini-program sidetrack from the main game.
I posted it here (Spore: Creation Corner) because I thought that those most interested would be from here, or something  :-\ It was a hard decision.

Here is the website:
The game is under the Planet Generator link

P.S. The game's  name was decided for before Genesis (the user) joined.

EDIT: Feel free to post suggestions here or on the guestbook

EDIT EDIT: Desperate attempt to give more attention to this topic  ;D 

Spore: Creation Corner / The Ptashki
« on: June 05, 2006, 01:33:39 pm »
The Ptashki are a race of sapient flying mammal-bird hybrids, meaning they carry traits of both. They have been created (by me) specifically to test the limits of Spore and remain doable in the game. The various parts they possess are those that have so far been seen in Spore. I do have some pictures of them, I just need to get the scanner up and running.  :P Anyways, here are some characteristics:

*slightly asymmetrical
*humanoid shoulder/arm, splits at joint to two more arms.
*Top left arm ET like, Top Right weapon (horn)
*Bottom arms insect like, 5 appendages
*bird-like wings on back
*Neck arches from shoulders, over head, and then connects on top.
*Two Z-shaped limbs for legs with velociraptor feet.
*Slim body, 3 feet tall, very social, have feathers resting on left shoulder, right leg, little spikes on opposites

Here's the wiki article: Ptashki

Here's a little story about them and their evolution:
There are no asymmetrical or flying creatures on their homeworld. The Ptashki noticed this difference and thus think they came from someplace else. This is only reinforced by the fact that their DNA is only 80% on common with their nearest relative and that their moon has life.
They believe they came to sapience by a need to memorize island locations on their homeworld, and what resources each island had. This snowballed into tribal Phase!! (Next Post, most likely). Any comments?

Spore: General / What is the Dev team working on now?
« on: May 07, 2006, 11:46:06 am »
What do you think the dev team is working on? I personally think they are developing the end-game and repairing bugs/glitches. Seeing as the end game is, well, the end, they need to make it exciting and playable. Also, some minor glitches were apparant in the 1up video. If you vote other, please specify.

Spore: General / Politics in Spore
« on: April 10, 2006, 02:34:21 pm »
With all this controversy in stem cell research and whatnot, would it be possible for certain technological advancements in Spore to be protested by your people? In my opinion, this would make getting some advancements harder than just getting the required amount of money. Some mini-games could be tied in to the actual debates or you could choose to finance the project behind the public's back (with a risk, of course). I don't have any idea about a good mission that would turn the people's opinion over, but ideas are welcome. Some especially hard missions would be made for the genetic engineering tech, of course. It would just make getting that ultimate technology so much sweeter.

Another thing that bothered me about the Civ series (I didn't play Civ 4 so excuse me if this was included) was the peace agreements. They were always limited to just stopping the fighting. In this game, it would be a nice touch to add more flexible armistices. For example, you limit the size of their opposing person's army, make sure they don't manufacture weapons, etc.. This is way closer to real world.

Spore: Creation Corner / My Creature - The Saari
« on: March 31, 2006, 01:07:20 pm »
The Saari evolved on a planet called Konto. During its early years it was very barren and rocky, not to mention windy. Very soon, extremely large caves began to form. Mini-volcanoes and puddles of water provided places for bacteria to start flourishing. Before long, multi-cellular organisms arose. This cave life was very harsh for these creatures, but it proved the best environment for one thing, sentience. Those organisms that could navigate the winding tunnels the best lived the longest. One such creature took advantage of its situation, the Saari. Eventually, they became so mentally adept they had the human IQ equivalent of 150, on average. However, since their visibility was limited, they were fragmented into tribes that feared the light. The fact that they lived in caves only added to their tribe mentality. Until along came a genetic mutation that allowed for a more flexible iris. They began venturing out in the hundreds to the open air and saw what we consider average: color. They stared at their own various shades of grey and realized that they needed to do something about it. And thus their tribal buildings became shades of blue, red, green, orange, yellow until their camps looked like a doctor Seuss confection. But what happened to those left in the caves? The planet had resumed its volcanic activity and the caves quickly filled up with lava or poisonous gasses. The cave dwellers, it was assumed, were no more. That is the beginning of their history, as it is said.

Presently these are their structures:

An aircraft

This is a water tank that shoots lasers I guess, removable compartments for multi-functionality


This is them. They have eight spider-like legs (though not powered by compressed air) that can retract or expand depending on the rock they are stepping on. Also, They have three fingers which can come together to make a sort of pick-ax. They have an opposable thumb and a very small mouth. The fins on the back of their head let them know the wind direction and function as ears. Their lanky arms are actually quite powerful and were used to pull themselves up crevices. They have a very good sense of balance and so can "limbo" through very small tunells. This is it for now

Spore: General / Crazy Creature Content Conjectures
« on: May 21, 2005, 05:21:29 pm »
I just had to go with the alliteration :)

Anyways, I want people to post here what kind of natural defenses people would like to see with their creatures. For example, pincers and tentacles. Some of these defenses are basic so they will be included. However, please post creative defense systems for your species. Also, include a logical reasoning as to how such a defense can be possible in a creature.

Here is my idea: a laser beam shot through the eyes. I came up with how to make one possible after my science teacher said that a creature can not have laser beams. This was for a project, so, naturally, I proved him wrong. He did admit that it was a plausible explanation. The laser that the creature has is an excimer laser which pascically excites atoms and they in turn produce photons. The creatures optic nerve was electrically charged, like an electric eel, and puts out a couple hundred volts. The inside of the eyeball is filled with helium and carbon dioxide. The helium produces a red glow and carbon dioxide is used for more practical uses. It produces beams in infrared light. Thus, it can kill or carve rock. These elements are given to the eye through the lungs. The nerve stimulates the molecules and the photons bounce in the eyeball between a reflective retina and a semi-reflective iris. Once the light is finally released, it shoots off a very high powered beam of light whis is focused with the lenses of the eye. In theory, it should work, but the voltage the nerve produces may need to be increased.

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