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Daily Drawing - October 2017

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ppppppppppppbbbbbtbttbttttbtptptpp butts sometimes i do things on a whim and i feel like using my new sketchbook

if you feel obliged to join in, good

Skitter, the main character of the superpower web serial novel Worm.


Grue, from Worm.

All we know is he's not the Stig, it's the Stig's skull aficionado cousin!


"And then a great pressure, rending the flesh of my head. Such pain! I could hear the crunching of bone!"

"Did you die!?"

"I am no ghost, child. But I thought I was! I got the better of the terrorbird, that day. In fact, he feather in my kilt comes from that very beast!"

Bonus overflow pictures:

Tattletale, from Worm.

id partake but im a loser :u


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