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Daily Drawing - July 2017

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You know the drill. Draw and post some crap each day for a month.
Or don't. I'm not a cop.

I'm starting early though, aiming to draw all day tomorrow afternoon since I'm doing a thing.

I have lots of spare time now to create some more nonsense.
I'll also be posting in the discord because why not. Feel free to do the same if the forum isn't your bag.
Good luck.
Merry Christmas.

lets get this party started

Still practicing with SAI. Haven't taken full advantage of layers but I'm getting used to them.
Gonna chill and order a pizza. Then more draws.

In case you wanna get caught up on what little has actually occurred.

And now here's two more.
With speech bubbles and written text because I don't do it in paint anymore (SAI has no text tool) and the text colors often clashed with the background.

I'm excited to see where this is going.  Don't know that I'll be able to draw anything though because it seems I've sold all of my free time.


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