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I know that there's little chance of spore having support for a creature like this, but I came up with it just for fun.

Name: Uchako

Type: Coldblooded Tentacled Amphibious Cephalopod

Lifestyle: Social Parasite

Habitat: Icy Cold Oceans / Islands

Size: 1.5 feet

Weight: 20 lbs

Diet: Vicariously Depending on Host Creature.

Armor: Skin is soft, but is able to blend in with the environment.

Defenses: Able to hijack the nerves of creatures, essentially controlling them.

Tools: Able to use tentacles to carry light objects.

Method of Eating: Sucking fluids from the creature it currently is controlling, much like a


Lifespan: 30 years in pre-modern era. Indefinate afterwards.

Reproductive Rate: Is able to asexually reproduce beginning at 5 years.

Gestation: 1 month.

Offspring incubation: 2 months after clutch is laid.

Number of Offspring: Up to 1000 in a clutch, depending on evironment.

Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): 80% Eggs are laid around the same time

time host creature gives birth, ensuring that the newly hatched young have a creature to
attach to.

MsPaint Sketch of Uchako controlling a propiscian, one of the more common local sealife.

Any details I should fix or add? I'll get to the culture/geography/solarsystem as I come up with it.

Please be easy on me, this is the first time I've done something like this.

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