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Spore: Creation Corner / Naucean-Laucean
« on: August 08, 2007, 03:09:45 pm »


ONE day Naucean-laucean was picking up space-corn in the space-corn-yard when – whack! -- something hit her upon the head. "Goodness gracious me!" said Naucean-laucean; "the sky's a-going to fall; I must go and tell the king."

So she went along and she went along and she went along till she met Necromonicon-lecromonicon. "Where are you going, Naucean-laucean?" says Necromonicon-lecromonicon. "Oh! I'm going to tell the king the sky's a-falling," says Naucean-laucean. "May I come with you?" says Necromonicon-lecromonicon. "Certainly," says Naucean-laucean. So Naucean-laucean and Necromonicon-lecromonicon went to tell-the king the sky was falling.

They went along, and they went along, and they went along, till they met Dasof-lasof. "Where are you going to, Naucean-laucean and Necromonicon-lecromonicon?" says Dasof-lasof. "Oh! we're going to tell the king the sky's a-falling," said Naucean-laucean and Necromonicon-lecromonicon. "May I come with you?" says Dasof-lasof. "Certainly," said Naucean-laucean and Necromonicon-lecromonicon. So Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon and Dasof-lasof went to tell the king the sky was a-falling.

So they went along, and they went along, and they went along, till they met ViSy-LiSy, "Where are you going to, Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon and Dasof-lasof?" said ViSy-LiSy. "Oh! we're going to tell the king the sky's a-falling," said Naucean-laucean and Necromonicon-lecromonicon and Dasof-lasof. "May I come with you," said ViSy-LiSy. "Certainly," said Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon and Dasof-lasof. So Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof and ViSy-LiSy went to tell the king the sky was a-falling.

So they went along, and they went along, and they went along, till they met Swastikan-lastikan. "Where are you going, Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, and ViSy-LiSy?" says Swastikan-lastikan. "Oh! we're going to tell the king the sky's a-falling," said Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof and ViSy-LiSy. "May I come with you? Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof and ViSy-LiSy?" said Swastikan-lastikan. "Why, certainly, Swastikan-lastikan," said Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, and ViSy-LiSy. So Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy and Swastikan-lastikan all went to tell the king the sky was a-falling.

So they went along, and they went along, and they went along, till they met Culid-lulid, and Culid-lulid said to Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy and Swastikan-lastikan: "Where are you going, Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy, and Swastikan-lastikan?" And Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy, and Swastikan-lastikan said to Culid-lulid: "We're going to tell the king the
sky's a-falling." "Oh! but this is not the way to the king, Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy and Swastikan-lastikan," says Culid-lulid; "I know the proper way; shall I show it you?" "Why certainly, Culid-lulid," said Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy, and Swastikan-lastikan. So Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy, Swastikan-lastikan, and Culid-lulid all went to tell the king the sky was a-falling. So they went along, and they went along, and they went along, till they came to a narrow and dark hole. Now this was the door of Culid-lulid's cave. But Culid-lulid said to Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy, and Swastikan-lastikan: "This is the short way to the king's palace you'll soon get there if you follow me. I will go first and you come after, Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy, and Swastikan-lastikan." "Why of course, certainly, without doubt, why not?" said Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy, and Swastikan-lastikan.

So Culid-lulid went into his cave, and he didn't go very far but turned round to wait for Naucean-laucean, Necromonicon-lecromonicon, Dasof-lasof, ViSy-LiSy and Swastikan-lastikan. So at last at first Swastikan-lastikan went through the dark hole into the cave. He hadn't got far when "Hrumph," Culid-lulid snapped off Swastikan-lastikan's head and threw his body over his left shoulder. Then ViSy-LiSy went in, and "Hrumph," off went her head and ViSy-LiSy was thrown beside Swastikan-lastikan. Then Dasof-lasof waddled down, and "Hrumph," snapped Culid-lulid, and Dasof-lasof' head was off and Dasof-lasof was thrown alongside Swastikan-lastikan and ViSy-LiSy. Then Necromonicon-lecromonicon strutted down into the cave and he hadn't gone far when "Snap, Hrumph!" went Culid-lulid and Necromonicon-lecromonicon was thrown alongside of Swastikan-lastikan, ViSy-LiSy and Dasof-lasof.

But Culid-lulid had made two bites at Necromonicon-lecromonicon, and when the first snap only hurt Necromonicon-lecromonicon, but didn't kill him, he called out to Naucean-laucean. So she turned tail and ran back home, so she never told the king the sky was a-falling.

Movies / The Golden Compass
« on: April 08, 2007, 02:19:48 pm » (Flash website, endecalingual)

It looks like someone (New Line Cinema) got around to using one of the most obvious licenses ever, along with the obligatory crappy game. If you haven't read the book, you should probably do that sometime; it's about bears and politics and free will and the nature of good and evil and having a jolly old time in the catacombs. If you know what a philosopher's stone is, you probably know the book as "Northern Lights".

In case you haven't read the book or looked at the website, here are some pictures courtesy of a link I found on Wikipedia:

Lee Scoresby is a badass. He also flies hot-air balloons.

Lord Asriel is actually deus ex machina personified but that's ok because he's also James Bond.

One of the people in this picture is the main character (hint: it is not the guy in the middle).

If you like to obsess over celebrities, the movie features such stars as Nicole Kidman, that one actor from Road House, and a British guy (the one who isn't James Bond).

Art / A drawing board for any website?
« on: March 14, 2007, 04:47:41 pm »
Someone going off on a tangent that doesn't mesh with your "artistic vision" is not a reason to panic
please refrain from hitler, penises, et cetera because someone will freak out
it is ok to paint over the screen if nobody's done anything for a while
if you have to write something, write small, if you have to erase something, use the dropper tool to get the background color

Here is one for the forum:

You just put the number 1 after ""

Very cool.

(Gabbly: but it has problems)

Here are some of the best drawings ever made on the Internet (post yours in this thread and i might put them up here (no jpeg artifacts)):

"Le Cat Bleu"
submitted by Samog

"The Epic of the Sea"
submitted by Samog

"sOrry xD"
submitted by Gauphastus

"The First Galactic War"
submitted by Oviraptor

"One Night in Cymru"
submitted by Oviraptor

"þΐΏə: ωχΰΞΓ"
submitted by Eligecos

"The Epic of the Land"
submitted by Gauphastus

"Do I have to suffer alone?"
submitted by Eligecos

"Naucean Comparative Anatomy Diagram no. 5"
submitted by Great Distance

submitted by Samog

submitted by operaghost21

Since the Dwarf Fortress Army thread is on indefinite hiatus (read the thread to see why), here's a Liberal Crime Squad thread.

Liberal Crime Squad is a mindbendingly difficult ASCII game in which you start with a small group and gradually expand and fortify your holdings, eventually drawing the attention of the government elite and also lots of people who will try to kill you with varying amounts of success. Where have I heard this before?

In a completely unexpected twist, Liberal Crime Squad is made by the same guy as Dwarf Fortress. It centers around the actions of the main character, who one day notices that the government is really quite conservative on many issues and decides to solve this problem by breaking into and looting apartments, shooting cops, and pressing the large button at the nuclear power plant. The hard part comes with fun little messages like "The police are raiding the homeless shelter!" "$CHARACTER has been arrested while selling brownies!" and, my personal favorite, "The policeman ACCIDENTALLY shoots $CHARACTER in the head BLOWING it apart. No one can carry martyr $CHARACTER."

Over time, the squad moves from a couple of guys burning flags and stealing SUVs to several specialized groups dedicated to fending off the monthly Army raid or indoctrinating AM radio hosts or publishing sensitive information from the intelligence computer in the newspaper.

How the poll works: Just pick the coolest-sounding options and people who don't have more important things to do will be assigned to those tasks in proportion with the poll results.

Spore: General / Stop saying "drought" and "new drought."
« on: January 25, 2007, 02:06:45 pm »
It was witty and topical back when there was lots of stuff lying around the internet to be found and an hour of video to sift through, but it was an old catchphrase before E3 came around.

In case you don't understand why: Drought means "a period of below average rainfall." Everyone following Spore realizes or should realize that no information is the norm (average rainfall) and basically the only sources of information come with certain events. The time between new stuff isn't a drought, new stuff is rain in the desert.

Thank you for your time and remember to vote for the New International Synarchist Order.

This message paid for by co-vice-chief citizen Samog.

Forum Games / Let's make a religion!
« on: January 14, 2007, 12:07:15 am »
Quote from: The rules
Quote from: Steve
Like the rest of the forums, spam and "useless posts" are not allowed in any of the threads.
Everything else should develop as the thread goes on. Feel free to go on a tangent or whatever, you know, it's all cool. This thread doesn't necessarily have to be about humans on Earth but I have a feeling the next poster will make it about the Necromonicon or Willosaurs or Dragonlance or His Dark Materials or whatever.

In the beginning there was One, and in the end there will be One, and forever shall the Sum be One.
The One is key to all and the One is irrelevant.
Within the mind of the One there was Chaos, and from the One Chaos emerged.
From Chaos the myriad gods were formed, and so the gods gave Chaos form.
From Chaos the gods formed Order, and so each god claimed a Domain.
Those with grand Domains saw fit to preserve and shape their Creations, and Those of meager Domains were content to become Interlopers.
The Interlopers traversed Order to serve under the Creators, and so all gods claimed Authority.

Your turn. (is this less confusing Vivec)

PC Games / Pirates! Vikings! Knights!
« on: January 09, 2007, 07:12:23 pm »
The beta of Pirates Vikings and Knights II, a source mod, was released a while ago, you can download it or get a torrent here.

On to the obligatory explanation!
     August 13th 1717
The cargo ship carrying the chest didn’t make port today. It’s rumored that all her cargo was lost at sea thanks to Captain Black Bellamy and his crew of Pirates. The Royal Navy could find no survivors, nor cargo amongst the wreckage. What happened out there? Did a mishap occur with the storage of black powder? Reports of a terrible storm in that area were being told as well, on that very day of the disappearance. I fear that the loss of the chest is immeasurable, and incalculable. How shall I explain this to my master? I should have taken greater measures and not chartered a merchant vessel. I’ll be lucky if I’m not flogged for this…

I can understand the value of the chest as it being rumored to have originated in a monastery in Lindesfarne , Northumbria 793.a.d. The Viking Sagas spoke of a cursed chest imbued by the power of the White Christ to exact revenge upon the Vikings for the massacre that took place in the monastery. I’m not a highly educated man like the master, but I pride myself that I have learned to read under his tutelage. And so, as I have read from his other volumes that he laid strewn about while he slumbered at his fireplace from sheer mental exhaustion, that the chest has also seen many other lands in its centuries of travels. A historian in the 12th century noted that the same chest was logged in a royal treasury under the reign of King John Lackland October 30th 1215 a.d. There is more than enough controversy over the details of his quick and sudden demise in 1216 a.d. There are even some that say he didn’t die that day at all…but disappeared instead.

Now that this has happened, I can’t help but wonder if the master were meant to possess the chest at all? The master seems to be consumed by this artifact, dedicating all his days in hopes of the discovery of it. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he hired out a mercenary vessel on the morrow to see the wreckage with his very own eyes. I wish to have no part of the cursed thing.

I think tomorrow would be a good day for me to slip away and fetch those other volumes from Mr. Kensington in Wales. The fresh air would be a welcomed change from these dreary walls.
~End of Journal Entry~

PVKII Is a Halflife 2 Modification based on 3 teams from times past locked in a never-ending battle for wealth, dominance, and power.

Pirates, Vikings & Knights II pits each team against one another in a variety of different scenarios enabling a varied, strategic, and fun gameplay. Each team has its overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as each member within those teams contributing special abilities for the success or failure of each goal.
Cooperation will lead you to victory and glory!

They will battle in territories familiar to them such as Medieval Castles, European Villages, Winter Landscapes, Grassy Plains, Sea Vessels, Catacombs, Sea Ports, and more!

Immerse yourself in the PVKII world!
Pirates Vikings and Knights 2 is a source mod that pits players in intense melee combat on one of three sides, Pirates, Vikings, or Knights. Each side has one unit because this is the beta.

Pirates get the Skirmisher, an obnoxious ranged unit who can fire a brace of pistols, throw kegs full of gunpowder into the fray, or get brutally cut down while waving a cutlass around like you have a useful melee weapon.

Vikings have the Berserker, a badass Norseman who can kill a man in six different ways with his bare hands. He gets a big axe and a little axe and a cute little parrying blade and RAGE.

Knights get the horribly imbalanced Heavy Knight, who walks around in armor and chooses between the awesome 2-handed sword and a less-awesome sword and shield. They would be viking and pirate fodder except they get a crossbow in this version, which can kill an unarmored unit in one hit.

When the game is complete, each team will have a generic soldier class, a stealth class, a ranged class, a heavy class, and a leader (support) class.

There are already several custom maps for you to wander around and get lost in, as well as a healthy supply of absurdly skilled players and newbies. As you evolve your creature, the game will look for creatures to fill in the ecosystem to make sure you're never on top of the food chain during the creature stage. Pirates Vikings and Knights II will require a fairly good computer.


Dwarf Fortress is probably a game that you've seen and passed over because it's
  • really complicated
  • devoid of graphics
  • mocking you
But wait! Now you don't have to play it! Instead, you can just enlist right over there and I'll switch out some names.
No actual effort or participation is required*!
  • Watch in horror as LadyM fights a pack of wolves with her bare hands!
  • Be shocked as Patman goes insane and bashes Aname's skull in with a pickaxe before being put down by elite marksdwarf Lualmoba!
  • Be amazed as Fiffeck hits a vein of platinum... with a river of magma behind it!

You should probably keep two things in mind:
  • There's a pretty high mortality rate in the fortress and an influx of immigrants, so you can submit more than one name (one at a time, please).
  • Here's the list of professions.

If you want to show your dwarven patriotism, stick this in your signature:
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Also, if for some reason you actually want to play Dwarf Fortress, you can get it here.

*Seriously, you don't have to do anything. Just submit a name and watch the zany adventures of your alter-ego.

PC Games / Survival Crisis Z (Thread under new management)
« on: October 28, 2006, 11:07:39 pm »
With apologies to Pablo Centella:

Página en obras (a ver si la adecento un poco)

Fiffeck: Has anyone else download ZP2k5?
Samog: i guess I'm not trustworthy in PC Games
Fiffeck: I guess
Samog: ...or Forum Games
Fiffeck: I think your paragraph may be scaring eople off
Samog: I was tired
Fiffeck: Heh
Were you tired at 4-5AM when I finally left?
Samog: this has happened before
I get tired and think it's funny to list every single thing the game offers
Leng: daxx
Fiffeck: *cough* Tremulous
Samog: damn you

Please hold while I make a useful first post.

Here's a link to download Survival Crisis Z and ZP2k5, which are excellent games:

Forum Games / Clash of the Crumbs! (in Technicolor)
« on: October 20, 2006, 01:12:57 pm »
Quote from: Gabbly
Redfish: how abotu clash of the crumbs
   we each play a crumb
Leng has joined.
Redfish: and we bash into eachother
Samog: i'll do it

Sign up here and pick a fellow crumb to bash.
You get one crumb per day.

Forum Games / the bold text game
« on: October 13, 2006, 02:24:26 pm »
every post you make you have to use bold text whatever you say has to be emphasized

Spore: General / Tired of Spore flash games? Try the Spore Warcraft map.
« on: October 13, 2006, 02:19:46 pm »
It's made by some guy on US East and proceeds from the skeletal tidepool phase through the three-part creature stage on to the skeletal tribal stage. There'll probably be a civ stage once the beta is over.

Too bad I don't know the creator and don't have a download link! On the plus side, screenshots on request.

Everything Else / G.A.S.
« on: September 30, 2006, 11:30:54 am »
Gabblers Against Sagan
-Worse than Creature Polls-

It is here, and it is.....


It has conquered Gabbly and is moving up, slowly taking over the brains of our members and turning them into Sagan freaks! Become a Sagan rehabilatator, fixing the minds of our perverted fellow members!

-List of the Damned-

Hydromancerx (Ring leader!)
Krakow Sam
probably some other guys

-Petition to destroy Sagan IV completely using machetes and elephants, stamp on it a couple of times, tie up its tiny bunny legs and toss it into the river Nile in a sack with a dog, a rooster and a snake-


Platinum Express Value Member HanianKnight
Radiant Foe "Hunter" Hammer
syphonbyte, Savior of the Universe
Private Second Class Krakow Sam

Sign the petition! Some may call this thread unecessary but I call it... Necessary!

Books / The Up and Up
« on: September 29, 2006, 02:26:48 pm »
   Henri sits at a table and waits for his drink to come. Cocu! Cocu! It's that infernal bird again, chirping in his head. The cuckold bird. What dreadful clatter! Why won't it just shut up? Maybe the better question is: Why won't he just shoot the bastard between the eyes? Right here, right now, in front of all of his nouveau riche pals, these très gauche buffoons with waxed-on smiles and garish toupees which look like they came from carpet remnants. These fils de putes with money to burn and confidence oozing from their scaly skin -- shoot the bastard, right here, right now.

Lee Irby is a pretty good author and he wrote a book about some fictional illegal goings-on in the 1920s and also you should read it

Forum Games / Crack the Code (again).
« on: September 26, 2006, 02:14:54 pm »
I thought of this in ten seconds.

Here are some encrypted messages in order of difficulty:


And here are your obligatory three hints before you even asked for them!
1) Lateral thinking, people.
2) Once you figure out what the numbers mean, you've got this.
3) I suppose it's not lateral so much as it is vertical.

edit: well that didn't last for long

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