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Re: Westworld
« Reply #15 on: December 07, 2016, 10:43:43 am »
Those flew by so fast though that I didn't really have a chance to connect them.

Maybe if the series had been released in a big lump on netflix and I'd binged it but with a week between hour long episodes its hard to remember the exact content of a dirty photo.

In general the show played some dirty games to keep its twists hidden. Like for example switching between a third person perspective to the direct experience of characters and hosts without any indication that was happening. That way Ford can show us a god damn photo with Arnold in it but because we're obliviously witnessing it through Bernard's eyes we don't see the third man in the photo.

It also conveniently doesn't show any hints that the hosts in the Logan 'n' Billy story are old school robos until around the point it starts getting increasingly obvious that there's a two timeline thing going on anyway.

Though I don't know why I would expect otherwise since this is a Nolan production and the Nolans are masters of doing stuff that makes perfect sense as you watch it because it obeys cinematic rules, and then in retrospect is a massive logical cluster****. The goto example they use on the Cracked podcast is that in the Dark Knight Rises Batman chases Bane into a tunnel and it's broad daylight and when they exit the tunnel after a few minutes it's night time.
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