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Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2

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So I just found out about this today. Sort of wish I hadn't. I don't think this looks very good. And I've been roaming around the developer's forum and they seem to be trying to file down the sharp edges of the World of Darkness so that it is a safe experience for those suffering from trauma and whatnot. It's a noble goal I guess. But it's the World of Darkness... and the sequel to VtMB. Part of the reason that game was excellent was because you had to deal with some really heavy issues, especially depending on the type of vampire you chose to play as and how you chose to interact with NPCs.

Hope it comes out good. But those animations and the combat look like they need a lot more time in the oven. The overall aesthetic is nice though. Release date is a vague "2020"... so we'll see. Wouldn't mind a delay to 2021.

While looking into this game I also read that they delayed Cyberpunk again.

Now I haven't been following Cyberpunk at all because I wanted to be surprised, but people seem pretty down on that game. Hope it comes out alright.

I am looking forward to Bloodline 2. We have to see how it goes.

Yeah I hope it ends up being good.


--- Quote from: PatMan33 on June 22, 2020, 02:33:27 pm ---Release date is a vague "2020"... so we'll see. Wouldn't mind a delay to 2021.
--- End quote ---
Hot damn! They delayed it to 2021.

This is great news!


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