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Such a wonderful series, Rick and Morty is. I've seen all three of the first episodes of season 2, and I feel safe in saying that they are still on their game.

My only fear is that the humanization of Rick in this new season is a change in the dynamic of the show and could lead to the show losing itself.

Nah I think it's good that we'll see actual character growth, it gives episodes a bit more impact.

Hope to see evil Morty return

Krakow Sam:
Ok so I was lukewarm on the first two episodes but Ep3 is back to business as usual (i.e. great). If it only takes two episodes for a season to hit its stride then I'm happy.

Yeah, Ep 3 was pretty great. I think this show, over time, may become my all-time favorite.

Ep4 was even better, actually.

Nintendo give me free ****!


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