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Everything Else / SCIENCE!
« on: July 02, 2011, 04:48:07 pm »
Yes, it's the thread you've been waiting for, the one were we act all knowledgable about the nature of the universe and discuss how to engineer exploding lemons. Want pure, empirical, science without all the metaphysical b.s, well you're in the right place.

I believe we were discussing the difference between matter and energy.

Energy can never be created or destroyed, only converted between various forms, it can be held in potential fields or carried by particles. The energy, E, of a particle with mass is proportional to it's mass, m, according to the relationship: E = γmc^2, where γ (or gamma) is the Lorentz Factor.

How mass is related to energy is somewhat explained by quantum field theory, but thats a complicated story and i don't know enough about it to go into detail, and literally no one can explain it fully yet, as it is an area of ongoing research.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Munchkin's Super Special Mafia : 5th Day
« on: January 20, 2011, 12:02:18 pm »

It was the morning of 3rd solar rota, date quadrant alpha at the Galactocorp ltd. Mining Facility #245 and a grizzly discovery had been made. The dead bodies of every miner who had been working the night before had been found dead and mutilated in the irdium caverns. This could only been the work of the aliens, the most malevolent and intelligent race of killers that inhabit the darkest parts of the universe, and now they were here. The mines had been barricaded and everyone waited nervously for the transports to come and take them from this doomed colony. But when the janitor was found with his brain leaking out of his nose everyone knew the aliens had infiltrated their ranks, hiding behind their shape shifting abilities to become like the rest of the crew. The transports would never land knowing they had aliens among them. Now all that could be done is to begin the ardous task of weeding out the aliens and getting rid of them. Everyone gathered in the control room to discuss their options.

Mr. Wizard
Badger Man 22
Plank of Wood

No Lynch
No Lynch
Great Distance?
No Lynch
No Lynch
No Lynch
No Lynch
No Lynch
No Lynch
Didn't Vote!
Wasn't Online
No Lynch
No Lynch
No Lynch

                       ROLES IN PLAY
Cop       - Inspector   
Celebrity   - Overseer
Thug       - Merc   
Taxi       - Pilot
Detective - Technician
Priest       - Chaplin   
Superhero   - Securibot      
Bouncer       - Guard   
Sniper      - Chest Burster
Priest       - Chaplin
Cop       - Inspector      
Bus Driver  - Pilot
Psychic     - Telepath
Politician  - Senate Delegate
Boss        - Brood Mother

The first day ends in 24 hours, 8:00pm GMT

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Munchkin's Super Special Mafia
« on: January 15, 2011, 02:47:48 pm »
So this is super special mafia and the game's probably going to start January 29th so get signed up.

All the cool kids play this game:

Mr. Wizard
Badger Man 22
Plank of Wood

Roles and Their Sci-Fi Counterparts:

Superhero   - Securibot
Hippy       - Redshirt   
Politician  - Senate Delegate
Bouncer       - Guard   
Sniper      - Chest Burster
Cop       - Inspector   
Celebrity   - Overseer
Priest       - Chaplin   
Detective  - Technician
Psychic     - Telepath
Cop       - Inspector   
Boss        - Brood Mother
Thug       - Merc   
Taxi       - Pilot   
Priest      - Chaplin

Movies / The Social Network
« on: October 13, 2010, 08:25:56 am »
Has anybody seen this yet?, is it any good?, should i go see it?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The New GS Fantasy RPG IC
« on: April 15, 2010, 10:43:27 am »
Sometime today each one of you walked into the village square and glanced at the notice board, wether you do it everyday, or just felt like taking a look you all felt the aspiration for adventure. Just your luck, right at the center of the board a big poster reads;

'Wealthy merchant looking for aspiring adventurers to accompany caravan and delve for loot, could be dangerous, good pay offered plus free lunch for turning up to see me(no beggars or scroungers), meet in the tavern at dusk tonight, I'll be easy enough to find.'

This could be you're break, a chance to get a away from it all, or just a way to get payed, the meeting is tonight, so gather your gear and ready your self...

People will turn up in the tavern in the order they post about it, if you feel the need to add some backstory as to why you turned up in the town of Throwmine go ahead, I'll post again when the story requires some advancement.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The New GS Fantasy RPG OOC
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:40:56 pm »
I'm testing the waters to see if people would be interested in a fantasy RP, played mostly freeform.

Basically if people are intrested there are a couple of planning points to sort out, like whether to do it d&d style(DM and Party), or traditional GS style(Heroes and Villains), and how many players etc. And there's characters to be made (see sheet below)

Also plank suggested using Dwarf Fortress to generate the world, which i don't think is a bad idea.

Current Characters:

Victor Renoir, an ex-watch captin, fighter/leader, Representing Cow
Syladril Celestria, a travelling gnome, rouge, Representing Detoxicated
Noloc Headpunched, a mad dwarf scientist and engineer, scholar/artificer, Representing Plank of Wood
Ranarm Navega, a tigerman noble, fighter, Representing Digital Hellhound
Lucas Varsia, a skilled woodsman, ranger, Representing Sporelord
Caraad Moricam, a creepy necromancer, wizard, Representing SimplyNecro
An unamed dumb but firendly sasquatch, fighter/barbarian, Representing Kishmond

Character Sheet:

Stuff(Equipment Basically):

PC Games / Crysis 2
« on: March 05, 2010, 05:31:17 am »
So crytek has made a 3rd Cryengine and are devolping crysis 2, and if you happen to of bought any ex-nasa hardware in the last few years you'll be able to run this when it comes out, we're expecing more inforamtion at GDC 10'

IGN has some screenshots and they're really pretty;

PC Games / Fallout New Vegas
« on: February 04, 2010, 12:40:22 pm »
Skyward asked for it so here it is.

Apparently supposed to be released this autumn, new trailer:

New Trailer

I'm sure a lot of people have already heard about this, but for those who haven't it's what Bethesda is doing for the indirect sequel (i.e it's a spiritual succession, but the story doesn't follow)  to fallout 3, which i loved. It's set in Vegas (obviously), but the difference is, this isn't the wasteland we're used to from the other fallout games. From the trailer and what the previews are saying, new Vegas has not been destroyed or at least rebuilt by someone or something, which looks like it might be a big plot hook. Despite this, I'm sure there'll still be plenty to explore, "in and around the Nevada area".

We've also just found out it's planned for release this autumn, and Bethesda have released a tantalising preview trailer, it doesn't give much away except that there's probably going to be some kind of new creature/character/enemy in the game that looks suspiciously like the combine from HL2.

If the last game Bethesda released is any indication I've got good expectations for this game, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it'll be like playing in a preserved 'prewar' city from the fallout universe.

PC Games / Dungeon Keeper
« on: July 11, 2009, 06:20:16 am »
So i just got this old game running again with DosBox, and i forgot how good it was. Anyone else remember this?

Everything Else / screen recording software
« on: March 31, 2009, 12:39:21 pm »
I need something to record stuff on my computer screen, but i'm not sure what's good, it just has to be free. Any suggestions?

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Dark Streets
« on: November 30, 2008, 10:33:36 am »
  I'm jumping on the band wagon and posting a historical story for you all to read, anyway, this one has some releavance to a recent R.P, even tough it is my small side of it.


Dark Streets: A Dramatisation of the Southern Fringe conflicts in the second union war.

Chapter 1: Civil’s Bloody Hand   
   The young child cowered in the corner of the desolate room sobbing gently, the wallpaper was torn, and the floor was bare and old, she could barely see for the heavy clouds of nox gas, and was nursing a burnt arm. Her father gave her a towel to put over her face and bandaged her arm with a mucky cloth. It was only a few minutes ago that they’d began clearing the complex, firing into the building and launching riot control grenades. A gloomy crack in the ceiling was enough for Seriah to see the High Command civil agent’s heavy boots, he walked lightly into the filthy kitchen and retrieved his ex-service rifle from one of the broken cupboards and he slipped a knife into a belt loop. They where clearing the place from the top down landing on the roof and covering the street outside, shooting potential escapees on site, not that it mattered when they got shot.
   Seriah heard the familiar sound of another a gun firing, the last one, he’d meticulously counted as they rang out, they’d cleared the floor above.
 “Shhhh, Kheli, and don‘t look” he whispered to his daughter . The heavy footsteps began outside and Seriah put his back up against the wall next to the door, first shudder, second, and then the flimsy wooden door shattered, Seriah kept still, as they rushed in towards Kheli, he timed it perfectly, silently driving the knife into the back of the first and then shooting the one at the front leaning over Kheli, the last one turned but it was too late, Seriah let out a sigh of relief as the HC lackey fell and retrieved the bloody knife from his victim’s temple,
 “Sankash Imperial Special Service ****ers,” he laughed, he  looked over at Kheli,
 “No baby, keep your eyes closed.”
He picked up the radio from the body of one of the agents,
 “ What’s the problem up there,”
 “ Nothing sir, we just ran into a bit of an upstart, we got it sorted though, continuing sweep, over.”
   The corpses were bundled into empty cupboards and the blood cleared with a bucket of mucky water, Seriah had slipped into the portly Arkibal’s “traitor” uniform , and had just enough room to fit Kehli in too,
 “Just hug daddy and don’t move,” he loved his daughter too much sometimes, and the only reason he was escaping the civil agency now was for her, his wife had died when High Command first came to power on this insignificant colony world. The deranged Yunimuis governor, had exaggerated delusions of power that made Seriah sick, and now he’d ordered a cleansing of these slums, as he was assured there was an informant here, in this neighbourhood, for the approaching Arkibal navy ships moving up to help the Old Union Loyalist forces near Vii-Deux, and didn’t trust the inhabitants to stay faithful to his cause.
   Seriah was worried but he didn’t show it, he had an air of charisma, was tall even for an Arkibal, visibly strong and his tough dark green skin was covered with the scars of his exiting existence. He was tough like the streets he’s lived in all his life and had been gnarled by several past wars for the Empire, but he kept his sensitive side for his daughter, so she’d have someone who cared, Seriah still hated never having that, and the feeling stayed with him even as he left middle age behind and retired from the Imperial Service he’d loved so much, he’d hoped for a quiet retirement, this awful apartment was all he could afford, but it wasn’t that bad, at least not until High Command showed up.
   He hid his service rifle inside his newly acquired suit and equipped himself with some civil agent weaponry, a neuro-baton, a class 89 electro-plasma pistol, and a couple of riot grenades, he’d easily pass for a CA troop, it was just how he’d get away from the building alone, and keep Kehli safe. The comm link on his suit buzzed into life,
 “we’re sending a team in from the bottom, over,” Seriah had to head for the roof, after climbing up a few flights of stairs, Seriah reached the roof, there were two guards stood outside the grav copter’s doors he bypassed them with a wave, inside he silenced the pilot and took the small gunship up, the two agents below scrambled away from the dangerous magnetic field below the chopper and took a few futile shots with their pistols when they noticed what had happened, Seriah put Kehli into the co-pilots seat and began flying north towards the forests.

Chapter 2: Commandant’s Orders

   After dodging the heavy AA fire from the city’s restrictive outer rim defences, the grav copter had suffered some crippling blows, and when Seriah saw the cadre of heavy attack craft behind him he knew he wouldn’t of seen the end of them until he reached the compound, agency choppers were lighter and faster than military class, and Seriah could fly, well. He swooped below the tree line, and the military copters dared to follow. He dislodged one of the front windows hastily with his knife, and pushed it away, bringing the copter extremely low, he waited for an opening. There was a clearing ahead, he steered dangerously close to a nearby tree and set it slow and  to auto pilot, he grabbed Kehli and jumped for a nearby branch, he made it and narrowly avoided the attention of the pilots in pursuit of him. As he jumped down the copter sped into a tree, the blast knocked out one of the military grav ships, which careened of into another, he sat behind the tree breathing heavily and hugging his daughter.
   One of the grav copters landed beside the wrecks, an officer dismounted and surveyed the crash sites purposefully, he was Forthi, unusual to see in high ranks, and he was visibly proud, he wore a peaked cap and medals on his chest. He seemed un-phased that six of his comrades had just been killed,
 “Corporal, survey that agency vehicle, shoot any survivors,”
 “Yes Commandant Vesof,” the grunts walked off and began kicking about bits of burning scrap metal and looking around the place. The commandant snarled and turned, he poured himself some strong spirit from a hip flask into a shot-glass he kept on his belt. Vesof was classy, but bitter, he was a fortress of a man and always carried the same expression of angry indifference, and talked down to everyone except his superiors, who he clearly despised. His eyes wandered across the frosted landscape darting from tree to tree, he took a sip from his glass,
 “Nothing like Deux Brandy to warm the gut” he uttered to himself through his hard lips and rugged beard , he heard quickening boot steps , and turned to see the Corporal’s  worried face behind him,
 “What do you want” Vesof talked in a slow and disturbing way, he was calm, but menacing, he lengthened the space between words to add emphasis to everything he said,
 “err, sir, bad news.. n n no survivors, no bodies e e either,” Vesof kept exactly the same expression, but that just worried the Corporal more, he took another sip of his brandy,
 “don’t stutter at me boy, how’d you even become a Corporal anyway,”
 “don’t answer,” the Corporal shut up and stepped away,
 “must of got away into the woods, call up some more men, we’ll find these swine.”

   Seriah dragged his feet in the frost to cover his tracks, he’d stolen the GPS from the grav copters dash board and knew where he was headed, when he arrived he smashed it against a rock, they‘d be able to track him by it if they noticed it was missing.
   His old friend Merik, a jolly old Urshan merchant, had set up an underground resistance bunker out in the woods after RedStar put him out of business in the first union war, the old place came back into use when HC took over and Merik moved back out there. For a resistance group they didn’t do much resisting, they mainly smuggled people out of the city and further south into the Arkibal’s welcoming arms, they we’re one of the few places that sent refugees that way most went into urshan space but sending them all the way up there from the southern fringe was too dangerous. But Seriah knew they were well armed and most were ex-soldiers.
   Seriah could see the gates they seemed to surround little more than a shed and a power generator, he could hear shouting, he guessed a few miles away but still too close. Gate swung open and Seriah shut it behind Kehli. He opened up a box in the shed, revealing a little comms box, it was rusty and disused but Seriah dusted it off and pressed a button below the screen, a fuzzy display popped up and a familiar face was looking up.
   The control room looked almost primitive, planks of wood lined the walls with patches of bare earth showing through, heavy timber supports kept the roof up, and the floor was just dirt. The air was heavy with dust and the whole compound creaked, the place was bustling with activity, rebel technicians wandered between the hap-hazard yet amazing improvised technology scattering the place, massive comms structures, command node computers, and mile after mile of wiring. The big screen at the back of the place now showed a massive image of Seriah’s face, Merik stood in front of it, wearing the odd combination of combat trousers an eye-patch and a bright red knitted jumper,
 “Oh Seriah, fancy seeing you here, I haven’t seen you in years, you’ve got to come in and have a chat, oh and I see you‘ve brought along Kehli, how delightful” he had the gruff tone of an old man, but it was innately happy,
 “Damn, I’m so glad I found you, you eccentric old fool, I’ve got some bad news I’m afraid, but I’ve also got some good news, I’ll tell you when I get inside, it’s freezing out here.”

PC Games / Call of Duty 5
« on: November 25, 2008, 09:55:00 am »
i don't know why there isn't a topic, but anyway, whos playing, and who wants a (specifacally nazi zombie co-op) game.

Spore: Creation Corner / Naescvor
« on: September 21, 2008, 01:55:58 pm »
The Naescvor

The Naescvor are a race spread across 6 closely packed star systems, they have been quite intrepid lately, scouting out new stars and have found other races inhabiting the stars with little knowledge  of what was before them they set out trading their countless goods, their military is a militia core what elite units they have escort the cargo parties across the galaxy. The grand senate on the central planet of Mathesva is home to the council of commerce and advancement, the technocratic government of the Naescvor, the people of the Naescvor are nomadic outside of cities villages and towns of people live on interplanetary vessels traveling around the empire, more civilized folk live in th cities surrounding spaceports working day to day in big businesses. Their home planets is dry plains dotted with bog and marsh land, this is where they evolved from the primordial sludge and spread through underground rivers, they achieved the true galactic space age 50 years ago after a space race from the two super powers, religion and economy fighting a solar system wide civil war, the winning leader, Greathas Mandrel leading his party of economic minded politicians set out to forge an empire.

This is my second OG race just a little more to help it's revival, more updates to come along with my Arkibals so enjoy.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Free Union Disscussion Thread
« on: September 20, 2008, 09:53:31 am »
this is a thread to discuss the new free union the main reason is actually so i can post a list of the current attendies, but i though we may as well go for the whole thing:

Old Union Members:
Fothi Resistance Movements
Forthi (north and south representatives)

New Candidates:

A Review of the war:
-Austians split from the union in the wake of a civil war
-high command takes power of the union
-student riots and rebel movements breakout across the union, especially the planet of banaquaq
-a combined arkibal urshan and thoon fleet begin the assault on banaquaq
-fighting grows to a stalemate on the surface of banquaq and forces withdraw
-the high command now has a hold on the central union states
-arkibals urshans and thoons all suceed from the union and the northern forthi mandate stregthens it's borders
-negotiations start with high command, urshans face a swathe of refugees entering the empire
-the urshans agree with high commands proposals to an extent, but relations remain strained
-the zakraa succeed from the union and declare an offcial state of war
-HC begins conquering free forthi provinces
-10 years pass with the H.C crumbling
-a flimsy reformation of the union with a combined HC and Urshan parliment is formed
-election are held although many believe them to be a shambles and a fix
-cortan and the thoon-arkibal alliance begin moblishing against the H.C
-arguments over the harbouring of H.C oppossers the high price cortan and Yunamii by the urshans break out btween the H.C and the urshans
-arkibals and zakraa form a plan to undermine the currupt H.C regime
-yunammi, cortan and tussad discuss a possible attack on high command independat of the arkibal and zakraa plan
-the forthi begin annexation of occupied territories
-a pact is proposed with the free forthi by the zakraa
-arkibals withdraw from their political war anfd begin mobilising their milatary
-resistace groups begin strengthening across H.C space
-the Arkibal high milatary commander begins his campaign in the southern provinces
-an influential forthi radio presenter, ninel, become a power figure for the forthi liberation movement
-fighting erupts on vii duex and cortan begins his guerilla campaign
-urshan emeror daniyu adresses the liberation movements with support
-the urshan emperor turns his nation into a democracy independant of the H.C and offers his personal apperance to aid rebel forces, and declares war on the H.C
-while talks go on within the high command of a better future bitter fighting in city streets across the union continues
-the H.C sees the inevitability of it's collapse and official peace talks take place to reform the union as the "free union"

Spore: General / space stage problem
« on: September 06, 2008, 05:02:17 am »
why can't i open the communication pannel?

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