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I have around $1200 right now and when i have enough I'll be getting a new pc. Right now a couple of the scorptec models are looking good, so i want to know if anyone had/has any issues with theirs.

At a glance, those look to be rather overpriced. 
Which model are you looking at?

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The Hornet Gold (, although im a bit worried 'cos the only proccessor I can afford to get (the standard one) runs at 1.83ghz. Too me this seems awfully slow for a current proccessor, let alone a dual-core.

You're getting scammed, you can get a Dell E520 with A better processer, and 2 gigs of ram for more then 200 cheaper, which you can use to buy 1900 Gt, which is a better video card. You also get a 19 inch Ultrasharp moniter, which is a good one (from my experience)

BTW, a Core 2 Due processer running at 1.83 gh is faster then a Pentium D at 3.4 Gh, and cheaper

(Link for 1900 Gt)

Edit: and the dell comes with windows installed, so you don't need to spend another 120 just for the OS

Double post

I noticed you only had $1200

You can get a cheaper Dell for $1100 with the same stats and just buy a X1600xt (Buy from newegg, the Sapphire one) for 100 and you would have a pretty nice system

What do you want your computer for anyway?


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