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Everything Else / Triangulum, a board game idea of mine
« on: May 29, 2011, 12:37:13 am »
Just thought that I would post my idea for a board game here.


Triangulum is a board game designed for two players. The objective is to go across 3 triangular boards and get to the finish line first, while competing against each other in dice rolls along the way. You'll need one four-sided die (d4) and two six-sided dice (d6).

Get to the finish and win bragging rights!

There are three adjacent (NOT stacking on top of each other!) triangular boards that make up the overall "macro-board." The first board (board 1) is the largest, and is at "ground level," laying flat on the table or other such surface. The second board (board 2) is medium-sized, but is raised a few inches above board 1. The third board (board 3) is the smallest, and is raised even further, twice the height of board 2. These platforms of varying height provide an interesting layer of depth to the game. Think 3-D chess from Star Trek: TNG. Remember, you start on board 1 then go to board 2 and then board 3.
Key: R=red space,  B=blue space, Y=yellow space, W=white space, S=starting space, F=finish space, L=ladder space
Board 1: S,R,B,Y,W,R,B,Y,W,R,B,Y,W,L
Board 2: L,R,B,Y,W,R,B,Y,W,R,B,L
Board 3: L,Y,W,R,B,Y,W,F

1.) Determine who goes first by age, gender, skin, rolling dice, rock-paper-scissors, loud arguments, gentlemanly fisticuffs, Mexican standoff, Ultimate Staring Contest, Tour de France, the alignment of the sun and Venus in relation to Jupiter, or whatever else the players can think of.
2.) Roll the d4 to determine how many spaces you move forward.
3.) Play a dice mini-game based on what color is resulting from the spaces that the two players are on. Ladder spaces are considered colorless and do nothing.
4.) Repeat until one player gets to the finish and wins.

Spaces are of the 3 primary colors and white, and the dice mini-game results from the color. For example, if Player 1 lands on a blue space and Player 2 lands on a yellow space, then the Green mini-game is played. Blue and red is purple, yellow and yellow is yellow, and so on. You get the idea.

To play a Dice Mini-game, each player rolls a d6. Whoever wins moves forward one space. Once again, each color is a different Mini-game. White spaces are like modifiers to the Mini-games: it's the same thing, except whoever loses also moves backwards one space. If both players land on a white or ladder space, no Mini-game is played that turn.
Red: Highest roll wins. Pretty straightforward.
Purple: Roll twice, adding your rolls together. Highest result wins.
Blue: Lowest roll wins. Subversion of Red.
Green: Roll twice. Subtract your second roll from your first roll. Lowest result wins.
Yellow: Roll twice. Subtract your second roll from your first roll. Highest result wins.
Orange: Roll twice. Subtract your opponent's second roll from your first roll. Highest result wins.

I'll try and post some pictures of the prototype game later. Please tell me what you think!

Everything Else / Favorite Holiday Memories/Traditions
« on: December 17, 2009, 08:11:44 pm »
In this thread, you post about your favorite holiday (mostly Christmas, percentage-wise) memories, traditions, and classic movies. Or books, or whatever. Just WHAT has filled you up with the most holiday cheer over the years? What's your favorite holiday movie?

One of my favorite memories? Watching The Snowman in music class when I was in first or second grade. If you haven't seen this movie and you love Christmas cheer and animation and classic stuff, WATCH IT NOW.
The most memorable moment was the song, when the kid and the snowman were flying. That was just beautiful. My music teacher actually knew the kid that sang it! He had bad laryngitis or something, and he recovered so well, that he...well, listen to the song. And don't you even DARE try to watch it anywhere other than on your TV, with all the lights turned off, and preferably with family or friends that can stay quiet.
The other memorable moment? The ending. Yeah...that...was sad, yet I liked it because it was just part of the whole thing.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Overlords
« on: November 29, 2009, 08:47:28 pm »
Chapter 1

The Discovery of the Planet

It was quiet.

There was no time in all of his life that was as quiet as now. Space was entirely inaudible, and the crew did not make idle chatter. In fact, the only time anyone spoke was the ship to him, informing him of the scan results. The machinery hummed softly, creating a one-note melody.

Music? There was no time for music. He was Captain, and Captains have no time for music; at least, very little. He had a job to do! Distractions were unacceptable. No distractions. That was what he had learned from his greatest teacher: experience.

Suddenly, a single, familiar bleep cut through the cloud of silence. He had heard it innumerable times before. As usual, 0.652 seconds after the tone, the ship's voice spoke the line he had heard as many times as the tone.

"Captain. Request permission to deliver status report."

"Permission granted. Begin." he spoke in a dull, bored voice. He knew what the ship would say, and he thought it to himself. "Thank you, Captain. The latest scan has shown no points of interest. Do you wish to proceed hearing the results anyway?"

"Thank you, Captain. The latest scan has revealed a life-sustaining planet. The crew is awaiting their heading as of immediately."

The Captain bolted upright. Life-sustaining planet? When was the last time the scans had revealed a life-sustaining planet? It must have been all those weeks - gosh, it must have actually been months ago! I mean, sure, there are planets a lot of the time, but life-sustaining? That's a rarity! He hoped that it wouldn't be just basic single-celled organisms like last time, or just an equipment malfunction like the time before that.

"Standard procedures. Investigate target."

He scratched his feelers in anticipation. The engines of his ship revved up, and it shot towards the planet.

A few minutes later, they were about to be able to view the planet with the naked eye. What began as a tiny speck grew larger and larger as the ship approached. He thought he could make out colors. What is that? White? Yes, shades of white! There's something else! Purple. No wait, blue! Blue and white - and green! This was the real deal!

The ship was in orbit around the planet. The view was breathtaking. He could see vast oceans, a large continent, a mountain range obscured by a white sheet of water vapor. Look at those lakes!

Suddenly, a bleep. "Captain. Sensors have detected minor radio activity."

His eyes widened. Radio activity...

"Activate surveillance units. I want the surface of this planet mapped! Check for signs of civilization! And...and...oh, I think you know what I mean you should be doing!"

He sat back in his seat and took deep breaths. This was going to be anything but a long day.

Books / Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe (ZBS Foundation)
« on: August 15, 2009, 08:12:08 pm »
Ever heard of this one? It's a radio sci-fi drama that's divided into multiple stories, aka, Ruby, Ruby 2, Ruby 3, you get the pattern.

No? You're absolutely mystified?

Ruby is a galactic gumshoe. A good one. She travels the galaxy with T.J. Teru, an archaeologist from Summa Nulla like Ruby, Rodant Kapoor, a ratlike humanoid that screws up a lot, and And/Or, a techie from the Digital Circus.
This series isn't widely known, and that's a shame, because it's quite good. I first listened to it on a road trip when I was a little kid, and I fell in love with the series. I'd recommend buying it sometime and listening to it when you've got the time to.
Ruby is nothing like conventional sci-fi. It's edgy, dark yet light, funny, and makes you think. Ruby's plots are unlike anything I've seen before, except maybe a little Asimov here and there. Actually, I really don't know how to describe it well enough. It's great, that's it.
So listen to it if you can, and post any comments here.
(And BTW, I felt that this would fit into Books rather than Music.)

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG, NC] Spore d20
« on: July 23, 2009, 03:09:11 pm »
Me and UFO King are using the Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game rules for a campaign that will take place in the NC, with me as the GM, or game master. I'm designing the custom Spore stats, or statistics, to be usable in any NC or RG campaign. However, it would go more quickly if multiple people contributed stats. Anybody who has any RG or NC races, I advise purchasing the SW SE RPG core rulebook if you have not done so already, and at the very least kindly make racial stats for your Spore creation(s). Thank you. More will come later.

Table of Contents
Skirin (Male)






Spore: Creation Corner / [NC] The Pacifistic Rachak
« on: July 10, 2009, 02:26:42 pm »
The Pacifistic Rachak

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Humanoid, Otherworld
Gravity preferences  : 0.86 - 1.23 g
Temperature pref.    : 4.5 - 33C
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen/Methane
Body cover           : Soft-skinned
Body color           : Dark red
Hair                 : None
Eyes                 : Two large no-pupil
Eyes color           : Green
Body characteristics : Fangs
Diet                 : Omnivore
Sexual reproduction  : Asexual
Reproduction method  : Budding
Limbs pair n 1 : Arms
Limbs pair n 2 : Legs
Mass : 42 - 52 kg
Size : 1.7 - 1.9 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 0
  Determination   : 19
  Racial tolerance: 20
  Progressivness  : 17
  Loyalty         : 20
  Social cohesion : 18
  Art             : 20
  Individualism   : 19
  Body            : 7
  Mind            : 11
  Speed           : 10
  Lifespan        : 90 years
  Tech level      : 5

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Meritocracy
Religion          : Actually pantheism, but is claimed to be whatever is most convenient for the situation during diplomacy.
Devotion          : High

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
Acute Smelling
Acute Vision
Cold Sensitivity
Cultural Adaptability
Eidetic Memory
EM imaging
Extra heart
Fast healing
Field sense
Night Vision
Spectrum vision

More to come later.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [NC] Rachak Relations
« on: July 09, 2009, 09:37:24 pm »
A single transmission came within detectable range of the ships, coming from near the center of the Novus Cluster. Translated, it read:

Dear Friends,
If you are reading this transmission, then we assume that you are capable of tracking it to our planet. We would love to make new friends, but unfortunately, the only sentient species that we know of are ourselves. Could you please come down to Rach and meet us so that we can be friends and spread our message of peace and love throughout the universe? That would be simply marvelous! There's nothing more that we'd love to do than help others! Rach is a lovely place, and we'll be willing to provide almost anything you need! Thank you ever so much, strangers!
Your hopefully soon-to-be friends,
The Rachak

//This is most intriguing// SAI-1 said, the ship's computer, similar to HAL-9000. //However, we are not able to pursue this request.// //Viewpoint is near that location though, studying gravitational fields. Shall I sent them a request to go there?// "Yes, that would be wonderful." the captain replied.

And so it was, the Viewpoint is currently en-route to the approximated source of the transmission.
Apparently, by the time the Viewpoint had gotten within about 0.9 AUs of Rach, it must have been detected, because a transmission was sent to it:

"Oh, hello, hello, hello! This is most pleasing, yes, this is just marvelous! Professor Drach was right all along; there ARE other sentients out there! And now we finally have visitors! Oh, frabjous day! Callooh, callay! Ah, but wait! You must be tired from your long trip! By our calculations, there must be only one or two sentient civilizations per galaxy, so we bet that you're in need of refreshments from such a journey! Please, by all means necessary, come on down to Rach! We'll provide you with anything you need: food, drink, fuel, repairs; but we're somewhat doubtful that we can provide those, since you're a far superior alien civilization! The gap between our ways of life must be incredibly vast! Oh dear, we've been talking far too long! Please, come on down to Rach! We'll be patiently waiting!"
"Captain, do we have anything that works in the atmosphere?"
"Hmm, the shuttlepods should be able to make it..." "OK, you, you, you, and you, come with me."
The shuttlepod rocketed toward the surface.
"Well, that's probably the last time we'll see the captain..." The first officer said.

The shuttlepod plummets towards Rach. It falls through the dense cloud layers for some time. Strange-looking flying things scatter to avoid the Akazian vessel.

The landing sequence is initiated, and the shuttlepod is directed to an aircraft landing facility. Numerous reddish beings swarm around the shuttlepod, eager to greet the astronauts.

An audio-only transmission was sent to the shuttlepod.
//We've hypothesized that our planet must be toxic to you. Can you kindly tell us what kind of suits you might need to negotiate our alien environment? Or do you have some back aboard your main ship? Thank you!//

I have a problem with Spore. I just finished installing the new patch, and now, whenever I run Spore, the screen turns black due to it being set on fullscreen prior to the installation and a windows error message pops up:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library                                                             

Runtime Error!

Program: ...rogram Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.


I frankly haven't the slightest idea what to do. I need your help to solve this problem. I tried ticking the box labeled "Run this program as Administrator" and rebooting, but that didn't seem to do anything; the same error message popped up again. So please provide any possible solutions.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds RP
« on: March 26, 2009, 06:34:36 pm »
(NOTE: Refer to this thread for details. Anyone that is not participating in this RP must put their post in ((OOC)) tags. Other people can still join the RP by posting their character in the aforementioned topic. We have one spot reserved and two spots taken of the five Martians in the cylinder. We need two more people to join the RP and create Martian characters. Please join and comment.)


It is August 1, 1898. You are in the first of the cylinders launched from the dying planet Mars to Earth. Raka, Oorl, and the other three Martians are the inhabitants of this cylinder. Raka is steadily losing his patience with his copilot Oorl, who was unprepared for the sensation of being launched out of a large-scale hydrogen accelerator. He is frantically screaming and waving his tentacles about. The other three Martian players are elsewhere inside the cylinder. Over on Earth, it is midnight in Robert's London home, and he is fast asleep.
What do you want to do?

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / TOP SECRET PHOTO
« on: February 28, 2009, 03:04:49 pm »

This image was taken on [CENSORED] near the [CENSORED] during the attack on [CENSORED]. It is of an unknown lifeform. The [CENSORED] will continue to investigate these lifeforms on [CENSORED].


Art / Homemade Kaiju
« on: January 25, 2009, 10:10:02 am »
I myself am a huge Godzilla fan. However, I've always felt that Toho's famous line of Kaiju, such as Godzilla, King Ghidora, and Gamera, all had their each unrealistic flaws. So I've made my own Kaiju that are at least somewhat plausible.

(Yes, it is, in fact, possible for a creature to breathe fire.)
So what do you guys think?

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Interspecies conversation
« on: January 24, 2009, 03:59:41 pm »
Gerric Dofi entered his apartment in Beyon City. He tossed his robe-jacket on the couch, sat down at his desk, and scratched his beak as he selected the Galactinet Explorer icon on his computer's desktop. Quickly, he proceeded to type in the address of a certain conversation network site, or conversite for short. Gerric selected the command, New Topic, and began to type.

"Isn't it amazing how we're all different species from different worlds and we can communicate with one another so freely? It's kind of mind-boggling when you think about it. What do you suppose our ancestors would have thought? Do you suppose that they would have thought that there would be so many different forms of intelligent life out there? And what about how you feel? Do you guys think that it's a good thing, to have so many different species to talk to? Or do you prefer talking with your own species better? I myself enjoy talking with other species. I think it's just fascinating to hear things from their point of view.
What do you think?"

Gerric sighed satisfactorily and selected the Post command. He hoped that nobody thought that it was too vague or random. I guess I'll find out soon, Gerric thought to himself.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Goonal
« on: September 29, 2008, 01:25:03 pm »

The Goonal

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type: Terrestrial
Appearance: Mammalian
Gravity preferences: 0.70 - 0.95 g
Temperature preferences: 70 - 125 F
Atmosphere breathed: Nitrogen/Oxygen
Body cover: Soft-skinned
Body color: Red and white
Hair: None
Hair color: n/a
Eyes: Two round-pupil
Eyes color: Varies, default is brown-orange
Body characteristics: Fleshy beak, antennae, feelers, weird-looking feet
Diet: Omnivore
Sexual reproduction: Male/Female genders
Reproduction method: Live birth
Limbs pair n 1: Arms
Limbs pair n 2: Legs
Limbs pair n 3: Legs
Mass: 120-180 lbs
Size: 8 - 9 ft

(Section 2 -- Culture)
 Militancy: 6
 Determination: 12
 Racial tolerance: 20
 Progressiveness: 18
 Loyalty: 19
 Social cohesion: 17
 Art: 18
 Individualism: 17
 Body: 11
 Mind: 19
 Speed: 8
 Life span: 85 - 130 Earth years
 Tech level: 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government: Constitutional democracy
Religion: Rational atheism
Devotion: Extremely high

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
 Bonus skills
 Cold sensitivity
 Heat tolerance
 Lightning calculator
 Manual dexterity
 Time sense
 Warm-blooded biology

Fan Art

Darth Grievi




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