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Spore: General / Interesting thing posted on the Spore Website
« on: September 06, 2008, 10:00:33 am »
Hey guys, Bob here.  I searched, and I don't think anyone has mentioned this, but has anyone seen this: ?
It appears that, if you want, you can adjust your picture in game to have a black and white or oil-painting look, by typing in "styleFilter -filmNoir", or "styleFilter -oilPaint", respectively, into the cheat console (CTRL + SHIFT + C).  You can also switch back by typing in "styleFilter -none"  I was wondering if anyone had noticed this, and also, I was hoping someone could take some pictures with these style (maybe a protostar with the oil-painting look?  It would look wicked!)  Thanks for listening guys, can't wait till tomorrow!

Spore: Creation Corner / First of many- Rituuk (With a picture!!)
« on: April 04, 2006, 10:24:07 pm »
Alright, boys and girls, here is my first creature, The Rituuk.  This is the first creature I have ever posted, and others will follow as time allows (I am a busy man-men want to be me, women want me, and I have to be everywhere else).  So, without further adieu, here is the description of those funny little animals (Picture in next post!!!)

    The Rituuk were first discovered by Yag/oOr the Ronk, a member of an advanced species from pocket universe.  These creatures are small relative to humans; their dimensions stack up to about 1 meter wide, 3.5 feet high at the shoulder, and approximately 1-1.5 meters long.  They resemble an ostrich in several respects.  Firstly, they walk and run on two legs, which are constructed similar to a human arm, with one shoulder, elbow, and wrist joint, though the wrist is far less flexible, preventing sprains.  Secondly, their body design is similar:  They have two strong limbs, with a roughly oval (though highly irregular) body, and a long neck with one head.  There the similarity ends though.  Evolution has given them an odd mouth: it is a hole, leading straight to their unique digestive system.  Around this hole are three mandibles shaped like flat elongated ovals made of a cartilaginous muscle tissue unknown on earth.  When humans eventually meet the Rituuk, they will use a synthetic form of this tissue to give their robots stronger, quicker, and more fluid movements.  These mandibles are completely prehensile, and have small, dull claws on the ends, making them effective graspers, though they are not the primary 'hands.'  When a Rituuk opens it's mouth, it looks like a flower opening, though the mandibles can move independently.  Their primary eyes are completely red, like Jupiter's gas clouds, and stand on stalks, which are based just behind the mouth.  When a Rituuk yawns (though they never do) the eyes take up the spaces between the mandibles.  These eyes never blink, can move independently, and detect infrared wavelengths, to help stalk prey.  The neck is roughly 3 feet long and muscular, standing in an S shape by default.  Behind the head, on the back of the neck, come more eyes, which never blink, running down the length of the neck one after another.  They are shaped more like rectangles with soft corners.  The top two detect ultraviolet wavelengths, as that and the positioning of the mandibles are the only ways to detect the sex of the individual.  The bottom two are better for detecting movement and human wavelengths of light.
      Once we reach the body of the creature, we find the first pair of graspers.  They are long, and thin pieces of cartilaginous muscle, with two small lobes on the end for 'fingers'.   They are very flexible, and fold back over the back, like a bird or dragon's wing.  Most manipulation of tools happens on the back, which is almost flat, except for some ridges.  The legs are very strong and thick, and end in two feet.  The feet split at the bottom, for greater stability and because it helps them navigate the rocky outcroppings and mountains they sleep in.  They have four toes, two facing outward, one facing forward, one backward.  These toes are like a gecko's toes, in that they have specialized hairs that provide amazing traction, for better climbing.  Directly from the bottom of the feet extend thick and straight 'cleat' claws, used for running on the grasslands as they hunt.  The claws retract when they reach the rocky areas, so they don't break.
       Just behind the legs, on the back end of the body, come the next pair of graspers.  They are identical to the first pair in every aspect except length.  The back pair are shorter by about a foot or so.  The back end of the Rituuk extends about 8 inches from the graspersthen curls back up, like a Nautilus shell, though it isn't a shell.  Now everything gets interesting. 
       The tail end of the Rituuk is their 'heart': it is a battery pack of sorts.  It stores electrical energy within it, which then powers the rest of the animal.  A Rituuk is as powerful as it's charge.  The muscles and organs take energy from their 'heart' to function.  If a Rituuk expends too much of it's reserves, it dies, though this is very difficult.  They charge up they're 'hearts' through several means:  1.  Eating.  The Rituuk are liquivores.  They naturally eat fluids, either animal, plant or fungal, or sufficiently mashed up dead matter.  They will kill an animal by either ambushing it, trapping it, or chasing it down, then stabbing their long, metallic, prehensile whip tongues into the creature.  If this doesn't kill the animal, then they fire electricity into it.  Then, they suck out the juices, and the rest they either leave to scavengers, or mash up with a mortar and pestle type of tool.  The tongue has two sharp prongs on the end. 2. Sun bathing.  The hide of the Rituuk is photosynthetic, allowing them to absorb some sunlight as energy for their stockpiles.  If no animals are around, this will be enough to sustain them, though they will not be able to do much. The hide is green, changing to a whitish yellow on the belly. 3.  Getting hit and/or heat absorption.  Bear with me here, almost done.  The Rituuk have a layer of...something...under their hides that acts as the absorption layer.  This is the layer that takes in the electricity from the chemicals they eat and the energy from the sun, and transports it to their heart.  It also absorbs some kinetic energy, and heat energy.  The Rituuk can only be slightly damaged from burns: Their hide, which can regenerate quickly, will merely burn off.  This originated as a defensive layer, as concussive blows from predators and blasts from brush fires could not harm them very effectively.  Also, very little heat is lost in this system.  The only time that happens is when they overheat, which, again, is difficult.  They cool off by sweating from their tail ends, finding shade, rolling in mud, etc. 
     Though they are short, the Rituuk are very heavy.  This small stature and great weight is due to their lives in among the rocks-low center of gravity lowers your chance of losing balance- and because of their atmosphere.  The atmosphere has a great deal of water vapor in it, for some reason, meaning that when the wind blows, it has a great deal of kinetic energy, so tall, light animals tumble easily.  Because of their thick atmo, their hides are also very smooth and they are aerodynamic for the most part.   
      That's all for now, I must go sleep.  Ask questions, make comments and critiques, whatever.  I apologize for wordiness and excessive detail, that's how I write, and also for lack of pictures.  As stated before, I murder drawings for the most part.  I will try to make some drawings on artpad or something, so that you can at least get an idea of what this looks like, but I can't now.  Dake, Hydromancer, Huggruka, any other good artist that wishes to, try your hand at this, it would be greatly appreciated.  Next time I post, you will get more info on their lifestyle, mating, and more!

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