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--- Quote ---What do you want your computer for anyway?
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Gaming. Nothing else. the one im using now is the family pc, and has the same specifications of a dog poo in a beige box. With the same number of bugs. I would get a 360, but for some reason my parents won't let me get a console.  ??? ??? ???

Also, aren't Dells impossible to upgrade? and are those prices in US$ or AUS$? and Im  gonna wait until Vista comes out, by which time I should have around $1800.

Nope, I'm running on a Dell that came with a X300SE(Suckyest Edition) and is now on a X1600 XT, I don't see why Dells would be 'impossible' to upgrade, they might be harder because of strange sizes on some parts, not sure if thats true though. You might want to go with a Dell XPS 400 with the E6600 Processer, 2 gigs of DDR2 Ram, 320 GB harddrive and the lowest video card and then get a ATi 1900 XT (258 mb version). With one year insurence it totals to (Including the 1900 XT) $1700.

it might not be the best idea to get a Dx10 card yet because they have MASSIVE power requriments and a 1900 Xt will last you 2 years at least.

I'm using US$

If you want a good gaming PC that gets bang for the buck, try to get yourself into a "I want to build this computer" kind of mood.

You can build something better than most of those packages and for a better price too.

"Build it yourself" will get you the absolute most bang for the buck... especially since you're not paying anyone to do it right and guarantee that it's right for a year or more.

I've heard mixed reviews on  They have a lot of bang for the buck but their service can be real bad.  I've also heard they're late a lot on their shipments.  They're cheap but you get what you pay for... has some nice barebone kits.  What's nice about the kits is that you build it yourself (so it's cheaper) but a lot of the decisions have been made for you so you don't have to spend a lot of time researching compatibility.  They're typically not complete so you can rip off parts off your old machine to save money or buy specific parts that suit your needs (like video cards) 

Dells are very upgradable.  However, changing the motherboard will void your warranty.  Anything else like the video card is fair game. 

I should add, building it yourself only really becomes worth it if you are going for fairly high end. (Since a lot of those parts are not sold in packages)

For anything else though, Dell and other companies will undercut you at every corner. Plus they nearly include the Operating System which is a killer if you don't already have one...


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