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Can you draw? Can you take pictures? Can you write music?

Whatever you can do, tell us about it. Show it to us! We want to see it!

Since the other thread "Any Artists Here?" is off topic and buried, I made a new one.

So post your stuff!

Here is the culmination of two hours standing on the same spot on the boardwalk this weekend.

That is the best one I got. (You will need to open in a new window)

I also got a really great time lapse-series of the whole sunrise.

Thats a great photo! I love sunsets. :)

Nice picture. Was that from your "Hurricane Party"?

Here is one of a mountain taken from a jet on my way to Anchorage, Alaska earlier this June:

Same trip, as we descended into the clouds, the sun began to set:

I have a lot of other pics like this, as well as lots of aviation pictures, but I'll start with these. :)


Sunrise from Bermuda...I didn't take it though, my mom did.

I draw on occasion.  Usually on the computer.  Or doodling.



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