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Daily Drawing - March 2017

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Hey, juicebags.

Gonna start this thing up again in March. For those that weren't here previous topics were called One Drawing A Day (ODAD) for some reason, probably because I forgot that "daily" is in fact a word.
Anyway the objective is to draw literally anything every single day for a month straight. Whether you're serious or seriously casual about drawing it helps get you some practice.

Simple or complex. Abstract or specific. MS Paint or Photoshop. Traditional or digital. Whatever you want to do that day to post to the thread.
You can even do more than one drawing. Doesn't matter as long as you're drawing something new every day.

This is for your own benefit, testing your willpower and creativity if you have any, you pondscum.

Come on back March 1st and get ready to draw some stuff.

edit: **** his hand has an outline but nothing else does i SCREWED IT UP

Well, I was gonna make a response to you, but I opened up mIRC by mistake.

Oh well...



hi were is pyramid :--DDDD

oh god not that thing
people would send me pictures and threads and stuff and i just DIDNT GET IT


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