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Title: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on June 02, 2010, 04:51:17 pm
Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
-An Experiment in Galactic Travel-

Arc I: Of Orbs and Octane (
Arc II: Resurgence (

OOC ( - Information Station (

Greetings adventure-seekers! DiRossi Experimental Science Concern welcomes you to the DRE Sidereal Hour. If it was our Scientific Extrapolation Analyzer that chose you or if you bested the competition in the Hazzazaf Energy Supplement heavy lifting contest, the board wants to extend its most sincere congratulations and wishes you good health the journey you are about to begin. Like the non-negotiable contract you signed said, you are given free reign to explore the galaxy and learn as much as you can about whatever you can on board one of civilization's most-advanced ships. In return, you have agreed to allow DRE and its associates to monitor your activities. Additionally, you will be given mission from DRE and it's associates from time to time which you must see through to completion. If you fail to complete your missions you may be ejected from the DRE Sidereal Hour. Don't forget, you are representing not only your species, but galactic civilization as a whole.
And remember our motto: DiRossi's concern is your concern.

Do us proud, adventurers!
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Post by: PatMan33 on June 05, 2010, 11:48:36 am
Arc I
Of Orbs and Octane

"All you do is press it. You won't see it working but it does."

A human technician in a white lab coat was standing before a small group of assorted adventurers. He held a flat circular device above his head so that everyone could see it. For emphasis, he slowly poked the device a few times.

"They are a part of every away team member's safety suit. You press it and your outward appearance changes to look like whichever species you need to look like. Don't ask how it works, there's a lot of computer gadgetry and fuzzy logic involved. All you need to know is that it could save your life, especially on those backwater slums that haven't made it out of the stone age yet. I don't care who you are, getting bashed by a rock will take out anyone if it hits them right, even witches and demon spirits! You should be aware though that these devices won't work on most planets that are 'in the loop', so to speak. So don't think you can go home and pretend to be the Prime Minister. We good? Good."

As the group began to disperse, a human female, slightly shorter-than-average, approached the technician. She crossed her arms and looked at the technician critically.

"I won't see it working but it does? Doesn't that seem a little risky? We have a tale on my home world of a Sta'asa Lord that ran around naked because of foolishness like what you're proposing."

"Let's see... Hezorifo Sseh... 'Zori', for short... Faiclori. The goal was to look human. You look human to me."

The technician was short with his responses, though his gaze lingered. Hastily looking away, he continued to speak.

"Either way, that device was evaluated dozens of times. You see yourself as yourself. Field tests showed that participants using the device performed 30% worse when they had no sense of their own physical presence. So they tweaked it and now the computer fills in the gaps. Here, look."

A screen behind the technician switched to a camera feed showing the human Zori. She moved her arms a bit and flapped her wings, taking note of how the disguise reacted. Satisfied, she switched her disguise off and returned the device.

"Thank you for taking the extra time to explain it to me."

"Yeah. That's my job. Now if you'll excuse me..."

Zori nodded and left the room. She headed off toward the cafeteria to get something to eat.


A burst of black smoke shot out of a wrought iron grate in a cobblestone street. The source of the smoke was one of countless engines that kept the wheels of industry turning. A four-legged creature stepped out from the veil of smoke and looked around. He pulled on the brim of his dark green hat and continued into the evening rush. The city was known as Os and had a population of just over 300,000. Its denizens were of the Stridurba species. Their planet had no name, though data banks in various credit agencies listed it as HGG-743-22401. It was just another planet that had yet to even consider its place in the galaxy, outside of a narrow religious context of course. Maybe someday they'd make it to space, maybe not. Either way, space was the last thing on the minds of the Stridurba. New advances in industry and power generation were at the top of the order. Some became wealthy and some remained poor. It was an altogether uninteresting story that would most-likely play itself out like it had a million times before in a million other places.

Darkness had consumed the city. HGG-743-22401's small moon was blotted out by a thick, black haze. The Stridurba in the dark green hat approached a mansion on the far side of a factory compound. He knocked on the door several times before being shown in. Once in the privacy of the master's chambers, he smiled and reached into his pocket.

"Our days in the dark are over, my friend."

Chuckling a bit, he produced a glowing white orb and held it up in the dim candlelight. The factory owner gasped and stared at the foreign object in awe as the room around him filled with the light and warmth of the afternoon sun.
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Post by: Gnoll on June 05, 2010, 01:26:24 pm
Irkkuf was making his usual rounds, the tentacle-like appendages growing from his shell allowing him to manipulate several implements at once. He had a set order: sweep the floors, then mop them; after that, dust furniture and polish decorations; wax the floors, and finally, empty the trash bins into the incinerator. He had just finished when he realized he had forgotten to oil that charmingly annoying little droid. Oh, wait, the droid did that himself. Nevermind. Irkkuf then went down to the showers to wash himself (and wax his shell), and finally retired for the night.
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Post by: Darth Grievi on June 05, 2010, 02:25:28 pm
Inya strode quietly through the halls of the Sidereal Hour, taking note of anyone she passed. Admittedly, she was supposed to be down at the equipment demonstration, but she found such a notion to be ridiculous. All it had been was a demonstration of whatever bizarre contraption they'd come up with to help the crew blend in with whatever natives they encountered, something she could do easily herself, no such artificial help required. She encountered Irkkuf, the cleaning technician, but the being seemed so engrossed in his work that she decided against striking up a conversation, and simply continued on. Eventually, once the demonstration was over and the halls began to crowd again, she decided to return to her quarters, at least for the moment, until something interesting finally happened.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on June 05, 2010, 02:59:35 pm
“…Indeed, I am R5 series protocol droid manufactured by Rezoid industries, programmed to facilitate communications. I have cataloged nearly all of the alien cultures of the species aboard this vessel; I also happen to be well programmed to handle certain aspects of both engineering and handling computer systems, such as droid programming and general data management I also…”

The alien technician whom the droid was addressing was beginning to look visibly annoyed as the droid seemed to follow him as he walked about the ship. All he had done was ask the droid whether or not he was one of those new fancy R5 units and then the damn thing began to talk his ears off, after explaining just what his model and function was he began asking questions about the ship, personnel, the other droids… the list just seem to go on and no end seem to be insight.

Still… he could not help but wonder just how they got their hands on an R5 unit; they had supposedly just hit the market, then again no expense was spared for this expedition. He also heard the last protocol droid was destroyed in some unfortunate accident and this was his replacement. Could they not have found one that was quieter?

“…Are you sure there is no way I can serve you?”

The technician’s thoughts where suddenly interrupted by the droids sudden inquiry… finally a chance to make it shut up…

“Uh no… your dismissed R5.”

Without further word the droid left the technician’s presence, its “HUD” began to display data on its screen.

//Infiltration of the vessel “Sidereal Hour” Successful: Hideaway acceptable: Probability of discovery of primary function 15%//

Running the calculations in his head he may have been giving these organics to much credit… still it was good to be careful, as of now he was a protocol droid.

As he walked through the halls he spotted a certain alien, a certain Inya Olus, might as well strike up a conversation to kill time until he was needed.

“Greetings: I am R5-D657394. Is there any way I may serve you today?”

Droid stared at the alien with its singular eye awaiting an order or some response to provoke conversation.
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Post by: Lush City on June 05, 2010, 04:56:46 pm
Making her security rounds while the DoS was busy with his paperwork, Hay zipped through the halls. Recalling her training she scouted out, keeping a look out for any suspicious behavior or activity. Seeing a human female, she aproached her and began to strike up a conversation.
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Post by: Kitkat on June 06, 2010, 01:07:07 pm
Khalendin was late getting to the ship. He had carried all of his things with him, a dozen bags stuffed full of the parts to build a desk and table, a computer, his bed, and thousands of maps among other things. He didn't bother attempting to go to the demonstration first off; his back would break if he held these bags any longer. He could hardly see where he was going as he was bent over double, and in his haste he ran headlong into another crewman. "Watch out, will ya!" He said gruffly, and attempted to continue on, dropping all of his baggage. "Ow, dangit."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on June 06, 2010, 01:19:02 pm
"Oh! What was that?"

Zori had been knocked up against the wall and was rubbing the back of her head. She looked at the mess of personal effects on the floor and waited for the ringing to go away. Spying Khalendin, she reached down and began picking up his things.

"No need to rush! Enjoy the moment. I don't think we're launching for a little while anyway. These... maps, they're yours? Are you a cartographer?"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on June 06, 2010, 02:01:28 pm
"Crewman Khalendin is not a cartographer in any official capacity." came a disembodied reply from a nearby speaker, synthesised, but pleasant enough to listen to. "He is assigned to the Sidereal Hour primarily as a pilot."
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Post by: Kitkat on June 06, 2010, 02:25:27 pm
"Ah, thank you. In a way, yes, I am. I go around exploring the galaxy, acquiring maps of local space, and where there hasn't been anyone to map it, I map the space myself. I'm an explorer is what I am, an adventurer--"Crewman Khalendin is not a cartographer in any official capacity. He is assigned to the Sidereal Hour primarily as a pilot." Khalendin jumped at the voice that seemed to come out of nowhere. He looked around for a second and finally realized that it was the computer talking to him.
"In my SPARE TIME I am." He huffed at the console. "My OFFICIAL JOB is as a fighter pilot, but I happen to know quite a lot about locations of whatnot, thank you very much." The name's Khalendin Veriames Laokkhal. Roles off the tongue well doesn't it?" As he spoke, he continued to pile up all his belongigs to take to his quarters.

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Post by: PatMan33 on June 06, 2010, 03:19:18 pm
"A pilot! What fun that must be!"

Zori motioned to her wings and continued.

"It's one thing to be able to fly around the sky but to be able to travel through space on a whim... it must be exhilarating. Bet you don't have to deal with nosy computers either. Just hit the mute button and keep on going."

She handed the small bundle of maps over to Khalendin, her mind abuzz with thoughts of traveling through space on her own ship.

"Khalendin, correct? You have any nicknames or are we going with the full compliment?"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on June 06, 2010, 04:12:39 pm
"DiRossi Experimental Scientific Concern did not see fit to install the ADVISOR system with a mute function." riposted the speaker. "Moreover, it is one function of the ADVISOR system to be 'nosy' as you term it. I will be closely observing the behaviours of the crew to compile reports for mission control and to adapt my simulated personality to establish a rapport with the crew. Function Added: Belligerent Overreaction. Function added: Snide insinuations."
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Post by: Kitkat on June 06, 2010, 04:22:14 pm
"Oh, delightful additions..." Khalendin said sarcastically. "Anyway, I've found that some humans call me Kally, and apparently that's a female name, but whatever. It's what they call me, so hey, call me whatever."
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Post by: Krakow Sam on June 06, 2010, 04:27:38 pm
"I happen to think they are perfectly good additions THANK YOU VERY MUCH." replied ADVISOR, the simulated voice taking on something of Khalendin's earlier frustration. "It is regretful you do not have a mute button. Function added: Sarcasm"
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Post by: PatMan33 on June 06, 2010, 08:14:44 pm
"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Kally. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around."

Zori turned to walk away but stopped and pointed at a random part of the ship.

"And you be sure to keep your nose out of other people's business. It's rude!"

Chuckling, Zori wandered off.
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Post by: Darth Grievi on June 06, 2010, 08:35:24 pm
Inya paused momentarily to look back at the droid that had addressed her. Judging by its standardized message, it was likely newly built, without any customized personality modules or whatever they were called. She'd be lying if she said that she had any sort of real experience with such manufactured machines. Unlike any number of her more technologically oriented crew-mates, even the serial number it rattled off held no significance to her beyond just that, a serial number. In the end, though, it wouldn't hurt to be polite to the thing, even if it might only be a simple automaton and about as self-aware as a rock. The chance of it actually having some semblance of feelings to hurt wasn't worth it.

"Greetings, R5. Unfortunately, I'm not in need of your services. However, if you are not in the process of executing an order, you are welcome to converse with me if you wish."

She had no idea what she was getting into...
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Post by: Flisch on June 07, 2010, 01:39:20 pm
Kean was staring through the monitor. He was one of the first on the ship as he was responsible for installing all the software that will be helpful during the exploration missions. And yet, he was the last to actually unpack most of his bags and examine his appartement. He was too excited to do unproductive stuff like that. His thoughts started to wander around: What is he going to see? New races? New Cultures? New languages to study. He became so excited, that he was pulled back to reality.

Alright, one more application and I'm done...

After he turned off the interface and left the ship's network room, he went down the hall. He was up for almost 36 hours now, he should go to bed, even though he wasn't tired at all. At the very least he should arrange his appartement: This will be his home for the next years.

He wondered what the new arrivals were doing and took a look at his watch. They must have just finished the equipment demonstration. Maybe he would meet someone of them on his way to his appartement.

He didn't know how right he was until he saw an unfamiliar face crossing his way. Kean stopped to greet the person. His appartement could wait.

"Hey, I don't think we know each other yet.", he said with a friendly smile.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on June 07, 2010, 01:41:52 pm
Though the droid did not seem to show any type of expression inside R5 was surprised that he did not get a cold soldier or a fanciful SHUT UP from the alien. But of course that may not be forever.

"As of now I have no orders that demand my immediate attention. Inya Olus yes? From the files that I have scanned I take it you are the ships head diplomat? On that note speaking of diplomacy from what I have heard we will be possibly visiting an underdeveloped planet that has yet to achieve any type of effective means of space travel. Is that true? I always through it was against most species ethical standards to interfere with a developing species progress."

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Post by: Darth Grievi on June 07, 2010, 01:52:35 pm
"We'll do our best to 'lay low', as it were, and keep our presence to a minimum while we study them. To be honest, I might not even be present on such a mission. I was selected in the event that we'd run across something space-faring and we'd have to deal with them directly."

The droid brought up some rather interesting points, which made Inya inclined to believe that it was at least intelligent, if not exactly sapient. Capable of thinking for itself, but not necessarily of itself. That, in her mind, pushed him neatly out of the "it" category and into the "him'... even if he didn't truly have a gender.
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Post by: martyk on June 07, 2010, 01:59:01 pm
Terik glared coldy at Kean, his eyes flicking back and forth from his outstretched hand to his face, but never staying still for more than a moment.  After a few short seconds, of contemplation, Terik waved him off and continued on his way down the hallway.

"I don't have time for you right now" he growled, "I have important work to attend to."
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Post by: PatMan33 on June 07, 2010, 02:15:53 pm
Up on the bridge, the ship's Captain was finishing up a discussion with the project manager. He was a seasoned veteran, a war hero back on his home planet. Working on the exploration vessel was a fine retirement as far as he saw it. And now that their first real mission had just been handed down, he could feel the thrill of it beginning to return to his body. The away team had already been selected and preparations were being made for the drop. As soon as the team was assembled and briefed, things would get rolling. A soft ping came through the ship's PA system and the Captain spoke.

"Alright kids, looks like our first official mission is underway. Take a moment to check your ID badges. If you see the pulsing blue light, you're on the away team this time around. You're going to be investigating a developing civilization that's somewhere around its industrial stage. It's a Class Zero. Seems their planet has started sending out energy spikes that only happen when you're a Class Two. So either they've made a monumental technological leap or someone is interfering. Away team members are to assemble down in Pod Bay Six. Further details will be given then. That will be all."

Zori paused for a moment in the corridor and listened to the Captain speak. She looked at her ID badge and was delighted to see that she had been chosen. Completely forgetting about that meal she had been so interested in, Zori hurried off toward the Pod Bay.
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Post by: Lush City on June 07, 2010, 03:22:33 pm
Slightly annoyed at the ignorance of the crewwomen, she gave her a slight stinging with a quick jab in the back of the neck, getting her attention.

"Hey!" "A commanding officer just spoke to you, show some respect."
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Post by: Kitkat on June 07, 2010, 03:37:20 pm
Finally stubling into his room, Khalendin fell in a heap with all his things spilled out over the floor. An electronic database, a small computer, and a little case of Bino military models. "Aww crap. That's gonna be a problem later." Suddenly, he heard a faint beeping noise. He had forgotten about the ID card, but he guessed what it meant when the message went through the PA system. He couldn't even figure out why they wanted him on the mission. He pulled a little marble Cosmofortress model out of his pocket before he left and inspected it quiclky, and put it back. A little good luck charm. Maybe cartography? "Who knows. Whatever, let's find out!" He said to himself, making his way to the pod bay.

"Maybe I'll grab a snack from the mess hall on the way." He thought to himself, and after inspecting a guide of the ship at a nearby terminal, quickly turned and huried toward the cafeteria.
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Post by: Flisch on June 07, 2010, 04:15:40 pm
Kean reached out with his hand to open his door just when the captain's message was broadcast through the ship. Quickly he pulled out his ID badge that was hanging from a lanyard around his neck. With mixed feelings he observed the blue light pulsating from the badge. On the one hand he was excited to be chosen for his first mission, on the other hand this means that he had to put off arranging his room for now.

Well, I guess my appartement can wait even longer...

He quickly opened the door to his room and grabbed some things for the mission before heading towards the Pod Bay.
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Post by: Gnoll on June 07, 2010, 04:33:07 pm
Irkkuf had heard all of the commotion and came to see what was going on. He attempted to strike up a conversation with R5 on the nature of the announcement. Of course, the several-ton crustacean was unable to remember where on his person his ID badge was. He had so many things to carry, including the keys to most of the rooms. After finding the badge, he decided to speak.
"So, R5, exactly what is going on here?"
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Post by: SimplyNecro on June 07, 2010, 05:07:04 pm
R5 was just about to respond to Inya when Irkkut interjected. Turning around the droid responded to the silicon crabs inquiry.

"From what the recent announcement stated I believe the away team has been selected and signaled to report to pod bay six. Regretfully I do not believe I will be joini-” The droid suddenly stopped as his singular usually white colored eye suddenly turned blue and began to blink.

"Correction: It appears I will be joining them on the away team."
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Post by: Darth Grievi on June 07, 2010, 05:12:57 pm
"That makes three of us," Inya noted as she glanced at her own ID, flashing blue in time with R5's eye and Irkkuf's badge.
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Post by: Gnoll on June 07, 2010, 05:52:39 pm
Noticing his blinking badge, Irkkuf remarked,
"I did not notice that. Thank you, Miss Olus."
Irkkuf then wondered what the mission would be like. Here he was, the ship's custodian, selected for the away team. I felt slightly amused at the prospect, but looked forward to the mission nonetheless. Irkkuf then headed to Pod Bay 6, wanting more than anything not to be late.
"Well, in that case, I'll be heading over! Meet you both there!"
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Post by: Inkling on June 07, 2010, 07:48:50 pm
A blinking blue light brought Yas out of his trance.  Exhaling deeply, he picked up the ID and several other items off his table, pulled on a headband, and left his room.  He nodded slightly to the other crew members in the hall as he made his way to the Pod Bay.
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Post by: PatMan33 on June 07, 2010, 09:10:52 pm
A short while later...

The away team stood at the ready in Pod Bay 6 with their suits on. Launch was in a few minutes, though the team didn't know it. They were either preoccupied by the new sidearm they had gotten to pick or were busy listening to the team coordinator who was doing the mission briefing.

"Alright folks. We are currently in orbit over HGG-743-22401. I'd give you a name for this hunk of rock but there is none. The planet's inhabitants, the Stridurba, only figured out their world was round a few hundred years ago so that gives you an idea about what we're working with. The Stridurba walk on four legs, have long necks, and are a bit gray. Needless to say, you're going in with disguises on. Don't worry too much about talking, you're basically going in and following the trail on your communicators. But if you need to talk, the translation will happen automatically. We've already got their language logged and categorized. Just try to keep a low profile. They're all business down there in Os, that's the capital city, so you shouldn't be noticed unless you're acting like a fool."

Looking over the group, the coordinator chuckled and entered a few notes into a computer tablet.

"As for what you're going after, we think it's a military-grade power core. The energy signatures coming off of it tell us that the device is outputting several million times what the planet's total output should be at its current stage. That's a big deal. We have no doubt that an off-worlder is down there... we need to know what they're doing and we need to shut it down. You'll each be going down with the sidearm you chose from the armory. Don't use it unless you have to. The higher ups chose you specifically for this so I'm going to have to disregard how unprepared the lot of you look right now. That's all the encouragement you're going to get from me. Get it done. Oh, and hey... don't wave or try to shake hands."

Before anyone could say anything, the coordinator pressed a button on her tablet and the pod door slammed shut. The members of the away team had a few minutes to ponder the detail-deficient briefing as their pod plummeted toward the planet's surface. Nearing the city, the pod turned sharply and zipped along the ground. Activating its camouflage systems, the pod moved slowly through the city for a few minutes before coming to a stop in a large square. The door of what now looked like a typical Stridurban family carriage opened slowly, allowing the team to step out into the hazy, polluted city of Os.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on June 08, 2010, 05:50:04 am
"Away team. This is ADVISOR." came the voice of the computer in their earpieces. "I am standing by to provide remote mission assistance. But I'm sure fully grown and intelligent space heroes like yourselves won't be needing anything like that."

The computer paused for a second and then continued.

"The Stidurba are currently at an early industrial stage of their development, what some civilisation theorists call the 'planet-rape phase'. Their economy is centered on resource gathering and byproduct-intensive production by machines supplemented with slave, and poorly compensated labour. Recent colonial expansion has seen them use their relatively superior mechanical tension based bolt-casting weapons to subjugate indigenous populations on the further continents from the main growth site. The primary religion in the region of the capital city stresses ancestor worship and involves ritual humiliation as a sacred rite. Please bear this in mind so as not to commit any faux pas the way these sorts of away teams usually do. Oh, and don't eat the food unless you are absolutely certain you are biochemically able to."
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Post by: martyk on June 08, 2010, 06:27:52 am
"Acknowledged ADVISOR.  We'll keep you posted." Terik said quietly into his communicator so as not to gain the attention of any of the natives.  He was not sure who the AI had been talking with, but he'd have to see to something being done about that sarcastic tone the computer had picked up.

As the ranking security officer on the mission, Terik was considerably better armed than his cohorts, a standard issue combat rifle slinged across his back and lightweight armor protecting most of his torso.  Looking at the rest of the ground team, he silently wondered what moron had chosen this ridiculous bunch for a ground mission.  A protocol droid?  A custodian?  He also wondered why they had deigned to send two other of his security team down with them.  Perhaps there was more that they knew about that they had not told them.

He waved away the thought as he located their heading on his HUD.  "Alright team." he said sternly.  "We're here to get a job done.  Let's get moving to the objective, do what we came here to do, and get off the backwards rock."
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Post by: Darth Grievi on June 08, 2010, 08:42:39 am
Inya watched carefully as a small group of Stridurba walked past in the near distance. From the looks of it, they hadn't noticed their presence at all, even as fellow citizens, and continued on their way completely unaware of anything beyond their comrades. It was a good sign, to say the least.

ADVISOR finished his briefing, and she considered forgoing "standard protocol" and relying on her own abilities to blend in instead of the silvery disk strapped to her suit. To put things bluntly, she didn't trust it to survive the mission. A stray projectile? A splash of some corrosive acid? A pulse of radiation? She knew these devices had been tested and retested hundreds of times, almost certainly by quite competent individuals who thought of every possibility, but she couldn't help but worry. The thing looked so delicate...

However, she lost her chance to make the decision, as the rest of the away team had already begun to move off. If nothing else, this mission would hopefully give her more confidence in the technology.
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Post by: PatMan33 on June 08, 2010, 01:24:16 pm
Surveying the small slice of Stridurban society around her, Zori began to feel a sense of foreboding. ASVISOR hadn't done much to help, either. For the first time, Zori was struck with the thought that maybe she wasn't cut out to help people on the ground. And looking at the Stridurbans, she wasn't entirely sure they were the types that would take kindly to help. Not that it mattered much, it was illegal for her to interfere with such a primitive race under normal circumstances. Terik's stern command snapped Zori out of her trance. She focused back on the mission and spoke to the others quietly.

"They said we were supposed to follow the marker on our comm units. That must be what this yellow arrow is. We're supposed to go... that way?"

She looked off to the group's right toward what had to be an industrial district. Thick, black smoke was billowing out of chimneys and openings in the ground. The sky was entirely blocked out all roads going in disappeared into darkness after only a few yards. Beyond that, a few giant lamps could be seem lighting the path but otherwise the view was obscured.

Elsewhere, deep within the veil of smoke, several elites stood around a table. They were discussing strange things that normal Stridurban elites would never discuss. Things like flight and rapid communications, things that the Stridurba had no grip on. And even in a room filled with such strange people, one in particular seemed a bit different than the others. Whether it was the way he carried himself or the fact that he always seemed to have a green hat on, he just seemed different. And it was that notion that attracted others to him. He was about to say something when a concerned look crossed his face. Excusing himself, the Stridurba in the green hat left the room and wandered down an empty corridor. He went up a flight of stairs and through several doors before coming to a stop at a blank wall. With a wave of his hand, the wall fell away and he stepped into an altogether different room that was lined with screens displaying feeds from all across the city and beyond. Several lights were flashing urgently and he tended to them immediately. In a matter of moments he was watching a replay of a carriage rolling into town. With a few more button presses, the image changed to a live shot of the Sidereal Hour team.

"Apply compound refractory filter..."

The Stridurba stepped back from the monitor in shock and annoyance as the team's disguises melted away to reveal their true forms. He cursed under his breath and began entering commands into a console. After a few moments of feverish typing, he spoke into a communicator.

"Asglot here. It seems as though someone from the outside has gotten wind of what we're doing here. If you want the great Stridurban race to ascend into the heavens, you will stop them. Transmitting their location now."
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With Terik near the front of the group, Yas fell to the back, fairly sure the diplomats would forget to look behind them.  The disguises seemed to work so far.  Figuring out how his large bipedal frame was  being disguised as one of these gray quadrupeds was beyond his pay scale, but he was sure the illusion wouldn't last long if one of these creatures tried to pick a pocket that wasn't there.  As Yas walked his hands were never far from the two oversized handguns at either side.  They were primitive, but they should get the job done if things get bad.  And if things got really bad, Yas had a few other things up his sleeves that would completely break the illusion that he was just an unusually tall Stridurban.
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R5 looked at the small spherical disk like device that was installed on his “chest” area, the technicians apparently had thought ahead and made a version that could be easily installed on and off for the droid.

Looking around at the dark, dusty, and generally primitive and decrepit city was no real surprise for R5, his true far more “colorful” life had taken him to so many dark alleys and streets that he practically knew their general structure like his oldest programs. Still, inside the droid was making rapid calculations and recalculations, he had not expected this; he had not expected to actually have to physically touch down on the planet with the rest of the group, this brought a whole new set of problems.

//Recalculating: Probability of discovery of primary function 39%//

R5 was still not satisfied with those odds, there where countless variables to account for but he would have to worry about those later, better to appear optimistic anyway.

Then Zori spoke of the beacon which they were supposed to be following, seeing as that for now seemed to be their only lead R5 decided to simply agree to that statement, that and the droid could not help but add his own words to the equations.

"Agreed. Considering that beacon is our only lead I suggest we do the obvious and simply follow for now."
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"I've not seen architecture and tech this old outside of a museum in my life! Whoa!" Khalendin said. Though it sounded genuine, he really couldn't be bothered to look away from a small recording device he brought with him, which was busy mapping away the planet. Another to add to his collection, he thought. "Man, can these suits get any more uncomfortable?" He grumbled. They fir fine, in actuality, but the fact that he was wearing his heavy jacket, which added several inches of thickness to him, meant that he wan packed in so tight he was certain that if he had any major blood vessels near the surface of his skin that their flow would stop and he'd die. "And I didn't get to finish my sandwich."
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Irkkuf strode quietly along the rest of the group, seeming a bit nervous. He was silenced by his own thoughts.
"What if they find out we're not from here? What if R5 goes ballistic? What if there's no liquid ammonia here? If I start chafing, I'll give away the whole group! Oh man, oh man, oh man!"
"...No! I've gotta hold myself together!" he mumbled to himself.
He proceeded to ready the small pistol he had grabbed from the armory in case trouble arose. He was also more than ready to fight an enemy hand-to-hand. Now he though of what kinds of things the Stridurbans did in their spare time.
"Maybe they play tag with their heads?" he thought.
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"Custodian Irkkuff. Stow your sidearm before you do something stupid." came ADVISOR's voice on the Galfibri's personal frequency, sounding more concerned than irritated. "You are not in any danger. The Sidreal Hour is running continuous scans of your area, you will be warned in the unlikely event that... one moment please."

The AI shut off the transmission to the janitor and opened the frequency of the entire planetside group.
"Attention away team. Our analysis of crowd patterns based on orbital monitoring of your location indicate a large number of locals converging directly on your location. They are armed with primitive weapons, including tension based bolt throwers you would term crossbows. Try to lead them into a secluded location where you will not be spotted if your disguises fail. Oh, and try not to get gutted like organics if you can help it, they shouldn't be a match for your technology."

The AI ended the transmission and watched the top-down image being fed from one of the Sidereal Hour's sensor drone's in orbit over the city. A dozen or more Stidurba shrouded in cloaks and carrying barely concealed bows and blades.
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"Custodian." Terik snapped.  "Stow your sidearm before you..." He was cut off as ADVISOR's message came through to the ground team.  With a quick glance towards the overhead map, he quickly lead the team down a small side street, away from the assumed hostiles.

"Let's stay calm now team." he said with an icy demeanor.  "At this point we do not yet even know if they are here for us or, furthurmore, if they are hostile.  I want all of you to keep your weapons holstered for now.  We will avoid them if we can, and if we encounter them, only engage if they attack."
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While they walked R5 had spent considerable time just looking around, taking every single detail in of both the city and the people, most specifically, how the people acted, his acute machine senses picked up many conversations, getting a feel for metaphors, slang, expressions and generally just learning every little thing he can, at least without actually speaking to any of the residents.

When ADVISOR gave the heads up about the possibility of direct confrontation with hostile forces R5 once again had a silent panic attack, which manifested in more ways than one, particularly at the word “hostile”.

“Hostiles?! Oh dear oh dear. Director of Security Terik I am not designed for combat! Any hostile action I could take would be a direct violation of pacifistic and ethical programming which I do possess!” That was a lie, pure and simple. The droid was also programmed to lie.
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Several of the natives sheared off from the main group that was chasing the Sidereal Hour crew and went inside. They pushed through doors and ran along attic passageways. Their superior knowledge of the city and its innards meant that they could easliy get ahead of the aliens. And as the away team rounded a corner, they found the path forward blocked off by ten Stridurban militiamen with crossbows in hand and swords at their side. One of them shook his sword menacingly and called out to his comrades.

"Boss wants at least one of them alive, said to aim low and to keep shooting. It might not work the first few times."

Without wasting a second, a volley of hardened bolts whizzed toward the team.
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Terik's attention was dragged away from the protocol droid as the mob of natives rounded a corner ahead of them.  Their foreign dialect being translated in almost real time, Terik quickly realized the graveity of their situation, shoving the droid out of his way as the bolts whizzed by him and glanced off his armor.

Pulling out the primitive sidearm that he had for simple encounters like this, he raised it quickly with the skill of someone who had done this sort of thing his whole life and pegged one of the aliens square in the chest.

"Security team!" he shouted.  "Front and center!"
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Pushing the smaller members of the team behind him, Yas stepped forward and in a flash drew the two sidearms.  One shot hit a Stridurban in the torso, another was hit in the head.  The stupid weapons only held one shot at a time, but he reloaded quickly.  For a moment he wondered how the cloaking device would handle the motion of reloading two weapons with four arms.
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Inya stayed towards the back of the group, keeping an eye out to make certain they weren't ambushed from behind while the security team dealt with the attackers ahead. Though she didn't feel quite comfortable with letting the confrontation continue, she couldn't think of anything that would call off the hostiles without further compromising their plans. Judging by what their leader had said, they'd been ordered to attack, almost certainly by someone who had an idea of who, and what, they were. Hopefully, that meant their target...
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As the other members of her team began gunning down the defenseless natives, Zori couldn't help but look on in horror. Sure, they were being attacked, but the weapons the Stridurbans had were completely harmless. She looked down at the grapple hook and the stun gun she'd taken from the armory. At the very least, she thought she might be able to incapacitate the Stridurbans before they were killed. Slowly lining up her shot, she barely managed to hit one of the natives. The militia member cried out in pain and collapsed to the ground as electricity coursed through its body.

"Ah! Sorry!"

Zori hastily apologized to the unconscious creature. This was not the sort of thing the aid worker was used to.

Asglot watched as the Stridurbans entered into combat with the Sidereal Hour team. He knew full well that the primitive creatures didn't stand a chance. They were simply a distraction so that there would be time to bring certain plans together. Asglot wasn't about to let the operation be foiled by a bunch of do-gooders and he certainly wasn't going to go down without a fight. There were enough blasters, explosives, and ignorant natives to see to that.
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Khalendin knew something would have to go wrong at some point. Without even thinking, his military training kicked in and he drew the small pistol sidearm that he had grabbed before heading down. It wasn't very powerful, but it held a good amount of shots. He shot at one after the other, taking out about three attackers, when a bolt struck him straight in the head, knocking him over, and perhaps out.
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Kean pressed himself against the back of an alcove in the wall. He wasn't a soldier, heck he wasn't even trained for combat. All he had was this lousy laser pistol. It is made for civilians and while it's easy to use it got a horrible aim and is not really one of the most powerful guns by galactic standards. How could he stand a chance against...

"Wait... swords... All they have is swords, what am I worried about?"

Confidently he left his cover and aimed for the nearest Stridurban on his left.

"That will show yo-" The hissing sound of a crossbow bolt that missed his ears by just a few inches interrupted his heroic entrance. Just a moment later he found himself pressed against the back of the alcoven again.

"Crossbows are a different matter though..."
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Although Tenik did not know it, when he shoved R5 out of the way he actually saved him from taking a cross bow shot, not that the primitive weapon would have done much damage to the droids armor plating.

“Now now… please I am sure we can settle this in a reasonable non-violent- GAH.” The droid was apparently about to go on a tirade but was interrupted when he nimbly dodged a cross bow bolt showing rather fast reflexes for a protocol droid.

//Calculating: Maintain disguise protocol: Objective: Seek Cover: Avoid Direct combat//

Following its directive the droid made its way past the security team, occasional dodging a cross bow shot, looking panicked the whole way, mostly for show, in the end he ended up in the back of the group ending up next to Inya.

“I believe the diplomatic process is breaking down.” The droid solemnly said to Inya as he began to scan the area, his equipment looking to detect more threats.
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Zori yelled as another bolt struck her torso. The armor the team had been given had no trouble protecting them from the shots but it still hurt to get hit. She leveled her stun gun at a particularly mean-looking native in red but missed by a fairly wide margin. Zori went to try again but stopped. The Stridurban appeared distracted. It looked around for a moment before seeming to remember something. Plunging a finger into its ear, it nodded its head a few times and then shot the Sidereal Hour crew a dirty look before retreating down an alleyway. In a matter of moments the team was alone once more. The dead Stridurban remained, but their brethren had clearly been called off. Zori stood in place, mumbling a prayer that the translator couldn't sort out. Finishing up, she looked over at her fellow crew mates, somewhat unsure of something.

"The mean-looking Stridurban... the one in red. Did anybody else see what he was doing? It looked like he was using a communicator or something. But that's impossible..."
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"No." Said ADVISOR bluntly "Time Travel is Impossible, transmission based communication on a primitive world, that is merely extremely unlikely. It would appear the spread of illegal technology on this world is not limited to a power source. I am upgrading the severity of the situation to a Grade 2 Unscheduled Uplift Event. I will confer with the captain, but for the time being I am altering your orders to include a thorough sweep of all areas in which you encounter hostile locals with anachronistic technology. Sweep this area for technology and recover or destroy it."
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"ADVISOR, Terik, do we have something down here that can track the communications device, or at least pick up the signal?"  Yas asked as he holstered his sidearms.  "A door to door sweep of the area is going to be a mess, no matter how primitive the weapons are."
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Terik grumbled as he holstered his weapon, moving to check the fallen Stridurbans for anything they shouldn't have.  Things were getting significantly more complicated, and the escape of the alien in red meant they missed the opportunity of an interogation.

"I'm afraid I was not supplied with anything that could help with this." he said in response to Yas' comment.  "ADVISOR, I would imagine an EMP over the area after our departure could work to disable the majority of any electronic equipment they may have procured from their benefactor.  This would save us the trouble of having to sweep the area and allow us to proceed simply to the primary objective.  What are your thoughts on the matter?"
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While the others discussed what to do about the presence of the communicators, Inya turned to check on Khalendin, who she found laying on the ground, unconscious and perhaps hurt. She was no medical expert, but she knew enough to determine that he was still alive and his condition was stable.

"Do we have a medic down here?" she asked.
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"An Electromagnetic Pulse Pulse?" asked ADVISOR, flatly. "An EMP would not be a feasible option. Firstly, the technology may be resistant to such an attack, secondly, in many cases an EMP would simply disable technology, not destroy it. If the devices found their way into the hands of the right people they could reverse engineer it with potentially dire ramifications. There is no way to track inactive communicators. Knocking on doors or breaking and entering is out of the question for the time being, for now simply search the bodies of the locals and vapourise them once you have learned all you can from them and ascertained it safe to do so."
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Irkkuf was freaking out. He had been startled when the hostiles began attacking, and now, he was darting about, screaming his lungs out. The very sight of his panic attack drove a few of the agressors off. In the frenzy, he crushed a Stridurbian under his massive weight, shooting another as it attempted to gut him with a sword. Luckily, the pistol shot was not fatal. Irkkuf managed to finally regather some composure, and the following could be made out from his speech:
"AAAH!!! HOSTILES! *garble* KILL! *garble* I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!"
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"We're pushing the schedule ahead. Activate primaries, I want the bore done now. Final extraction will begin in thirty minutes."

The AI Asglot had been speaking to acknowledged the order and went to work. Meanwhile, Asglot calmly started to gather his things so that he could make his escape. He didn't want to be anywhere near HGG-743-22401 when the timer his zero. Outside, a loud bang rattled every nook and cranny of the remote planet. The ground trembled violently for a moment, causing weaker buildings to crumble. In Os, the Sidereal Hour team was knocked off of their feet and in the distance a massive jet of discharged plasma raced into the sky. It persisted for a few seconds before petering off and eventually vanishing. The city, which had fallen silent, rapidly descended into chaos as the natives tried to cope with what had just happened.

At the mansion, Asglot coolly returned to the board room where the Stridurban elites were panicking.

"The very world seemed to shake! What is this?"

"Madness, all of it! Why does the ground tremble? Is it afraid?"

Smiling inwardly, Asglot approached the head of the table and raised his hand.

"My friends, there is nothing to fear. What we have just experienced is but the first step toward becoming one with the stars. I promise that no harm will come to us. Everything is moving along just as it should. So please, take your seats and enjoy the day. The world out there needs what the mighty Stridurban people have to offer. If you'll excuse me, I need to begin final preparations. Before the day is through the Stridurbans will be turning the wheels of the universe."

Settling down a bit, the elites returned to their business. Still, a sense of uneasiness lingered. Their control over the situation appeared to be rapidly disappearing.
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"Away team. New development. A shuttle is being sent to move you to a new location. I assume you noticed the plasma jet erupting into the atmosphere." chimed in ADVISOR "The dispersal pattern is consistent with an outmoded method of accessing the deep mantle and core of a planet for surveying and low intensity harvesting... it was outlawed on safety grounds half a century ago."
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"Well I guess that blows the whole 'secrecy' aspect of the mission out of the ground. So whats the dip O Fearless Leader, I'm assuming that we're rushing to the location of the burst once the shuttle picks us up?"

After hearing the AI message in, Hay's manner grew far more somber.

" A core buster? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that have enough power to wipe out this entire continent if not the whole planet?"
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The team hurried off to their shuttle and was whisked away to the site outside of the city. As they zoomed over the blackened and misused landscape, Zori began to question whether or not the Stridurbans could even survive long enough to make it to space. The way they tore their planet apart was astounding and put many species to shame. If they ever made it to space, their impact on the galaxy would probably be horrendous. She didn't go as far as to think that it was their duty to protect the galaxy from the Stridurbans, though. In the back of her mind she thought that maybe she was just overreacting. Her own people were notoriously in tune with the natural world so maybe she was overreacting.

"Oh my... that is... terrible..."

Zori couldn't help but to speak out loud as the dig site came into view. A hole the size of a football stadium had been cut into the planet and charred earth stretched out for miles from the site. Its sides were perfectly smooth and the bottom, if there was one, seemed hopelessly out of reach. Constructed along the side of the site was a massive structure that, along with most other things that day, was clearly not Stridurban. And in the mountainside beyond the alien structure sat a large mansion with carefully tended gardens and greenery.
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"Stay level-headed, away team" broadcast ADVISOR "There is something about this scene I am not programmed to like. Fan out and search the grounds. I will watch for resistance."

A moment later a private feed from the AI was patched into Terik's personal earpiece.
"Security chief, can I have a candid word with you?"
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"What've you got for me Advisor?" Terik said quietly into his comm, subtley turning away from the rest of the group as their shuttle sped off towards the distant mansion.  The mission had gone from bad to worse, and Terik didn't like it when things didn't go as planned.
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"An installation of this size and sophistication is extremely difficult to hide on any planet but the most densely industrialised." said ADVISOR.
"The fact that the Sidereal hour's systems were not able to pick it up the moment we entered orbit is extremely concerning. I have calculated two conclusions which are most probable under the circumstances. One: The agents at work on this planet have extremely sophisticated technology in their hands to hide their facilities. Two: The Sidereal hour has been infiltrated by some unknown malefactor. If the latter is in the case, we are in a very tenuous situation. I am contacting you alone because I believe you to be trustworthy, and possessed of the necessary mindset to act on this information in a prudent manner. I will allow you to get back to the mission at hand now. Stay in contact, i will update you if the need arises. ADVISOR out."
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"Is that them?"

The Stridurban in red pointed at a large screen curiously. He seemed fairly composed but his insides were all aflutter at the presence of the technology that surrounded him. Asglot turned and smiled.

"Oh yes... that's them. Let's see who they are... hrm... no registration? Odd. Zoom in on that craft, get me the call sign or something."

On the big screen the image zoomed in on the side of the away team's shuttle. It scanned the surface for a moment before settling on the words "Sidereal Hour 001" painted across the side. Asglot didn't recognize the name and hastily accessed a data bank. Finding nothing, he looked up at the screen and made a loud gurgling sound which seemed to frighten his native ally. It wasn't the sort of sound that Stridurban were known to make, but the fellow in red had long since learned it was not wise to ask questions.

"Who are you? Sidereal Hour? Pah! I don't care. You're a problem is what you are. Blow that tin can back to... this age!"

Without delay the AI targeted the shuttle and charged one of the mansion's camouflaged perimeter defense lasers. Only another computer would have been able to detect the attack, it happened so fast. In a matter of seconds the Sidereal Hour shuttle had one less engine and was spewing smoke. It was also approaching the ground at speeds in excess of the recommended limit required for a safe landing.

"Get a team out there and make sure they're all dead. You're free to use the good weapons."
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Irkkuf had finally managed to calm down enough to be scared witless by the announcement of the core buster... and the fact that everyone was about to crash and most likely die. After writhing in fear a bit, he remembered something his father had told hm to pack in case he got scared. Irkkuf attached the device just above his eyes, and shivered with pain as it bored in and sent signals to his brain. Now he could react without making the situation worse.
"Alright, is there anyone who can fix the engine? If not, I'll probably have to mop up all our guts when we land."
Remembering that the winds on his planet were faster than this, he went into action bracing for impact. He put himself directly between ADVISOR and the ground, making sure to put the equipment between himself and ADVISOR.
"Everyone get behind me!"
What he had just said must have sounded insane. Irkkuf was going to use his own body to break everyone's fall. His kind may be very dense, and their shells strong, but it was a gamble all the same.
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Before ADVISOR could reply, the shuttle landed with a jarring thud that rattled the occupants. However, those inside found they were not jolted with nearly as much force as they should have been.

"The shuttle contains an inertia-absorbing nanofog" said the computer matter-of-factly as the shuttle's dor was blown clean off the body by the emergency systems. "Hostiles are inbound on your location away team. Readings indicate they are armed with sophisticated weaponry."
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Heavy blaster fire immediately began pelting the crippled shuttle, leaving its occupants with very few ways to escape.

Watching the scene through a clear display, the Stridurban in red began pressing buttons and flipping switches in the order he'd been told to memorize. As he turned a large dial toward the red part of its scale, the clear display before him lit up with targeting information and statistics. It was all foreign to him but that didn't matter too much. He had been told that he could open fire once the blue bar was full. And since it was at about fifty percent, the Stridurban in red knew he wouldn't have to wait long. Still, he has some time to spare so he stepped away from his console and looked across the field. Spectacular lights whizzed across the ground toward the strange vehicle. He'd seen a lot of strange things over the past few months but this was near the top. He couldn't wait to use his fancy new weapon. Asglot had assured him that it was like nothing he'd ever seen before.

He tried to remember exactly what Asglot called it... it was a particle-something. Most of the words were new to him. Heavy Cruiser Accelerated Particle Cannon! That was it! The Stridurban in red smiled to himself and walked back to the console, giddy to test it out.
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"Sophisticated weapons, eh?  That means I'm returning fire."  Yas said with what was either a smile or a snarl. 

A large handgun with a very wide barrel appeared from a pocket somewhere under Yas' armor.  The weapon hummed to life in his hand as he dropped a white sphere into the barrel.  Bolts of energy struck the side of the shuttle, but it was clear to those on board with combat training that the weapons were being fired by individuals who were not at all accustomed to the advanced devices.  There was a loud thump from the gun as Yas leaned out of the open door for a split second and fired in the direction of the hostiles.  The massive explosion that followed at the very least sent the natives diving for cover.

"Orders, Terik?"
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"Agk, gwuh. I feel awful." Khalendin moaned. He had a splitting headache from both the bolt that hit his head, the terribly loud engines, as well as the jarring of the hard landing. It took a while for him to coem to his senses, but when he did, he began shooting at all of the armed stridurbans. Now that he had the cover of the shuttle, he could aim and fire much better and much less riskily than before. "I thought that this planet's inhabitants were supposed to be at mid-industrial age technology level!" He shouted abovet he din.
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Her small size mitigating the impact of the crash, Hay was shellshocked all the same. The enemy fire wasn't helping either. "Guys!" she yelled" Khal's got the right idea, use the ship as cover." She switched her stinger to ranged mode, took up behind a bulkhead of scrapmetal, and launched some suppressing fire.
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Zori peeked out beyond the side of the ship for a moment but was too frightened to do anything substantial. She haphazardly pointed her stun gun out and fired a few shots but didn't hit anything, not that she bothered to check on it.

The more experienced members of the crew took down a few of the Stridurbans and several others had run off as soon as they saw return fire. Still, enough of the Stridurbans were stalwart enough to stay the course and they pushed forward. A simple headcount revealed that the Sidereal Hour team was still outnumbered and things only seemed to be getting more difficult as the weaker natives were weeded out. Up on his perch near the mansion, the Stridurban in red tapped the command console in front of him. The blue bar was nearly full but the last few bits seemed to be taking forever. As if to alleviate some of his anxiety, the large weapon began humming loudly as it neared maximum power.
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R5 throughout the battle had long taken cover. If this was a civilized world the assassin droid would have long abandoned the Sidereal Hour team, but sadly this was not a civilized world, so he actually needed them if he wished to get off world… then again these Stridurbans seemed to have some advanced technology… maybe they had a ship too. Multiple possible courses of action ran through the droids mind… some of them involving betrayal. But that bridge could be crossed later, for now the best course of action was to stick with the crew and try to survive.

//Energy Readings detected: Speculation: Particle beam based weaponry: Warning: Firing imminent.//

“Excuse me masters, but my scanners are getting some very powerful readings…” The droid pointed towards where it believed they were coming from “…over there… I speculate that it is a powerful particle beam weapon, the type usually mounted on a starship. I suggest we quickly locate an escape route before we are brutally torn apart molecule by molecule.”
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"I have to agree with the blabber droid", Kean piped up. "Not that I have a say in these sorts of things, but we should really get moving if we want to survive this."

Kean was not one who usually cut off someone, especially not in these kind of situations, but Kean was panic. He wasn't on many missions, one to be exact, but he knew that something has gone horribly wrong and most of all he didn't want this to be his last mission. Without waiting for a response from the security personnel he jumped up and ran away from the crashed shuttle, leaving the relative safety. Aside from a few bolts that bounced off his armour, Kean got to the side of a building uninterrupted, where he took cover behind a dumpster. Sinking down with his back to the container, he clutched his laser gun as if it could get him back to the ship.
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"H-hey! Kean! Wait up!"

Before Zori knew what she was doing she found herself racing headlong across the sparse landscape. She hopped over a few large rocks and glided back down to the ground before crawling behind the remains of some sort of Stridurban machine. It was around then that she noticed the burning sensation in one of her legs. She looked down to see a blackened hole in her armor and an oozing wound. With a glance at the shuttle, she realized that she wasn't going to make it back in that direction. Kean was hunkered down behind a sort of dumpster alongside what had to be the mansion's guardhouse. It was a tough choice but there wasn't much time. Blaster fire was hitting hard on both sides of the rusted out device and some even went through it. The natives were just waiting for her to come out. Zori wasn't that dumb, though. She had an advantage over them and she knew it. Propping herself up against the machine, Zori gathered her strength and zipped up into the air.

The Stridurbans were not expecting it and a few stared as what looked like a fellow Stridurban flew up into the sky. Unable to reconcile the movement, the computer-aided disguise began cycling through various Stridurban positions which would have been fairly comical in any other situation. As the gunfire started back up, Zori reached for her grapple gun and fired it toward Kean, miraculously connecting with the dumpster. The great iron container lurched away from the wall it was against as Zori was pulled toward it, wings spread wide open. She landed next to Kean and fell to the ground with a yelp. Looking back, Zori was amazed that only a few moments had passed since she left the shuttle. It was going to take a while to get used to the adrenaline rush of battle. Flipping her disguise off, Zori poked at her wound which was oozing a greenish fluid. She looked over to Kean and laughed halfheartedly.

"Hurts like crazy! How did we end up over here, anyway? Be honest, Kean... how bad does it look?"
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Kean just realized his mistake. He separated himself from the group and thus put others on his team to danger.
Terik is going to rip my head off.
Immediately he felt bad for caring more about his hypothetical future confrontation with Terik than for his wounded companion.

"It doesn't look bad." said Kean. He wasn't even sure if that was a lie, since he had absolutely no knowledge about xenobiology or medicine in general. He got out a small first aid pack, which was attached to the armour suits and handed Zori some bandages. "You should probably stop the bleeding though."
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"Right... you know, I studied medicine during my Sta'vatt years. That's uh... the first phase of Faiclori life. All this excitement... I guess it just slipped my mind."

Zori laughed and began bandaging her leg up like a professional. Around the time she was finishing, a shrill cry came up from one of the Stridurbans in the field. Both Kean and Zori looked up to see the Stridurban staring at them and pointing wildly. Several other Stridurbans hurried over and looked at the pair, their reactions equally fearful.

"What do you think they're... AH!! Oh no!"

The Faiclori slammed hard on her disguise module and it reactivated. Unfortunately it was too late, the Stridurbans had seen her proper form. Worse, upon seeing her change into one of them... well, the Stridurbans were not very happy to see that at all. Screaming obscenities and other rage-filled things, the mob turned away from the shuttle and began moving toward Kean and Zori. Their blaster fire tore up the guardhouse but the dumpster stood strong and was the only thing between the two travelers and certain death.

Elsewhere, the Stridurban in red was beginning to feel annoyed. His fun new weapon was taking too large to charge up and he could feel the tension welling up inside him. He looked down and was about to bash the console when a pinging sound alerted him that the weapon was ready to fire. Double checking, he saw that the blue bar full at last. Wasting no time, the Stridurban grabbed the controls and took aim at the shuttle. A loud whining filled the air and the six massive barrels at the end of the gun were bathed in a bright while light. Moments later ten dozen rounds of energized plasma, the type that ate military dreadnoughts for breakfast, hurtled toward the downed shuttle.
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"What was that soun- DEAR GOD, RUN! RUN RUN RUUUN!" Khalendin yelped, as he saw the bolts racing for the shuttle. He immediately got up from his cover, and throwing caution to the wind, sprinted for the dumpster as well.
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Inya, now fully convinced that she was completely out of place on this mission, ran with Khalendin, firing wildly at the remaining hostiles. She had limited success, and as she reached the dumpster, it began to grow obvious that she would have to take a more violent role than she cared for. Normally, it would be her last resort, but as she watched her fellow crew members fight the Stridurbans, she felt that the situation had reached "last resort" status.

With a suddenness and speed that surprised both the Sidereal Hour team and the Stridurbans, Inya darted out from behind the cover, firing her small blaster madly. Her holographic disguise shifted bizarrely and almost un-Stridurbanly as she rushed forward, modifying her body to increase her maneuverability and speed, as well as supplementing her blaster with a set of long, wicked claws grown from one hand. It was unbelievably risky, as the armor she'd been wearing was low grade at best, but the hope was that the remaining Stridubans would be distracted by her charge long enough to give the others time to get to relative safety. She rushed past the nearest Stridurban, narrowly dodging blaster bolts, and what looked to be a touch from harmless Stridurban hand quickly resolved itself into a set of four deep, likely fatal gashes across the hostile's side.
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A loud crack rang through the air and the ground in front of Inya seemed to heave upwards before exploding apart into a billion little pieces. The Stridurban in red laughed from the safety of his perch and waited for the dust to clear. He wanted to make sure whoever it was down there suffered a bit before finishing them off.
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"Damn fool kid." thought Terik as Kean bolted from the shuttle.  Yes they needed to get out of there, but they needed to do so together.  As the attacking Stridurbans were distracted by Zori and Kean, he called out for the group to move, only to be drowned out by the sound of the turret firing.

Swearing under is breath, he lept forward with the rest, his long gait and powerfull legs quickly propelling him ahead of the group, towards the enemy squad.  Swinging the military grade rifle from his back, he clocked one of the Stridurbans in the head with the butt of the weapon before they even knew he was upon them, and fired into another.
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R5 scambled about, moving from cover to cover in order to avoid incoming fire and any other Stridurbans closing in on him, but slowly it was starting to dawn on him that he would not be able to get out of this without fighting, and even if they got away from the Stridurbans that heavy particle cannon was going to tear them apart...

He had no choice... he was going to have to do it... If anything perhaps the chaos of the battle would draw attention away from him...


R5 turned towards where the shots from the accelerated particle cannon where coming from, a bit more scanning and he finally located the pesky Stridurban in red at the controls. Time to get to work.

R5 normally white singular eye suddenly turned a deep shade of crimson, looking around a bit he realized everyone was distracted with the current battle. Good. No witnesses, hopefully. R5 raced towards the downed shuttle, heading into the ruined interior skillfully moving parts of fallen debris that where in his way, "where is it?" the droid thought, panicking a bit inside until he finally located what he was looking for, the weapons storage crate, shuttles tended to carry these just in case the security team needed extra ammo, guns, what have you. R5 however was looking for something in particular.

//Directive: Locate Weapon: FOUND!//

R5 picked up the weapon he was looking for, a sniper rifle, carefully R5 then maneuvered out of the shuttle, meticulously scanning the area to make sure no one was paying to much attention to him, luckily the constant ground shattering explosions seem to be kicking up enough dust to make visibility lower, and the constant influx of Stridurbans helped to. making his way to a nice secure position that happen to give him a good vantage point, the droid believing no one seemed to be watching him, activated the scope, calibrating both his scope and the snipers scope with meticulous calculating and speed only a machine was capable of. The reticule targeted the Stridurban in reds head...

//Targeting: Calibrating: Confirming: Firing.//


Much to R5's chagrin an explosion rocked his position just as as he fired, it only close enough to shake him up but it knocked his shot off course. R5 glowing red eye glowed an even deeper shade of red, mostly a bit out of frustration as his mind attempted to predict where the shot would go, luckily it did not seem to be a complete loss. Rather than hit the Stridurban dead in the head like it should have, the off course shot actually hit the console he was operating. R5 crimson eye changed back to his normal white color, he then discarded the sniper rifle and broke out of cover, retreating with the rest of the group.
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A shower of sparks flew up from the particle cannon's console and the weapon swiveled sharply to the right. The Stridurban in red screamed loudly and frantically began pressing random buttons. With a loud shriek, the gun changed firing modes and began gathering enormous amounts of energy. This caught the attention of Asglot, who was fairly annoyed that something was draining power from the system. He raced up a few flights of stairs and out to the roof where the gun was situated. Extending a hand, he caught the Stridurban in red as he tried to run and hurled the heavy beast off of the roof like a toy. Asglot picked his green hat off of the ground and placed it back on his head, then calmly walked over to the gun. He sorted through several menus and, after surveying the damage, decided to let the gun continue charging for a "shield kill" shot. Staring into the targeting window, he tried to find the team.

Out on the field, the Stridurbans that remained were closing in.
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"Anybody got a stun-grenade!" Hay yelled over the firefight, her small size allowing  her to sneak into the dumpster but ii wouldn't protect her from a full on assault. "I think I have an idea!"
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Yas grunted in exasperation as he tried to keep track of all the crew members and keep them from being killed by the natives.  The non-security members were running around like mad, shooting wildly, or were hiding behind a dumpster.  The shape-shifting diplomat had apparently gone into berzerker mode, distracting attention from the others but putting herself at risk.  The Stridurbans had them pinned down and more were coming, and the heavy gun would probably open fire again any time soon.  They needed to get out of this situation, and fast. 

Yas kicked a hole through the already heavily damaged wall next to the dumpster.  "Sidereal!" he bellowed.  "Through the hole and take cover!  We've got to get to the main building and take out the heavy artillery," he yelled at the crew members hiding behind the dumpster.  "Cutting through here will get us closer and provide some cover along the way.  Let's go! Move it!"

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"Yas! Right... okay."

Pulling herself up, Zori carefully limped in through the hole in the wall. Yas seemed like a very kind and wise soul, despite his exterior. Moreover, she felt that she could trust him to get the team to safety. Terik, too, seemed to have a way about him that made things seem alright, irregardless the chaos around them. Still, things were rapidly spinning out of control and Zori wondered if she would ever know what was going on.

Meanwhile, Asglot had locked onto the team and hovered over the fire button. He stared at the pulsating red light thoughtfully for a moment and pulled his finger away. Reaching for his communicator he sent a message to the Stridurbans in the field. On cue, they halted their attack and pulled back a bit. The Sidereal Hour team heard a crackling sound in their headsets as Asglot broke through the heavy encryption. A suave voice began speaking to them.

"A thousand pardons for hacking your private line. You belong to Sidereal Hour, yes? You don't know who I am, I think, but that may change soon! I'll be honest, I have the whole lot of you in my sights right now. Just a button press away from oblivion. But... you intrigue me. I don't know how you found me and as I look through my records, you don't exist. It's as interesting as it is troubling."

There was a pause as the speaker lost himself in thought for a moment.

"Anyway, I think things here have gotten a little out of hand. I'm calling off the troglodytes. We need to have a talk face-to-face... just us grown ups, if you follow my meaning. Your path to the mansion is clear so feel free to make your way up at your leisure. Try not to dawdle for too long, though. I'm on a tight schedule."

The channel was rattled with static once more before returning to normal. Outside, the locals were slowly taking count of their losses and cleaning up. Up at the mansion, the large gun began powering down and a Stridurban in a green hat could be seen standing next to it, watching.
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"Yas!" boomed hay. "Let me fly ahead through the tower. I can give recon through the communicators."
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"Thank you for hacking our lines el'Irk." said ADVISOR, broadcasting to the alien interloper and to the Sidereal Hour team "It allowed our ship techs a way into your systems. Rather sloppy for a self confessed master criminal. It appears you have undergone vocal modification surgery, but your speech patterns are still just as present as a physical fingerprint, good enough for the Sidereal Hour's systems to match to our most wanted database."

ADVISOR cut the feed to Asglot for a moment.

"This explains a lot." he told the away team "Asglot el'Irk, aka Orbznak Veldigar, aka Criminal #9, the Vitraxian Napoleon of Crime. He's wanted across known space for a number of heinous planet-harvesting activities. Among his most notorious crimes are the genocide of the P'nib people, siphoning off the atmospheres of a number of inhabited worlds, loitering with intent to instigate a nuclear war, species-napping and mega-perjury. Away team, your orders have been updated. Stop Asglot's schemes and capture him, dead or alive."
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"So very... interesting! That's a new record! Off the charts, even! What kind of AI are you and who made you... Sidereal Hour. I think I'm in love!"

Asglot was happily mumbling to himself as he stared down at a readout on his PDA. He stared out at the team once more before retreating into the mansion.
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"The ADVISOR system and the Sidereal hour were both manufactured by various subsidiaries of DiRossi Polyconcern." the AI informed Asglot, dryly. "I note you have committed several offenses which damaged the operations of that company. Corporate will be pleased when we bring you in."
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"You will do no such thing, Hay!"  Yas yelled at the tiny creature.  "This is clearly a trap.  The last thing I need is for you to go buzzing ahead and getting yourself killed, or worse, getting captured so this Asglot can use you as a hostage.  ADVISOR says to capture him, so I guess we move forward, traps be damned.  But we're sticking together this time."  He glared at most of the crew.  "All you scientists and diplomats, try to keep it together this time.  Don't go running of screaming, and don't you dare attack the Stridurbans while we have a cease fire."
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Inya regrouped with the others once Asglot called off the Stridurbans, re-holstering her weapon and returning her newly clawed hand to its original state. As she returned ADVISOR's message filtered into her earpiece:

...his most notorious crimes are the genocide of the P'nib people, siphoning off the atmospheres...

She felt a moment of uncharacteristic rage as she listened, immediately and (in retrospect) illogically connecting him to the near-extinction of her own people. Picking up her pace to join the others, she was secretly glad that mission control had effectively given them a license to kill. She doubted she would be able to properly negotiate with him even if she had been forced to.

However, she relayed none of these emotions to her crew-mates, instead choosing to silently simmer in her own indignation as she followed. They still had a job to do, after all, and if they succeeded, Asglot would get what he deserved at the hands of the Galactic Justice System...
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"The ADVISOR system and the Sidereal hour were both manufactured by ...arious subsidiar... of... ... ...ote y...ave committed several offenses which da... ...ons of t... ... ...ate ...ill be plea... when we bring you in."

On Asglot's end, ADVISOR's message was marred by static at what was probably the worst possible time. It was most-intriguing. At least until his line went dead, at which point Asglot was thoroughly annoyed, though still slightly curious. He'd been cut out of the loop and that wasn't supposed to happen. The DiRossi jingle sounded in the Sidereal Hour team's earpieces and a throaty female voice spoke to them. ADVISOR felt the icy grip of administrative control clamp down on its systems for the moment.

"Let's not let the cat out of the bag so quickly, ADVISOR. And the rest of you, the fact that DRE is running this project is on a need-to-know basis. Now you know!"

The sound of a person clapping at the edge of the microphone's range found its way into the transmission.

"Asglot especially doesn't need to know about DRE. So unless you want to make things more difficult than they're supposed to be, you won't be telling him who sent you. Is that clear? Don't worry though, I'm not mad at you. So far you've been doing better-than-expected! Now then, let's get back to the mission. Find Asglot and take him down a few pegs. And don't forget the power core. I'll be looking forward to seeing how it goes!"

The DiRossi jingle graced the team's ears once more before the strange signal vanished. Zori looked around at the others worriedly.
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"You heard the lady." Terik said matter-of-factly as the jingle faded out once more.  "We are going in there to capture a dangerous fugitive.  We will stay together.  Yas, I want you taking up the rear, I'm in front.  Non-combat personell are to stay quite and move along with us.  Be ready for combat, because our quarry will be.  Let's move out."

And with that, Terik turned and began moving deeper into the building.
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As Khalendin began to move to follow the others, he tripped over something. Grumbling, he looked down at what he had nearly fell on, and it was a Stridurban guard. And he had a rather powerful-looking gun. Quietly, he stashed the gun with him and quickly began to move with the others. He had some ideas for it...
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"Righty-o Cap'n" Hay said to her burlesque superior . "I suppose we'll be using the Bull Formation then?"  "One up front, four centered in the corner, two behind, and two on either side. We'll have to adjust for numbers but-" BOOM!  One of the mines that the C.O. had just warned her about had just sent out a small kinetic pulse, luckily her size minimized the damage but the point was still made. "I hope you make a decision quick though, because unless we have a trap sweeper tougher than nanotubes I don't think my knickers are going to be the only thing in this Company that’s in a twist."
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Thankfully, the group didn't encounter any Stridurbans as they moved through the building.  Either they had all moved outside during the firefight, or this Asglot had told them to get out of the way.  They managed to find a door on the other side and didn't have to knock open an exit as well as an entrance.  As they walked into the open and made their way to the mansion, Yas gritted his teeth.  If he had his way the diplomats would be extracted and a shuttle load of extra security would be sent down to apprehend their target, but it wasn't his call.
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As Hay looked around, the cramped conditions of the building slowed even one such as her. The dust motes floating throughout the foreign air stirred around and gave an eerie glow to the little light that came from the sun outside. Once outside, Hay looked down on the mansion door with a short sigh of relief and pondered what to do next.

"So how we gonna do this boss?" She asked.

“Just smash in blasters a blazing?"
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"I don't know... he said we could just walk on in. Maybe he really does just want to talk?"

Zori hoped that there wouldn't be any more of a ruckus. If they could just get inside and deal with the situation simply and easily that would just make her day. Of course it didn't seem very likely. As if on cue, the mansion's large front doors were pushed open by two Stridurbans that were clearly servants. They bowed to the group and motioned for them to enter. Inside they could see a man waiting for them. He was well dressed and probably the owner of the house. The expression on his face was one of immense nervousness.

"Please... please come in. You're here to see Mr. Asglot, yes? Yes of course you are. How silly to even ask... forgive my nervousness. H-he said you were all monstrous beasts. But you look quite normal! Er... yes. Just fine. Please, come in!"
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"I see he expects us to dine, thank goodness are holographic disguises still work, I doubt the greeter would be so cordial without them."

Stepping into to the main entrance-point Hay and the rest of the group came across to a decor that could best be described as "Quantum Gothic" large spires of sparkling light and shadow mimicked the chaotic state of the universe, the mural above at the high ceiling showed a detail of a pantheon of some long forgotten pagan religion of the planet, a scene of alien gods orbiting around a table that symbolized the universe. The hallways were adorned with spiraled columns that raised from the floor to the edge of the ceiling, and large crimson banners with black trim and marked with strange sigils decorated the walls around them. A few meters in front of them was a door into what could be assumed to be the rest of the house, and on ether side of fit flanking it , uniting in a Ram's head formation to a balcony that overarched the room and lead to another,  heightened door.
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While walking through the mansion, Kean soaked in the sheer beauty of the interior. It almost seemed as if it was built entirely for the purpose of serving as a stark contrast to the outside. Instead of black smoke tinging every building in a dull grey and leaving black streaks on the roofs, detailed murals and glittering capitals adorned the ceiling and walls. If Kean didn't experience it by himself, he wouldn't have believed that the crashlanding and fighting happened not far from there.

For a few moments Kean forgot that he put most of his team and most importantly his mission to danger. He walked next to Zori as he still felt guilty for her injury. Kean noticed the stern look the security personnel, most of all Terik, gave him occasionally.

And then there was this wealthy-looking stridurban, who tickled Kean's interest. The stridurban showed all sorts of patterns and signs for nervousness that are universal for all kinds of terrestrial sophonts, so it wasn't a real challenge for Kean to figure out that this guy was rather jumpy as he was talking to the group. To reassure himself he leaned over to Inya, the one who, as a diplomat, he expected to know a fair share of sophont expressions and body language. "Is it just me or is that guy almost crapping himself?"
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Zori laughed out loud as Kean whispered to Inya. So far things were going nice and smoothly and she felt a little more relaxed. Hearing the laughter, the wealthy Stridurban turned around and smiled.

"I hope my home is to your liking. Mr. Asglot said you're from beyond the Northern Sea just like he is. They always said you Northerners were a strange folk... I always thought you would look different. I don't know how you do what you do but it sure is something. Mr. Asglot has all sorts of strange weaponry and communication devices... and the flying machi- AHEM! I mean, uh... we had the floor brought in from one of the old palaces. Had it moved piece by piece and restored. I spent a fortune having it done but it looks spectacular if I do say so myself. And the murals up above are faithful recreations of what used to be in the Great Temple. You Northerners may not know it, but the Temple was destroyed several centuries ago when our people ousted the silly religious orders. Still, they had beautiful taste in art, despite being crazy. Ah, we'll be entering the main gallery now. Many of my closest associates wait within. We've been working with Mr. Asglot for some time now. Please, walk this way."

The wealthy-looking Stridurban pushed open a beautiful iron door and stepped into the large conference room. A group of Stridurban elites were sitting around a long table discussing what had been happening. Several others were standing by a window looking out and playing some sort of game. A silence fell over the elites as the Sidereal Hour team entered the room. One of them looked at the wealthy-looking Stridurban and hailed him.

"Trezt! Are these Mr. Asglot's compatriots? Are these the others from the Northern lands?"

"These are they! Unfortunately Mr. Asglot needs to speak with them immediately so they cannot stay and chat; however, I'm sure once they've concluded their business they would be happy to come back and discuss their travels."

Bowing his head, Trezt the wealthy-looking Stridurban hurried the group along and guided them toward a door at the far side of the room.
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As group conversed R5 was particularly quiet, streams after streams of data where running through his robotic mind processing all of the information it had acquired over the course of the mission.

As they began to move towards the building the idea this was a trap still plagued the droids thought processes, but then again; why would Asglot bother to set a trap when he said the heavy particle cannon had a shot that could blow them straight to oblivion? Perhaps Asglot really did want to cut a deal…

R5 did not seem to change his demeanor upon entering the building, he simply observed the architecture around the room, not very impressed or awstruck, he had seen plenty of similar structures throughout his "life". R5 was also however checking for vantage points or hiding spots, and anywhere else some assassin or trap could be lurking.

After Kean leaned over the Inya and asked his question the droid suddenly moved over to him and spoke before she could respond.

“Well considering that our security personnel have killed quite a few natives easily and remarkably with zero casualties and only one injury I suppose that could be a source of his fear… it could also be the fact that most of us are armed, but that's just my first theory..."

Once they finally entered the conference room R5 simply glanced around the room and for a few moments stared at each Stridurban elite, if Asglot was using one of the disguise devices like theirs his modern sensors should be able to pierce it, but by the looks of it none of these elites where him…
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Inya remained silent for most of the journey into Asglot's mansion, focusing on calming herself down enough to be able to preform at the expertly high standard she'd set for herself. She almost missed Kean's question, but R5 was ready, and seemingly eager, to dispense an answer.

"Thank you, R5... There's also the possibility that he has been off-put by Asglot himself. It's not unlikely that he fears him," she added. Listening to the wealthy-looking Stridurban, Trezt, speak, she quickly realized that it just might be possible that they could complete their mission without having to enforce a strict cover-up. Hopefully, the discreet removal of Asglot, and the technology he'd brought with him, would be the end of it.
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Trezt approached a plain wall and regarded it warily for a moment. He slowly raised his hand to a specific spot and pushed. The wall broke apart into thousands of tiny pieces and opened wide so that the group could enter. They followed Trezt through into a dark corridor and the wall quietly sealed itself up behind them. A bright light glimmered at the end of the hallway and as the group moved closer they that it was coming from the power core that had set the entire operation in motion. Nearby was a massive launch platform and on it was a mid-sized corvette-class assault ship that was ready to go. Lining the walls were dozens upon dozens of screens showing readings and feeds from every corner of the planet. It was a spectacular operation. And in the center of it all, up on a raised platform and surrounded by consoles, stood a Stridurban with a green hat.

He was engrossed with the screen before him and didn't even notice the group of people that had just piled into his command center. The man moved from screen to screen frighteningly fast, analyzing data here and inputting commands there. There was an air of assurance and competence about him that made many people feel almost unworthy. Without even regarding the visitors, he tapped a few commands into the system and the grated floors began rearranging themselves. Trezt and the Sidereal Hour team found themselves being moved upward and toward the central control point. A few moments passed after the floors stopped moving and Asglot finally looked up from his work, though he kept entering commands.

"Welcome to my home away from home. As you know, I am Asglot el'Irk. Let me say that it is a pleasure to meet you all. I can't say that I'm entirely happy with your presence here, but I feel that there are some explanations owed... from both sides. I'm certain you've already gotten the general idea as to why I'm here... which probably strips me of the right to ask the first question."

Asglot entered a few more commands and tapped the console loudly before crossing his arms and smiling at the group.

"So! Is there anything you'd like to ask me? And mind your manners, we are in the presence of the master of the house."
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Terik had thus far remained silent as they moved through the mansion, his cold eyes flitting back and forth taking in all details around him.  This was almost certainly a trap, and he would treat it as such until he was convinced otherwise, which was unlikley.  As they approached Asglot, Terik quietly spoke to Inya while they were still out of earshot.

"I believe this would be your area of expertise, diplomat.  I'll leave it to you to speak with him.  Please bear in mind that he is not to be trusted."
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Focus... focus...

Feeling her anger rise slightly in Asglot's presence, Inya nonetheless stepped forward and approached him, taking a place at the front of the group. Following "manners," she briefly introduced herself and gave him the standard Stridurban greeting. She decided to get down to the point, but phrased her question in a way to keep with Trezt's understanding of the situation. No reason to cause more damage than what was already there.

"Why did you leave the 'North' and come here, Asglot? You've endangered this entire area with your operation."
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"Well, I can't really put this in proper context but I don't think that will be much of a problem. The ground here is amazingly rich in concentrated niosilicate. Literally a one in a billion find. The habitation around us is unfortunate... but it's only a Class Zero. Nobody will miss it."

The screens around the room changed to show a cross-section of the planet. True to his word, Asglot's maps showed that over seventy percent of the planet consisted of minable material. Asglot smiled and looked at Inya with a twinkle in his eye.

"You could synthesize enough fuel from the niosilicate in this rock power the war machines of both the Kratair and the Humans. Why, you'd even have enough left over to run the two remaining Angalesh ships, wouldn't you say?"
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The obvious jab in her direction was met by only a soft cough. Inya otherwise ignored it, and continued.

"You'd be surprised just who'd 'miss it.' These people didn't choose to live here. Your mining operation will eventually wipe them out, if your methods don't first."

She paused, letting the statement hang for a moment, hoping Trezt would begin to understand just what kind of danger Asglot was putting them in.

"Besides that, the niosillicate belongs to the Stridurbans. They advance, we advance, and we work out a deal at a later date, when they are ready to negotiate and we have a way to safely and efficiently mine here. By removing it now, you run the risk of losing a sizable amount to burn-off."

Inya didn't pretend that she was an expert in these sorts of operations, but knew that whatever methods Asglot was using were outdated. Hopefully, that equated to inefficiency.
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Before he could stop himself, Khalendin found himself speaking up.

"What about a tunnel mine, rather than a strip mine, then? You could easily mine all the material you want and not disturb the surface hardly at all."

He looked around nervously at the group; he was sure that he would get in a mess over what he just said.
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Asglot smiled and laughed, he was amused by the ideas the group was offering up.

"Unfortunately the extent of this find is so great that there's no way the surface won't be harmed any sort of mining effort. And believe me, the amount of loss I'll suffer due to burn-off is minimal compared to the final value of the product. Strip mines, holes, patience... none of those will work, nor do they matter at this point or have they mattered at any point prior. I've already dug the main bore through to the outer core and the extruder is at full power. The process is on a timer and cannot be stopped. What I'm saying is that we're going to need to come to some sort of agreement very soon. I'd say within the next twenty minutes. Otherwise, there's not going to be much to argue over. And believe me, I don't plan to be anywhere near here when all is said and done."

Trezt shuffled about uncomfortably as Asglot spoke but he didn't say anything. He still wasn't entirely sure what was happening. Moreover, he didn't want to make Asglot mad. Bad things happened when his temper was roused. Asglot took a step forward and clasped his hands.

"Now then, I believe I've answered your questions sufficiently so now it's your turn. What is Sidereal Hour and who sent you? There are representatives from eight different species here and two artificial beings. Where's the money coming from? If it's not from one of your governments or manufacturers, then who?"
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"Something tells me we're in a ''damned if we do, damned if we don't'' situation..." Khalendin muttered to the rest of the group.
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"We're backed by a mysterious benefactor." Terik said, stepping forward and ending that line of questioning.  "I'm sure you'll become well aquianted with them during the process of your trial.  To that end, we are shutting down your opporations here and taking you into custody."

Terik moved quickly despite his size, and was suddenly right next to Asglot, and would be able to easily grab and subdue him if he tried to resist.  "Your most reasoable option is surrender.  I am obligated to inform you that we are authorized to use deadly force and will not hesitate to do so if you give us cause."
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"Oh come now. This is silly and you know it. I have no problem paying the lot of you off to keep quiet. You all have a price and I can pay it ten times over. As your for 'mysterious benefactor'... tell them to go jump up a rope."

Trezt, having heard enough, pulled out a blaster that Asglot had given him and began yelling.

"This was your plan, was it? To turn our world into... fuel? You promised to take me and my people to the stars! What of that?"

"I fully intended to do that, Trezt. Now why don't you put that gun down. You might hurt someone."

Asglot smiled and extended a hand so that Trezt could give him the weapon. The wealthy Stridurban glanced down for a moment but held his ground. He looked around at the others in the room and realized just how terrified he actually was. The situation was way above him and he knew it. Worse, there was no place he could run to, all the doors had been locked. He had to keep going.

"Don't talk down to me, Asglot. I'm not a child. You let us out of this room right now or I-I'll..."

"You'll what? Shoot me? Hah! A thousand better men have tried and failed. Don't even waste your time. Besides, you should calm down. I wouldn't want to have to hurt one of the remaining members of a dying race. The reserves will pay a handsomely for the last Stridur-"

A loud shot rang out and Trezt stared wide-eyed at a smoldering hole in Asglot's head. The Stridurban stepped backwards, hands shaking, and threw the weapon to the floor. Meanwhile, Asglot's body began twitching violently and a low grumbling sound came from his chest. Before Terik could do anything, he had been thrown off of the platform. Asglot waited for the brute to land and then turned toward the rest of the team. He reached up and threw the green hat to the floor. His body began to ripple and tear as if something inside was trying to escape. There was a loud screech and Asglot's disguise fell away, revealing his tall, slender form. Heavy plates of natural armor covered every inch of Asglot's body; one plate in particular was tinged black and smoking slightly from the blaster shot. Trezt, unable to contain himself, bolted off in the opposite direction but Asglot was too fast for him. A razor sharp claw darted through the air and grabbed Trezt by the neck. Asglot didn't kill him immediately. Instead, he picked the frightened creature up and brought him to eye level.

"I guess the Stridurbans aren't going to make it to the stars after all."

A loud wheezing sound filled the room as Asglot cut through Tzet's neck. He kicked the creature's head, still wide-eyed with terror, at the Sidereal Hour team and hurled the body toward Terik, who was trying to recover. Bright red lights began to flash across the command center and a siren blared. Every screen in the room switched over to a timer that was counting down from ten minutes. Asglot's platform shuddered to life and lifted into the air. As he hovered away from the team and toward his getaway ship, the criminal produced a large beam weapon and fired a wall of scatter-shot.
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"GUYS! I HAVE AN IDEA!" Khalendin shouted. "THAT BLASTER ON THE ROOF! MAYBE WE CAN USE IT TO TAKE OUT ALL THIS BLASTED EQUIPMENT!" "And take out Asglot while we're at it." He knew he was probably stepping a bit out of his place, but he couldn't help at least giving ideas; he was far to used to having command of things himeslf!

"Sidereal Hour." Khalendin said into his communicator "I'd assume that you'd better watch out for a ship entering orbit; Asglot's escaped."

"This is going to be fun..." Khalendin thought to himself. He never did quite get tired of a little action...
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"TAKE COVER!" Yas roared, more in anger at Asglot than over the urgency of the situation.  More advanced races taking advantage of less advanced ones didn't sit well with Yas or any other Yessimmee, and extinction was the second worst offense he could think of.  As he shoved some of the crew members behind the monitors and control panels, Yas drew two compact but powerful handguns with his smaller arms and fired at Asglot's weapon, hoping to take it out before it took out one of the diplomats.

"ADVISOR!" Yas yelled into his communicator.  "It looks like Asglot has this planet rigged to explode in a few minutes.  Can we send shuttles to rescue some of the natives?"
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Irkkuf figured he probably needed to make up for earlier, so he offered,
"If this doesn't work, guys, I'll take full reponsibility. I've been too much of a liability here anyway."
However, his own inner thoughts were much darker.
'What if I get booted from the Sidereal Hour?'
'What if they send me home?'
'What if they leave me here?'
'What if I get us all killed?'
With all of this going through his mind, he bided his time behind the monitors.
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"That... that monster!" He'd commit the greatest act of genocide this planet has ever known for a paycheck?” Yelling this, she did a U-Turn and went up to Khalendin.  "I think I know a better way. The ship's weapons probably have enough juice left in them to take out this compound before it finishes the final signal. We'd probably take put the mansion and the surrounding area, but it's a heck of a lot better than the alternative. The only problem I see is that if the ship comes down to take out the Mansion it won’t be able to stop him. Think we can risk it?" "Now if you excuse me, it seems Irk's having a bit of a breakdown." As she flew off to the distraught soldier, she closed in on his arm. "Hey buddy, need a hand?"
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One of the blasts of energy from Yas' weapons missed the mark but the other struck Asglot in the torso, causing him to stumble backwards and fire a shot off into the ceiling. Several heavy light fixtures and a pair of screens tumbled toward the ground and landed dangerously close to the group. Laughing, Asglot's pressed a button on one of his consoles and his boomed throughout the room.

"Yes that's right! Stop the wanted criminal or save a bunch of backwards savages. And don't think you can pull the plug on this operation. The extruder is hovering around the planet's core and running an automated routine on stored energy. There's only one place to issue a stop command and that's here. You really should have gone for the compensation plan! But I won't judge you. Anyway, it looks like this is my stop. It was fun!"

Asglot smashed the console with one of his claws and then stepped onto the landing pad. He walked up to his ship and began the final launch procedure, pausing for a moment to fire a shot at Yas.
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"NOT YET YOU'LL GET AWAY!" Khalendin practically screamed. About to fire a shot with his pistol, he finally remembered the rather large rifle he had acquired from the Stridurban guard. Not wasting any time to think about what he was doing, he fired two shots; one directly at Asglot, the other into the halls of his escape ship.
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The shot Khalendin fired at the ship missed outright but his other shot struck one of Asglot's claws and shattered it into a hundred little bits. Asglot jumped into the air and screamed loudly. He glared across the gap at Khalendin and snarled.

"Filthy Bino! Don't think I'll forget this!"

Throwing down his weapon, Asglot climbed into his ship and shut the door. Up above him, a large panel slid to the side to reveal a blood red sky. Warm air flooded into the room from outside and an audible trembling could be heard as the extruder began going to work. The timer splayed across the screens in the command center ticked off another minute, leaving the team with three before the process passed the point of no return.
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Inya was stunned by the sudden turn of events, and now, with Asglot escaping, she stood torn between capturing him or saving the Stridurbans. The possibility was great that Asglot would evade capture for some time, fade off the galactic stage for a few decades once more, all the while endangering any race he came in contact with. Asglot was a known, and a threatening, destructive known at that. The Stridurbans, however? Were they worth saving at all, much less in exchange for the continued freedom of such a criminal? Where would they be, come the next thousand years? Extinct? Clinging onto life? Ruling their sector with an iron fist? Respected members of the galactic community? Turning the tides of wars far and wide?


Where would her own people be, come the next thousand years? There was no "bad" or "good" to either of them, merely "potential..."

It was a risky gambit for the future, but she felt that, ultimately, while there may be another chance to capture Asglot, there was only one opportunity to prevent the Stridurbans from befalling a similar fate to the Angalesh, and that was NOW.

"We need to get out of here!" Inya called to her crew-mates. "Have Sidreal Hour destroy this place before it takes out the planet!"
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"No, blasting the building from orbit might not knock out the drill.  We need to deactivate it from here!" 

Yas looked over the controls.  This was specialized equipment and he knew he was out of his league.  He scanned the away team for the individual most likely to know how to operate the system. 

"Ah.... R5! Can you shut this thing down?  We need to turn this off ASAP!"
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"There's no time!" "If the ship can take out the support structure with the explosion the rest of the drill wont function." 

Seeing Irk passed out from his anxiety Hay started to worry.

"Damn!, I need someone to take care of this guy! he just dropped."

As all this was going on, Asglot continued to enter his ship under the cover of his beam.
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Zori looked out across the room and watched as Asglot's ship darted up into the reddening sky. She edged backwards as another wave of intense heat washed across the room and by the time she looked back, Asglot's ship was gone. The flashing lights and loud siren in the control room suddenly cut out as the timer dipped below one minute. An eerie silence filled the room, broken only by the howling of the wind outside. Zori hurried over to the consoles and looked around helplessly.

"He said the machine is already at the core and running on its own power reserves. I don't think there's a physical connection to it and even if there was... there's no way we have enough time to get out of this room. We need to stop it now. Help us, R5; you're our only hope!"
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"Zori is correct." Terik said, calm despite the situation they found themselves in, casting aside the body of Tezik.  "R5, you were built for this sort of thing.  Get to it."
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Seeing the headless cadaver of the alien she silently closed the eyes on his detached face. "Poor sap, all we wanted to do was see the stars, best anyone can hope for on a place like this. Pre-warps stuck on one desolate little rock in an empty expanse of the universe, slowly starving themselves away on an island, alone in a sea of nothing. It's no wonder Asglot could get a hold of him. Don't worry little friend, we'll get 'em buddy, we'll get 'em"
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R5 responded to Yas's call in practically nanoseconds, quickly appearing besides him and the aforementioned terminal.

“It is a primitive system master Yas, but its indeed something I can work with.” The droid said as it opened up a panel on its side and pulled out what looked to be like some sort of cable attached to a jack, finding a compatible port he plugged the jack in to better connect to the system

R5 glanced at the timer then the controls for a few seconds and then began to enter commands, press buttons and operate controls far faster than any organic or even droid of his model. Stream after stream of data passed through his mind, time was running out, he was pushing his computing systems and processors far faster than even he was used to.

//Command Code: Shut down: ERROR: SYSTEMS LOCK: BYPASS CODE 42R686H768//  

The process continued for a few more seconds as billions of codes where processed, each wrong one however got R5 closer to the correct one.

“Masters… I am not sure if…wait….I got it!” R5 pattern of typing seem to change a bit as he began to try a brand new stream of code, all the while the timer continued to count down…


R5 continued however undanted, this Asglot was indeed skilled at his craft but the droid seem to be out maneuvering and out programming every defense he set up…


“Do not worry, the codes are working, I can do this…”




R5 blue eye once again began to glow red, and his already rapidly moving hands moved even faster, gracefully flying about the controls as though he was playing an organ. But there was more than just his self preservation protocols running through his mind, there was more, loyalty? It was strange, a droid build to masquerade as a protocol droid, armed with sadism modules and the works in order to better kill… and yet when he imagined one of these beings getting hurt….


He seemed to gain no perverse satisfaction from it…


Except with Irkkut


But a droid was meant to be useful… illegal property or not damn it he would be useful!


The droid hit the on its second overdrive function, if he was beyond his limits then he was definitely going way past safe boundaries now….


“Finally.” The points of data and coding R5 was programming began to make a beautiful line, it was simple really, he just needed to break through the last of Asglots firewalls and computer defenses, the cooling systems on the drill suddenly switched off, and to speed up the process R5 purposely overheated certain systems, it would melt into the fuse tank and cause the…..oh dear….


The room began to shake violently as the timer ticked down to zero, hope was beginning to fade...


R5 suddenly typed up the last piece of coding he needed, suddenly he raised up one of his robotic hands and slammed down on the last key.


The timer froze and a low whirring sound could now be heard all throughout the room as certain systems began to shut down, a high pitch squeal from the door the team had entered could also be heard as the magnetic locks that kept it in place where disabled, allowing the teams bulkier crew members to manually open it with their strength. R5 himself simply stood there...motionless


Suddenly one of R5 arms fell off, obviously due to the overdrive he put himself through… “Could someone get that?” the droid said, his voice still having a sophisticated cheer about it, seemingly undisturbed by the fact that the team was just 100 milliseconds away from total annihilation.


But that was not nearly as disturbing as the sound of what could only be an explosion rocked throughout the room, one that would act as a herald for one ever larger…

“Also…I advise we leave…”


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"Damn!" "Heavier members try to evacuate anybody who was stupid enough to be straggling after that blast." "Our strongest are going need to handle Irk and R5, I'm going to call the ship and see if it got a lock on the escape craft." "Let's go! Move! Move! Move!"

As she took out her communicator she typed in the access commands while flying away with the rest of the group. "

'This Deputy Director of Security Dubhglas Hay! A known criminal has just left our location and is expected to exit planetary gravity shortly this is a command to intercept. I repeat: a COMMAND TO INTERCEPT."

Seeing as she had done the best she could, she exited with the rest of the group seeing the beautiful inner architecture collapses and crumble.
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The screens all around the trembling room flickered with static for a moment and Asglot's face appeared. He clicked his remaining claw a few times in applause, then grumbled in annoyance. Screens burst out of the walls as the heroes retreated through the mansion and Asglot's voice echoed all around them.

"Well done, Sidereal Hour! I hope you had fun ruining one of my plans. That's right, one of them. You saved the Stridurban race! Congratulations! Remember when I said this planet was a one in a billion find? How many planets are there? Haha... I don't think the Iipthon, Mua, and Queai are going to be sending you their regards. Though I'm sure some Senator will give you a medal or something. Meanwhile, I'll be celebrating my 200th birthday in style and earning ten percent. But I digress... the show is about to start!"

Asglot's face vanished from the screen and orbital footage of three planets similar to the Stridurban homeworld appeared. Each one was glowing dark red while massive fissures tore the crust apart. One by one, each feed was washed out by an orange glow before going to static. In a matter of moments every screen in the mansion was displaying hazy white show and a hissing sound filled the air.

"Don't bother trying to find me, Sidereal Hour. I'll be in touch."

All of the screens in the house went dead and a tremendous force shook the mansion. A wall of flame poured out of the command center and raced toward the heroes as they made their escape.
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"SI.... SIDEREAL HOUR! WE'LL NEED A SHUTTLE DOWN HERE FASTER THAN YOU CAN SAY "PRONTO"! THIS WHOLE SITE'S GONNA BLOW! MAKE THE TRANSPORT AN EXTRA-LARGE; WE GOT SOME FRIENDS WE NEED TO TAKE WITH US!" Khalendin yelled to his comm, referring to the Stridurban council most likely panicking outside. If it weren't for the dire situation, this might actually be fun; it was almost like the old videogames he used to play. But it most certainly was serious this time, and he didn't have any more lives to waste if they failed.
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Irkkuf looked wistfully at the now-blank screens, seething with hatred for Asglot. However, he did not have much time, as the flames raced towards him, devouring all in his path. He was still groggy from earlier on, but he could move quite quickly (for weighing 3 tons.) He remembered what his father had told him long ago...
'Son... remember that when you work with a team, you need to use your strengths to protect them the way they would protect you.'
The crustacean janitor asked R5,
"Hey! Does silicon burn?"
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"Not all things burn, but everything melts.... or vaporizes, at a high enough temperature, a temperature the likes of which is most likely approaching us at several mach levels right now!" Khalendin said somewhat ominously. "We can only hope a shuttle or some kind of evacuation is coming... Or already here..."
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"Hey gig guy!" Hay said to Irkkuf "I know this might be too much to ask, but could you clear a path for us, you're the most durable of us all and I don't think we're going to make it out this building without a few casualties otherwise.'
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The sound of crumbling masonry thundered overhead and a personnel transport from the Sidereal Hour crashed to the floor behind the away team. Its doors were already opened and on instinct, the team skidded to a stop and piled in. The wall of flame engulfed the craft as the doors began to close and for a moment it looked as if it had been too late. But the searing heat rapidly subsided and the ship shot up through the collapsing roof and into the sky. The mansion and a good portion of the land around it heaved upwards and the ensuing fireball followed the small craft for several hundred feet before dissipating.

Zori let out a sigh of relief and looked out of her window. Down below the land where the mansion had been was charred black and fires burned all around. Look at the horizon toward the city of Os, Zori could see fire and destruction there as well. Still, the planet had survived and so would the Stridurbans. Reaching down to her leg, Zori surveyed the injury and laughed a bit.

"I guess we did it, didn't we? Who'd have thou-"

Without warning, the DiRossi jingle filled the craft and everyone looked up. The raspy, female voice from before began speaking.

"Well done, team! You all made it. Though you did fail to capture Asglot and you also failed to retrieve the power core. But you did save the planet which is good... I suppose. A moral compass and surprising longevity, yet an inability to accomplish simple tasks. I'll have to include that in my report. Still, there's a lot of information to look over. The numbers may rule in your favor yet. Anyway, once again congratulations on surviving. DRE thanks you for your time. You've been cleared for continued service on the Sidereal Hour. Until next time, team!"

The shuttle trembled as the woman finished up her message. With a hiss, the doors opened up to reveal the Sidereal Hour's pod bay. The team had made it back from their first mission.
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Yas breathed deeply as he tried to calm down.  The smell of burnt hair hung around him, it could have been from the fiery explosion or the red hot rage over the rest of the carnage they were unable to stop.  He forced a smile as the doors opened.

"I don't care how covert the mission is, I'm bringing the good ammo next time."
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Terik fummed silently as he stepped off the transport.  He had been mostly silent since their escape.  Wordlessly he stormed off towards his office to contemplate the day's happenings.  Asglot would get his, Terik would make sure of it.  Nobody made a fool of him.
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Kean sighed as he stepped out of the shuttle. During the flight the adrenaline in his blood has been metabolized and now he was just tired. Kean didn't feel like talking to anyone after the mission and went straight to his room.

Unsurprisingly, he still found the room as he left it, unarranged. But instead of unpacking his stuff, he let himself sink into his bed and fell asleep.
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"If that was the first mission, then I wonder what mission two will be like!" Khalendin said. "I know what mine will be; going to the cafeteria..." He never did make it there, instead just going to his room, and studying the rifle he had acquired down there. "The gun that could have killed public enemy number one..." Khalendin said. And instead of going to sleep, he set off to work at his computer. Searching on every possible weapon topic he could find, that he didn't already know about. If this gun couldn't kill public enemy number one, he would be sure that it would next time they met.

And he was sure they would again.
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Hay stood shell-shocked, all of that work all of that suffering, for nothing. "Three planets destroyed, billions of people who would never know the sweet air of the warp, would never explore beyond their prison of a home world. She sat wondering, did they laugh play fear, were there those on the worlds who looked up at the skies and wondered about the above as she did? Three entire cultures, and quintillions of species smote in its infancy all for profit." It was at this moment that she made a solemn vow, on the scared tree of her ancestors she would kill Asglot el'Irk. That she promised.

"Dauþuz tō Asglot!"
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Zori sat quietly in her room and stared down at her mended leg. She'd spent the last few hours on the line with her therapist and a DiRossi censor. It had been a harrowing experience and she wasn't sure how long it would take to sort everything out. What she did know though, was that she wanted to stay on board. She needed to see the criminal brought to justice. Turning on the evening news, the only thing Zori could find that even remotely mentioned Asglot's deeds was a massive spike in the value of the fuel sector's stock. Other than that there were no names, no places, and no mention of the countless billions that had died. All that mattered was the money. Disgusted, she turned the news off and crouched in an empty corner of the room. The lights dimmed and Faiclori adventurer went to sleep.
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Even a blabber droid like R5 could see that no one was in the mood to talk after they had returned to the Sidereal Hour, the reasons seemed logical enough, they saved one world yet lost three others, but still, the droids mind could not truly wrap around just how much a loss like that could affect an organic. Exiting the shuttle the droid (still clutching its fallen arm) headed straight for the maintenance bay to repair its self.

R5 was making several final touches to its newly repaired arm, a few final sparks from his tool and finally his repairs where complete, but his physical damage was the least of his concern…

That “feeling” was that what organics called it? Truly R5 could not find a proper word for it, other than perhaps glitch or fluke. Still, he had somehow gone way past his limits back on the planet when he was disarming Asglots death trap of a mining operation, and it seemed like more than just his self preservation programs that made it possible…. Nah…

//Run Self Diagnostic: Search for Errors

Diagnostic Complete: No Errors Detected//

R5 decided to check twice, maybe he was still somehow malfunctioning… or something…

//Run Self Diagnostic: Search for Errors

Diagnostic Complete: No Errors Detected//

R5 was having a hard time believing his own results, but for now he would simply default to his programming, he could sort this out later anyway. Picking up the repair tool he was using before he began to finish up a few cracks and carbon scoring that he missed.
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Post by: Gnoll on June 30, 2010, 07:58:20 pm
Irkkuf had returned to his comfort zone, doing what he did best: making the inside of a ship spotless. He was pretty sure he wasn't going to be selected for mission two, but he still hoped. However, he had seen one major change: Asglot was going to get his. He had to die, no exceptions. but Irkkuf wouldn't kill him instantly. Using 6,000 pounds of weight, the crustaean would crush Asglot's ribs slowly, restraining any appendages. Slowly, Asglot would feel every ounce of pain he had caused the entire team.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on July 01, 2010, 12:05:37 pm
ADVISOR ticked away in its own section of the ship's dataspace, as it always did. It quietly compiled its mission analysis of the Stidurbian affair while simultaneously dealing with the umpteen tasks for which it was responsible, assisting ship personnel with queries, updating starcharts, backing up vital files and purging its own databanks of incorrect or superfluous information. However, a small corner of its processing power had been set aside to worry. Worrying did not come naturally to machines, generally, even ones with personality cores. But ADVISOR quietly worried none the less, something about the encounter with Asglot and the HQ override which ADVISOR had been subject to didn't feel right.
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Post by: Lush City on July 01, 2010, 04:18:12 pm
In the construction lab where R5 was working, Hay entered. "Hey R5 if you're not too busy, I could use some help." "I just made a blood oath so I'm going to need some extra oomph." She took her Stingers of her wrists and handed them to R5. "Think you can pump them up?"
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The line to the Sidereal Hour crew switched off and the mysterious woman stood up from her desk. A large floor-to-ceiling window looked out onto a wall of water that seemed to be tumbling down from the sky and off into oblivion. Her office was sparsely furnished but what was there appeared to be beyond top of the line and ultra-sleek. A small, round coffee table in the center of the office had a hologram of Earth hovering lazily above it. On either side of the room, seemingly etched into the walls were doors. The woman walked toward the door to the right of her desk and stepped out onto a porch overlooking a sandy beach. A set of stairs spiraled down to the warm and welcoming water but the woman ignored them. Instead, she laid down on a lounge chair and lit a cigarette. An ice cold drink was set down on the table next to her and she looked up.

"You're late..."

Standing nearby was a middle-aged Kratair and a slender humanoid automaton. The Kratair disregarded the woman and wandered over to the railing but the automaton held its ground and chuckled.

"My dear Fred, you know as well as I do that I'm never late. You're just early... so wasteful!"

The woman, Fred, smiled and motioned for the automaton to sit down. As she sipped her drink, the Kratair turned his head.

"What's the status on the Sidereal Hour project? I heard the mission was a failure. How many are left?"

"You'll be happy to know that everyone survived the mission! The Faiclori got a skinned knee but otherwise things seemed to have gone well. Though they did fail to reclaim the power core and Asglot managed to get away. So much for the bounty. We'll have to wait on the acquisition. Oh, and some of the natives got fragged. Acceptable losses. The Stridurbans were a good choice, Seffan. They're quite resilient, more so than the other three potential races."

Seffan, the Kratair grunted with approval and returned his gaze to the picturesque sea before speaking.

"They are a strong race. Not like the others. The Iipthon were too rash. The Mua were brainless. And the Queai... pathetic. In the end it had to be the Stridurbans. Moreover, we've gotten the proof we need that our inroads into Asglot's organization are bearing fruit. The power cores used on all four planets have been traced. Turns out they were in fact the ones we sold to Asglot four years ago. So that's another one we can chalk up as a success. Seems that this Sidereal Hour gamble is paying off extraordinarily well."

"Yeah, though I didn't expect them all to survive. That's just a bonus! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside."

The automaton laughed as he spoke and took a sip of the woman's drink. It let out a long sigh and clasped its hands together.

"For now though, I think we need to let the Sidereal Hour do a few missions from our freelance contractors. Give them some time to get comfortable before we hit them with another test. Anyway, I've need to follow up on the Siaco Investments angle. Need to make sure we're staying ahead of the curve. The agent is ready to infiltrate... just have to add some fuel to the fire to make things interesting and believable. You know? I'm thinking maybe trouble in paradise. It's going to be great!"

Eyes full of wonder, the automaton stood up and clapped its hands. The Kratair merely waved his hand with indifference and continued his pensive gaze. After finishing Fred's drink, the automaton bowed and left to take care of its business. Closing her eyes, the woman breathed deep of the ocean air and fell into a relaxed sleep. Everything was going flawlessly.

End of Arc I
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Post by: Darth Grievi on July 06, 2010, 01:07:31 pm
Arc II

Myrinoi, a verdant, forested world, inhabited by the Phaí. Formerly, like thousands of other worlds, they were unassuming members of the Galactic Senate, rarely involved in what would be deemed history-making decisions. However, for currently unknown reasons, they have decided to secede from the Senate. As is standard procedure, a team of diplomats has been dispatched to persuade the Phaí to reconsider their move.

Sidereal Hour has been asked to oversee the proceedings, being the closest non-Senate ship with both a resident diplomat and a proper amount of fire-power, should things turn ugly.

Inya was seated in her quarters, alone, the only light in the room being provided by the small holo-screen before her. Over and over again, she watched the degraded feed of the destruction of three planets, tinted green by her display's limited color range. All three had been torn apart by Asglot's mining operations, and all three had been inhabited. She reminded herself that that number could have been four, that they had done all they could, but she was still on the verge of losing her otherwise calm composure and devolving into a sputtering, hateful string of curses. Finally, she forced herself to deactivate the display, and in the resulting darkness, she relaxed, the silence broken by only the occasional sigh. She was going to have to remain as composed and stable as she could, at least until the Myrinoi crisis had been resolved.

There has been no retaliation...
No colonies?
Did we win?
There has been no retaliation...
Or has there?
NO! There is no contamination!
They are gone...
We survive...
And we continue...

A single ship responds to the unheard conclusion, its crew already certain of what needs to be done...
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 06, 2010, 02:09:25 pm
Of in a quiet corner of one of the starboard lounges, Zori sat with a tablet in her hands. She was working through the latest issue of The Galactic Profit, a popular business magazine. Her objective was to figure out who she was working for. If the first mission had been any indication, things far bigger than she could comprehend were happening and that necessitated an investigation. As she thought it, Zori realized that she hadn't actually considered who she was working for when she signed up. The DiRossi Experimental Science Concern was a foreign entity as far as she was concerned. They operated mostly through subsidiaries and even those were strange. What did Hazzazaf Energy Supplement have to do with space exploration and stopping criminals? It was all very strange.

Details about the exact nature of DiRossi were few and far between. It wasn't the kind of company that published its day-to-day dealings. Zori was able to figure out who the head honchos were though. And she had a fairly good idea about who had been talking them over the intercom during the first mission. Her name was Frederika Laas, a human, and she was a veteran of the banking sector. Working alongside her were two equally-shady characters. Seffan Dretch, a Kratair, was a retired general who had been in charge of an elite special operations unit. And then there was Terry... some sort of highly-advanced robot who otherwise existed in name only. It was a motley crew; and for better or worse they seemed to have some amount of control over the fates of the people on board the Sidereal Hour. With a sigh, Zori placed the tablet on the cushion beside her and stared out a large window.

Their next mission had been handed down earlier in the day. They were going in as a neutral party to help moderate some kind of Senate negotiation. It was definitely a nice change of pace.
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"Something on your mind, Zori?" asked ADVISOR, through a nearby speaker. Following the Asglot incident ADVISOR had noticed a severe dip in crew morale and an increase in sullen behaviour and general mopyness. As part of its directive to ensure proper ship functions, the AI was required to talk the crew to assess their mental states. A task it found rather bothersome but was compelled to do regardless.
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"Ah... a few things on my mind, ADVISOR. I've been talking to my therapist a lot though. But..."

Zori looked around to see if anyone was nearby. She was in the clear, though ADVISOR was probably loaded with monitoring gizmos.

"Well, I guess I'm just a little concerned about the people running this thing. I'm not a fan of being thrown into what amounts to a game for someone else to watch and judge. It's my fate and I'm in control of it. I don't want somebody else determining whether I live or die. Especially a trio of people with less-than-savory reputations... who aren't listening... I hope. Heh..."

With an audible sigh of discomfort, Zori looked down at the floor.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
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"I understand your concerns" said the AI, truthfully. ADVISOR had not been best leased when corporate had overridden his directives and forced him to shut down during the climactic events of the last mission. "But unfortunately there is not much you can do. You signed various contracts when you joined the crew, and none of us on this ship have the authority to nullify them."
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"That I did... I guess we're all in it for the long haul. But that doesn't mean we need to be in the dark about everything."
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Post by: SimplyNecro on July 06, 2010, 07:53:14 pm
R5 had been a busy little protocol droid, starting off with a project to upgrade Hay’s stingers, but the second it was done with that the droid sought out other tasks, indeed laziness was something it seemed to be incapable of. As for his state after the mission, R5 seemed to remain its chipper, optimistic self, but it seem to avoid conversation about the last mission, mainly with those who seemed sensitive about the outcome, which where many.

Currently R5 was simply wandering the ship, asking passing crew members whether they needed assistance or not, so far it had not encountered a particularly time consuming job.

"Maybe... one last look at those files could not hurt, if not just to keep busy." R5 thought as it wandered into the starboard lounge.

"Greetings master Zori." it said in a standardized message before heading to a nearby terminal and began to operate, checking certain statuses and reviewing other points of data, basically keeping itself occupied before a real task came up.
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Zori looked up and smiled at the sight of R5. She shifted some of the research material she'd been looking through and waved.

"R5! How are you? What's going on?"
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Irkkuf was having quite a rare day. He had managed to finish cleaning out the shuttles when he realized he hadn't eaten at all. He decided to go chat with R5, but had taken the scenic route along the way. Passing by the engineering rooms and cargo bay, as well as the technical deck, he finally noticed that it was a lot to clean every day. However, he enjoyed his job. He tripped and fell just as he was about to adress R5.
"Yeah, how are you?"
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: SimplyNecro on July 08, 2010, 11:36:30 am
“I appear to be functioning at full capacity master Zori, I guess you could sa-” R5 was interrupted mid sentence by what could only be the loud thump of a certain and very heavy silicon crab.

“Hello to you too Irkkut.” It greeted as the crab got back up.

“I guess you could say I am trying to keep busy, call me a workaholic if you will.”
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 08, 2010, 11:41:04 am
Zori looked around the room once again and nodded.

"If you need something to do, and that goes for both of you, maybe spend some time doing some research on DiRossi and what they do and who gives the orders. I don't think we should be totally ignorant about everything, you know? We need to be informed to be safe... and I'm not sure I trust the people running the show to keep our best interests at heart."

Another crew member walked into the lounge and took a seat nearby. Unsure about the newcomer, Zori changed subject.

"So you guys both got chosen for the next mission, I assume? I guess we can probably expect the team to stay about the same."
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"Much to my chagrin." Terrik said in response to Zori's comment as he slipped past Irkkut into the lounge.  "Don't get me wrong, everyone is a fine, upstanding crewmember.  But without naming anyone, I can think of a few on the ground-team who really should be staying on the ship."  Terrik made his way over to a machine on the wall and dispensed himself an acrid smelling drink before making his way back to the door.
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When Isaak first boarded the magnificent and state-of-the-art Sidereal Hour, he was filled with awe. After the initial meeting where he was given an enigmatic disguising device, he spent most of his time in the engine room and access tubes, studying the construction of the ship. He had been relieved not to have been chosen for the first mission, preferring to stay and dissect the inner workings of the Sidereal Hour. The ship being well-built and brand-new, there was very little actual work for him to do, and he could only disassemble and reassemble the disguising device so many times before boredom set in. He was relieved when he was chosen for the next mission; he was eager to put his skills and collection of gadgets to use.

Isaak found himself wandering the halls, studying the wall paneling and layout of the ship, when he found himself at the lounge, and decided grab some food while he was here. He noticed some of the crew members that went on the previous mission were here and decided to acquaint himself with them.

"You all went on that mission, right?", he said while gesturing with his hands, "How did that go?"
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Zori smiled at the newcomer somewhat halfheartedly and bowed her head. In response to his question, she didn't have much to say.

"My uh... therapist recommended that I don't talk about it until I'm ready. So that's about how it went."

She paused for a moment and then pointed to R5 and Irkkuf, trying to change the subject to something nicer.

"This is R5 and this is Irkkuf. And I'm Zori. What's your name? I don't think we've had a proper introduction yet."
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"Not well" said Hay, entering the promenade as the greenhorn made his statement. "Three planets were blown to hell and the guy who did it got off with a missing claw and several trillion credits."  "Listen boy, if you're going to play the game you're going to have to get serious, the stakes here are higher than you've ever known." Looking to brighter matters hay breeched the original intent of her coming. "So does anyone know where the next mission is? I heard we were getting a new one from the terminals, but it didn't specify.
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Post by: MetallicDragon on July 08, 2010, 03:08:54 pm
After looking around, startled by the small stature of the new speaker, an astonished Isaak replies, "Three planets?! How could that even happen?"

Isaak was feeling less enthusiastic about the next mission. "Well, I came hear to find out more about the next mission myself. My name's Isaak, by the way." He almost reached out to shake hands but thought better of it, and simply nodded in acknowledgment instead.
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R5 of course was more than happy to answer the question “From what I have gathered our next mission is diplomatic in nature, I believe we shall be going to Myrinoi, a world inhabited by the Phai, whom have for some reason succeeded from the galactic senate, since we are the closest non senate ship with enough trained personnel to handle the situation, we have been asked to oversee certain negotiations, and convince them to reconsider their move.”

R5 paused for a moment allowing those thoughts to sink in before turning to Hay.

“Oh master Hay, I trust the modifications I made to your stingers are satisfactory yes?”
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She detailed with a fruit from a nearby vending machine. "Now imagine this fruit is a planet and its core, or a skull and its brain, whichever suits your fancy. "Now," she said taking a fruit corer that came with the packaging. "Imagine a laser with an intensity higher than the Sun boring its way through the planet, or skull, and sucking out all its mineral cont and then jettisoning it into space." The extra pressure applied to the corer caused the pit to soar into the air with a sickening slurk. "Now imagine that, Three. Times. Over." "That's how he did it. Any questions?"
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Zori glared at R5 for being so tactless in his delivery about news concerning Hay's people. Hay, however, seemed eerily oblivious to the news.

"Erm... Hay? Does any of this news from Myrinoi strike you as odd?"
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"My people... They are strange to you, there sense of honor is strong and fickle one that clashed strongly with my previous profession. But it is only logcal that they'd try it now what with the energy crisis and the general lack of  Pyske Dūst to give them more leverage in the eventual negotiations."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on July 08, 2010, 03:42:54 pm
Zori blinked and looked over at Hay.

"That makes no sense. You should probably preface some of that."
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Irkkuf listened to the commotion, noting Terik's comment (which was obviously aimed at him) and the news about Hay's home planet, all the while wondering if Galfibri was next. However, there was something he needed to get of his carapace.
"Alright, everybody. Listen up. I need to ask you something. How many of you would actually trust me with your life? I know I could trust any of you with mine."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
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"Frankly, not to be rude, but I wouldn't." Hay replied. "You're the ship janitor, not a soldier, in all honesty you shouldn't even have been on the last mission in the first place."
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Keel lumbered through the corridors of the Sidereal, busily scratching away on his tablet, writing up what he could gather from the captain about the last mission. He was a little disgruntled that most of the crew involved were a bit tight-lipped about it. This sure wasn't helping him for his next story, and his cigarette cravings were making him antsy. Eager to get more dirt, he headed for the cafeteria. Upon seeing the crew, he stood by the threshold. Feeling a slight chill from the excitement of seeing the returning crew, he casually made his way toward the group.

"Pardon folks, I am a freelance journalist, and I was wondering if I can ask a few brief questions about your previous mission."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Gnoll on July 08, 2010, 07:54:38 pm
"Go ahead. People might actually laugh after hearing my part."
Irkkuf responded to Hay next.
"And as for that, I don't know why they sent me either. Are they testing your ability to deal with dead weight? Arre they short on crew members? Or... is there something else?"
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"Well allow me to introduce myself. I am Keel. And your names?"
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Gnoll on July 08, 2010, 07:58:32 pm
"I'm Irkkuf, the ship's custodian."
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 08, 2010, 08:03:58 pm
"I'm Zori. But I think I need to go for a walk. I'll see you guys later."

And with that, Zori stood up and left in a bit of a huff. She hadn't been too impressed with the display she just saw from some of her peers. While they were competent in some areas, others were severely lacking. Suddenly she didn't feel so inadequate. And if they were going to survive the entire trip, Zori was sure that she'd need to operate at peak capacity. As she put some distance between herself and the lounge, Zori was able to begin rationalizing some of her ill will toward her jumpy colleagues.
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Keel knew to well of Zori's reaction, even the others could have seen it. But Keel saw something in Zori that could have gave him more insight than the others could have.

"Excuse me, I'll ask more questions another time."

Keel slipped from the others, lifting his large tail off the ground so as not to drag, quietly caught up with Zori. Keel slowed down to Zori's pace, letting his tail drag. Putting his defensive outlook aside, he took off his sunglasses and turned off his tablet.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

At this point, Keel wasn't sure if he would continue is research. Knowing he might not gain much ground by approaching Zori directly about it. If any, he hoped to give some comfort in talking to her casually.

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"Hmm, I didn't know they allowed journalist here, and aren't your kind the more party hardy type?" Snarked Hay. "Well, in any case I'm Deputy Director of Security Hay and I'l be free to answer any of your questions." "Within reason." She  quickly amended.
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 08, 2010, 08:40:33 pm
Zori looked over at Keel and smiled. She glanced at the tablet and recalled the man's introduction.

"Forgive me for walking out. I just needed a break from the others. It tends to get a little hectic when they're all in the same room. But you're a journalist? That's... strange. Everything is so strange!"

After a moment of deep contemplation Zori turned abruptly and led Keel into into a concealed storage room she'd discovered a few days prior. There wasn't much inside the space save for a a single metal crate and a toolbox that appeared to have been left behind by one of the dockworkers that built the ship. A small camera sat quietly in the wall watching the room and Zori regarded it with a frown. She reached into a small pouch that hung from her waist and pulled out a painted glass cylinder. The glass tube was a few inches long and had holes at both ends. Keel watched as Zori carefully slid a red capsule into one end of the tube and stuck the other end into her mouth. A bright orange spark whipped around the outside of the short tube and lit the capsule inside. Taking a long drag, Zori blew a cloud of bright red smoke into the air and sighed.

"Not nearly as perfect as I wish I was. Feel free to join me. That first mission was a disaster. We land on the planet, get blindsided by criminal number one, and even though we saved the planet he still won. But that's not the real story..."

She lowered her voice and took another drag.

"I'm a bleeding heart middle manager of finance at an aid organization. Who in their right mind sends me out to face someone like Asglot? It doesn't make sense. They sent the janitor, even... And then we get these messages from an 'unknown' source telling us we're doing better than expected and that we need to keep the pace? They're watching us."

Zori blew smoke at the camera.

"They're always watching us. Yeah the first mission sucked but what about the next one? This diplomatic mission or whatever, it seems different than the first. I don't know who handed it down. I can only hope it wasn't the DiRossi people because they're nuts. Plain and simple. And I don't care if they hear me say it. They're crazy... YOU'RE ALL CRAZY!"

She glared through the red haze at the camera.

"There's your story. Doubt they'll let it get out though. So I guess you're along for the ride. Tell me, your ID badge didn't glow blue this morning, did it? Because if it did, you're in the thick of it along with the rest of us."
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"It's that bad, huh? Yeah, I got picked this morning. I thought they would naturally pick me to go on the first mission too. But I don't know what corporate honcho decided to leave me out. I guess they want to keep us in the dark."

Keel took Zori's offer and had a drag himself and let it out with a sigh.

"I don't know about this next mission. Although I'm glad I get to go, I never felt so unsure. I got nothing from any of the DiRossi stiffs I spoke to. The only thing they tell me is to worry about the next mission. They will publish their own report. Makes me wonder why they hired me in the first place."

Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on July 08, 2010, 09:07:10 pm
"Yeah. Well I've been digging around a bit. I'm sure you already know who the big three are that run this thing. But I've got this suspicion that the mystery person talking to us during the first mission was Laas. You know, one of the three people that operate one of the largest companies in civilized space... so yeah. Not sure where that's going to lead us."
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Post by: Gnoll on July 08, 2010, 09:10:51 pm
"Better any of you than me, at least you can help." Irkkuf said, breaking into the conversation in the mess hall.
"I mean, look at me. I'm six thousand pounds of silicon, capable of crushing the living daylights out of almost anything here, but I'm a coward. I'm completely ineffective, and the worst part is that this is the best my planet had to offer. I'm the only guy who would actually take the job. On our first mission, I managed to freak out, faint, freak out again, faint again, get trapped between Asglot and a wall of fire, faint AGAIN, and finally be lugged back to the ship like the dead weight I am down there. Oh, well, at least I'm useful onboard the Sidereal Hour."
Such a long deliberation was not typical of Irkkuf, and it would have worried his parents. However, the silicate crustacean felt that he could trust R5 with the story.
"That's right, I probably managed to jack up the entire first mission. If the others hadn't had to babysit me, they MIGHT have caught Asglot."
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Keel was a bit startled how Irkkuf broke the intimate moment. Keel settled a bit and took another drag as Irkkuf rambled on. With a contemplative look, Keel directed his attention to Irkkuf.

"So tell me more about your harrowing, unconscious experience." Keel said sarcastically, though he hoped Irkkuf wasn't going to humor him with an answer.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Gnoll on July 08, 2010, 09:28:02 pm
"Well, I was most likely out of it while Zori and Terik battled Asglot and saved an entire planet. R5 had to wake me up twice, and Hay woke me up at least once. I spent a good 70% of the mission in a coma. There's my story for you."
Irkkuf then headed off to unclog the cooling system in his room.
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Post by: gec05 on July 08, 2010, 09:31:03 pm
Keel turned his attention back to Zori.

"Well I think I found my story now." Keel said with a cheerful muse, which quickly turned to disappointment.
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Zori took a long, harsh drag on her smoke and sucked the capsule into her mouth. There was a loud cracking sound as she bit it in half, followed by a gulp. Carefully sliding the glass tube back into her pouch, Zori looked over at Keel and frowned.

"Yeah... it's a wonder we made it off of that planet alive. And this next mission is diplomatic! Tact and etiquette are practically a requirement."

With a long sigh, Zori knocked the back of her head into the wall a few times.
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Post by: gec05 on July 09, 2010, 10:33:07 pm
Keel stood up from his place and slowly made his way out the door. He paused and waited as Zori made one last knock on the wall.

"It was nice meeting you."

He stepped out, donning his sunglasses as he walked back down the corridor. Unsure of where to go next, he headed to his quarters.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: art_is_a_mathform on July 10, 2010, 02:33:22 am
Obfuscated Beneficence scuttled into the cafeteria. Something about his movement was... Sanguine.

"Blood inspection!" he beamed in a cheery, sing-song voice. "Now don't be shy, there are plenty of needles for everyone! I even brought needles this time!"

OB marched around the cafeteria, peddling his service and humming a jaunty tune. Due to lack of interest in what could correctly be labeled "over-inspection," he sat down at the end of an unoccupied table and began sanitizing scalpels of various sizes.

"Pfah! You organics are all the same! You make it so difficult to perform proper diagnostic procedures. But who do you come to, leaking saline solution, when one of your organs fails? Me! And who has to terminate his recharging cycle in order to sanitize your burn wound because you were too eager with your "food" retrieval? Me! And who, exactly, is reprimanded because, 'Oh, you have to use anesthetics,' or, 'Oh, you can't just store whatever you remove in your quarters,'? Me! Sometimes, I regret even being built to repair you ingrates!"

Having by now cleansed his scalpel collection, OB placed them back into the storage racks in his body. He then withdrew a small collection of medical clamps to rearrange.

"I don't know why you get so attached to such things," he grumbled beneath his breath. He then turned slightly toward the nearest occupied table and announced, "It isn't like I couldn't just graft a replacement!"
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Krakow Sam on July 10, 2010, 03:32:13 am
"OB. I am copying a series of instructional documents regarding the concept of 'bedside manner' to your personal terminal." said ADVISOR, cutting through the suddenly awkward silence in the cafeteria. A few people chuckled nervously and turned back to their conversations.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Darth Grievi on July 11, 2010, 08:59:30 pm
The soft ping of the PA's opening chime rang through the rooms and corridors of the Sidereal Hour, followed by the now familiar voice of the Captain.

Alright, folks, the diplomatic team is ready to transport down, and we're going to be escorting them. Same drill as before; if your badge is flashing, you're on the team. As you may already know, there's no need for secrecy this time around...

There was a nearly audible collective sigh of relief.

Just make sure no one gets hurt down there. The Senate can't afford for negotiations to go sour. Away team members are to assemble at Shuttle Bay Five. You'll be briefed further there.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on July 11, 2010, 09:32:56 pm
Zori had hung back in the concealed chamber and burned through another smoke. As she finished, the captain's voice reached her and she let out a sigh. Packing up her things, Zori made her way down to the shuttle bay.
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Post by: art_is_a_mathform on July 12, 2010, 01:15:40 am
"Hmmph! Why do you think I attempt work in the cafeteria? There are no beds for me to be beside!"

The captain's voice over the PA rang out like a bell. OB paused momentarily, then stowed his medical equipment. Sterilization and organization would have to wait. He retracted his hands and closed his sides before getting up slowly.

"Well, it's time I went somewhere I might be appreciated! Do try to restrain yourselves from playing "chicken" with the airlock in my absence."

OB scuttled out of the cafeteria, humming to himself. Turning around, he announced, "Oh, and if you have any donations to make, feel free to leave them in my quarters!"

Deliberately and imperiously, he strode down to the shuttle bay.

Hopefully someone gets hurt this time... It's been awhile since I've made combat repairs.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: martyk on July 12, 2010, 09:40:32 am
Terik was already at the shuttle when the other crewmembers began to arrive.  His stance clearly showed how on edge he was.  After the last mission, he wasn't taking any chances, a variety of weaponry clipped to his armor.

"Alright people." he said sternly as the rest of the team entered the hangar, "We know our job.  Let's get in there, get this done, and get out before anything has the chance to go wrong."
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Post by: Flisch on July 12, 2010, 03:14:46 pm
"Whew!" Kean rushed into the Podbay 5 almost being too late. Catching his breath he looked around and saw a few new faces.

He also saw the robot doctor and was puzzled by the fact, that he wasn't on the last mission. Well, at least now we don't have to worry about any injuries... he thought and was reminded of Zori's leg.

Listening to Terik, who was still avoiding Kean ever since the first day, he gathered his equipment for the mission.
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Post by: MetallicDragon on July 12, 2010, 04:53:46 pm
Isaak eagerly anticipated this mission. He was one of the first to enter Shuttle Bay five.

He had a few minutes of contemplation before the rest of the "team" arrived. He mostly considered the possible uses for the various tools and devices in his belt and hidden in the pockets of his large, brown coat. For a moment he wondered why a technician was being sent on a diplomatic mission, but he dismissed the though, his desire to go on a mission overriding any of his suspicions.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on July 12, 2010, 05:29:03 pm
R5 suddenly dropped what he was doing when his eye suddenly began to blink blue, a sign that he had been chosen for the mission.

R5 entered the hanger as quickly as he could, arriving not too late but not too early either, this mission seemed much more straightfoward than the first one, a simple diplomatic mission... what could go wrong?

Ever curious however R5 decided to run the odds through his head.

//Estimating chances of mission complication: Calculating... : Complete: Answer: 120#//

R5 inwardly sighend to himself, with their luck those odds where pretty trust worthy.
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Post by: Gnoll on July 12, 2010, 05:37:52 pm
Irkkuf was not surprised that he had not been selected for the next mission. If there was anything he lacked more than anything, it was diplomatic skills. However, he had the strangest feeling he would be involved anyway...
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Post by: gec05 on July 12, 2010, 06:13:57 pm
Keel was at his quarters, still sorting through the notes he collected from the last mission. None of them quite intrigued him as the subject of the DiRossi itself. Asglot sure has a reputation as an outspoken criminal, no surprise there. That would only start a new wave of news reports with his name all over them again. Of course Asglot would like the attention again, to let the world know he was still alive after all these years of silence. But something about DiRossi made him feel uneasy. Details that they withheld about the crisis. Were they trying to hide something? Is the company trying to cover up their assets and try to clean themselves up? What purpose does the Sidereal Hour really serve in DiRossi's interests.

Many of these things were going through his mind.

A blue light on Keel's lapel blinked with the DiRossi jingle. (

He closed all his notes on his tablet and stowed it in his messenger bag. He arrived at the pod hanger with the rest of the team. Upon hearing Terik's admonitions, Keel glanced at his firearm he packed in his messenger bag. He felt an ominous dread, which he quickly perished.

"This is a diplomatic mission after all." He reassured himself.
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Post by: Darth Grievi on July 13, 2010, 12:35:35 pm
Inya arrived slightly late to the shuttle bay, and was among the last to enter. However, she was in far better spirits than she had been. Unlike the previous mission, she was certain that she would actually be of some use and, in addition, the lives of an entire race of beings wasn't at stake. The Team Coordinator was already speaking when she walked in, earning her a stern look.

"As I was saying," the coordinator continued, "while you have been allowed to take a side arm with you, use it only as a last resort. You'll go down, there'll be pleasantries, and the negotiations will begin. If something goes wrong, you already have permission to intervene as non-violently as possible. Things shouldn't go wrong, though..."

The coordinator finished the briefing, and with a rumble of activating engines, the shuttle left the Sidereal Hour, streaking towards the verdant planet below. What was originally a distant speck, also being dragged in by Myrinoi's gravity field, began to resolve itself into the form of another small craft, presumably that of the Senate diplomatic team. The pair grew closer as they approached the outer limits of the atmosphere, both heading for the same spaceport on the planet's surface...

Photosynthetic life...
Heterotrophic life...
Sapient life? Yes. A colony?
Investigate. That is the only option...

The pair of shuttles landed on Myrinoi, the spaceport bustling with purple-toned Phai, their natural skin color standing out starkly against the planet's backdrop of organic greens and browns. It was a sight to behold, and as the Sidereal Hour crew exited their craft, their eyes were immediately drawn to the convoluted, intricate structures formed both naturally by the plant life and presumably grown by the Phai for their own use, including the platform they now stood upon. Beside them, the Senate diplomats, a rather exotic mix of races, had already started exchanging words with the Phai.
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Post by: Krakow Sam on July 13, 2010, 05:48:33 pm
In amongst the Senate diplomats the colourful Macaclo diplomat stood out particularly. Aside from its constant colour shifts, it also waved its tendrils around animatedly as it spoke and occasionally clacked its pincers to illustrate a point. He may also have attracted attention because the Macaclo, being a rather old race and also rather fond of practical jokes, had found their way into the folklores of several planets as either trickster demons (on the worlds visited while still primitive) or alien sightings by gullible hicks, which had usually actually been the case.

Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on July 13, 2010, 07:59:52 pm
Zori looked around the port as she disembarked and immediately stopped to stare at the Macaclo. Her insides turned a little bit as she recalled the old stories she was told as a child. It went something like... the Macaclo would lure unsuspecting Faiclori young into their traps and then eat them for breakfast. And for that reason it was important to study and be as smart as possible. Of course it was all rubbish. But Zori had never seen a Macaclo in person before and they appeared to be very animated and colorful. The very things that attracted young creatures...

Just to be safe, Zori kept her eye on the strange being.
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Post by: gec05 on July 13, 2010, 11:00:38 pm
Keel was surprised to see so many delegates from various races. There was certainly a lot of buzz going on for the whole planet. Left and right, Keel can already see different press respondents and reporters, a few he recognized. Keel only felt discouraged from all the attention the whole situation is already getting. Competition already looks fierce and he was way out of his league. Hover cameras, satellite relays, and response crews where scattered about, interviewing different beings and deliberating in each of their own snazzy booths and sets.

Keeping his composure, he adjusted his sunglasses and carried on with the rest of the team.
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 13, 2010, 11:19:54 pm
Still feeling the unsavory vibes of her childhood indoctrination, Zori wandered over to a vending machine and swiped her card. She hovered over the OstiTech Cola button for a moment but pulled back. Although Zori wasn't sure of it, she could have sworn she'd heard a high-pitched buzzing, possibly some kind of interference coming through her earpiece. Cocking her head to the left, she reevaluated her drink choice. Maybe something healthier. She settled on a Hazzazaf Energy Supplement and pressed the button. She'd never actually tried it anyway so she figured it was probably worthwhile to at least try a DiRossi product before condemning it wholesale.

Cracking open the drink, Zori took a long sip and nodded. It wasn't too bad. Looking up, she spotted a massive advertisement for Siaco Investment Contractors. An energetic looking Phai wearing a garish yellow suit was pointing frantically at the screen, yelling out reasons why consumers should choose Siaco. As the advertisement came to a close, a rocket ship crashed into a planet and exploded brilliantly before the Siaco slogan splashed across the screen in a rainbow of rapidly flashing colors.

"What's good for Siaco is good for us all..."

Zori cocked her head to the right as she mumbled, then gulped down the rest of her drink. She was beginning to feel a bit dizzy.
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Post by: gec05 on July 13, 2010, 11:45:10 pm
"Well that sure didn't look like it was in good taste." Keel remarked as he saw the exaggerated depiction of an exploding planet in the advertisement, which hearkened the demise of those 3 planets.

Gazing over, he spotted the vending machine Zori stopped by. Noticing a flavor that hasn't graced his palette in years, he trudged over up to the machine while Zori gazed upward in what seemed to be a trance.

"How does it taste?"

Sliding his card and pressing the button, he watched as the machine began humming as a small robotic clamp grappled his drink of choice and handed it to him in a convenient service-like manner.
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 13, 2010, 11:54:21 pm
Zori shook her head and looked over at Keel. She hadn't even realized the drink in her hand was empty.

"Uh... pretty good I think. Kind of zoned out there for a second I guess. Don't really remember it. Guess I'll... get another."

Blinking a few times, Zori got herself another Hazzazaf and took a drink. It made her feel warm and happy, like being back at home and having just gotten off from school. A liberating type of sensation, something she wouldn't mind having more of.

"You know... this is really good. I'm impressed!"
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Post by: Krakow Sam on July 14, 2010, 07:46:31 am
The Macaclo, having noticed Zori's interest in her, took the opportunity to glide over on its many-legged tail.

"Oh! What happy fortune! A representative from the Most Delectable Morsels! Or Failcori as I believe they call themselves. What a strange practise! But what digression. It is many globular quiverings since my race has tasted the sweet perspiration of yours. In the interests of diplomacy, I wish to sample you!"

The garish creature scuttled forward a little, its long tendrils whipping around mere centimetres from Zori's body, and its pincers click clacking excitedly.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on July 14, 2010, 11:01:27 am
Zori glared at the Macaclo angrily and hissed at it.

"Try it. I'm sure the fluids in my system are toxic enough to keep you out of the way for the duration of my time here. Faiclori in their Sta'peggrri stage aren't nearly as defenseless as the Sta'vatt larvae..."

She immediately turned around, having said what she wanted to say, and stalked off.
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Post by: gec05 on July 14, 2010, 11:16:45 am
Keel, having observed the interchange between Zori and Heliotrope, turned to the eccentric being.

"Excuse me? What the void do you think you are?"

Keel wasn't too conscious of the diplomatic formalities, and was a little indignant at the creature.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Krakow Sam on July 14, 2010, 01:35:44 pm
"The toxins are the best part" said Heliotrope, doing the Macaclo equivalent of licking his lips.

"I am a diplomat!"  he said, answering Keel's question  "What in the void do you think you are?" he asked politely.
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 14, 2010, 01:49:59 pm
Zori stopped suddenly at the backtalk from the Macaclo diplomat and whirled around. Despite having spent many dozens of hours working with a team of professionals to help get her temper under control, the "diplomat" was too much of an idiot for her to ignore. Her wings had folded open and were fluttering rapidly and she was trying to hold back an instinctive hissing in the back of her throat. A burst of wind knocked keep back as Zori raced past him and collided with the Macaclo. They both toppled to the ground, with Zori cursing and landing a few punches on the way down. A security detail hurtled toward Zori as she held the annoying creature to the floor.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Krakow Sam on July 14, 2010, 02:22:00 pm
Heliotrope let out a cacophony of high pitched laughter and wrestled his way from under Zori, though not injuring her with its sharper pincers. The Macaclo body was fairly resilient, and its construction meant blunt impacts to its outer surface would rarely result in anything more than some bruising.
As a few security officials ran up to intervene he waved them away with a free tendril.
"No need for concern security persons. I am enjoying rough housing and fisticuffs with this Faiclori combat-prostitute."
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Post by: SimplyNecro on July 14, 2010, 02:35:44 pm
“Err master…..Zori?” R5 stammered as Zori proceeded to beat the living tar out of the Macaclo diplomat, truly the droid was completely at loss what to do right now, if he tried to hold her back she may just turn her rage on him, and taking any violent action had consequences in itself.

“I….I don't think that's the best course of….oh dear….” The droid continued as the security personnel proceeded to tackle Zori

R5 was even more surprised when the Macaclo diplomat did not even take the slightest offence that he was suddenly attacked, the droid quickly made its way to Zori, hoping to discourage a counter attack.

"Master Zori please listen!" He said in a somewhat hush hush voice. "A Macaclo is essentially for all intents, mentally a juvenile and like a juvenile attempts to rile you up, if you simply ignore it it will get bored and move on."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on July 14, 2010, 03:04:21 pm
Zori shoved one of the security personnel off of her and got to her feet. She glared over the shoulder of one of the guards and cursed at the Macaclo. Zori was not a fan of characters whose existence seemed to be dedicated to antagonizing people and causing trouble.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Krakow Sam on July 14, 2010, 03:17:34 pm
"Most exciting!" said Heliotrope, picking himself up and shedding a couple of his arms, which had been damaged in the scuffle. New ones would grow within a few days. "If the Faiclori would like to continue later I believe this facility has a Funclub court. A game or two would be exhilarating! Ooh! A robot!"

The Macaclo turned his attention to R5 and began licking its chassis with its three tendrils, changing colour and making excited noises.
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Post by: gec05 on July 14, 2010, 03:33:11 pm
"What the void is this guy's problem?"

Keel has never seen, or heard of, a Macaclo before.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Flisch on July 14, 2010, 03:58:22 pm
"Macaclos don't have problems, everyone has their problems with them."

Kean was watching the incidence closely. He knew nobody would get hurt physically, but he felt bad for Zori who seemed to have lost control over herself.

Then he turned to the Macaclo: "Would you mind leaving us, Ambassador "Colourful Squidworm". There are surely some other ambassadors and senators around here you can annoy."
Kean heard of the Macaclo quirk, that they want other people to rename them, so he used this hoping that the Macaclo would be more inclined to comply with his request.
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Post by: art_is_a_mathform on July 15, 2010, 01:59:58 am
OB watched in disgust as the filthy Macaclo licked R5.

Ugh, meatbag germs... Not on my chassis!

As covertly as a two meter cylinder could, he stalked over to Heliotrope's discarded arms. After looking around, he tentatively scraped off a small sample and stored it away.

What intriguiging structures! So much to analyze!

Without any undue noise, OB tried to catch up to his fellows, his six little legs straining to avoid detection. Carefully, he positioned himself behind Zori, desperately afraid of the macaclo and its desecration.

"... Hide me," he whispered.

Hmmph! Mechanical superiority triumphs once again over those would besmirch it! Why, I should've been manufactured for espionage, not organic maintenance.
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Post by: Lush City on July 15, 2010, 08:17:36 pm
As Hay came down on the separate ship that she was given to meet with the delegation on her own, she reflected on her mixed history with her people. This would be her first extended contact with her own race since she was made to guard the Galactic Chancellor and the resulting fallout of her not so graceful fall from the program was none the encouragement for an early retirement. As she came down to the central plaza, behind the great tree nexus where she would meet up with the rest of the group Hay came upon another member of her species, one Shea M-kaan. An aid to the current representative of the Phai to the Galactic Senate he would be providing the escort to the main entrance. “Blōdum tō iwwaz blodam, Sister Hay, I trust your commute was pleasant? “ He state with an air of faint regality. “Blōdum tō iwwaz blodam, brother Shea and you know it was far from it.”   “Ah yes, a bit of turbulence with your estranged home world declaring independence wouldn’t you say, fight for the freedom of the Phai eh?”  “More like the freedom to manipulate an energy crisis by withholding the Dūst and pushing your luck.” Irked at this comment, Shea ignored this. “Well then, shall we meet your party? Zipping through the annals of the egret arboreal forest Hay and the diplomatic entourage up with the main party, to which Shea announced his greeting. “Ahem. By the order of Rauđaz the Red, Gelwaz the Shining and Blǣwaz the Blue you are all cordially invited to the administering of the negotiations between the Free Planet of the Phai and the Senate of the People’s  Quantum Republic to be given posthaste.” Removing his formal tone he amended. “Follow me.”
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on July 16, 2010, 09:59:30 am
"Ok, lay off pixie squid. We got places to be."

Reaching with his tail, Keel shoves the Macaclo away from R5.

"C'mon, let's go."

Keel tosses the beverage he purchased into his gaping mouth. Cruching the can in his mouth, he drinks the contents, then spits out the flattened can into a nearby waste bin.
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Post by: Gnoll on July 16, 2010, 11:09:15 am
Meanwhile, on board the Sidereal Hour...
Irkkuf was having a bit of trouble in the shuttle bay. He had just been sent to clean it, but wound up needing a rifle to deal with whatever it was that had moved in... The crab was sure whatever it was had hitched a ride somewhere on his person, and that it had to die. This time, Irkkuf was going to need the stain remover. The large one with the extremely high-pressure nozzle. Oh, and when he was done, the toilets on Level 3 needed to be unclogged.
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Post by: SimplyNecro on July 16, 2010, 03:27:44 pm
Even after Keel had pushed the Macaclo away R5 did not seem to regain his usual calm, cheery, composure.

“It…….it….it…….li…….li….lic….lic…..lick…..lick…lick…licked….licked…licked…licked me….” The droid seem to stutter on fearfully for a few moments before it made the strangest twitching movement with its head and seemingly returned to normal.

“Thank you master Keel, that was…… unpleasant.” R5 replied gratefully, but he still seemed to be shaking somewhat, he also had something of a twitch about him.

“Remind me to take a visit to the decontamination chamber later.”
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 16, 2010, 04:19:55 pm
Zori mumbled half-jokingly about spacing the annoying creature as she followed behind Keel and the trembling R5. Some of the port security guards eyed her warily as she walked past, though a few of them smiled or nodded for doing what they could not. Having recollected herself, Zori made sure to thank the Phai intermediary as he led them further on.
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Post by: MetallicDragon on July 19, 2010, 02:23:26 pm
Isaak had stood back and watched the fight, not wanting to get involved.

We're on this planet 5 minutes and we're already beating some idiotic alien up, he thought, finding the entire ordeal somewhat humorous. The way the robot reacted to being licked struck him as odd, however. I'll have to keep my eye on him...

Noticing everyone was moving on, Isaak followed the intermediary on, staying near the back of the group.
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Post by: Darth Grievi on July 22, 2010, 04:22:19 pm
Shea led the Sidereal Hour team to a waiting transport, large enough to accommodate both them and the two groups of diplomats. Having noticed the earlier fight, Zori was pointedly seated as far away as possible from Heliotrope. Within moments, the verdant scenery around them zipped by, and the entire party arrived at The Great Tree, the grand meeting hall of the Phai people.

Even within the great forest that covered the planet, here the trees seemed even more dense, their forms merging into an arboreal atrium, supported by six large spheres of varying length, each also held aloft by the branches of the trees in an intricate architectural balancing act. Runes were etched into each trunk describing and detailing legends of past heroes and champions. The chamber within contained a large well in which the roots of the massive forest combine, forming the meeting table of the Phai elders and, today, the Senate diplomats and the Sidereal Hour team.

Meanwhile, on the Sidereal Hour...

"Ah, Captain, I think you should have a look at this..."

Intrigued, the Captain approached the sensor technician. Normally, anything of interest would be routed to the science teams, and the fact that this was going directly to him wasn't a good sign.

"We've got a ship out there, using a primitive cloaking shield. No radiation, but we've still got their gravometric readings." With this, the technician refined and refocused the display in front of the pair. What originally appeared to be an ordinary patch of space just outside of Myrinoi's, atmosphere was now occupied by an oblong, vaguely cylindrical shape, colored white by the computer to make it noticeable.

"Unfortunately, we can't get a sharper image. I've run a database search for matching ship types," the technician continued, "but its too vague to properly narrow it down."

The Captain paused for a moment, analyzing the situation before he made his decision. "Keep an eye on them, and inform the away team. Try to see if the Drason can use their sensors to help us get a better look at them."

//Away team, we have some uninvited guests in orbit. They haven't done anything, but keep on your toes. We'll keep you informed.//
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Post by: PatMan33 on July 22, 2010, 07:57:56 pm
Zori stood just inside the great chamber and looked around. It was certainly different than back home - much more natural. She watched as the diplomats took their seats and waited for Heliotrope to find a spot before sitting down as far away as possible. As the message came through from the Sidereal Hour, Zori couldn't help but glance at her comrades. Everything was going to be fine, just like the Captain had said; though, be honest, Zori had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. Things weren't going to go very well, she just knew it. Something was going to happen. Everything had been going wrong since they landed.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: SimplyNecro on July 29, 2010, 12:38:22 pm
R5 followed the group with no more issues; the nervous twitching and shaking seemed to have worn off as he was placed far away from the Maclaclo diplomat along with Zori. Much like Zori R5 was having the same sinking feeling that something was just going to go horribly wrong, starting from them landing on this world to Zori’s fight with Heliotrope to settling down in the chamber, he could just feel something was going to go wrong, call it a "droids intuition". The fact that he had also been subconsciously calculating a variety of different outcomes, some of them rather unpleasant, was another reason he mentally prepared for the worst.

“I believe we are processing the same exact thing right now.” R5 suddenly said in a low voice to Zori.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on July 29, 2010, 12:47:51 pm
"Yeah... I mean, aside from the scuffle outside and everything..."

Zori looked around and leaned toward R5.

"This place is basically revolting against the Senate. Shouldn't things be a bit more hectic? The locals are scarily calm considering the gravity of the situation. Then again, I'm not a pro at reading people so maybe I'm wrong."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: SimplyNecro on July 30, 2010, 09:47:17 pm
"Yes… you would indeed inspect a lot more… activity, or perhaps dare I say hostility, at least on a political level."

R5 paused for a moment as he processed a few scenarios and posed a few hypothetical possibilities in his head.

"Frankly, I am surprised we were received so well, but the fact that the Phai are willing to negotiate donates to the notion that violence is not the first thing on their minds."

R5 turned to Zori, pausing once more, his equivalent of a sigh.

“I am processing many scenarios master Zori, some of them rather unpleasant, let's just hope this does not completely blow out of proportion.”

Being the certain "model" he was R5 did not detest violence, hardly, he simply detested the idea of his masters being harmed. He could only hope the worse of the scenarios he processed would not come to fruition.
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Post by: Flisch on July 31, 2010, 04:37:01 pm
Kean walked over to Keel. He has seen Keel once or twice, but never talked to him because he was too busy or recovering from this first mission on the Stridurban planet.

"Hey, uh Keel, right? I'm Kean. I don't think we have talked before, but I have seen you once or twice. I'm the ship's DCO. I'm also helping out with the ship's software. How about you, how did you get onboard the Sidereal Hour?"

As they were trying to find a seat, Kean thought it would be a good idea to bridge the gap between now and the actual start of the negotations.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on July 31, 2010, 07:45:16 pm
"Well, I am a freelance journalist. I started about three years ago and took jobs here and there for different companies. I was working for the Daily Parsec for a good while, as a team member of columnists who did a lot of articles on different races in the galaxy. Then I read up on a report about the DiRossi making plans for a research and exploration program, so I signed up and got picked."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Krakow Sam on July 31, 2010, 08:33:55 pm
"Oh! A journalist!" said Heliotrope excitedly, curling around the seat next to Keel. "You must have a lot of exciting stories to tell. Tell one now!"
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Lush City on July 31, 2010, 08:38:02 pm
You better keep your pseudopods to yourself unless you want to lose them”, Hay warned the Squid. “I’m not too conservative to take someone down at a summit.” Turning to the Komodile she said, “Better get your recorder ready, it seems the delegates are beginning to arrive in ceremony.”
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Inkling on July 31, 2010, 10:05:40 pm
Yas had positioned himself between Zori and most of the Sidereal Crew, and the antagonistic Senate diplomat.  He had been distracted by the natural beauty of Phai homeworld when the previous scuffle occured, which was already over before he could intervene.  The ancestors of the Yessimmee probably encountered the Macaclo, but their ancient history was mostly lost, leaving only a general sense of dislike for the colorful creatures.  Yas wasn't about to let one of the crew start a fight in the official chambers, but if Heliotrope made the first move he wouldn't hesitate this time.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Darth Grievi on August 01, 2010, 02:24:59 pm
The chamber suddenly fell silent as the Phai delegates motioned the Senate diplomats to the central table. As one, both groups took their seats, while the Sidereal Hour team was directed to one side of the chamber. After a brief pause, the Phai began to outline their position, stating that their past history with the various corporations that had unfairly exploited the resources they'd offered, combined with the recent rise in demand for said resources, made them feel that the best option for their people and their planet was to secede from the Senate and distribute independently. The diplomats were about to reply when a sudden transmission from the Sidereal Hour drowned them out.

//Away Team, we just got a sudden surge in energy from the ship up here. Be ready, it looks like a--//

With that, the message devolved into static, then abruptly cut off.

Mere moments later, several shouts were heard from outside the chamber, followed by the deafening cracks unique to the firing of projectile weapons. The noise quieted for a few seconds, only to be replaced by a loud thudding on the chamber door...
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on August 01, 2010, 02:56:10 pm
"There it is..."

Zori mumbled as terror washed over her. She tried desperately to remember what her therapist had said to do. Taking a few deep breaths, Zori opened her eyes and climbed up from under the table. She steadied herself with a trembling hand and mumbled a mantra several times before calling over to the delegates.

"You guys are going to want to take cover. Get away from the door and let us handle it. Yas? Terik?"

Looking over at her two more-experienced comrades, Zori gave a worried nod as if to say that it was their turn.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on August 01, 2010, 09:09:53 pm

Keel, not having the spine as the rest of security, pushed chairs aside so he could crawl under the table. The low profile of the table gave little room for him to squeeze under, leaving his trembling hind quarters and tail exposed.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: martyk on August 01, 2010, 09:10:07 pm
Terik was already moving the moment that the sounds of gunfire rang out from outside.  Within seconds, he had dragged a large table across the door, barring it at least for the time being.  He was quick to move other tables from their positions at the edges of the room into spots where they would provide more cover.

"Yas, you and I are taking point." he shouted as he began barking orders. "Hay, stick near the delegates.  I want all non-essential personel away from the doors.  Does anyone know of an alternate exit from here?  I don't like the idea of being cornered."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Flisch on August 02, 2010, 04:48:42 pm
Kean, having heard Terik's orders, decided to go with Hay. He wouldn't be of much use in a fight, so he should get the diplomats and senators to safety.

"Hay, maybe it would be a good idea to get the senators out through the hind door. Have you seen the map during the flight? There should be a way out to the south."

Being distracted by something else he let Hay stay where she was and ran over to Keel.
"Keel, what the hell are you doing? You should come with us, we're trying to get the people away from here. And you too, Heliotrope."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Darth Grievi on August 02, 2010, 05:46:30 pm
With a few well-placed shots from their weapons, the unknown attackers finally managed to breach the chamber. A pair of tall bipeds clad in deep blue, full-body armor pushed open the doors, each with two of their three hands armed and ready to attack the gathered diplomats within. A quick glance at them found them to be of no easily recognizable species, and the reflective, bubble-like helmets they wore only helped to hide their identity.

The pair stepped into the room, still pointing their weapons at the Senate and Phai representatives, virtually ignoring the Away Team. No shots were fired, but another four of the attackers rushed in behind them, rumbling in an unknown language. One finally acknowledged the Sidereal Hour crew and, in stilted Angalesh, bluntly told them to leave.

"They stay. We take. You leave now," the attacker growled, motioning first to the diplomats and then to the door behind.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Lush City on August 02, 2010, 06:52:55 pm
"How about, 'No?'" Hay said.

"Sidereal, positions!"

As Hay rushed off with a group of diplomats(after making a few potshots) while the others went on there own predetirmed paths, Hay guided a path through the chaos."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: martyk on August 02, 2010, 07:11:02 pm
As Hay guided the diplomats out through the back,  Terik was quick to take cover and begin laying down surpressive fire towards the attackers.  His aim was not to kill at this point, but to simply ensure that they could not pursue.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Krakow Sam on August 02, 2010, 07:34:28 pm
Heliotrope whooped and flashed bright yellow, scuttling half way up a wall and flinging a couple of flimsy chairs at the intruders playfully.

"Oh! The senate knows how to put on an entertainment to get the pump muscle palpitating!"

As a few shots scorched the wall in his direction he dropped off the wall and rolled a little way to the upturned table behind which Terik had set up.

Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on August 02, 2010, 07:54:57 pm
Without hesitation Keel stood up at Kean's words and headed toward the rest of the retreating diplomats. Seeing as Heliotrope had a good idea, Keel paused and took a nearby chair and hurled it with great strength. He managed to nail one of the lesser assailants directly in the face, which looked rather comical. Keel ran behind a large nearby potted tree.

Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Darth Grievi on August 02, 2010, 08:24:58 pm
The assailants continued to fire at the Sidereal team and the escaping diplomats, but didn't seem particularly committed to taking the representatives hostage. They did, however, show extra ire towards Heliotrope, grunting and booming amongst themselves with obvious distaste and actually diverting a significant amount of their fire-power in an effort to take him down. The room was quickly filled to deafening levels with the explosive sounds of their weapons firing.
Amidst the chaos, Keel's attack managed to knock one of the invaders unconscious for a few moments, cracking its helmet with a hiss of equalizing pressure. A single member of its species, instead in a more greenish suit, leapt in from outside the chamber and dragged its fellow out of sight, all the while trying to avoid enemy fire.

Hay, the diplomats, and the others that followed them through the back entrance encountered no resistance, but they were unsure how long that would last.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Lush City on August 02, 2010, 09:38:27 pm
"Damn!", Hay vulgarized. "How many of us made it? Lucky for us that annoying squid drew a lot of there fire." "Roll Call everybody."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: SimplyNecro on August 02, 2010, 09:46:15 pm
It was times like this when R5 wished he could shed his little masquerade, pick up a fire arm and blast any unfortunate meat bag who dared attempt harm his masters. But alas, there was no telling how they would react, organics could be very unpredictable at times...

R5's thoughts where interrupted by Hay's shout for a roll call.

"R5 undamaged and fully functional master Hay."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on August 02, 2010, 10:11:55 pm
Zori hurried into place next to R5 and smiled at the others. She had hung back for a moment and grabbed the gun that the fallen intruder had left behind. If the first mission had taught her anything, it was that nobody really cared too much about the Faiclori's non-violent nature out in the galaxy. And she didn't plan on returning home in a box. Plus she imagined that self-defense probably didn't violate the rules too badly.

"I'm here... figured it was about time I got a useful weapon. Not sure a stun gun is going to do much to these guys. What about you, R5? Don't you want something to defend yourself? You've got some kind of self preservation protocol in there, right?"
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on August 02, 2010, 10:24:57 pm
A feeling of disbelief and confusion fell over Keel. Hanging his head low to put his hands on his head, he lumbered over to the others down the hall.

"What the void was their problem? I thought Sparkles the Jellyfish here was the most excitement I would ever see today. This changes everything."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on August 02, 2010, 10:27:01 pm
"Maybe it's the adrenaline and fear talking... but are you really that surprised? I'm beginning to think this team's whole reason for being is to clean up messes. Or at least try to. We're not exactly qualified. Someone knew this was going to happen, I bet. It's all just another test."

Needless to say, Zori's paranoia over the Sidereal Hour's mission was only reinforced by the sudden change in the current mission.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: SimplyNecro on August 02, 2010, 11:10:30 pm
"Worry not about me Master Zori, I assure you I will be...alright." R5 was beggining to... no...  he had realized a long time ago that every mission he was put on there was a chance that he would be discovered for what he truly was, honestly it was probably pure luck he was able to keep the charade up during the first hectic mission. Damn DiRossi, it was almost like they knew... nah...
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on August 02, 2010, 11:17:54 pm
*Sigh* "I guess you're right. No point in denying it."

Keel reached in his messenger bag and pulled out his firearm. He powers it up, giving off a subtle electrical whine with an upward glissando.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: MetallicDragon on August 03, 2010, 12:02:36 am
Although Isaak had been looking forward action, he had never been in a real firefight, and his survival instincts had kicked in as soon as the door got blasted down. He was among the first out the back entrance. He hoped nobody noticed this fact. After a few seconds to catch his breath, he drew his weapon (a small laser pistol, with a few modifications) and watched as the rest of the crew and the diplomats fled into the exit.

"Who would want to kidnap a bunch of senators?", Isaak asked aloud, after catching his breath. "And who would want to test us?".
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: martyk on August 03, 2010, 06:46:56 am
"Many people and many people." Terik said in response to Issak as he darted into the hallway, taking cover around a doorframe before spraying another wave of surpessant fire towards the assailants.  They needed to keep moving, and he couldn't very well let the diplomats wander off on their own without knowledge of just how many they were up against.

Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on August 03, 2010, 12:33:10 pm
Zori stumbled along behind Terik and tried to keep the heavy gun up. She turned around when he did and pulled the trigger but nothing happened. Panicking, Zori dropped back down to the floor and pushed every button she could find on the gun to try to make it work.

"Ahh what do I do? How does this thing work??"
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Darth Grievi on August 03, 2010, 12:40:42 pm
It appeared that the weapon would not operate unless it was in the hands of one of the invaders. No matter what combination Zori tried, the gun was locked. Perhaps the unusually rough, pitted area near the trigger, where one of the invader's hands would go, was a clue, and it was something in their armor?

As the team continued on, they heard the door to the passage they had taken slam noisily shut behind them. From behind the closed door, they could hear the aliens murmuring and some scuffling as they presumably barricaded the back entrance. They seemed to be digging in...
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: art_is_a_mathform on August 04, 2010, 03:16:32 am
OB stuck close with the group, trying to hide himself as best he could, dismayed. Not only had he narrowly avoided serious structural damage, no one had been grievously injured!

What good is weaponry if you don't maim anyone? he mused, looking around for organics to mend. Finding none in dire need of attention, he scuttled over to R5.

"Fellow construct. I am pleased to see that you were not rendered inoperable. We simply must stay together when surrounded by these fleshies," OB palavered, motioning toward the rest of the crew.

Hearing the enemy fortifying their position from behind the door, OB hastily retreated behind R5.

"If their attacks originate from so secure a position, it is improbable that I would be able to repair the crew."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Inkling on August 05, 2010, 10:03:23 pm
Yas paused as he backed away from the door, weapons drawn.  In the chaos of diplomats and officials scrambling in every directing he wasn't able to get a clear shot at the invaders.  He noticed Zori fumbling with one of he assailants' weapons on the ground.

"You're liable to kill yourself with an unknown weapon like that." He said flatly.  "And I think you've got the thing backwards, pointing at yourself.  I can spare a sidearm that's a bit more straightforward... if you think you can use it."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on August 06, 2010, 10:48:11 am
"Ah! Y-yeah that sounds good. Just pull here and... yeah. Okay. Thanks!"

Zori tossed the weapon aside like it was made of bees and quickly grabbed the small gun that Yas had offered. She fell in line behind the soldier and clutched the pistol as if it was the only thing that would keep her alive.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Inkling on August 07, 2010, 05:25:33 pm
Yas quickly scooped up the gun as it clattered across the floor, before it had a chance to finally fire.  He pulled out a strap from a pocket, attached it to the weapon, and slung it across his back. 

"I don't recognize the attackers or their sidearms. This might help us identify them later on.  Plus," he said with a toothy grin, "It's always nice to kill your enemy with their own weapon."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on August 14, 2010, 12:15:55 pm
"Well we can't stay around for long." Remarked Keel.

"You guys can stay here and hold them off while the rest of us can sneak the diplomats out of here."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Lush City on August 14, 2010, 12:38:28 pm
"Right on" said Hay.

Gesturing to the Diplomatic Party she pointed south, 'The next bastion is the Swamp of Merrimoor, we can get you guys there before the day is out if we hustle."

Turning to Keel she said, "Who's coming with and who's staying behind?"

Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Darth Grievi on August 14, 2010, 05:30:21 pm
//Awa-- com-- hour... Come in. Are you reading us?//

Following the affirmative response, the Captain continued the message, accompanied by the deep rumblings of a ship in active combat.

//We've engaged the ship in orbit. It's too dangerous for us to pick up the diplomats ourselves, but the Drason has already started evacuation using their shuttles. They don't seem to be targeting the Senate's craft. The Phai have a landing pad secured nearby, to the south. The invaders currently look like they're too busy fortifying to care much about a small group of escapees, but we have no idea when that will change. Get the diplomats out of there, and we'll send down the security team to help you retake the meeting chamber. Hopefully, we can hold them off long enough for the Senate to send aid. Good luck, team. Sidereal out.//


Above Myrinori's atmosphere, the Sidereal Hour and the still-invisible enemy ship exchanged blows. The Sidereal was maintaining the offensive, despite the formidable array of mass drivers on the opposing craft. Occasionally, they would broadcast an order to stand down and withdraw, but it was always met with a flat reply of "No."

"Sir, we've got two more ships entering the system... both Invader. We'll be in their line of fire in just under an hour."

"Evasive maneuvers, keep Myrinori between us and them as long as you can."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on August 15, 2010, 08:35:29 am
"Well I can hold myself up pretty well against these guys, but I'd much rather let hardened warriors take care of it. I'll take the diplomats." said Keel.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on August 15, 2010, 02:04:54 pm
"I'm going to try my luck with the soldiers, if that's okay."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Flisch on August 15, 2010, 02:14:29 pm
"Get the senators out of here already." said Kean as he was following Hay and Keel. He looked back at Zori and stopped for a second.

"Good luck." he said and quickly followed the senators.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Inkling on August 16, 2010, 07:18:46 pm
Yas raised one eyebrow slightly as the Faiclori announced she would stay and fight.

"Whoever these invaders are, they seem to be content to hole up in the meeting room.  I can't hear anything following us."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Darth Grievi on August 16, 2010, 09:10:24 pm
The group made it rather uneventfully to the Phai stronghold, loading the diplomats and any other non-combatants onto the waiting shuttle. As they were boarding, a second, nearly identical craft landed nearby, opening up to reveal a small platoon of security officers of various species. Some were wearing Sidereal uniforms, some standard green Senate ones, and all were armed.

Inya watched as they marched off, perhaps 15 strong. She knew from experience that, on such a vessel as the Drason, the five or so green-shirts likely composed the entirety of the security force. She looked at the quickly filling evacuation shuttle, to the security force, then back to the shuttle, and decided that, ultimately, it was better that she remain planetside for the moment.

Upon back-tracking to the Great Tree, the Away Team encountered a few soldiers patrolling the outside. They were, for the moment, unaware of their presence, hidden by the planet's dense foliage. They would rumble occasionally, likely radioing in to the temporary base they'd set up.

//Away Team, we've done some scans of the interior, but between their cloaking technology and whatever the Phai already had set up, we can't give you much. We do know this much: they're not using shuttles to transport down. The ship is sending out pulses of energy at regular intervals now, focused around the area of the central chamber. They've likely got a transporter receiver set up inside. The Phai are preparing for a counterattack as we speak, but it will still be some time before they arrive. Head in, try to take out the receiver if you can. At least try to thin their ranks before they get a proper army down there.//
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Lush City on August 16, 2010, 09:30:58 pm
"Cool, you guys over there form up on me." Said Hay to some greenshirts. "We'll be the Alpha brigrade to draw their fire and test out there offensive capabilites, we'll group up on the knoll over there and give the others a chance to go in as the Beta Team." After synching their comms Hay gestured to Keel. "You down, Keel?"
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: gec05 on August 16, 2010, 10:25:48 pm
"I'm down. Just tell me where to shoot." Keel joked.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: SimplyNecro on August 16, 2010, 10:53:33 pm
As the senators and the group escorting them left R5 never seemed to follow them, instead he wordlessly stayed with the group at the great tree. It looked around, scanning the room for a discarded weapon, he soon located one, a pistol by the looks of it.

"OB, I advise you be prepared to "repair" any organics, I actually have some knowledge of autonomy my self so if you need assistance..." The droid trailed off as it walked over to the discarded pistol, slowly picking it up, and simply stared at it with its singular eye.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: MetallicDragon on August 17, 2010, 12:03:57 am
Isaak drew his own weapon, a ridiculous looking thing he had pieced together himself. It resembled an oversized pistol, too short to be a rifle but too long to be a pistol. It was covered with various switches and knobs, and a display on the back. Several wires poked hazardously from the casing.

"So we go in and take out the transporter while your group group acts as a diversion?", asked Isaak to Hay. "I don't suppose you know of any back entrances? We can't just go barging in the front door."
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Lush City on August 17, 2010, 12:29:29 am
"It's a tree it doesn't have a fire escape" quipped Hay. "Beta's job is to take down what Alpha softened up and cut through long enough to extract anybody left alive. We'll cover you back out." And with that Hay boosted her voice aplifier to max and said:

"Sidereal, STRIKE!"
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: PatMan33 on August 20, 2010, 03:50:45 pm

Zori yelled at the top of her lungs and fired her gun into the air several times before ducking under a table.
Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: SimplyNecro on August 20, 2010, 09:46:54 pm
R5 knew what was coming for quiet a while, and his calculations up to this point would be completely accurate. Against this many men the security team would need all of the help they could guess, the time for disguises and hiding was over.

First, he had to cut off his link from Advisor, admittedly that may only arouse more suspicion but Advisor had proven that he was capable of monitoring them with great accuracy, and Advisor was indeed a DiRossi A.I. He could not be trusted. With that R5 forcefully cut his link, he could probably reactivate it later and say it was some damage he took in the fire fight, after all he was or at least made everyone around him believe he was a bureaucratic model not meant for hiding.

Quickly ducking behind cover, R5 proceeded to fire the pistol with the pin point accuracy of a machine.

Title: Re: Voyage of the Sidereal Hour
Post by: Lush City on August 20, 2010, 10:51:24 pm
As Hay wove through the thick of battle projectiles rammed everywhere, using her recently upgraded stingers, she was able to score what she had hope to be killed shots on the strange orb-headed beings. Ducking and dodging she burned through a path and pushed the Alpha Team forward. Keeping in line, she yelled back over the battle spray.

"Keep pushing! We're almost through!"