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What should I watch on Netflix?

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Watch two episodes a day until you finish. It's way better that way. ;)

I did watch it.
It was great.
It's not just how well they captured the 80s Spielberg/Stephen King movie aesthetic, it's the story beats themselves.
It was genuinely fun and engaging to watch.

Poor Barb, though.


--- Quote from: Mr. Wizard on August 17, 2016, 10:33:10 pm ---STRANGER THINGS. Go watch STRANGER THINGS. It's awesome.

I just marathon binge watched it and it was perfect. Go watch STRANGER THINGS.

--- End quote ---

Yes! Great Show!! I also like Macro Polo and Fuller House.

I'm not the TV-watching type. But I opened up Netflix and looked around for a while until I found a show called Longmire. It's a detective-drama-westernish kind of show. I liked it, it wasn't too bad for a first episode and I'll watch another one soon.



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