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PC Games / No Man's Sky
« on: August 12, 2016, 03:03:27 pm »
In case anybody wanted to see what it looks like on the PC

Start the 14day refund counter.


Books / Ready Player One
« on: August 05, 2016, 06:17:11 pm »
So, I just did a search and found nothing about this book here.

This seems wrong. This is a gaming forum.

Now then, while I understand many of you are not old enough to get many of the references, you must read this book if you are a gamer.



One should find the audio-book, read by Will Wheaton (yeah that pimply faced kid from ST:TNG) and tune one's ears to the joys of this narrative.

If you haven't already made the jump, take a 30 day trial of and use the free credit to get it. Listen and enjoy (just remember to cancel when done).


p.s. LadyM I would assume that you HAVE read this by now. :)

PC Games / Factorio - anyone else playing this?
« on: March 11, 2016, 10:32:16 am »
I guess it has been around for a year. I just picked it up a week ago or so. Basically a large automation game with really frustrating mob attacks. I'm hooked on it so far. Almost to the end of the tech tree finally.


Movies / The Martian
« on: September 15, 2015, 06:42:25 pm »
Anybody else read the book, enjoy it, and hoping the movie will be any good?

If you haven't read it, here is the free copy: EDIT; There was a sweep of the internet on Thursday and most pirated or free copies of the book or audiobook are now yanked.

There were some minor changes between the free copy and the print copy but nothing too major. Note that the free copy was always intended, the author didn't realize it would become so popular. For you webcomic guys, he is also the guy that wrote Casey and Andy.

The guy that did the audiobook was awesome.


Everything Else / Lego's weapons and technology thread part Duh
« on: September 14, 2015, 08:25:20 pm »
OK, I think I need to bring this back. For those that are new here (is anybody new here?) I had a thread back in 2008 (seven years? we need to have a reunion folks... Spore, Daxx, and other failures... anyhow, where was I? Oh yeah.) where I talked about weapons and technology....

Link to the old thread, most of the pictures are shot bit I can rebuild them if there is interest....

I was talking about the F-35 in another thread ( but I figure I should keep going on its own topic.

So lets do this again!


PC Games / What game do you load first?
« on: January 17, 2013, 08:24:05 pm »
So, I blew my computer up. Well, not exactly, i damaged it truying to fix someone else's computer and ended up trashing the boot sector... so yeah.. I blew my computer up, but nevermind that now, it is respun. So my question to you would be, if this happened to you, what three games would you reload first and why?

As I stare at my large list of Steam Games (where most of what I have is installed from these days.... why do I even have a DVD drive anymore?) I am choosing three to reload as I got to bed:

1. Skyrim - Yes, I'm late to the game, but I'm having fun picking off people like a fletcher-based version of Duck Hunt. Wipe out a town? That'll be 40 gold please. (I'll go to Batman next)
2. Driver San Francisco  - Best 'kick back, drive, and screw around' driver game I've ever played. My only wish being that the police were a little more intelligent.
3. FTL - Yeah, after enough play throughs you find that it is pretty repetitive, but those rare moments where you have a ship fire and vent the atmo only to find all the exterior doors open, the crew in the engine room, and the door controller destroyed that you find the gold nuggets that make for great games.

OK, next?


Everything Else / Old quotes from long ago
« on: January 04, 2013, 05:11:27 pm »
I was looking for an old post, but found some others that I forgot I wrote (like all the gun purchase advice). So I give to you a thread, old crap that was said. (even rhymes, AWESOME!)

The Tungsten thing sounds supercool, but wouldnt it fall under the Geneva convention ban on permanently blinding weapons?

Depends. Most APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) rounds fired from tank guns used to be made of depleted Uranium, which turns the inside of a tank in to molten metal. It however is still uranium and mildly radioactive (which people just don't seem to like). So they are using Tungsten now for the darts instead. I don't know if the velocity is enough to produce the effects listed in the post above however.

As for Sltamaina's idea of launching himself with a railgun... just imagine the outside of your body (skin, maybe your shoulders) going from 0-600 in a tenth of a second while the rest of you more or less stayed in the starting area. The human body has trouble remaining conscious above a sustained 9Gs of force. At a sustained 12-15Gs internal organs begin tearing free of their mounts. 0-600mph in 0.1sec means roughly 3000Gs.. and that is slow.. You’re not even supersonic yet and you have (well some parts of you) traveled about 45 feet.

So basically Sltlamina is now a non-rebounding human Slinky(tm).


PC Games / Will Wright returns with Hivemind
« on: November 16, 2011, 10:22:18 am »

Short version, he is starting up a new company and going to make a video game based on your real life. The word 'escapism' isn't in his vocabulary I guess. Great, just what I need, an 'achievement' for surfing enough porn.


Movies / Killer Elite
« on: October 01, 2011, 11:56:47 am »
Just got back from this. Good movie, not great, not bad, just good. Based on a book that was based on events of the late 70s early 80s it is a nice action movie. Don't bother seeing it in the theater, don't spend money renting it, but if it is on Netflix or showing on TV, it wouldn't be a bad movie to watch. It is an action filler more than an action thriller.


PC Games / Solar 2
« on: June 19, 2011, 01:56:28 pm »
Found this on Steam $10 (10% off this week) and there is a demo available.

I quasi-gravity simulator combined with a Spore-like cell-stage game mechanic. You start as an asteroid and collect mass until you become a planet, then a star, then a solar system, then a black hole (end game). Very simple controls (W,A,S,D,L,Spacebar) but a nice mellow game. Since there is a demo, go give it shot.


Movies / Tangled
« on: December 04, 2010, 03:00:28 pm »
Another family movie run. This one I actually enjoyed however. It flowed well and even though it is predictable and a reused plot line it was good. There are a lot of nods to similar movies and TV shows, with several to Monty Python. The pace was pretty smooth so you didn't feel like falling asleep. It is also a semi-musical, which kept the kids quiet. Worth seeing, definitely worth renting.


Movies / Resident Evil Afterlife
« on: September 10, 2010, 03:38:20 pm »
If you go see this movie, keep your glasses on and watch the first three minutes of the end credits. Whoever thought of that set up should be shot.

Rent it.

The movie was in 3D and is pretty much a CGI fest. It is on-par with the last one, but really is mostly a bag of tricks and ideas more than their being any plot. There are some cool 3D scenes, but you really feel like they are just trying to learn what they can do with CGI more than anything else. Really, what this is is all the combat scenes from The Matrix done in 3-D. I also think they are hoping to cobble together another movie to follow this one, but I suppose we won't know that for a couple weeks after seeing the box office records.


Movies / 2012
« on: July 12, 2009, 07:37:19 am »
From the guys that brought us ID4 and The Day After Tomorrow we get 2012. Another disaster-end-of-the-world CGI fest.

I'll be watching it of course, I love this kind of silly choas.

On a continuity note.. the USS John F Kennedy was decomissioned two years ago (cough).


OK, My son hasn't seen the Star Wars movies yet, but is playing Lego Star Wars and is staritng to ask questions. So, which order do you watch them in for a first time person? Does Darth Vader's scene with Luke at the end of Empire mean anything, as well and Luke's learning about Leia in Jedi if you already have watched 1,2, and 3?

This is a week long poll. I will not be modifying it for 'special ruined editions'.

Your thoughts?


Everything Else / Shooting Down Nuclear Missiles
« on: October 12, 2008, 08:47:35 am »
(pulling this out of another thread)
no, if you shoot a nuke down, they do not leave radioactive left behinds last I checked.

Also, yokto, take your pick of things able to shoot down missiles:

By Gorman91

A nuclear device that is broken up in flight from damage (like a missile strike) will scatter debris. The extent of the debris field would depend on the level over destruction as well as the altitude of the destruction (space based destruction would result in minimal radioactive fallout as the concentrations would be low as it drifted down to earth over a period of weeks or months).

Reagan's SDI program was mostly a bluff to trick the USSR in to a massive military build up that it could not afford, effectively bankrupting the country and ending the cold war as a cold war.

Some technology was developed that can counter ballistic missiles, some is still in the research phase:

Patriot missiles have some limited ballistic missile capabilities (PAC 3 was the starting point for the current system)

The YAL-1 flying laser cannon is still a prototype, but would target missiles during their launch, not during decent.

The 'Standard' SAM (SM-2 Block-IV ) of the US navy has some ballistic and anti-satellite capabilities.

The systems are developing in to what is called THAAD

Then there are the dedicated anti-missile-missiles (name escapes me) to be based on the West Coast of the US as well as the proposed basing in Poland Which are intended to intercept missiles during their attack phase.

There is little to nothing else, known, that is on the books for deployment in the west. Shooting down ballistic missiles is extremely difficult. There is currently no fight aircraft capable of doing it outside of video-games and extremely poor Sci-Fi channel movies.


well, TacSats for one. Google it, there's a few articles.

Can't find the one where they specifically mentioned "unknown" military satellite.

TacSats are intended as rapid deployment short-term (1 year lifetime) communication and surveillance satellites. Their use is less focused on the launch detection of ballistic missiles and more for dealing with tactical battlefield communications and crisis area surveillance. Basically they fill in a gap allowing for US reconnaissance of hostile nations without the need of use of atmospheric spy planes (manned or unmanned).

Interesting side article I found: The USAF is looking in to launching satellites from airplanes again. This type of technology has been problematic in the past, one example being the Skybolt missile, a joint US/UK program.

Currently there are no documented, space-based, weapons systems for the use of destroying missiles in flight.

Robertbobby91: Looking at all those pictures of 'take your pick of things able to shoot down missiles' has me laughing.

You have a couple radar systems (top left, top right) which are just detection systems. A few pictures of short-range anti-aircraft missiles (Seawolf in the center, not sure what the one on the left is at a glance, but given its configuration it is a battlefield weapon for low-flying aircraft and helicopters). A couple pictures of the YAL-1 concept in the bottom right, etc....

... but the infantry man with the rifle. I'm just rolling. To quote Emo Phillips: 'I can see myself now, bayonet poised, waiting to defend my country from that first preemptive nuclear strike yelling "I've got it! I've got it!"'

On a serious note, many of the missiles shown have been able to shoot down battlefield missiles, but hitting a nuclear missile is a totally different issue. The speeds and distances involved are huge, and for most part, the weapons are made of super strong materials (depleted Uranium is a common weapon casing for these devices) requiring direct hits, not just proximity blasts.

So, anyhow, if we want to discuss this topic, we have a place outside the election forum to do it. ;)


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