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PC Games / Can you beat my fighter ?
« on: April 16, 2009, 08:56:02 am »
I found this on a CoH related board and its pretty funny, try and beat my girl fighter if you can, it is very simple and easy to get into :)

(edit) If this is already in another topic then please just delete this one MOD.

PC Games / EA store really taking the smeg now.
« on: March 20, 2009, 07:23:14 am »
I may have misunderstood something when trying to preorder godfather 2 from the EA store, but as I read it I only have acces to the game for 1 year if I buy their digital copy ? even though Im paying for a full price game and they are saving on packaging, handling and distribution since its just data on a stream, so basically Im just renting it for a year, at full price .... is this really so or did I misunderstand it completely, anyone else have experience with the EA store ??

PC Games / The Maw
« on: March 11, 2009, 05:52:17 am »
As usual when I see an independently developed title I just have to check it out, the Maw is a very short and quite simple game, you start of in a cage in a science lab surrounded by all kinds of odd creatures, one of them is a little mouth creature, and upon escaping the facility you discover an armband that allows you to interact with various objects, and keep Maw on a leash, the object of the game is to feed Maw as much as humanly possible, the more he feeds the larger he grows, and when he eat certain special animals like a fire "dog?", he will absorb the properties of that animal and be able to use it to solve the various puzzles.

Thats basically it, the graphics arent spectacular but they are very clean with a destinct artstyle, but the game is fun, short but fun, especially considering its only a tenner on steam and EA didnt wrap their greasy paws all over it, Im not sure how much replay value it has since the story is very linear without any deviations, but there is some DLC content for the console, and I expect it to be released on the PC too.

All in all a nice little indie title, if you are into cute games then you will like this one, if you are too cool to be cute then it probably isnt for you :)

PC Games / Will there be a patapon for PC ?
« on: January 25, 2009, 12:24:21 pm »
I have kept my ears open for any news of this little gem being released on PC, but I havent heard a thing, does any of you know if this will be a PC release some day or if it will stay exclusive ?

PC Games / Spectromancer and astral masters (stardock)
« on: January 24, 2009, 05:16:36 pm »
If you ever played a CCG or magic the gathering type of game, you know what these 2 titles are all about. I found a demo for each on stardock, I havent played these kind of games before, but they are quite simple (not the strategy) and easy to get into.

Astral masters is most like "magic the gathering", even though people say its a much simpler interpretation, wich is fine by me.
You can play online or in a single player legue, both are great fun, although the online players are VERY good.

Spectromancer is a much more arcade take on the genre, you dont chose your deck before a match, this is bad for the players who like to fiddle with card combos for hours and hours, but in this game you are delt a random hand of 20 cards, with 4 cards each in 5 different elements, and because Im a total newbie I find this version more to my liking, it was developed by the guy who made magic the gathering though.
The full version allows you to play the 6 different archtypes, while the cleric is the only option for demo users, the cleric is good though.

Both games are 20$ each, but both demos are excellent for online play, if you are a CCG buff then try astral masters, if you are a knub like me try spectromancer, definitely 2 fun online games :)

PC Games / Defense Grid on steam.
« on: December 09, 2008, 01:09:31 pm »
Here is another Indie title, and if you have ever played any of the multiple variants of towers for flash, then you know exactly what defense grid is all about.

You build different towers with different properties to defend against hordes of incomming monsters, they walk in a predefined line, and its your task to eliminate all the incomming waves by buying and upgrading towers, and by placing them in strategic positions, the gameplay is so extremely simple.
This version however does it to the maximum, really really nice graphics, and something quite rare in indie games .... voice acting, there is a computer AI who will comment and advise you as you go along, there is a leaderboard too, but Im not sure if its working properly.
I have played the flash versions a little, but this version really is the pinacle of tower, its a little pricey at 20$, but I dont mind paying that for an indie game, if you like the tower gameplay, then you will love this version :)

PC Games / Buccaneer on steam.
« on: December 09, 2008, 08:18:23 am »
I like indie games, they are usually simple but enjoyable, and buccaneer is no exception, I havent seen any reviews at all for this one, and it didnt hit the top sales charts on steam, but that chart is hard to move on right now with so many monster titles out:)

Anyway, in buccaneer you start with a small ship and can only see a limited part of the world, you can then select missions wich will open up the world and add new ships to the shipyard, there isnt any deep story or reason for doing this, its as simple as pirates, you raid because you can.

The graphics are very nice, even though the only thing you see is ocean and small islands, it is still very pleasantly executed, with small hammerhead sharks in the shallows, island buildings and seagulls, there is a certain zen to sailing and raiding.
The missions are played on instanced maps like in mount and blade, allthough you dont actually move around on a map to get to the missions, you select them from your home port, the only time you sail the ship is inside missions.
Combat is as you would expect and demand it, ships firing broadsides at eachother while angling for the best hits, the difference in ships in multiplayer is quite well done, a small ship with a good captain can do quite well against a behemoth with a good captain, I played against a developer in multiplayer today, and he kept using the smallest ships, but he was almost impossible to lock down because he had the skills for it, so there is room for tactics :)

Multiplayer is the most fun though, although there are VERY few games going, often none at all, the demo client and the retail client cannot share games, that was valves call, so the population is kinda split in half of what it could have been, the demo population is a lot bigger than the retail right now, but the demo is fun and multiplayer only so check it out.

Anyway this game was made by 2 guys, and they did a damn good job, I dont want to rate it since its an indie game, that is worth a lot of points in my book :)

PC Games / Rockstar games weekend offer on steam!!
« on: September 26, 2008, 03:10:28 pm »
Ok there is an excellent deal on steam right now, GTA san andreas/vice city/3 + max payne 1 and 2 + manhunt + midnight club for only 34.99, thats the most crazy sweet deal ever on steam :)

PC Games / Youtube vidcasters -
« on: September 23, 2008, 09:53:20 am »
I love watching commented games on youtube, I mostly watch starcraft because its the most interesting game to watch, but there are other good games, like company of heroes wich is by far the most beautifull game to watch replays off, here is a small list of excellent vidcasters I frequent a lot, please feel free to link any vidcasters you deem interesting, I can always use more :)


Klazart is by far the best commentator ever, not only is his knowledge of the game impeccable, but he constantly lose himself in the moments, and that makes for some awesome engaging casting, love this guy!!

Moletrap is another excellent caster, he is not as explosive as Klazart, but no one is :)

VioleTAK is not a person, but a shared account where the guys do their dual and triple commentaries.

Company of heroes
I have only found one vidcaster doing CoH, but he always have a lot of guest commentators on, all of them are top notch players so their knowledge of the game flow is perfect, he does have a very relaxed style that I find very cool.

Warhammer DoW
Ok Vaul is normally a starcraft commentator, but he also does Warhammer casts, and I havent found any others commentating that game so he is priceless :)

(edit) make sure you click the "watch in high quality" links below the videos if the option is there, or you can add "&fmt=18" without the quotation marks to the URL you are watching to watch in better quality.

Spore: General / Spore is great :)
« on: September 15, 2008, 09:02:58 am »
I was very pessimistic about spore as it was developed, the graphics looked like something out of viva pinata, all the procedural goodies vanished one by one, and the clincher for me was the prospect of 15 expansion packs making the total cost far too ridiculous an amount to pay for a game, but Im a gamer and Im not short on money so there was never any doubt that I was going to buy it on launch.

And so far every stage has been a great experience, you can take an amoeba and put him/her/it/fzzztlbt into space in just a few hours of gameplay, the first 4 stages compliment the space stage extremely well, in a sense those 4 stages is the biggest most elaborate character generator in any game I ever played, Oblivions was extensive, but this one reaches all the way back to the primordial soup  :)

Cell phase is pretty much perfect, there isnt anything to do but eat or be meat, but its a pleasant experience that can be done in as little as 5 minutes (I cant though)

Creature stage is my favorite stage, its so very simple, and so immersive, choke full of magnificent moments.

Tribal is a quick stage, not much to do here, you basically consolidate your position on the planet and become a resident, even though its a fast level, there are still some nice moments to be had, if you had one of those 250 HP creatures from the previous stage follow in your group, then it will be in your pen as a miniature.

Civilization, another very quick stage, I actually managed to lose my first hard game in civ phase, but it really is quite easy and manageable,

And then space.
Terraforming and collecting, transporting and sculpting planets, the strategy part is just complex enough to make it interesting, while still allowing for the best part, creating planets, nursing and burping them to prosperity, Im going very slow, so I dont have all the pirate and war problems everyone seem to have, in my universe they are a slight nuisance, nothing gamebreaking, maybe Im going to slow ?

All in all, taking a creature from the soup and into the cockpit of an interstellat saucer has been excellent fun, and the different creator tools that take you there are omg fantastic, I give it 9/10.

I remember the Oblivion launch, so much complaining on their forum, wah wah this and wah wah that, but it turned out most of the people complaining were either trying to play morrowind, even though the game clearly said oblivion on the box, or they went to level 33 on potion making and whined about the dynamic leveling system, I think the same is true for spore, many players are either trying to make spore play like some fantasy they have only in their minds, or they rush into deep space guns blazing, either way will leave you with a bad impression I imagine.

But when all is said and done, and Im in spore having a little fun, then there is no doubt in my mind that this is a great game :)

*The evolution in spore is a joke though, a complex organism swims out of a comet fragment... wtf ?, and the tools for making creatures is intelligent design, not evolution :)

PC Games / Virtual villagers (Steam)
« on: May 18, 2008, 12:12:47 pm »
I couldnt figure just exactly what this game was all about, so since it was cheap I went ahead and bought it, and its not so much a game as it is a glorified tamagochi, there are no real gameplay elements like building technology or micromanaging citylife, the villagers have different abilities they can aspire to train by applying to that trade, like farming, researching, breeding and healing, the villager wont always do the task you set as his prefered trait, so a researcher with a little farming experience may very well go off harvesting or fishing instead of researching, but mostly they stick to the task you have assigned them to.

You start the game with 6 villagers on a small island, and must work to secure the future existence of the community, this basically means getting enough food so your villagers dont die from starvation, in the beginning you can only forage from a berry bush, but as you raise the technology level of the village, you are given more options for feeding the villagers, first you discover farming, and later you learn how to fish, I learned the hard way that babybooming before the villagers can fish will end in a disaster.

When the basic needs are met (and this will take quite a few hours) you can start to explore the island for its secrets, without going into details, this can be done when certain conditions are met, sometimes you need a master researcher, and other times the demands are higher and will require both techonology, villager level and placing that villager in the right spot, but its very simple, and the act of actually discovering the secrets is a lot easier than meeting the requirement for the discovery.

But as I said in the beginning, this really isnt a game, its more like those seed programs you can run on your desktop that will grow and die on their own, the input you can offer the villagers is really very limited, and boils down to choice of proffesion and choice of what technology to research next, so its more akin to an aquarium than a strategy or simulation game, if you liked the idea of raising a tamagochi, then you will like this game, the upside is that time continues when you close the program, so when you turn it on next time, the villagers will have aged and lived on their own, and your food and technology supply will have shifted to new levels, the villagers need to do a lot of researching to gain new tech levels, if they didnt research while I was sleeping then this game would never end.

Im not sure how to rate it, because I never did like tamagochi myself, but for some reason I dont mind checking in on the village from time to time to see how they are doing, its a fine little game for the price, just dont expect a game :)

PC Games / Bass vibration headset.
« on: March 02, 2008, 02:06:15 pm »
So, my neighbor bought me a headset with bass vibration, and at first I was sceptic because I normally use very good quality senheizer headphones, and this vibration headset was dirt cheap and made of frail plastic, but he assured me I would come to appreciate them, so I went in and tested them on Bioshock and that big daddy roar/grin rumble, and the effect was truly amazing, the headset would start to buzz all around my ears and the sound of the bass itself was just unbelieveable, I later tried them with live for speed in a formula 1 car , and Im never driving without these babies again.

I very much recomend everyone to try them out, they are really cheap, if they had been expensive I would never have mentioned them, but they are ~ 34$ here in Denmark, and they enhance the PC gaming experience so much, Im not sure if this is the completely wrong forum, but I figured it was PC related.

(Not giving any company names to avoid this being advertising)

PC Games / Live For Speed Racing Simulator.
« on: December 06, 2007, 02:25:32 am »
I have played computer games for quite some years, I remember the launch of manic miner on the spectrum 48k, and I have seen a ton of racing games come and go, but driving games just never did it for me at all.

Then about a year ago I think, I stumbled upon live for speed (LFS), and the first thing that hit me was how hard it was to steer well, other games are racing games, but LFS is a simulator with all that that it implies, its tough as heck to control speed/drift/draft and vehicle degradation, especially the degradation of the car, since everything you break has an impact on the performance of the car, and its done so bluddy well, the way damage impacts the performance of the car is just perfect.

LFS isnt really a finished product, its like Mount & Blade in the sense that you buy a licence, and then the product gets updated every once in a while, right now we are in alpha stage 2, stage 3 will hit before christmas. Its being developed by a handfull of coders, so I guess its best described as an indy game.

There is a demo version available, a really cool demo at that, it will let you drive 3 cars on 1 track, and there are plenty of demo dedicated servers up, the cars you are allowed to drive are akin to low budget family cars, but they are excellent fun to drive, I especially love the XFG races and play on demo servers from time to time because they have the best XFG race servers :)

When you buy the licence, you are allowed to drive the full spectrum of cars, and drive on 5 or 6 tracks (not sure how many), most servers are dedicated to a particular type of race, for instance kyoto oval track is used with the formula cars, and is like daytona, there are race servers for the different classes of cars UF1 / family cars / GTR / F+, but there are also heavily scripted servers called "cruise servers" (user made servers), these are my favorite, you basically start with the lowest car and a few coins in the pocket, and then you earn licence points and money by driving around the track in a lawfull manner, you lose money when you tow, when you are caught by cops, when you enter pit wrong, when you swear, or when you break the "roleplay" rules whatever they may be, its actually great fun for something that is basically  just "driving in circles" on paper.
There is also a "cone dodgers" server, but I havent been on that yet, and there are quite a few drift and rally servers too.

Here is a screenshot thread from the forum of one of the cruise servers, there is a ton of nice shots in there :)

Stage 3 will introduce a real car, here is a quote from their website
 "The story behind the new car is that there is a new UK based company called V1 Championship whose aim is to discover a new racing driver through a series of tests resulting in a place in a team for the winning driver. V1 will be launched in 2008 and shown on TV in the UK. Live for Speed will be used as part of the selection process, before testing in real cars. V1 asked us to create a Formula BMW to make this test as realistic as possible. BMW Motorsport gave us permission to build the car in LFS, so we went ahead and built it.
 The V1 car is owned by Fortec Motorsport where V1 is based. Thanks to V1 and Fortec, our programmer Scawen Roberts was able to get a test day driving the Formula BMW and that helped a lot with the realism of the LFS version of the car
Here is a youtube video of the coder testing the BMW:

And here is a great fan video:

This is the only driving game I ever bought a wheel for, hell its the only driving game I care to play, and I thoroughly recomend everyone to give the free demo a go, its a tough learning curve, but the payoff is brilliant.

PC Games / Insects Infestation, HL2 MOD.
« on: August 09, 2007, 05:28:26 am »
I stumbled upon this little gem a few days ago, it does not have many players, but thats to be expected considdering it just went beta, its a FPSRTS somewhat like Tremulous, Savage and Natural selection, but with insects.

There will be 3 playable races, ants, termites and alliance (odd bugs), but right now only the ants and termites are playable. The fighting is mostly melee using bites and kicks, poop, gas, and burrowing sneak attacks, but the warrior class can also spit a projectile in addition to melee attacks, and there is also a healing class wich shoot a projectile I still cant figure out.

The buildings you build are actually plants and fungus, for the ants its mostly flower themed, aloe plant have an area heal, cactus fires needles at incomming attackers, and some psychodelic flower that confuses you quite effectively, there is also a plant that grows small nuts, wich drop to the ground and speeds you for 10 secs when picked up. The termites build fungus themed "buildings", a magic mushroom that also confuses enemies, in a different but equally effective manner as the ant equivalent, a plant that looks like cabbage that can lob AE projectiles around, and a mushroom that will root attackers nearby for a few secs, they all look excellent when you are a tiny bug creeping around among them.

The maps are truly excellent, since most fighting is done in melee range, the maps can be wide open, because you cant camp anything anyway, so some maps like the backalley, or the formicarium, are like open gardens where you build the different resource plants needed for expansion and income, formicarium for instance are made of 2 large "gardens", one for each race, and a third middle sewer system connecting them, nice open maps, and then there is the deadcow map, wich basically plays out inside a dead cow, the ants enter the cow through its mouth, and the termites enter through its rectum, and all the resources are scattered inside the intestines, liver, chest cavity and so on, I love the design of that map.
And everything is in bug perspective, the trashcan in the backalley is a small mountain, the umbrella in the sandbox level is like the hand of God comming down on you from above, brilliant perspective.

There are 5 different classes with 2 more being finished, a worker, a warrior with a ranged attack, a medic, a heavy warrior, and the queen, you can spawn a queen and place her at the front, this will provide forward spawns.

So far the biggest fight I have been in was a 4v5, and that was ok, we could still get a good game going, although with a full 64 players server this game would really shine.

The MOD is still very much beta, I havent encountered any gamestopping bugs or crashes so far, its mostly unfinished animation like for the queen and termite heavy, and the classes that are still work in progress, the game is beautifull though, the scale and colours just make you wanna cry "to bee or not to bee" .... ok that was lame, sorry.

Anyway, look out for this one, as soon as it gathers momentum it is going to be a great MOD.

Insects Infestation homepage:

Oh and if you decide to take a look, then do watch the 5 tutorial videos, its a nice quick rundown of the essentials like keybinds, pheromone trails, classes, buildings, everything you need to know to be a bug.

PC Games / Valve customer service .... sigh.
« on: July 09, 2007, 12:43:34 am »
So steam asked me to reenter my password, and naturally I couldnt remember it, and the secret question you are asked when trying to retrieve a lost PW was also an enigma to me, maybe I was under the influence when I made that account, I dunno, the point is, I was unable to acces all my steam games.
So I wrote steam CS and told them about my problems, fully expecting them to reset the password and send a new one to the same @mail they mailed the reciepts for all the games I bought ....... but so far its been a week, not a word, just 1 automated response.

Do they really expect me to continue to buy games online when they themselves couldnt give 2 cans of crap whether or not Im actually able to play the games I have bought ??
Im buying my games on DvDs from now on, steam can pretty much kiss my shiny metal behind.

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