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Hey all,

Writing a business plan for a late night delivery cookie business here in Seattle. Working name is Midnight Snack Cookie Co, but subject to change. If you have a good name suggestion I'm all hears there too

Would any of you be willing to put together a quick logo? If it's something we end up using or asking you to touch up or anything we'll compensate and probably ask for other odds and ends to be commissioned

Pm if you want more details, or whatever,


I have a idea. Will see if I have time to do it tomorrow.

I don't have the artistic ability to mock up a professional logo, but I have an idea.  To go with the late night theme, I was thinking a moon cookie, with the crescent being the part dipped in milk.  Or maybe a crescent moon made by a bite being taken out of the cookie.

Krakow Sam:
Unfortunately it was too late at night for my artistic talent to realise it but I was gonna do a big crescent moon with two cookies at the bottom so it looks like a cock and balls, and then a bunch of stars shooting out of the tip of the moon.

Basicly Ink is on my idea on what to do with a logo. Work a bit on it today but not happy. Darn making a good looking moon cookie is hard in Inkscape. I may have to research a proper technique. May be a bit rusty to. >_<


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