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Gorman Conall:
For the most part the huge wave of negativity seems to of subsided and most people seem to be enjoying spore. I wanted to make a valid suggestion thread for the Maxis team to read, Its better then everyone spamming them with PMs, Emails, And bugging Lucky whenever she enters a thread.  ;D.

The unofficial rules for this thread is as follows.

1: No complaints or whining that Spore does not have a feature.

2: Do not suggest bug fixes as there are already places to do that.

3: Only make valid suggestions that could be realistically implemented in the current iteration of Spore as a patch, update, or expansion.

Ill Start, They are in no particular order of what i would like to see most.

1:Creatures acting more like creatures in the creature stage:
I would like to see the creatures behave more like animals. Like foraging food and hunting or roaming and grazing in herds. Some should be in packs herds or flocks and some should be solitary. I am Aware that they do act like this sometimes.

2:Thirst Meter: I would like to see a thirst meter implemented so your creature would have to drink water. Whats more i would like both the hunger meter and a thirst meter applied to all CPU controlled creatures in the creature stage but at a decreased rate.

3:Claw attack for some feet: I would like to see a few feet parts support a claw attack like a lion or bear would do.

4:Other players Cells: I would like to see other players cell appear in the cell stage.

5:CPU consequence powers: On the Normal and Hard difficulty's i would like to see the CPU tribes and and Civs use the consequence powers excluding the take over all city's powers.

6: Auto defenses or Friendly AI controlled space craft for planets and colenys: While you can already take a fleet in to battle on the offense it would be nice to have friendly space craft to protect your planets like your allies and enemy's do.

You have already done a great job Maxis i am in love with the game  ;D.

"Add to Sporecast" function accessable from each creation's sporepedia file rather than having to search it up again in the sporecast editing page.

 1. For an Expansion add aquatic creatures back into the mix, not a seperate phase more as an expansion of the creature/tribe/Civ game.

e.g. Add gills and fins to creature creator this will allow players to make Aquatic/amphibious and land creatures and evolve their creatures habitat, obviously this would add complications to the nest system and 3D movement would need to be accomidated again.

You would also need to accomidate Terestrial, aquatic & amphibious creatures in later levels so certainly this could form the basis of a major spore expansion.

2. Finish and polish the flora editor then release it.

3. Have a proper beam down function so you can explore worlds in third person like in the creature phase. You could be armed and armoured for this. This would make interaction on alien worlds more fun and immediate.

4. Add an advanced asymetric toggle to the creature editor, we recognise this could cause problems in some animations but the mod proves players like the feature and can always test drive the creature to check the animation.


--- Quote from: Gorman  Conall on September 18, 2008, 08:42:21 am ---1:Creatures acting more like creatures in the creature stage:
I would like to see the creatures behave more like animals.

--- End quote ---

I second this. Perhaps make a "territory" feature for carnivores, making them a bigger threat (I feel that you usually just have to fear epics, not predators). And so the player could have a mission card to claim a territory for his/her creature, having to chase out rivals, etc.

On the herbivore side we could have "herds", wich wouldn't be like packs; just a large number of creatures that would migrate or search for food together.


--- Quote from: econundrum on September 18, 2008, 09:02:16 am ---2. Finish and polish the flora editor then release it.
--- End quote ---

This would probably be the first thing on my list.  We can mod animals, but not plants?  Even if just a tool at Space that lets you mod plants through genetic engineering.

More "mission" based game play at all stages - at Cell, find different structures floating or defeat number of predatory enemies or achieve certain swim speed.  At Creature, explore features of the world, collecting them, hunt for objects and return them to the nest, adopt and raise a baby creature of another type.  At Tribal, build some structures, such as an idol to a god, a training ground for warriors, or a trading post.  Domesticate crops as well as animals.  Interact with aliens who visit your planet.  At Civilization, discover various technologies beyond flight, perhaps power stations (steam, oil, solar, etc).  Deal with large scale disasters like earthquakes or volcanoes.

Ideally, all additional mission based content is optional - things to engage in while playing through the stage that unlock achievements, not just advance you to the next stage.


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