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PC Games / Re: Medieval 2: Total War ??
« on: November 25, 2006, 12:53:10 pm »
When I took control of the Iberian Peninsula as Portugal, the first thing I did was march a stack to Marakesh, that turned out to be a great move, because I only ever saw 1 tiny stack from the Moors after I took their capital, so definitely grab marakesh, the Pope have no problems with you waging war on non Catholics.

But if you can make the French attack you first, so they get excommunicated, then you are sitting pretty, because then you can smack them at your own leisure with no dire consequences, at least untill the next Papal election :)

Everything Else / Re: steam account scam type thing (funny funny)
« on: November 25, 2006, 02:04:16 am »
Heh if this is a true account, then that little beach got owned bad :)

PC Games / Re: Medieval 2: Total War ??
« on: November 25, 2006, 01:22:46 am »
Heh crusades are notoriously difficult.
First of all you PO wichever faction is currently holding the middle east.
And usually Jerusalem is a LONG way from your capital, so you will have a lot of unrest due to distance to your Capital.
You cannot retrain the part of your army that consists of castle produced units or hired crusade type units, since you dont have a castle there, and you only get crusader units when ON a crusade.

Im on my third crusade, and this time it looks like I might be able to hang on to Jerusalem.
I exterminated the population, some 25000 citizens dead, this makes converting them to catholics so much easier, and the first building I made was a church so I could mass produce priests.
I also did not recruit any crusade specific units on the way there, other than the holy cross unit for the nice morale boost, I concentrated on the turkopolis missile cavalry, and those unhorsed knights, both units can be retrained in Jerusalem, I also went east into the neighbouring land to hire some elephants with mounted cannons, those things are very nice :)

But Im considdering abandoning Jerusalem and then capture Nicosia on the little island instead, it has a castle, wich makes unrest so much easier to handle, then I could build a proper army with proper support, and retake Jerusalem later.

And 762 when you start to lose money rapidly its because you need trade agreements, you have probably been attacked or attacked someone with whom you had a trade agreement, and because of that the agreement is no longer in effect, build a diplomat, and get trade agreements with everyone again, then your money will start building again :)

PC Games / Re: Medieval 2: Total War ??
« on: November 24, 2006, 04:02:00 pm »
I stick an assassin or 5 on those inquisitors the moment I see them :)

Im playing a nice campaign as Portugal right now, I was spread thin in the start trying to kill off the Spanish, and then to kick the Moors off mah peninsula, while at the same time fending off France up north because the Pope excommunicated me when I eliminated Spain.
But now I own the Peninsula and North Africa all the way to Tunis, and Im about to squeeze France out of existence, I kicked the English off mainland Europe, and hold Angers, Paris and Toulose as my front against the remaining French and the Danes who are very close now.

I researched gunpowder recently, so my armies consist of 4-6 arqebuisers(sp), 6-8 aventuro, 3 basilisk cannons, and the rest is made up of Noble cavalry, for some reason my family is breeding like crazy, I have 3 big armies with 3 - 6 nobles in each :)

I also modded the gameturns so each turn is 1 year, and not 2 years like default, this slows the invention of gunpowder and allow my cities to grow big before the powder discovery event.

PC Games / Re: Medieval 2: Total War ??
« on: November 24, 2006, 02:57:05 pm »
Find a good trade resource, gold is by far the best, there are 3 good nuggets down in the desert near Timbuktu, along with 4 or so nodes of amber, but select your merchant, then hover your mouse pointer above the different resource nodes near you, like wool, slaves, silk, amber, coal and so on, it will tell you how much that node will yield each turn with that particular merchant on it, as your merchant gain more experience, either by standing on a node, or by attacking other merchants and grabbing their stash, he will gain more and more money from nodes each turn.
To see how much a merchant makes per round, just select him and hover your mouse over him while he is standing on a node.

PC Games / Re: Medieval 2: Total War ??
« on: November 24, 2006, 11:08:27 am »
Priests are good for being voted pope, and for converting foreign populations to your religion, if you are catholic, and place a priest in a muslim land, then he will gain piety very fast, you also gain piety when you kill heretics and witches, the higher your piety, the higher your chance of that priest being promoted to cardinal, each cardinal you have will give you 1 vote in the pope election, so pump that piety :)

Merchants gain experience when they stand on a resource node, select the unit and hover your mouse above the different nodes to see wich pay the most.
They also get experience when you perform a hostile takeover, that is, attack another merchant with your own merchant succesfully.

Princesses gain experience by doing diplomacy like the diplomat, you can marry her away to gain great leverage when negotiating a hard deal.

Thieves are best placed in your own cities, as they will expose/kill enemy thieves when they try to infiltrate you, they gain experience by examining other units, generals/priests/merchants and so on.

Assassins gain XP from killing buildings or other generals/diplomats and so on.

As for cavalry, its a little tricky to make them charge properly, but when they do, they completely obliterate their targets.
Make sure they are in orderly lines and ranks before you press attack, line them up about 100 meters from the group you want to impale, then click the target and watch the knights do their thing, but you need open space and an orderly formation.

PC Games / Re: Medieval 2: Total War ??
« on: November 13, 2006, 01:54:51 am »
I have been playing it almost non stop for 2 days now, and its awesome, at first it felt like a 600 pound ballerina, but after turning shadows off the game run like a dream.
I have not experienced a single bug, although there is a bug with armies and movement when archers are involved, but CA is already on that and have promised a day 0 patch for that little glitch, other than that the game runs perfect, and it really does feel fresh again, battles are absolutely gorgeous, the campaign map have had a lot of new strategy added, the city/castle building dilemma is excellent, and is playing a major strategical part in my present campaign.

I started as Denmark with only 1 province and 2 royals, and after I took Hamburg, Stockholm and Oslo, the Pope called for a crusade against Jerusalem, I threw together a ragged band of 8 units, mostly peasants, and joined the crusade, and managed to siege the city just 2 steps ahead of the Venetians, so now Denmark is in the holy land, and being a dane myself, I must admit that seeing the Raven banner in the desert is weird as heck.

I have heard of others who have CTD problems, but I have not experienced it during MANY hours of playing, game is sweet :)

PC Games / Re: Neverwinter Nights 2
« on: November 04, 2006, 05:47:12 am »
Im trying really hard to like it, I loved nwn, but for some reason this game has been an uphill battle so far.
It took a long time to install, it had an 83mb patch waiting, took another 15 minutes to DL and patch.
Then I experienced severe sound stutter and poor video during the 4 load screens for nvidea and so on.
And I have been trying to create a warlock, but I cant figure out what his primary stat is, the manual is like 25 pages long, a horrible piece of dung, and it say absolutely nothing about classes, stats, feats ..... anything, and the PDF manual on the DVD is the same carp, I cant even figure out how to quicksave, since I cant remap the keys from the options menu, at least I couldnt find the remap option, and yet they give the tip "save early, save often", hrmpf, I also wanted to remap the key that highlights all characters and items that you can interact with on screen, its on the Z key now, used to be on TAB.
Graphics are ok, story is fine so far, I have just picked up the drawf at the inn, I gave up making a warlock, and have rolled a wizard then a rogue, but I wanted to play a warlock so I find Im losing interest in the game already .....
Also the conversations seem very unpolished, the voice acting is excellent, but the coding behind it is lazy, there are virtually no pause between the recorded sound files, so it sounds rushed and computergenerated, a 0.5 second pause between sentences could have gone a long way towards more immersion.
Buff effects are annoying, a simple mage armor spell creates a huge intricately fashioned bubble around you, looks pretty, but in a battle, with several buffs going on 3 party members, its just impossible to see who is who and where or what everyone is, couple that with the insanely high walls used for the interior of buildings, wich seem to do its best to royally screw the 3d isometric view, by placing towering walls around tiny rooms so you have to look from straight above the heads instead of from an angle, well suffice to say, that was the reason I deleted my wizard, couldnt see a darn thing during the fight for Bevil's siblings.

On the plus side, the NPCs seem to respond extremely well to your chosen proffesion and character trait, I have played the tutorial with a good wizard and a wicked rogue, and responses were very different, my wizard even found himself being the student of Tarmas.
The overall feel of the game is like a much improved NWN though, the graphics style is nice, the clothes finally look nice, new cutscenes make the story come out much much better than it ever did in NWN, even though the scenes in NWN were voiced, they still felt somewhat generic, talking to important NPCs in NWN2 feels great now.

My biggest gripe is still the manual though, worst piece of poo I have seen so far, because you would expect a rulebook with an official wizards of the coast D&D game, the Americans and Canadians did get those nice big 177 page manuals, why they chose to give Europeans that crappy excuse for a manual is beyond me, it has already ruined a great deal of the pleasure I could have gotten from this game.

PC Games / Re: Battlefield 2142: Immersing You in Products
« on: October 18, 2006, 05:37:36 pm »
Thanks for the heads up OP, Im not paying to be advertised to.

PC Games / Re: The Ship
« on: July 23, 2006, 12:00:28 am »
Well you dont really have time to call in friends, they are hopefully busy hunting their own prey, when you see your quarry in a cabin, 9 out of 10 times that person went there to sleep, wich is the perfect opportunity to knock them out, wich is why its also the perfect ambush.
Anyway ... you are on the cruise alone, if you play the ship using 2 friends to help you kill your targets, well then you really arent playing the ship are you ?? isnt that like using an aimbot or some other contraption to make sure the playing field is uneven in your favor ??
(edit) this is assuming that you play hunt/elimination offcause, I havent tried TDM, but if that is what you are playing, then I cant really comment, I only play elimination.

PC Games / Re: The Ship
« on: July 22, 2006, 11:08:04 pm »
I like to to bait him/her, when I feel certain my hunter is on my heels, I run ahead and to a secluded area, prefferably a cabin of sorts, close the door, pull out my tennis racket, and kill the first person to open the door, hasnt failed yet hehe.
I was tracking my own quarry, and she used this method on me, she went to the crew quarters and closed the door, I ran to the room confident this would be an easy kill, I mean ... what is easier than killing someone in their sleep with a letter opener ?? She was right behind the door, as soon as I opened the door, she smacked me down.

PC Games / Re: The Ship
« on: July 21, 2006, 12:40:32 am »
We were on same server Metallic, I said hi but you didnt see it, and I most likely missed your greeting too if you gave any, since it was my very first game = total confusion :)

PC Games / Re: The Ship
« on: July 20, 2006, 11:21:42 pm »
This game really is very confusing at first, the "needs and wants" icons eluded me for the longest time, and finding the different weapons is like finding an honest politician, not to mention you have to somehow find your target on that big ship, it all seemed very daunting at first.
But I figured out the icons, they make a LOT of sense actually, making the player vulnerable to his hunter, because he MUST satisfy his different bodily urges.
And I did manage to find some butterfly knives and katanas after searching a few trunks and drawers, the flare gun from the observation deck is nice too :)
And I figured out how to use the P map to track my quarry, that map quickly becomes indispenseable, both for hunting victims, but also for finding food/shower/drink and so on.
The ship is very different from any FPS game I ever played, deception and guile is infinetely more important than a good aim, in many ways its like an animated 3D version of cluedo, and after an hour or so of wandering around like a headless chicken, I found myself enjoying it very much indeed :)

PC Games / Re: The Ship
« on: July 20, 2006, 01:30:33 pm »
This game sounds absolutely intriguing, downloading right now.
We could add a [GS] at the end of our names, to signify we are from gaming steve community site ?

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