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TV / The 100
« on: May 06, 2016, 01:29:41 am »
Who here watches this? I finally caught up to the active airing for this show, and omfl I cry so hard so often.

For those who don't, but might be interested:

The 100 is a dark-tragic medium-hard science-fiction dystopian television series, currently airing on the CW network. It's first two seasons are on Netflix, and the present season is semi-available, as it is currently approaching it's season finale.

It's premise is cheesy, with 100 criminals, all under the age of 18, from space being sent to the earth to see if it is habitable. It gets darker through the first 4 episodes, and includes such themes as "What's right isn't always what's legal/acceptable" and "There are no good guys." It is filled with hard choices, dead characters, and a good dose of redemption.
A beautifully designed 3-dimensional world, with characters that grow from their semi-flat origins, a good heap of interpersonal drama/politics, conlangs and distinct cultures.

Here is a wikia

Also am I the only person here who cried on S3xE07 (Thirteen)?

Art / Glitch Art/Photo Manipulation General
« on: November 28, 2015, 04:38:44 pm »

Did a couple cursory searches and found that there wasn't a thread, but recently that's all I've been doing so...

Vaporwave, Cyberghetto, Sadboys, Natural Glitches, Pixel Sorting, Olde Skool Photo Collages... You know the vibe right?

Anyone else on this wave?

Useful links, like to leddit or something:
more into l8r

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / An Attempt
« on: November 12, 2013, 07:23:09 pm »
Since the death of the subforum and the coinciding timing of my moving to another forum, I have increased my capacity as a Roleplayer, and I really crave RPs such as those which lived here. Anyone even remotely interested in rebooting? Or did everyone move to somewhere else?

PC Games / The Universe Project
« on: October 09, 2013, 11:24:19 am »
The Universe Project

I'm not good at pitching things, so I'll be brief, and then quote the page I linked there.

The Universe Project is the most ambitious game idea I have ever seen. It aims to create a virtual universe simulation, for all consoles, online, multiplayer, and shaped by the players. I think it's pretty cool.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

"We're creating a video game, similar to an RPG, that is capable of supporting millions of players, in the same game world, at the same time. The very first players who enter the game will notice the planet they appear on is completely devoid of human infrastructure; they appear on a planet that has developed only plant-life and animals. Now, the perspective of the game will be 1st/3rd person in that the player will control a single character in the game and will control only their character's actions in the world. There will be no NPCs in the world, every character is a real player.

The game will simulate human needs in that player's characters will need to eat and drink. Characters will need to find shelter and need to avoid being too cold or too hot. Characters will need to defend themselves and their belongings from animals and other players. Characters will be able to invent their own tools, skills, buildings, and even weapons, to assist them in meeting their needs."

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Coat Quest
« on: September 26, 2013, 10:47:45 pm »
You are alone. It is dark.

What do you do?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Collapse RP - OoC/Recruiting Thread
« on: August 11, 2013, 09:13:34 pm »
The last World Order Meeting occurs. Vladimir Putin, found dead with 30 shots to his chest. Media tells the populace of the unfortunate death by heart attack of the Russian President.
Ben Bernanke, found dead, suffocated in his sleep. Attributed to an overdose of cocaine by the media.
The White House explodes. The death count includes all government officials of the Obama Administration. 2 hours later, all of congress is found dead in the capital building, all missing their heads. A provisional government of the US Military's branches is formed at 22:00 EST. Joseph Pillman Hart appointed General of the Armies. 23:59 EST, dirty bombs detonate in every major city in the USA.
Millions die in the disaster. The provisional government moves to respond, declaring martial law in all US territories. Citizens are advised to stay indoors and assist troops in the search of their homes for materials and/or evidence of materials used in the dirty bombs. Any who refuse are shot.
The Provisional Government collapses after a chain of assassinations and coups. The troops are left relatively leaderless, but follow orders, unaware of the collapsing bureaucracy behind them.
Word of the collapse has diffused amongst all the people of the fallen nation. Soldiers try to make their ways home to help their families, but there is no way to return for most. Many commit suicide. Even more separate into factions, with different ideas on how to advance. A few psychopaths run off with their armaments, never to be seen again.
Most factions have begun acting on their ideals, with many bloody conflicts occurring between select groups. The city of Los Angeles breaks into gang-ruled territories, and many soldiers are killed by those with higher dedication to their "families" in the gangs. Military weaponry is spread amongst the fascist Bloods, Crips, Juggalos, and Latin Kings.
Detroit, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Compton follow the path of L.A. Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Washington D.C. are claimed by para-military groups. Most cities revolt against the occupying soldiers.
The City-States of Old America are formed. Many squads of roaming raiders, composed of outcasts and crazed soldiers spread.
Across the globe, all countries follow the fall of the USA. Within years, the world has collapsed to the government sizes of the Iron Ages.
Sightings of dragons occur across the world. In Central America, tales are told of tall, pale men, averaging 4 metres in height. Several towns vanish off the map, no trace of their existence being left.
Televisions and Radios around the world turn on suddenly. Garbled nonsense is spoken for an hour, and looped for several weeks. The devices would not turn off.
Sightings of mythical creatures, ranging from those of antiquity, to those of modern hoaxes, to those from prehistory, increase. Outside the walled cities of the world, there is nothing but chaos and danger.

It is February 17th, 2015. The players are in the ruins of Seattle. I will, of course, be the GM. I will also place NPC groups across the world, that will stumble upon you, along with stationary NPC groups that can be interacted with, and they will likely have randomized traits. This is hyper-dystopia, meaning things are more likely to kill you than help you. I have many plot points, villains, allies, and others, set up.

Character sheets are standard for you guys. If there are too many problems with a character, I'll help to keep the original concept in tact while helping you make it workable for the world.


For an Idea of the world, think Shadowrun+Fallout+Alpha Protocol+Aliens.

Any questions? Any takers?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A Land of Dirt - A Semi-Guided Storytelling
« on: February 03, 2013, 10:12:41 pm »
As the suns set, glimmers of rainbows flashed through the air for mere moments. The air was still and the scene silent, the serene moment being just that. Soon, the chrome leaves of a nearby bush rustled as a stiff wind picked dust up from the ground, and a long hovercraft flew over the rocky ground at extreme speeds. The craft, vaguely reminiscent of a 1930's car, with 4 fin like wings pushing but a few feet from the rear of the cabin, was piloted by a single being, humanoid but covered so heavily in fabrics that it's gender and race were indiscernible, and it's face was covered by a reflective dome mask, connecting to a leather cowl. The faintest thumping of bass could be heard from outside the vehicle. Within seconds, there were several other crafts, of similar style, chasing behind him, notably more silent than the first. A single rabbit left it's warren and stared at the strange objects flying over the horizon, barely phased by the intricate behaviour of mankind.

I'll need three numbers between 1 and 10, and a number between 1 and 20. These are to randomly generate elements of the world. Then the main story will occur.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Recruiting for Beta Test Campaign
« on: August 23, 2012, 01:19:14 pm »
I will be running a percentage-dice based game, which I designed myself. I am looking for people who enjoy the same play style. If you are interested PM me and we can talk more.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Nations
« on: January 17, 2012, 04:13:37 pm »
Based on City-States at the MSPA Forums, all credit of the idea goes to Demonsul

A Brief Idea of What You'll Be Doing

You will be creating a nation, designed to your choosing with technology up to that of the late Renaissance. There are few other boundaries, but you are required to provide a basic overview of the politics, a flag, a name, a colour and the portion of the region you'd like to start in. The river shown is the major river, the only one which ships from the sea can enter, other smaller rivers do exist though. The first 4 people to give nations are in, there will be an NPC nation. To those that fail to get in on time, there will be a waiting list. PM me at that point to learn more.

Upon the beginning of the game, I will place each of the nations onto the map and send out PMs to each individual. This will cover what has been going on that season, and you can cover any or all of the topics provided. I will then wait for everyone's PM until the end of the week, where the next season will occur and I will send new PMs recording what has happened in that short three months.

While it is possible to invade and conquer eachother's nations, doing such will not eliminate players from the game. In the event that you are conquered, you can lead rebellion and revolution, or flee as an exiled government if you have friends. Please note that revolution is also a way that new players are introduced. As will parties in democratic states, puppet governments, vassals and newly discovered locations.

If you have played City-States on the MSPA Forums, then some notable differences are that this will contain an entire biosphere and will focus on all aspects of a nation, not just the sociopolitical aspects.

Nation Name:
National Colour:
Preferred Location:
Political/Cultural Overview:
Nation's 'Leader(s)':

With that said, sign-ups are now opened.

Waiting list is open, PM me for more info.


Site News / SpamBots
« on: November 23, 2011, 11:33:53 pm »
Recently there has been a huge influx of spambots. Could we get a better human checker thing? That'd be super.

Spore: Creation Corner / Walkers from the Four Stars
« on: October 06, 2011, 05:32:20 pm »
In the dark void just off the edge of the galaxy lies a quiet system unlike any other. A large star, pulsing with energy and glowing green, and its 3 child stars which orbit it closely hosts a single planet, a planet which shines in the stellar light. Orbiting this reflective sphere of matter is a moon, a moon which possesses liquid water and two small continents. It is here that a species makes its home, on the warm desert islands of Fotari.

Alien sheet: Caftain

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type: Terrestrial
Appearance: Aquatic
Gravity preferences: 1 - 2 g
Temperature preference: 50 to 110 C
Atmosphere breathed: Chlorine Dioxide
Body cover: Soft Skin, coated in slime.
Body colour: Aquamarine to Forest Green
Hair: None
Hair colour: N/A
Eyes: Four eyes wrapped around its upper body, evenly spaced, clear lids and no pupil.
Eyes colour: Yellow
Body characteristics: Tendrils emanating from the top of its head, about as thick as your average rope and covered in paralysing stingers
Diet: Pescavore, Cannibalistic towards the deceased
Sexual reproduction: Hermaphrodite
Reproduction method: Shoftshell egg swarms
Limbs pair n 1: Boneless legs
Limbs pair n 2: Boneless Legs
Limbs pair n 3: Boneless Arms
Mass:  60 kg (Average weight of your race. If values differ between Male/Female, list both)
Size:  40 cm (Average height of your race. If values differ between Male/Female, list both)

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy: 3
  Determination: 20
  Racial tolerance: 15
  Progressiveness: 16
  Loyalty: 19
  Social cohesion: 3
  Art: 18
  Individualism: 2
  Body: 3
  Mind: 43
  Speed: 16
  Lifespan: 245 years
  Tech level: 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type: Imperial Commune
Religion: Philosophical Atheism
Devotion: High

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
Bicephalus (4 brains spread throughout their gelatinous body.)
Extra heart (One for each brain)
Field sense
Independent eyes
Odious racial habit
Perfect balance
Pressure support
Skin color change (Seasonal Changes)
Water dependency
Water breathing

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Green
« on: August 03, 2011, 10:01:59 pm »

You awaken, stiff with indescribable pain. The low ceiling above you is dark, and you watch as spiders crawl across it, dancing as you lie in your dazed state. As the pain slowly fades away you bring yourself upright and realize, you don't have a name.

What shall you call yourself?

also if you are like 13 or some **** don't come in here because this is some heavy stuff.


But if you do decide to do them talk about them here and not there. I set out some chips and a the cable guy is gonna come by later. Until then just keep the pot downstairs, k?

oh and here, have a graph, dude.

any questions about drugs, the usage of drugs, etc. ask them here.

PC Games / NationStates
« on: November 09, 2010, 11:59:59 pm »
After searching the Forums I have found that are no topics on this game specifically. This has been fixed.

NationStates is a... I can't really explain it myself.
Just click the above link and you can find out.

Anyways this topic is for general discussion of this 'game' and whatnot.

Spore: Creation Corner / Seeonsurm - a WIP - For use in Kosmosis
« on: November 07, 2010, 11:33:18 pm »
For those interested, the name was developed by putting 'Bringer of Death' into Google translate and translating the results to other languages repeatedly. It ended on Estonian as See on surm which, if I recall correctly, mean It is death. Or something like that.

1. General Information
2. Biology and Anatomy
3. Culture and Society
4. Solar System and Early Space Travel
5. Vehicles and Domestic Fauna

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