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Spore: General / Hey everybody...
« on: December 20, 2006, 04:45:17 pm »
What's going on? I haven't posted here for God knows how long, almost a half a year if not more. If any of you remember me, SURPRISE! I'm still alive! And I'm (not so) patiently awaiting the release of Spore still.

So, anything major I miss while I was gone? ;)

Spore: Creation Corner / Hi, I would like to share a story.
« on: May 11, 2006, 02:08:37 pm »
Howdy, I'm new here and I look forward to Spore very much. I came up with a sort of idea list for a discussion with my friends and it turned into a story half way through, I hope you guys enjoy it.

My first ideas: I was going to make a race of "Nereids" (named after greek sea nymphs), eventually that can swim, walk, breath on ground and in water. I'm going pretty in-depth here.

Creature: They will be an intelligent race, but will also be carnivorous without looking like hideous monsters. I am going to not leave the ocean until I get enough DNA points to breath on both land and sea somehow.

Tribal: A group of idealists, will war only if neccesary, peaceful otherwise. Keeping to themselves and making few relations with other tribes.

City: Begins to realize that all the other tribes want is war. The other tribes, being physically superior, but mentally inferior, are not to be trusted. They begin making walking machines of death, similar to the striders from Half-life 2 or the Tri-pods form War of the Worlds.

Post city: After either crushing the other tribes into submission with their walking machines of doom, or becoming in good relationship with the rest. The civilization begins work on technology unfathomable to the other city's citizens.

Space travel: The Nereids launch their very first "Flying laboratory" to study the places, peoples, creatures, phenomanons, and ecologys of the solar system. After succesfully terraforming or colonizing the rest of their solar system, they are still very hungry for knowledge. Eventually dabbling in genetic engineering and even better means of space travel, they reach their conclusion. They must go further.

Quadrents: Encountering a few more species here and there, the Nereids come to realize, they have run into more hostlility. After disposing of most of their weapons, and being physically deficient themselves, they come to a conclusion. Colonize under-water in the developing planets close to the hostile planets, or even there own moons. Many years later, the Nerieds home planet is attacked, falling to the invasion from lack of weaponry. The remaining settlements, begin researching not mechanical weapons, but biological. Through much experimentaion, they find the perfect way to dispose of their enemys, through using their horrific "accidents" and specifically war-engineered test tube born creatures. Dropping these on their enemys proved effective, as time went on, the Nereids, once again, decided to go further.

Galactic: Traveling deeper still, with their biological weapons onboard in case of "set backs", they stumble upon a primitive tribal planet. Deciding to study these tribes was dangerous, as interference could prove disasterous to their progress, the Nereids build an under-water city that they will surely not find for many, MANY years to come. Moving on, they encounter more and more planets unsuitable to be lived upon. Deciding that volcanoes and storms were not enough, they sent a message to their home planet to begin research on a more effecient way of terraforming a planet. Though, they made the wrong invention. The home world once again fell, but, not to an invasion. When the "FL" reached where it had been, there was nothing but rock and...something else. Floating in the debris, was a large, cannon-like mechanism. Unsure of its function, the Nereids went to a nearby solar system, and tested it, hoping it was the terraforming device they had hoped for. They soon find out, it is DEFINITELY not. In the blink of an eye (given the light spectacle, the blink was a long one.) The planet was gone. They dubbed this new weapon, "Neptunes Trident" after a fallen war hero from the tribal era.

Conflict: Then, the got a message, the city that they had built under-water on that planet, seemingly a short time ago (their life span now surpasses 300 years), was under attack. When they arrived to investigate, the found the tribe they had wanted to study, were long dead. They had failed to notice that there was a VERY advanced civilization on the opposite side of the planet, nearly leaving the confines of the planet. Now, centurys later, they had left and explored many more planets. Suddenly, a torrent of radio messages were coming in, their great civilization was being destroyed, by something so primitive and barbaric compared to them.

Revenge: They were so angry with this, they could no longer contain the primal rage that their civilization had gotten rid of three millenia ago. They had begun to retaliate. Cloning thousands upon thousands of quadri-pedal creatures, they gave them weapons that could destroy entire citys with little effort. Sweeping across the galaxy, the Nereids began their revenge, obliterating every planet that was heavily inhabited by that civilization with their "Neptunes Trident" planet destruction weapon. The planets that were being colonized were the planets they themselves had colonized and began to terraform in a slow process. All the while, they were dropping the four legged "shock troops" onto the lesser colonized planets. Though, they soon found that, this civilization had created teh one thing they had wanted the most. This "genesis device" could terraform planets in moments. Infuriated that this race of barbarians created something this peaceful while they had created the ultimate tool of destruction, they set out to the enemy's home planet.

Surprise and rebirth: Assaulting the enemy's home planet was difficult, but the Nereids genetic abominations and superior mechanical death machines won through. Once the final battle was won however, there was one last thing the enemy could do, they sent out a distress signal that could only be interpreted as "We have failed to hold it from others, what once was yours is lost, you must take it from those that took it from us." Moments later, many shapes populated the skies with the "FL", they began to send odd colored objects at it at mind boggling speed. These objects melted through the "FL" almost instantaniously. The one Nereid scientist, female leader of the scientific project, and whose father had created "Neptunes Trident", was the only surviving Nereid, having been the one sent down to steal and study the "genesis device". She saw the "FL" that was her birth place, evaporate, and her family and friends disappear as well. The shapes began destroying the surface of the planet. Leaving only the water un-touched, they left. This was lucky, as the Nerieds thrived in water more than on land. In teh oceans of the barren planet, which the oceans would soon float way from lack of atmosphere, she activated the "genesis device". This was the last sentient thought in her mind. The device absorbed almost all of her genetic material, except for one single cell, an odd quirk of this particular form of the device was that it ran off of genetic material, it did indeed rejuvinate the planet, and also allowed the Nereid race to possibly rebuild itsefl, slowly but surely, from where it started, in a single droplet of water.

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