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Thanks for your help guys, You'll know if succeed as I will probably be posting my little works of art in the sporepedia section, see ya around.


Yea, it does have that ".." at the end and I just tried it again, but it then comes up with a "webpage cannot be displayed" message  :-\ it says "some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed"

Which is weird cause I thought you downloaded the download manager when you download the scc. Argh, this is confusing.

Alright, so where do I get the EADM from?

ok, how do I email ea? the email I have is a non-repliable one

Spore: General / Problem which I haven't seen anyone else with yet
« on: June 18, 2008, 12:26:28 am »
Hello, I'm a long time lurker and have been meaning to register for some time, except well, now I have to.

You see, my mom ordered the spore creature creator from the site a few days ago and she just got an email to her aol account, the problem being that the link to which is supposedly the creature creator isn't showing up as a link and any attempts to copy and paste so far have failed, no matter how we try to do it and the link to the ea help station works, but when we try to login, the website seems to crash.

She said aol could have cut off the link as it's happened to her before, but the only evidence of this is the two ..'s we get at the end of the link. So has this happened to anybody else? How do we solve it? And if aol has for some reason cut the link in half, how do I get the full link?


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