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Spore: General / Digital Distribution
« on: April 03, 2006, 10:33:19 am »
Would you be in favour of getting Spore through the EA downloader?
While it is still in its teething phase so far its trial with Battlefield 2 has been a very positive experience and a definite learning experience for EA with visible improvements
Personally I'd love to see it be available through digital distribution with official updates and patches available in seconds and no need for a hardcopy if you don't want one.
The Steam platform has been a great success for VALVe, why not for Maxis and Spore especially if they can link the player database through it  :)


Spore: General / The Spore Community Fansites
« on: March 31, 2006, 04:45:10 am »
Right here are the rules
1. You may submit a direct link to your website only not your forum or any other link
2. You may include a banner that will be placed beside your website address
3. You may submit a short blurb of no more than 100 words
4. Your submitted information will be treated on a first come first serve basis
5. This thread is hosted at moderator discretion and will be deleted if it is abused
6. This thread's first post will be updated as often as possible to include all new entries
7. All entries will be treated equally and adhere to the same format

Please just list links to the fan websites and your blurb in one post. Any discussion and chatter needs to be posted elsewhere. Thanks.     Come for the pirates, stay for the Spore!!!
       Join for the latest news, discussion and media for Spore

       A large wiki database based on everything spore.  From news to details, and user created content to images and videos.


Spore Planet

The main place for Spore Creature Concept Art and when the game comes out Sharing Screenshots of your Creatures.

See this thread below for updated information on Spore Planet.

Spore Planet (You Can Post Your Own Creature Art Now!)


Spore Fan

Just starting out. Please support this community and give ideas on how we can make the site better.

Their are content upload sections so that when the game comes out you can show off your screenshots and videos.


Amongst the groups of Spore fansites, you find You can play with three different Spore-like games - Spore Flash, Sporabee v.1.5 and Sporabee v.2.0. There's a forum you can join (and also possibly come with suggestions to the further development of Spore-like games), frequently updated news, articles and more.

The latest Information about Spore in Spanish. Images, articles, videos, transaltions, features, forum, chat... Come and visit us for the latest news items in the Spore world!



Spore-Fanpage -

German fansite, startup 04/04/06, foreign vistors are welcome too   :)


Spore: General / Spore as educator or agenda?
« on: March 30, 2006, 12:35:09 pm »
As it stands now Spore aims to be recognised as individual to its peers that involve slaughter and war and set its stall out as intelligent, complex and educational.
All well and good - it's a game concept that the industry and consumer has been crying out for.
However, I am worried. Politics does that to me some times.
Why politics you ask?
Well Evolution is the scientific explanation du jour that best describes our own development and that of natural history.
Spore aims to educate.
Spore does not reflect anything scientific - its editors are artificial constructs where we impose our will on our creatures. We decide their destiny, their arbitrary and construed appearance as god-like creatures, omnipotent and whimsical.
This is not evolution. This is an argument for intelligent design.

Intelligent Design is one of those little things that makes the rest of the world giggle about hometown, smallville, middle America - something that is as flimsy a theory in theory let alone in science up there with timecube in ridiculousness. Now for the god-fearing among you this is not meant as an insult, whether something created the universe we reside in can not be proven at least for the forseeable future - but that doesnt take away from the fact that I.D. makes absolutely no sense.
Whether Will Wright has an agenda is well to my mind unproven and probably unlikely despite the Sims and Simcity having interesting cultural additions/omissions (condoms, nudity, religion etc.). What I fear more is the potential that this game may have on the education system - where conservative educators, legislators and representatives globally may hold this game up as the messiah of gaming -
1 assuading their fears of computer gaming as a negative phenomenon which most would welcome
2 using the game mechanics as a vehicle for their own agendas and belief propogation.
It has been well-documented how the law, literature and media has been altered, adjusted and in some cases created to propel a right wing theology driven agenda in the US in the past decade. I fear that this video game will soon be another tool in that arsenal, only now Spore has the power to achieve more than a thousand books or films or teachers.
Such power is quite frightening, has Will Wright created a potential monster....?


PC Games / OMG *orgasms Armed Assault Info!!!!!
« on: March 30, 2006, 04:21:53 am »

In ArmA, as in Flashpoint before it, you're just a soldier. There is a war raging around you which you didn't plan to be in, but you are a professional and you can (and must) handle it. The situation is quite complicated - there are just a few US soldiers left on the island when the invasion begins so you can't simply start a full scale conflict. You help the local militia in their desperate attempts to defend their country, but they are just farmers, not professional soldiers. On the other side there is a real army with old but heavy weaponry and you have to understand that you and your team-mates are the only force that stands in their way.

My hype-meter just rose exponentially - this game looks and sounds like the best game ever made
Hyper-realistic war FTW!!!

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