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Forum Games / Scrooples!
« on: July 24, 2006, 10:56:31 pm »
You play it like this: Every new page you start a catergory and you name something that goes in it. Example: Category: animals. Answer: Cat.

Then the next person has to name an animal that starts with the last letter of the previous animal. So example: Cat, the letter t, so an animal could be tiger.

They can't repeat like if someone says Bob, the next person can't say Bob anywhere else in that page.

Countries: Cambodia

Spore: Creation Corner / Malt is back, with the Gxervnee!
« on: July 23, 2006, 10:15:41 pm »

New Avengers.

Gxerv in Turnaqian means "Avenge" and ee is a common suffix which means new. N's add that nice bit of spice to a name that really sets it apart from others.

The Gxervnees were made by splicing the DNA of a Blerkaahw(See the Turnaq thread, but no necro-bumping it.) and the fossilized remains of the ancient race of creatures found in various Turnaq tribal ruins. The result is an already sapient race of avengers.

These fossilized remains were from an incredibly advanced race that lived on Agemo'Tur until the Turnaqs tribal stage, then mysteriously dissapeared. They led them on the path to scientific greatness.The race itself was small, warm blooded, and very smart. Their brains were so advanced, that they could manipulate the surroundings themselves by thinking, "Telekenesis" for lack of a better word. This, combined with the tribal Blerkaahws, gets you an average, space-faring ready race of quazi flipper feet no hand no mouth 3 eyed tickle me pink fur covered lil' armed just wanna hug em's.

In the height of the Turnaq empire, they were taken down by the Vladtokju. Only a few still exist, most are scientist on Ocat, the pink forested world of the Blerkaahw. This is where the Gxervnee are now. This is where the avenging will stay, until they see Agemo'Tur. This will spark a command deep in their code, to destroy the Vladtokju by any means necessary. This has yet to begun.

Today, the first UFO will be sent to Agemo'Tur.

(Oh wow, this is really unorganized. I'll work on it tommorow.)

This race, like the fossilized race before, does not have a mouth. They gain nutrients from photsyntheitc algae within it's entire body, especially it's flippers. It walks on it's ankles, with the wide flippers trailing along. It's head is like an owl, or maybe I forgot a neck. It has weak, useless arms that resemble an elephant's(One of the few things it has asethetically in common with the ancient race). Their green stalk can be used to cool themselves off, or to attract a mate. They are pink because they live on Ocat. And Ocat is pink.

They'll live for around 40 years, and have about 8 children, 6 surviving on average due to advanced medical procedures.

Well, I'll type more tommorow. Feel free to say how they are the suck, the suckzorxz, and the gay.

Everything Else / The Ultimate Question
« on: July 22, 2006, 09:55:09 am »
Your vote could change the face of America, Cambodia, and maybe Canadia.

Spore: Creation Corner / If you can't draw should you just give up?
« on: July 21, 2006, 11:43:38 am »
It seems that if you don't have amazing drawings you are instantly ignored on these boards, even if there is a lot of well thought out info. I won't lie, I sometimes skip over things with no pictures too. But do you think that no pictures shows a lack of effort?

Spore: General / Sequel to Spore announced!
« on: July 17, 2006, 04:08:44 pm »

In a press release on July 17th Will Wright released that they are currently in production of a sequel to Spore, tentatively titled SMORE: The Procedural Camping Sim.

The premise is that you will creature your very own camping trip, starting all the way back in the driving stage and making your way up to the sandbox stage. You will light fires, design tents, and interact with procedurally created and downloadable wildlife. Like Spore, the modes are based on games.

Driving: Grand Turismo or Need For Speed
Set Up: Wario Ware
Foraging: Squad based shooter
Sandbox: The original Spore, allowing you to go about and create new campsites, and possibly, according to Will Wright, SET PEOPLE ON FIRE.

Plans are also being made to allow you to import anything you made in Spore into Smore.

Music / The Aquabats!
« on: July 12, 2006, 05:58:18 pm »
Anybody here fans? I just got the One year anniversery version of Charge 2 days ago, I love it.

Forum Games / The Neverending Cheat Code
« on: July 05, 2006, 06:18:40 pm »
Basically, one person will post part of a cheat code for a game, then the next person will continue it.

The game will be....Super Smash Bros. Melee!

Go into classic mode on Very Hard with Jigglypuff and beat it within 20 minutes using 2 continues, making sure somehwere along the mode you fight Young Link.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Turnaqs (are under attack!)
« on: July 02, 2006, 10:22:31 am »
The Tarnaquians are not seeking an alliance, as they are currently with DUP. If you have relations with our race that need to be addressed, contact Ambassador Hkaree.

Yes, That drawing is extremely horrible.

The Turnaq are an extremely scientific sapient race. They are very advanced for a race of their age, because unlike most races they didn't discover religion until much later in their history. This has been unexplained to this day, but Turnaquian archaeologists have found several unidentified sapient bodies near former tribe homes of the early Turnaq. They live about 57-70 years.

The Turnaq are invertebrates. They do not have normal eyes, but rather eyespots, so they only tell the difference between dark and light. However, most of their other senses are quite high. They look like a spikey ball covered in blue fur, about 2 feet in height. Their "spikes" and "fur" are modified setae. An average Turnaq will have about 12 arms, with 6 around the mouth(3 on each side) and another  6 larger arms around the body. They can retract their spikes and arms back into their body, because their outside is like a turtles shell almost. Turnaqs have no teeth, but rather things whales have. On their tounges are rough bumps that laso assist in grinding food.Their feet are webbed. Arms can appear anywhere on a Turnaq, and it is decided when they are inside their egg.An infant Turnaq's quills are soft and not harmful, except for an "egg spike" that they use to get out of the egg, it breaks off shortly after.

Environment and Solar System
Their planet is a vast marsh for the most part. They have no ocean, just one incredibly large lake(Whch is called the lake, like we humans call our moon "The Moon" and our sun "The Sun"), with many rivers coming out. No matter where you are in Agemo'Tur you will see a river or stream.  Their solar system is officially called Echino 45-Q, and nicknamed by some (especially religious Turnaqs) as Hepsoj's Cauldron. They have a single, small moon named Gel. Because of it's size it's actually thought to be a meteor caught in their orbit. This is most likely as it's not ovular or spherical at all. It's has many holes, some going straight through it. Recently primitive bacteria were found on it, which sparked the building of a "Bubble Colony" within it's catacombs.  Agemo'Tur is the 2nd closest to there sun.

As stated earlier, the Turnaq's hadn't formed a major religion until recently. Though over half of the race are still atheists, the Hepsojeeians still present a large number of the populace. They believe that inside the core of the Agemo'Tur is a mystical being, Hepsoj. From here, he churns his "cauldron"(see solar system). When you die, you go to the center of the planet. If you are truly bad, you will be forced to work forever. You will turn a giant wheel, which keeps the planet orbiting the sun. If you were good, you must only work a single day a year, the rest of your time will be spent on the surface as a spirit, or on the distant Pjork, the farthest planet in the solar system. Here is a paradise only visible by spirits.

Agemo'Tur is strangely devoid of metals. As such, most Turnaqian technology is made of plastic and other substances.  Most of the army is made of vehicles. Foot soldiers are used less often as to avoid more deaths than necessary, but they are well outfitted.  A typical soldier will have a full body suit of durable plastic armor.  They don't carry weapons for close range combat, though when a Turnaq loses his gun he may hurl himself at the enemy with his spikes out(Owchies). As stated before, the Turnaqs mainly use guns, a common footsoldier will use a maser. Tanks are often outfitted with railguns, or GT-92 "Air Missles" (Geo-Thermal energy taken from the core and fired.).

As with most things, Turnaquian technology is often outfitted with lights.

The Multi-Bot(see pg.2) is one of the few Turnaquian metal things. They recieved it from outer sources. However, it is also one of the few things to be outfitted with "Dust". This dust has been found mixed with the soil where old tribe tents were. It is still being studied, but is already being used. It can greatly increase something's durability. Currently it has only been used in military vehicles.

Turnaquians are very logical and scientific for the most part, they strive to explain everything about themselves and the universe around them. Their cities are a bright mixmatch of lights. Most of their buildings are pyramid or triangular shaped, ocnsidering those the 2 sturdiest shapes. They are usually not colored, but important buildings and some neighborhoods are painted, incase visiting species come.

Turnaquians love to keep pets. The most common one would be the Eegubs. They are cat sized, bear like creatures with webbed limbs and a head crest. Rich Tarnaquians may keep more exotic pets, like Marshcallers.

Turnaquians have a conventional 2 sex mating system, and they lay eggs. In tribal days, the male would have to impress the female by bringing her exotic smelling herbs and fruits, then shaking his spikes to make a maraca sound. They mate for life, but they can separate after getting permission from an elder. This was the same earlier on, but they would just kill each other if they didn't like each other. Nowadays they get mates like a normal civilization, by getting to know each other.

While the female lays the egg, the male will take care of it, and keep it warm. A developing Turnaquian will stay in it's egg for about a month, then break out with an egg spike. At 1 year of age they go to school, as knowledge is very important to them. At 15, they reach sexual maturity, and can leave their parents.

The simplest organism that can be linked ot the Tarnaq would be the Shorestone. It looks like a stationary, bumpy rock, but it is actually a filter feeding organism. Tarnaqs evolved from something close to them, and eventually gained feet, and became amphibious. They began to come otgether, and go on hunting expeditions both in the lake and on it's shores. More intelligent Tarnaqs gained prominence, and eventually they gained sapience. They would live in partially underwater caves in the lake, safely away from predators. One day, a group broke off from them nad went onto land. There they built simple huts. This took much trial and error, but eventually they learned that the pyramid was the sturdiest shape. What happened next is up to hot debate, but something happened which caused the Tarnaqs to seek knowledge, rather than faith. They quickly advanced, and were highly succsessful in finding food.

They built their first city in the west marsh. They quickly expanded to the east marsh, and a few even went to the canyon. The explorer that led the expidition there was the one they named it after, Bern'Lut the Brave. They also reinhabited the main lake, creating the biggest city of their time on an island near the center, this would later become Capital City.

Due to their highly advancing technlolgy they were in the modern age much faster than normal. However, an event was going to happen that would change the race forever. A prophet named Luyt was leading an expedition into Bern'Lut canyon. As the story goes,in a cave they found a talisman. It matched a hole in the wall, and when placed in it a passage became clear. Inside, a mystical light shone brightly, it told the travlers all that there was about himself. He was Hepsoj. They all passed out, and found themselves back outisde the cave, except the cave was gone, and selaed off. Now the Hepsojeeans are the first major religion of the Turnaqs.

Soon they reache the space age. They explored their moon, Gel, and set up a clony there, sparking a new flag to be made, reflecting the new nation of Gel, and the Hepsojeeans.

The first expedition to a planet was to Vladtokju. There they encountered the Vladtokjuans. Before they could attempt to reason with them, they attacked. This sparked the Planetary Wars between Amego'Tur and Vladtokju. The Tarnaquians were nealy defeated by them, when they used a blinding light to stun the entire Capital City, but trops from Gel and Bern'Lut Canyon, formerly agianst all war, came and drove back the invaders.

Soon to come;
More technology

Spore: General / Eyes affecting gameplay?
« on: July 02, 2006, 09:22:27 am »
I've been lurking for a long time so I thought I'd sign up finally. 

Anyways, I was thinking about the eyes in the creature editor. In one video, WW switched from one set of eyes to another(To make his creature look scarier). But when he went to the main game, nothing changed except aesthetics. My idea would for different eyes to allow you to do different things. Bigger eyes (Like a bat's) might allow you to go into a cave and see something besides black. Predator eyes might make another animal get scared if you look at them. Certain eyes would let you fly, swim, or run better.

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