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I picked up a Intel i9 10850k for about 300 under sticker price. So I will build out around this processor. It seems like a good choice and is cheaper than the 10900k variant, but I can adjust my cores up to negate the difference of the "better" chip. And I probably won't bother to push it that far anyway. 4GHz seems like plenty.

I found some really nice memory modules from G.Skill, a company I have had good experiences with across several builds. Since I can focus more on form with this build, I went with their Trident Royal series. Look them up and you will figure out why just by looking at them.

Cooling for the CPU in a build this small is as important as ever. I have found some newer coolers that are impressive. Water coolers that are a far cry from my first water-cooled system fifteen years ago. That tech has become very consumer friendly and mostly idiot-proof.

The video card is really the only question. I have an old 1060 that is still pretty great, but I think I would like something newer to keep up with the other hardware. But it is very nice building for CPU power as opposed to GPU power. The 2070 Super looked good though. But I probably don't need something like that.

Gotta be able to play my low-graphics 4x strategy games with 50 AI opponents. :P

Yes okay! I got it all put together and running.

And I was able to break away from Windows too, which is nice. Now I'm going to consider dual booting which should not pose much of a problem but I'm still unsure if that's what I want to do. The biggest hitch I ran into this time around (and there's always something) was inexplicable lack of keyboard and mouse support on my Windows install. All that despite having the USB 3 drivers installed and ready to go. And that issue is what pushed me to install something else that would work. Normally I'd have had a PS/2 keyboard and mouse on standby just for this sort of thing but I never took them with me when I moved and this outcome frankly went over my head.

But it's all dealt with and working so that's done. Phew.

Now I just need to bide my time and wait for a good deal on a powerful video card.

As I understand it, it is hard to get good cards these days due to scalpers and whatnot.

Yes, cryptofags have ruined everything. You can't get GPUs, you can't get CPUs and if you do find them the price is inflated to a ridiculous degree. When you go on a website that sells computer parts like Newegg you see them demeaning themselves and reselling used hardware. ****ing used hardware!! Pathetic.

Crypto miners need to be thrown off the roof.


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