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PC Games / Soda Creative Ltd.
« on: May 02, 2008, 02:49:03 pm »
Find them here.

Soda is an experimental art group that are better known for their trademark game, Sodaconstructor. The Company also experiments with Music, Animatronics and Educational toys such as Newtoons. The company is located in London, England.
For all you that don't know, There are other items in soda's gallery of stuff:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
If you are interested, join for the news letter or talk about it here.

Edit: Whoops, not posting the reason for this thread.
If you do use this, Show us what you have created with the items here.
Let me start:

Made by me.

TV / Reaper.
« on: April 28, 2008, 12:43:48 am »
It's a canadian show about a person called sam who's soul was sold to the devil. He is now a bounty hunter who works for the devil. It's nice, and I like the show.


Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Bigger, better, faster, stronger.
« on: April 26, 2008, 09:15:30 am »

Meet our subject.
You name it.

The whole point is that this thing here needs to evolve, not only to evade predators, but get foodstuffs. Your mission: help with this cause.

So, what shall we do?

Books / Guinness book of records 08 gamers edition.
« on: April 23, 2008, 10:35:10 am »
I'll tell you, this one rocks!
List of most sold games of 07:

Halo 3
Super mario galaxy
Project gotham racing
Pokemon Diamond/pearl
The orange box!
Zelda: hourglass
Mass effect
Mario/sonic olympic games
Wow burning crusade
Colin MCrae: DiRT
World in conflict
Virtua fighter 5
(In order)

there's a nice bit on the sims and a lot more!

Movies / ninteen's review: The Host.
« on: April 23, 2008, 12:56:12 am »
The host is a japanese horror film about a virus and a big monster. Good? NO. The monster was a rip off of a bullsquid and a scauceback from sagan. The whole movie was more of a thriller than horror. Hell, I'll take the whole plot down in about, say... 6 sentances. Tops.
Here we go:

1) Toxic waste is dumped.
2) Thing is made.
3) Kidnaps people.
4) Hubub.
5) ...
6) Monster dies in coolway ending movie.

But still, the effects were great, the monster cool (Even though its mouth looked like a vagina.) and the drama great.

Everything Else / Nin Teen Forti Thive's Satire thread.
« on: April 18, 2008, 04:55:25 pm »
I'm a humorist. Not as funny as I am in real life but I try. I'll post tidbits of my humor that works from elsewhere, here.

Now, to start off:

I've been annoyed by the N00B problem in ROBLOX. My solution was simple: Reverse psycology.

Enjoy the sarcasm.

Console Games / Have any of you owned a Sega?
« on: April 15, 2008, 06:38:41 am »
I remember having a Sega when I was 5, I'm possibly the only kid in my class to have played one. I also remember some of the games I played on it.

Starfox, Sonic(I think) and a weird football game.

So, My question, Have YOU, the reader, ever owned a Sega?

Spore: Creation Corner / Primal Standata and others. Old galaxy now.
« on: April 08, 2008, 11:42:24 am »
name Standata
plural Standatec
singular Stant
possessive Stanitic

planet Gallilao
day 28 hours avarage.
month 24 days
year 7 months

I have no pictures yet, they shall be made after my first story, taken out of the Isarcp.
I shall format this to be more easy to use.
I shall get the story's first chapter finished by the end of this month.

Exerpt 1 from the Isarcp.

1: Mouldings.

At first, there was nothing but void, but, in the middle, there was a small sphere.
This sphere was heavy, hard and brittle. Once, the sphere grew a mind. Then, it
grew feelings. The sphere was sad. It was alone. The sphere began to split. Once.
Twice. Three times. Again. Soon, there were many spheres of different weight, size
5: and shape. Each broke up more and more, until there was many things. Some became
water, others air. Each had it's own ideas and knowledge. One day, A clump of
undecided material thought about being more useful. More and more clumps thought
about this and joined up: the first lifeform was made. They soon became better,
more powerful or fast. The "small" war had begun. Masses ate masses, masses grew
10: to hurt others.

Sorry it's small, I'm going to post small bits, just to keep it working.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / A NPC creature Idea.
« on: April 05, 2008, 10:18:49 am »
I think we should do a subsitute, maybe the Greys?
They are quite advanced in our media, with Laser probes, hyper speed, mind erasers, Hi tech Hospitals and so on. They'd make a good "Spy" race. Hell, We could even do a CC thread!

Should we make the "Greys" NPC?

What effect would it have on the RP zone?

Should we restrict the use of it?

Books / GS Book of '08!
« on: April 02, 2008, 02:45:23 pm »
Yes, this is the first annual GS Book of '08!

Here's the deal:

We have a lot of good books and authors talked about so I thought, Hey, what's the favorite book? How about a vote?

I have made this to solve that. This is simple, three steps.
1) Post Your favorite books in this form:


2) We take the most common books and put them in a poll, the one with the least votes is removed, poll restarts, least votes removed... all the way to ten books.

3) We then hold six more polls with the same books, different questions.

Favorite book? (Starter and decider)
Favorite book art? (Second)
Favorite plot? (Third)
Favorite background story? (Forth)
Favorite character development? (Fifth)
Favorite ending? (Sixth)

after that, the winner of each poll will be Crowned "The best (book art, book, plot... ETC) of GS '08! (Maybe a banner for Sigs?)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Inhuman Worlds.
« on: March 25, 2008, 02:37:05 pm »
At the request of TTT in the TAA, I'm putting this story out of the sig and into the forum.
If you have read my other story, The peace within war, you will see that this is the next arc, story, continuation or whatever.
This is morbid at the start. So, without any more stalling to find the notepad file, I present:

Inhuman Worlds!

Chapter 1: A note of suffering.

I don't know where I am or how I got here. All I know is that my freinds are
Trapped in this house with me. I do not know where this house is, because
it is boarded. I barely even know myself. I'm called Fiona Hawkburn, I'm 13
and I'm suffering either a nightmare or hell. I only recently had been put in
this mansion by what seems to be magic. I'm here with 4 others, Gary Stones,
14, Marcus Flinch, 13, Samantha Newman, 14 and David Irons, 15. For a whole
year I've been trapped here and, God forbid, I might die here. Each day the
furniture fixes, the food reappears and we are healed from the pain this house
causes. The first day I was here, I woke in the bathroom, the others around me,
trying to wake me. As I got up, the one with the red hair, Marcus, pulled me down.
As I asked him why he did that I found out. The shower had swung around my
head as I ducked and it would have hit me. Another time, Samantha was strangled
by a force for about a minute, then thrown into Gary.

Each day this force beats and attacks us with objects in the house, and each
day the pain ends and we are healed for another day of misery. All I hope for
now is death. All they hope for is death. For one too many times have we
attempted to escape, but it always results in us being beaten until we are
choking in our own blood on the floor.We have gotten to live with it, But we
still prey for help. All I can do is shove this under the door, and hope you,
or anybody else, finds us. Please, I beg of you.

Recently, the attacks have been getting worse. I was thrown out of the bathroom
two days ago and Gary was dragged down the stairs. We also found a list of names
on the wall, the first being somone called Philip Acres, the last being mine. As
expected, this was scary for us all when we found it. The forces here are also,
for some unholy reason, attacking us in a more violent way. For no reason at all
David was pinned to the table as knives stuck through his hands and the table.
He was then left there all night as the knives seemed to be hot. Also, I fear the
forces in this house are targeting one of us each, as in this morning I felt like an
invisible man had held me down in bed all morning. Later on, I was struck by a vase
then dragged into my bed again where I was pinned to the wall by knives that were
forced through my wrists. After an hour Marcus and Samantha helped me down.

Help us. David is missing. I think somthing happened to him. Yesterday, it was his
birthday. I just hope he's okay. Also, The attacks are now evenly spread but still
violent. Gary and me were attacked all morning and Marcus and Samantha were
just attacked in the bathroom. I just want to know why anybody would be so creul.
It's unfair. Please, please, help us.

It's been 2 years now, I'm really scared. Marcus has disappeared the day after his
birthday and mine is today. I hope I would just die, just fall asleep and never wake.
This thing has took all the others. I'm alone, it's not fair, why me?

As she wrote this in her room, her tears, cold with sorrow, fell onto the paper.
she knew she was next. Some one, or something, would take her. She was afraid.
At night, when she was asleep, two men, dressed in black, grabbed her and stuffed
her mouth. They then took her out of the house with, oddly, no resistance. The outside
of the house was just a massive lab. Screens, moniters and even machines worked around
her. They placed her in a room, on a table, and began work. They bound her to the table
and un-gagged her mouth. As soon as this happened she began to cry. "Why... Why! you
monsters! You evil monsters!" She screamed at the men. They paid no attention.
One man then pulled out a scanner and flashes it across her body. Another sits down
and reads from a screen. "Heart rate: Normal. Blood flow: Fast. Almost no change to her
emotional systems." He called across the room. The other man turned and put a note
beside her. "I guess this is another failed experiment, then." he replied.

They both agreed on the only option left: Incinaration. As they regagged her mouth,
one of the men drugged her with a sleeping lotion injection. They moved her down
the halls into a room, it was hot, with a massive furnace in the middle. Just at that
time, John was there, a flash of green and he was soon on the ground, still unsure
about what he had done. He held the cube with his hand, Finger in the door shaped
piece. One of the men ran up and grabbed him, John pulls out his sword and strikes
him. The sword cuts his flesh, but no ignition. John was baffled, long enough for the
man to pull at his sword and push him down. John presses hard over a piece of the
cube, shaped like a vase. The man splutters out water. He coughs and gags and more
water comes from his mouth. The man drowns on the water that seems to be gushing
out of him like a fountain, and dies.

The second man looks on in disbelief. John turns to him and presses another Piece,
shaped like a boulder. The man turns to stone. He looks at the table, seeing a girl,
same height, white dress, tied to the table. He twists the top and then the front. John
holds her hand and presses the button. In yet another flash of green, John and Fiona
disappeared again.

This time, in some odd field John stood and she lied. There were trees, massive and
white in colour, the leaves black and thin like needles. The sky was white, with no sun,
just a bright haze making all within sight visible. The girl who John had taken with him
lies in the bright grey grass. her torn white dress covers her blood stained body. As John
looked at her, he noticed that the blood must have been hers. The odd thing was that she
bore no cuts. John ungagged her sleeping mouth and untied the ropes that pinned her to
the table. He then walked around for a bit, waiting for her to awake.

Fiona stirred, her arm slid slowly across the table. She began to open her eyes, not blinded
by any light, but dazed at the scene. She pushed herself up, rubbing her legs. As she did
this, she slowly got off the table. Fiona was startled at the scene: grey grass, trees with black
leaves. This world seemed to have no colour, and her pale skin with her white dress matched
it. She began exploring this odd place, heading down a slope.

John had found a lake, and was washing his face. He was suprized at the blue trees which changed
the scene. Each tree had a red seed, glistening in the sunless sky. John decided to take a risk of
eating a seed. It wasn't horrid, just sweet, like caramel. He took another bite, again, then finished.
After eating the seed, he picked himself up and walked back.

Fiona caught sight of John. She stepped back and ran to the trees. John was still walking up the
hill, looking down at the grass. Fiona had reached a tree and crouched behind it, spying on John.
John finally stopped and looked at the table, slightly worried that the girl is missing. He turns his
head to where Fiona is hiding, not seeing her. John then sits down next to the table, turned away
from the trees.

Fiona finally steps up from the tree. She walks about fourteen feet from the trees, and claps her
hands. John jumped. He turned around to see her standing there. Her white torn dress, her blood
stained face and her pale skin. Fiona was suprised at what John looked like. Thick fur jeans, a belt
which held an odd metal item and a heavy shirt. His face had a cut and his arm was bruised.
John got up. "What is your name?" He called.
"Fiona Hawkburn." She replied. "Who are you?" She asked in return.
"John Foley." He replied. "I just saved your life today." He yelled. Fiona walked forward slowly.
They were then within range to speak properly. "How can I trust you?" She replied.
"I can't promise trust. I have nothing to gain or lose." John speaks. They both stared at each
other for a second, then John finally broke the silence. "There is food down that slope, and
water." He said to Fiona. "I have a question, how do you do that, you know, heal quickly?" He
added. Fiona then told him of her life, or what she knew. With that john told her his life, and
thus they began talking about their own worlds and pointing out the differences. Fiona told John
of sientists and chemistry, John told of magic and wizards.

As they talked, Fiona asked, "How exactly did you save me?" John Stopped talking. He slowly reached
for the golden cube, careful not to press anything. "Well, I got this cube when I was caught because
the guards fled from the lightning," He started, slowly pulling a cube out of his pocket. "And I
twisted it and saw you on that table with two men going to put you in an oven, so I kil-"
"Wait, is that a toy cube? I thought you were better than that." She replied.
"No it's not! It's a weird cube that allows me to do stuff." He answered.
"Then prove it."
"I will!" He replied. He twisted the top and pressed a piece shaped like a wall, and in seconds
there was a stone wall seperating John from Fiona, pushed out of the ground. "See," John yelled
over the wall. "I told you!" John then put the cube back in his pocket and walked around the wall.
Fiona was astounded. The wall just grew out of the ground, like nothing.

"Come on! We gotta go and get somthing for you to eat." John said, pulling on Fiona by the arm.
Fiona began to follow John down the hill reluctantly, still staring at the wall of rock that John
created. It was amazing. It was unnatural, scary even. To think that a 15 year old could hold
such an item, a cube that was there to fingere.

When they reached the lake, they found that they were not alone. Both john and Fiona froze,
being as silent as they could be. Standing at the lake was some beast, dog like, but large.
It had no hair, it's skin grey. Along its back was golden plates, each placed like that of an
Armadillo. It had two lower jaws, each with a large amount of teeth. The beast was drinking the
water, it's prehensile tounge flicking water into it's mouth. The beast raized it's head, staring at
Fiona. She immediately fell back, stunned. John grabbed her back, preventing her fall. Almost
at that time he turned to see the thing standing next to him, breathing into his face.

The beast chanted some alien language, and raised its body. It showed what was a clawed thumb,
and a belt, hidden from sight by it's armour. It began chanting more until it finally spoke english.
"Whart brins ooht twe ter Natoon oof Scet-louge?" Fiona was stunned. John was stunned even more.
"We need shelter and food." Fiona replied.
The beast got back on all fours. "Whell," It began, turning away and walking. John and Fiona began to
follow. "Et seans ooht extinck thans aree ot soe muchk." The beast gabbled on, it's tounge and two jaws
changing the sounds to a badly spoken accent. John was thinking hard about the accent. "How are we
Extinct?" He managed to say.
"Milloms oof yers agoe ooht specees deed hin war. Wea tohok twe reamins anhk mede neew ohme."
"Wait, What year is this?" John asked. Millions of years ago? there wasn't even space travel where John
existed. The beast spoke again. "Eht millom anhk orty ine." It garbled. Fiona and John froze. John new
he was born in the year 1927, Fiona knew it was 1942 when she left. The were born in a time almost
in a dinosuar based primitivity. They were living fossils in a new age, a new era.

Everything Else / She's alive!
« on: March 14, 2008, 01:51:57 pm »
Shannon matthews was found alive, not a mile from her home.

Police bashed the door down to find the girl hidden in a 39-year olds flat.

Yes. Good news all round.

Everything Else / School choices.
« on: March 10, 2008, 09:30:27 am »
Okay, I'm going to have my Third and forth years in a short time and I ask for your a little help.
I won't ask a lot and I'm being serious so all wisecracks can be put on hold for now.
My choices are down to two.

1) Cosmology. (Study of Stars, Satellites, E.T.C.)
2) Creative writing. (Novel authoring E.T.C.)

In all I've put a poll to the one which you think is better.
There is also an other if you disagree and be serious about this. I'm asking you what I could consider taking.

I'm good at:
Science. (Biology Chemistry and Physics.)
Information Technology. (IT.)
Home Economics.

I'm bad at:
Religious Moral and Philosophical Education. (RMPS.)
Technical education.

So, Now comes the second point to this thread.

Discuss what YOUR personal choices in school were, and how they are working/have worked for you.

Spore: General / Camera size?
« on: March 01, 2008, 05:52:24 am »
I want to know this.

When you make a big creature or a small one, does the camera stay the same? I would not like to have to squint if I make a small creature or be looking at an epic creature's back all the time, I know there will be a zoom, but will the camera size be automatic?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The peace within war.
« on: February 11, 2008, 03:43:47 am »
I originally started this as a story on soda. I don't really need to show you this but hey.

I would like critics.

Chapter 1: Beliefs.

It was a clear, Silent night. The moon lit the snow with a Bright reflection like a small, heatless sun.
The flames from a bonfire lights the street houses nearby. A man walks down a street,
Being careful not to be followed. he turns into an alley and heads down the steps.

He chaps the door in a tune, almost in slow motion as the cold hurts his bare hands.
"Come in." Speaks a man in the house. He opens the door and closes it.
He then sits down by a fireplace and begins to speak. "Hello Davidson sir."
"Hello." Replies the man. "Do you have the items?"
"Good, Good. We'll leave for Telvec tomorrow."
"Sir, Telvec is under the Ministry's rule."
"What? When did the Telvec Defence lose?"
"A week ago, sir."
"Brimston, Tell me why." Davidson replies.
"Well, The floods came in and halted all activity so the Ministry could seize most of the
civilian towns and farms. When the floods disappeared, the Ministry's forces captured
the island." Brimston explains. Davidson sighs, A sigh that People do when they hear bad news.
"Tell me this," Davidson pauses. "Did you get all four items?" He asks.
Brimston moves a space on the coffee table and places a suitcase on the table.
He then opens the suitcase to show an axe, a key, a sword and a shield. All were made
from valuable metals and gems. There were carvings on the metal in an odd style.

Brimston payed no attention to the detail. Brimston heats his hands on the fire,
Noting the messy paper all around the house. He has to crouch because he is so tall.
"I don't know what these are for sir"
"You will know what it is for when it's ready, In the meantime, have a cup of tea."
"Thank you." Brimston replies. Davidson walks into the kitchen.
Brimston Finally notices the markings, and pulls out a piece of paper. He sketches the markings down
and puts the paper away when Davidson comes back. "Here you go." Davidson spoke.
"Thank you." Brimston says, taking the cup with both hands and sipping.
"So Davidson," Brimston asks, "What will you do with these items? I mean, You surely don't believe that
those weapons will help you, no?"
"Silence! Those weapons will help the whole war to end on the better side."
"But si-"
"Look, there are things in this world you won't understand. Even I won't. But what I do
understand is that I won't be tricked by a mere thief who I hired."
Brimston got up. "How dare you call me a thief!" He yelled. Brimston storms out and leaves the town.

At the same time in a town called Ts'uil, A group of kids have entered in an old warehouse.
Two children in particular, Are looking about. John Foley and Lanna Syston. Lanna had brown
hair that reached her shoulders. She had blue eyes and a gleaming smile.

She was wearing a coat because of the cold outside. John wore one too. Unlike Lanna, John barely smiled.
He had black, curly hair and eyes that were red. John was using a key he found to look through the file cabinets.
He had to waft the dust away as the paper inside was old. He looked through the files to find an old dictionary
and a few diagrams. He puts the items in his pocket when Lanna catches him. "Boo!"
"Please Don't Lanna, I'm not in the mood." Remarked John. He turned round and sat on a swivel chair.
"Oh come on! You never are in the mood, are you?" Asked Lanna.
"Aww." Lanna and John left the room and headed up the stairs but john pulled Lanna down to the ground.
"What was tha-"
"Shh, Shh. there's someone here." Whispered John. Lanna knew he wasn't kidding because he only lies
when he has to. They kept silent and soon enough heard a man in heavy boots coming up the stairs
opposite them. Lanna peered through the steps to see a tall man walk up the steps.

"Old fool. Calling me a thief. I'll get him." Muttered Brimston.
"Who is he?" Whispered Lanna.
"No idea. He sounds Yureekan to me." John Whispered back.
"Or she. Yureekans have deep voic-"
"Shh!" John hurriedly whispered. Brimston turned is head to the whispering. John Covered his, and Lanna's mouth.
Brimston Turned his head away and proceeded up the steps to the top floor. "Lanna, let's get out of here but be
very quiet." Whispered John into Lanna's ear.
"But what abo-"
"I'm sure they have left." John replied to Lanna's ear. They slowly moved down the steps, Being careful not to
make noise. When they got to the door, They both made a run for outside and raced down the quiet streets.
John stopped and looked at the warehouse to see Brimston staring at him and Lanna. He gave a shiver,
and ran to catch up with Lanna. "Let's go back with the others, It's getting cold." Lanna and John walk slowly on
the pavement, Noting the trashed buildings, The fires and a few Boarded up doors and windows.
How such a place with such damage done to it still have an economy, no one knows.

The town has always seemed to be a welcome home. Weather it be an Orphan, Convict, or a man making money,
people get along here. John the stops out side a Shopping mall. The doors are boarded with plywood
and the windows sealed. Lanna has already opened the door. John Looks at it, Sighs, Then follows
the footsteps into the mall. He closes the door and looks at the massive fire in the hall.

It is contained by stones and metal around and clothes are put on the floor nearby.
There are sounds of children playing, and Lanna's already in the Bed store.
"Home Sweet home." Mutters John. He heads into a room of his own in the Bed store, Each has plywood walls and
doors, and puts the paper in a small chest of drawers. He changes to A pair of jeans, sandals and T-Shirt.
John then picks up his outside kit and places it by the fire to dry. He goes to bed and falls asleep.

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