Author Topic: I am SO ANGRY AT SPORE/EA RIGHT NOW  (Read 5995 times)

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« Reply #30 on: September 09, 2008, 08:08:01 am »
We went out and bought another copy of Spore. EA gets more money from me. As far as blaming my partner for it all... He didn't do it in a villainous scheme. We honestly thought (as was demonstrated with the creature creator) that we could have 3 installations with 3 accounts. The disclaimer on the box is so small neither of us saw it - nor did we even think to look at it. I do not see why they didn't just keep it like it was with the CC. Multiple player households - married people who both play games or more importantly households with several kids - It's just makes no sense to not offer separate screen names for these people. Everyone else does it... Just seems extreme that Spore will not. I used to be indifferent about all the lets bash EA stuff but this recent experience has moved me over the edge. It was just a stressful, awful experience that could have been averted if they would either a) not be so controlling and greedy OR b) had a customer service department that could actually help me resolve a problem this actually calendar year (if at all).

*I* (as well as most of you) have contributed to Spore's future success by talking up the game for the past 3 years  with virtually everyone I knew in some way shape or form. *I* (as well as most of you) have gotten people to go out and buy the CC who presumably NEVER would have done so without my promotion of the game - and several of them have become hooked on it. *I* and all of you have helped sales of Spore... So for them to nickle and dime me (or $20 dollar and $10 dollar me) on a screen name of my own just irritates me.

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« Reply #31 on: September 09, 2008, 08:33:46 am »
It doesn't matter if it's a villainous scheme in my oppinion (which is the oppinion I've personally gone by) ;) If my girlfriend thinks one of my game discs look dirty and she decides that the best way to clean it is with lye, I still expect her to replace it - or at the VERY least give me no grief for buying a replacement ;)
I would also expect appologies and extra sexual favors.

As for only having one account, I agree that it's a silly way to do it. And I completely wish it was different as I will soon be staying with my GF and both her, me and her son will be playing Spore on the same PC.
I think it's crud that we'd need a copy each to not have their creations mix with mine.

Be that as it may, the terms of use with regards to accounts are listed on the box and in the manual. That's all you can ask for from a gaming company. It means that if you'd taken the time to look at the box, you could have made an informed purchase rather than getting a nasty surprise based on assumption.
If you don't agree with the practice, don't buy it.
I think it's a crap way of doing it myself, but I decided it wasn't so crap that I'd want to miss out on Spore to avoid it and made the purchase anyway.
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