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TV / Pre-Historic, Space, Future & Alien Docummentaries
« on: May 17, 2010, 03:37:03 pm »

Walking With Dinossaurs (1999)
Walking with Dinosaurs was a six-part documentary television mini-series that was produced by the BBC, narrated by Kenneth Branagh, and first aired in the UK in 1999. The series was subsequently aired in North America on the Discovery Channel in 2000, with Branagh's voice replaced with that of Avery Brooks. It is the first entry of the Walking with... series and used computer-generated imagery and animatronics  to recreate the life of the Mesozoic, showing dinosaurs in a way that previously had only been seen in feature films. The program's aim was to simulate the style of a nature documentary and therefore does not include "talking head" interviews.

Walking With Dinossaurs - The Ballad of Big Al (2001)
The Ballad of Big Al (distributed as Allosaurus: a Walking with Dinosaurs Special) is a combination biography-sequel for Walking with Dinosaurs . It focuses on an Allosaurus (Allosaurus fragilis) named Big Al and his constant struggle to survive in a world filled with danger.

Chased By Dinossaurs (2002)
This program features Nigel Marven as a time-traveler who encounters dinosaurs in the wild. The two-part series was broadcast over Christmas 2002 and featured Nigel and his "team of fellow explorers" encountering prehistoric over a large range of time, and seeing creatures not featured in the original series.

Walking With Beasts (2001)
Walking with Beasts is a 2001 six-part television  documentary produced by the BBC in the United Kingdom, narrated by Kenneth Branagh. In North America it has been retitled Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, and the original Discovery Channel broadcast was narrated by Stockard Channing. Like its predecessor, Walking with Dinosaurs, it recreates life in the Cenozoic by using a combination of both computer-generated imagery and animatronics. However, the Miocene period is not included.

Walking With Cavemen (2003)
Walking with Cavemen is a four-part television  documentary series about human evolution produced by the BBC in the United Kingdom. It was originally released in April 2003. It was subsequently presented in the United States as a two-part series by the Discovery Channel and its affiliates. The documentary was produced largely by the same team who produced the award-winning documentary series Walking with Dinosaurs (1999), Walking with Beasts (2001) and Walking with Monsters (2005).

Walking With Monsters (2005)
Walking with Monsters (also distributed as Before the Dinosaurs: Walking With Monsters or Walking with Monsters: Life before Dinosaurs) is a three-part British documentary film series about life in the Paleozoic, bringing to life extinct arthropods, fish, amphibians, synapsids, and reptiles. It is narrated by Kenneth Branagh, and by Avery Brooks in the American version. Using state-of-the-art visual effects, this prequel to Walking with Dinosaurs shows for example how a two-ton predatory fish came on land to hunt. The series draws on the knowledge of over 600 scientists and shows nearly 300 million years of Paleozoic history, from the Cambrian  Period (530 million years ago) to the Early Triassic  Period (248 million years ago).

Sea Monsters A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy (2003)
Sea Monsters was a BBC television program which used computer-generated imagery to show past life in Earth's seas. It was made by Impossible Pictures, the creators of Walking with Dinosaurs, Walking With Beasts and Walking With Monsters.

Life After People (TV Docummentary Series - 2008)
Life After People is a television  documentary series where scientists  and other experts speculate about what the Earth might be like if humanity no longer existed, as well as the impact humanity's disappearance might have on the environment and the artificial aspects of civilization. The program premiered as a two hour special on January 21, 2008 on the History Channel.  which served as a de facto pilot for the series that premiered April 21, 2009.

The program does not speculate on how humanity may disappear, only that it has, and that it has done so suddenly, leaving everything behind including household pets and livestock that have to fend for themselves. The rest of the speculation is based upon documented results of the sudden removal of humans from a geographical area and the possible results that would occur if humanity discontinues its maintenance of buildings and urban infrastructure.

Aftermath: Population Zero (2008)
Aftermath: Population Zero (also titled Aftermath: The World After Humans)  is a two-hour American special documentary film that premiered on Sunday, March 9, 2008 (at 8:00 PM ET/PT) on the National Geographic Channel. The program was produced by Cream Productions.

Similar to the History Channel's special Life After People, Aftermath features what scientists and others speculate the earth, animal life, and plant life might be like if humanity no longer existed, as well as the effect that humanity's disappearance would have on the artifacts of civilization.

The Future Is Wild (2003)
The Future Is Wild was a British 2003 joint Animal Planet/ORF (Austria) and ZDF (Germany) co-production, which used computer-generated imagery to show the possible future of life on Earth.

Based on research and interviews with dozens of scientists, this documentary was put together to show how life could evolve in the future if Homo sapiens became extinct.

Alien Planet (2005)
Alien Planet is a 94 minute mockumentary, originally airing on the Discovery Channel, about two internationally built robot probes searching for alien life on the fictional planet Darwin IV. It was based on the book Expedition, by sci-fi/fantasy artist and writer Wayne Douglas Barlowe, who was also executive producer on the special. It premiered on May 14, 2005.

Alien Worlds (2005)
Aurelia and Blue Moon are hypothetical examples of a planet and a moon on which extraterrestrial life could evolve. They are the outcome of a collaboration between television company Blue Wave Productions Ltd. and a group of American and British scientists who were collectively commissioned by National Geographic. The team used a combination of accretion theory, climatology, and xenobiology to imagine the most likely locations for extraterrestrial life and most probable evolutionary path such life would take.

The beginning concepts appeared in a two-part television broadcast called Alien Worlds, aired in 2005 in the UK by Channel 4. Channel 4 has also released a DVD of the programme. The show was also aired on the National Geographic Channel as Extraterrestrial and focuses more on the alien life on the two worlds.

The first program in the series focused on Aurelia, a hypothetical Earth-sized extrasolar planet orbiting a red dwarf star in our local area of the Milky Way. This hypothetical world might resemble the recently discovered real exoplanet Gliese 581 d. The second focuses on a moon called Blue Moon, which orbits an enormous gas giant that is itself orbiting a binary star system. In turn, Blue Moon and its parent gas giant may resemble HD 28185 b and 55 Cancri f, two other real exoplanets. The show blurred the lines between science fiction and science fact.

The Universe (TV Docummentary Series - 2007...2009)
The Universe is an American documentary television series that premiered on May 29, 2007 on The History Channel. The program is produced by Flight 33 Productions and Workaholic Productions. The show features computer-generated imagery/computer graphics of astronomical objects  in the universe  and interviews with experts who study in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, and astrophysics.

Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking (TV Docummentary Mini-Series - 2010)
Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking is a 2010 science documentary TV mini-series written by British physicist Stephen Hawking. The series was created for Discovery Channel by Darlow Smithson Productions and features computer generated imagery of the universe created by Red Vision.

The series premiered April 9, 2010 in the United States and started in the United Kingdom on May 9, 2010 with a modified title, Stephen Hawking's Universe.

SciFi Science - Physics of the Impossible (TV Docummentary Series - 2009...2010...)
A 12 episode weekly TV series for the Science Channel which first aired in the United States starting December 1, 2009. Hosted by Michio Kaku (who makes several appearances in The Universe series) and based on his best-selling book.

The show revolves around the science behind ideas that sound impossible right now, but might be quite possible in the future, themes such as Time Travel, Light Sabers, Space Travel and many others are covered over the first season.

Around March 22, 2010, Dr. Kaku will start filming for the second season of Sci Fi Science, which will consist of 12 new episodes. It is planned to start broadcasting in Fall 2010.


PC Games / Portal 2
« on: March 05, 2010, 10:40:43 am »
Following the mysterious Portal updates, Valve announced today that Portal 2 is in the works, to be released this holiday season, which I take will be either Summer 2010 or Christmas 2010.

Quote from: Steam Announcement
Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike and Half-Life) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced Portal 2 for shipment this coming holiday season.

Portal 2 is the sequel to 2007's Portal, which won 70 industry achievement awards.

For more information, please visit
Steam announcement

Quote from: Game Informer
Valve is known for making quality first-person shooters: The Half-Life series redefined how players think about the FPS genre, while titles like Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead took team-oriented multiplayer action to a whole new level. But among Valve's stable of popular shooters, one game stands alone: the mind-bending puzzler, Portal. A small-scale experiment that was squeezed into 2007's The Orange Box alongside some powerful heavyweights, the love Portal received from fans was beyond anything Valve could have imagined, winning it a full-fledged, standalone sequel. Our 12-page cover story gives you the first details on Portal 2's new gameplay mechanics, storyline, and some surprising new twists.
GameInformer weekly updates

All I have to say: yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss
And hopefully we get Episode 3 released along with it  ::)

Spore: General / The future of Spore
« on: December 23, 2009, 04:51:12 pm »
It has been quite a while since any expansions have been announced at all, I was hoping for Spore to have a longer life span but by the looks of it, it isn't going anywhere any time soon, which is kind of bad, I still had hope that at least expansions would add more and fun stuff to it :(

Art / General 3D Art
« on: December 07, 2009, 03:27:53 am »
Post your 3D art here, am I the only Gamingstever who does 3D Modelling?

Just started learning 3ds Max 2010, started with Blender but I needed more. Some renders:

Then went for a more realistic instead of plastic toy feeling:

Some older stuff I did while learning 3ds max:

Didn't make the model for this one but rendered it to test the clay render style I used in all of them (which I made)

PC Games / Some steam games that you can get for free
« on: October 25, 2009, 09:58:16 am »
This is not a scam, lol. There are some games on steam that you can install for free, it's perfectly legal. The only thing different is that they don't show up on steampowered, so if you want to get them you have to trick them into installing, here's some I know of:

Codename Gordon (2D Platformer based on HL2):


Also if you want CS Steamworks Beta and you own CS 1.6:


And America's Army 3:


Half Life HD Pack (if you own HL):


Just type that into your browser while running steam and they'll install.

PC Games / Get Crazy Machines 2 for free (legal)
« on: June 20, 2009, 08:22:43 pm »
1. Go to
2. Create a account and login
3. On the link in 1. go to 'spin the weel'
4. Spin the wheel till you get the CM2 reward
5. You get a key and a link to the nVidia site where you can download the full game
6. Download the game
7. Enter your key
8. Enjoy making your own CrAzY MaChInEs

This is run by a RAM manufacturer and nVidia so it's perfectly legal.

PC Games / Left 4 Dead 2
« on: June 01, 2009, 04:56:19 pm »
L4D1 Characters (Provided that they are included):

L4D2 Characters:

L4D Campaigns (Provided that they are included):
1. No Mercy (The Apartments -> The Subway -> The Sewer -> The Hospital -> Rooftop Finale)
2. Crash Course (The Alleys -> The Truck Depot Finale)
3. Death Toll (The Turnpike -> The Drains -> The Church -> The Town -> Boathouse Finale)
4. Dead Air (The Greenhouse -> The Crane -> The Construction Site -> The Terminal -> Runway Finale)
5. Blood Harvest (The Woods -> The Tunnel -> The Bridge -> The Train Station -> Farmhouse Finale)

L4D2 Campaigns:
1. Dead Center (??? -> ??? -> ??? -> ??? -> ???)
2. Dark Carnival (The Highway -> Fairgrounds -> ??? -> ??? -> ???)
3. Swamp Fever (The Swamp -> The Crash Site -> The Shantytown -> The Plantation)
4. Hard Rain (??? -> ??? -> ??? -> ??? -> ???)
5. The Parish (The French Quarter -> The Quarantine -> The Cemetery -> The Condos -> The Table Bridge)

Special Infected:
Witch and Wandering Witch
Boomer and Female Boomer
Smoker and Further Mutated Smoker

Uncommon Common Infected:
Mud-men (Swamp Fever only)
Hazmat-Suited Infected (The Parish only)
Riot Infected (The Parish only)
Clown Infected (Dark Carnival only)

T1 Weapons:
Hunting Rifle (Ruger Mini-14)
Pump Shotgun (Remington M50)
Pump Shotgun / Chrome Shotgun (Mossberg 500 Mariner)
Silenced Submachine Gun (MAC-10)
Submachine Gun (Uzi)

T2 Weapons:
Assault Rifle (M16A3)
Assault Rifle (AK-47)
Assault Rifle / Combat Rifle (Fabrique Nationale SCAR-L)
Auto Shotgun (Benelli M4 Super 90)
Auto Shotgun (SPAS-12)
Grenade Launcher (M79)
Hunting Rifle (G3)

Pistol (M1911A1)
Pistol (Glock 17)
Pistol (SIG Sauer P220)
Pistol (Magnum)

Melee Weapons:
Baseball Bat & Pre-Order Baseball Bat
Cricket Bat
"HALE" Chainsaw
Electric Guitar
Frying Pan
Police Baton (Tonfa)

Molotov Cocktail

Other Weapons:
Gas Can
Gas Can (Orange / Scavenger Gamemode only?)
Heavy Machine Gun (.50-caliber Browning M2HB, possibly .30-06 M1919 Browning)
Oxygen Tank
Propane Tank

Special Ammo:
Incendiary Ammo
Explosive Ammo

Special Items:
First Aid Kit
Pain Pills
Adrenaline Injectors

- 4 New Characters
- 8 Special Infected (3 new + 1 new alternative behaviour + 2 new alternative skins/models)
- 4 Uncommon Common Infected
- 5 New Campaigns with 5 chapters each (with the exception of Swamp Fever that only has 4 but each chapter is a bit longer than usual)
- 5 T1 Weapons
- 7 T2 Weapons
- 4 Sidearms
- 13 Melee Weapons
- 2 Special Ammo (replaces First Aid Kit)
- 2 Grenades
- 3 Special Items
- 6 Other Weapons
- New models, skins and mechanics for all the new Common Infected as well as the L4D Special Infected.
- Hundreds of new textures (better quality too, so it seems) for the new 5 Campaigns.
- Hundreds of new sounds for the survivors, infected and envionment.
- Hundreds of new models to match with the environments.
- AI Director 2.0
- Dynamic Body Deformation and Body Physics (think Valves version of DMM for ragdolls + Valves version of Euphoria)
- Dynamic Weather
- Dynamic Item and Weapon Placing (rewards exploration)
- Random Zone Re-arrangement (some spots on the maps never look the same)

Please correct me or add something that I missed if I did so.

PC Games / Brominer
« on: May 19, 2009, 07:47:34 am »
Brominer is an Infiniminer modification, it doesn't need Infiniminer for it to work, it's a completely sepparate game using the same engine (think Fallout 3: New Vegas and Fallout 3).

So, what does Brominer have that makes it worth playing over Infiniminer?

Server Changes:
- It allows to have passworded servers.
- Server autosaves the maps after x minutes.
- It has Communist mode, allowing ore to be shared between teams.
- You can set the lava/water flow speed (yes, there are water blocks)
- It has Sandbox mode just like Infiniminer.
- You can set the winning cash value just like in Infiniminer.
- You can set if there is any lava or water at all on the level (you can have only water, only lava, or both)
- You can set how many ore veins will be created in the world.
- TNT Radius can be set in the server config too.
- You can set if you want the server to have loot or not (gold & diamonds)
- Lavatron on/off (Prosprectron gains the abbility to turn dirt blocks into lava)
- Lavabomb on/off (Explosives turn the surrounding blocks into lava)
- You can set if people are allowed to build on lava.
- There are rainbow blocks, that you can allow people to build or not.
- You can set if people are allowed to BUILD lava/water blocks.

Class Changes:
Can Carry: 500 Ore, 10 Loot
Can Build: Solid, Team Translucent, Ladder
Bonus: Digs like a freakin' terrier

Can Carry: 200 Ore, 5 Loot
Can Build: Solid, Team Translucent, Ladder, Beacon
Bonus: Prosprectron

Can Carry: 350 Ore, 5 Loot
Can Build: Solid, All Translucent, Road, Ladder, Jump, Shock, Bank, Beacon
Bonus: Deconstructor

Can Carry: 200 Ore, 5 Loot
Can Build: Solid, Team Translucent, Ladder, Explosive
Bonus: Detonator

What else?
Well, running the server in sandbox with everything activated I noticed these:
- Anyone can build Purple/Dark Blue, Yellow, Orange and Green Solid blocks (on both teams)
- Miners, Sappers and Engineers can build Rainbow blocks.
- Miners can build Rock, Ice and Dirt blocks.
- Prospectors can build wood blocks.
- Engineers can build metal blocks.
- Sappers can build Lava and Water blocks.
- When Water and Lava meet they create a black rock of sorts. (it can't be mined but can be blown up)
- Water is almost as bad as Lava, it doesn't kill you but it makes any block that touches it un-minable.
- Blue Force-Fields are now red for some reason (and vice-versa)
- You can swim on water by repeatedly pressing space (so you can go up waterfalls).
- There might be more stuff but the Brominer creators don't have a proper site with all the changes.

I'd take screenshots but I'm having too much fun playing.


I have created an Hamachi network for people to play, since we had so many non-GSers just trolling around on the previous Hamachi network, if you want to join PM me and I'll send you the name and password.

PC Games / Left4Dead Freaky Free Friday!
« on: April 30, 2009, 07:00:23 am »
I made a different thread because not everyone goes on the Left4Dead thread and they deserve to know as much as everyone else: This friday, you can play L4D for free :D

For those who use Steam and have been sleeping. A Free Weekend/Free Day on Steam means you can download the game beforehand (most times they have a pre-load day) and play it for free on the weekend/free day. They've done this with TF2 at least (with free weekends), dunno about other games.

For those who don't have Steam, all you have to do is download it, install it, create an account and keep reading.

You can pre-load now by going here:

Those who wish to give L4D and the Survival Pack a try may now pre-load everything needed to play with no obligation to purchase.

Click on the bolded part of course. (Steam needs to be running/installed)

Spore: General / Bigger Planets 2
« on: April 28, 2009, 01:13:38 pm »
Original Thread:,2480.0.html

Graphical Changes:
 -Improved Day and Night Side of the planets. Night side is now darker and has a blue tint to it with lighter shadows at night and darker during the day.
 -Fixed Tree and Object Lighting on the Night Side of Planets. They No Longer Appear Lit as if on Day Time.

General Changes:
 -Only Stable, playable Starter planets populate in the Galactic Menu (must delete current "New Game" planets to take effect)

CREATURE Stage Changes:
 All changes are in order to Compensate for the Larger Surface Area the Bigger Planets have.
 -Increased number of Nests and creature Pool Size.
 -Increased the View Distance of Objects and Creatures.
 -Increased Number Of Epics. (CREDIT: nineballfool)
 -More Rouges (CREDIT: nineballfool)
 -Fixed Intro Cut scene (creatures no longer appear on the nest)
 -Various Food Fixes (game-play fruit tweaks)

TRIBE Stage Changes:
 All changes are in order to Compensate for the Larger Surface Area the Bigger Planets have.
 -Spaced out tribes (Other Tribes form farther from yours)
 -Your Tribe can only be defeated if your Main Hut is destroyed, not your population
    (If your whole population is dead and have no food, try and sell your buildings to gain more food. If you don't have any buildings then you will
    have to wait until your Tribe Leader reincarnates.)
 -All Tribes get more Members (Only on Hard/Normal Mode)
 -Various game-play tweaks (hunger/fruit/resources/etc)
 - Added more Building spots

 -Fixed intro Cut Scene (camera no longer clips through ground)
 -All city Types can build All Vehicle types
 -You Can now pick your City walls from the "City Planner" Menu (Colony and No walls Available too)

SPACE Stage Changes:
 -Star Systems now Generate between 1- 13 planets


Credits go to Omni for the original mod, and to Helio2 version 1 and version 2.

Spore: General / [Mod] More Spice
« on: April 24, 2009, 05:44:12 pm »
I'm working on a Mod that adds more spice colors (black, white, orange, etc) as well as make some extremely rare and valuable.

So far I've only added black, more screenshots later:

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / DarkDragons Dinosaur Sporecast
« on: April 23, 2009, 03:52:39 pm »
After seeing some screenshots with dinosaurs on the Awesome screenshots thread I decided to start making dinosaurs, yesterday I made the Acrocanthosaurus, I'm gonna be doing them by alphabetical order according to this site:

The Sporecast is this one:




More to come :)

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / BetterSpore Sporepedia
« on: March 15, 2009, 02:49:48 pm »
Since many of the things made in BetterSpore can't be uploaded due to either too much complexity or non-official/non-approved parts, I decided to make a thread where we can share stuff made with this mod. Here's some stuff that I couldn't upload due to complexity or new parts:

Spore: General / Why is the newest stuff from MaxisCactus featured?
« on: March 13, 2009, 05:14:16 pm »
I don't mean that they aren't good but there's 5 creations from her featured in a row, is some kind of special event going on or is it a bug?

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